What are the Different Types of Microwave Oven?

With so many different appliances that have been used in the kitchen with patented technology, suffice it to say when you plan to buy the best one for yourself, you cannot compromise with quality and price. Talking of which, today we shall be discussing more n the microwave kitchens over other appliances that are used for grilling, reheating and even baking. It is one of the most sufficient affordable options that you can buy since it offers the best cooking solution with a wide range of recipes for you to experiment and explore.

Right from popcorn, grills, pizza, muffins till kebabs, almost everything can be cooked and reheated here. This way it becomes more of a time, money and energy-saving solution.

The Right Types of  Microwave Oven

 Different Types of Microwave Oven

However, the microwave oven is categorized into different types. No doubt that all of the types are best at their place but yes, if you want to make the best use of the right function then you should focus on buying the right type of product too. Remember it is very important to understand the different factors that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the oven for your home. For this, it depends entirely on the member present in your family, your eating habits and other features to name

Before you start considering the buying process, you must make yourself aware of different types of an oven that are available in the market today. To select which type of oven is one of the crucial things as there are so many types of the same being sold on a large scale in the market. Some of them are known for style, some for the functions while some are best in both at it. But again, consider other factors like maintenance and features too so that your decision will not go wrong.

  • Grill Microwave Oven

This type of oven offers the best various functions associated with grilling accessories. It is best suitable for you to grill vegetables, meat, and even paneer. Such type of oven comes with dual functioning which is microwave and grilling. This way you get overall features to make the most mouth relishing dishes within a few minutes. The oven comes with a heating coil that allows you to do grilling, roasting and even toasting.

  • Built-In Microwave Oven

It is one of the top-notch quality based ovens that you can shortlist in today’s time. It is designed for easy installation within the cabin areas that give more like a seamless look. It is quite a sophisticated one that can surely match your home décor too. It is installed off the counter and gives your counter space more of a clean look. Being highly functioned, this oven if you air it with the traditional oven is then called as the wall oven microwave combo

Known for the better convenience, this type of oven, however, is being sold at a high price as compared to regular countertop models. To install such type of oven requires special professional assistance since it is not so easy to do it on own. It is one of kind of initial investment that you need to but alters that is a purity that you will never be disappointed by using it. It comes with standard settings of microwaves along with some convection settings like configurations.

  • Solo Microwave Oven

This is one of the basic models or you can even call it the entry-level models that are available in the microwave oven category. It produces a magnetron that creates a microwave. It is best suitable for the bachelors or even the 2 members of the family and considering price in mind, surely it is the most affordable one. As compared to other models like convection and grill such type of oven is quite cheaper. Its price range can vary between 4,000 Rs to 8,000 Rs. However, you cannot use this type of oven for baking and grilling purposes. Simply for microwave operations like reheating and cooking, you can use this oven. The oven is known to offer better uniform heating solutions.

  • Over The Range Microwave Oven

This type of oven has become another talk of the town in today’s time. Also popular by its abbreviation name OTR, this oven is known for better installation to save induction and gas price. It is a standard solution of the microwave or says the convection one such as countertop configuration that comes with some of the extraordinary features. There is also another set of features that usually keep them apart which we can say is the vent fan and the cooktop lightening. The use of the vent fan model is that you can easily adjust the odor that comes within the kitchen by throwing it outside the kitchen. In the case of the cooktop solution, there is a light that is installed within the under surface of the microwave account for better surface work illumination.

Talking about the OTR size, basically, such type of oven comes in the standard size which is around 27″ or 30″ widths. Some people choose an OTR option over other ones simply because it also contributes to making the counter space neat and clean and thus avoids any kind of installation with a dedicated range hood. While some users believe that the functions which OTR offers to the kitchen are quite user-friendly over other options.

  • Convection Microwave Oven

You can use this element for heating purposes and even to create the heat waves which would ensure fast cooking. There is a fan that rotates and circulates to make sure the generated heat can be well converted into hot air which for cooking and baking can be helpful. If you talk in the technical terms, such type of oven comes with the fan which ensures the heat waves get circulated in a much efficient manner and so strongly that the food gets baked or cook pretty well. This type of oven is best suitable for making pizza, cake, baking, and even muffins and grilling too. Talking about baking, you can do grilling long with it or independently since it is one of the high end devises to be chosen.

  • Countertop Convection Oven

Last but not least; this is another best suitable oven for your kitchen. It may not work on the EM wave or microwave principles. However, even if it is different from that of the grill microwaves but many people consider both the options as the same. Such type of solution comes with better grilling, improved roasting, and good baking functions. For that matter, you may wonder how the heat is generated. Well, the fact is, it doesn’t use the microwave source which is present in the body but uses the heating element that is present either that the top or bottom of the oven cavity. This element then ensures that the fan of the conversion would then create and distribute the heat around the cavity. This can be used for baking, browning, grilling, and roasting which a solo microwave can’t do. You can use this type of oven for your kitchen since it was designed with a constructed layup which is why it gives your counter a neat and tidy look. Besides, it can also roast an entire chicken or you can bake a huge is of more than 10 inches without any problem.


Surely there is no perfect pick but yes, depending on the usage and the suitability of the same, you must decide on the type of appliance that you choose. Of all, the most important factor should be the requirement for cooking food, restriction of the space and budget.

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