Top Baby Stroller Manufacturing Companies in India

A baby stroller makes you feel relaxed for going outside along with your baby. However, it also allows the baby to explore the world with ease & complete safe. Choosing the right stroller can be a great way to avoid the stress and pressure of keeping the baby in front of the eyes while jogging, walking or shopping. Some popular stroller manufacturing companies are as follow:

  • MeeMee Pram Cum Stroller
  • LuvLap City Buggy
  • Graco Mirage Plus Stroller
  • Chicco simplicity plus stroller
  • R for Rabbit Giggle Wiggle Stroller

1. MeeMee Pram cum Stroller

MeeMee is a top-notch stroller manufacturer company, offering a wide range of baby strollers for every age group child. The company is developing in India, popular for providing a range of excellent quality products. You can choose MeeMee strollers for your older baby and young ones. The best thing about MeeMee products is that it offers leg coverage, protection from UV rays and Sunburn and reversible handle and other similar safety features in their strollers.

2. LuvLap City Buggy

Carrying a baby on the shoulders can lead to intense pain problems. To get rid of such issues, choosing a stroller from LuvLap is one of the fantastic options.  LuvLap city Buggy manufactures a complete range of strollers and buggies for Indian children. Buggies and strollers from LuvLap are lightweight and come in handy. They are designed in such a manner to ensure extreme safety and the highest performance. LuvLap provides features like a five-point harness, well-built wheel brakes, swivel wheel in their strollers, making them safe and secure for baby use.

3. Graco Mirage Plus Stroller

In this list, the next reputed brand in India is Graco Mirage, offering a huge range of strollers with well-built quality. They are popular for their quality, longevity, affordability and build quality, also gives the best deals to their customers. Some of the popular features of the brand include food rest, cushioning & adjustable seats. Thanks to the 5-safety feature with buckles, it ensures proper safety and prevents falling accidents.

4. Chicco Simplicity Plus Stroller

Chicco is one of the trustworthy brands in India, popular for its sturdiness & quality. Talking about the baby’s comfort and support, the stroller by LuvLap is equipped with a gentle & soft cushion that is safe for the baby’s gentle skin. Stroller from Chicco is safe, lightweight, easy to use and most important built up of aluminium. They ensure comfort, portability and safety.

5. R for Rabbit Giggle Wiggle Stroller

Strollers from R for Rabbit are popular for their hi-tech features and sturdiness. However, the company promotes incredible comfort and safety to the baby and allow his/her to watch the world. Most of the strollers are made of pure linen fabric, making them soft and safe for baby comfort.

Final Words:

The stroller is a well-wisher not only for the parent but also for the baby as it gives support to the baby’s back, neck and head, hence allowing him to enjoy every ride. As a parent, it is important to know about the different types of strollers offered by several manufacturers in India.

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