Top 5 Telescoping Ladders Brands in India

A ladder is very important for every house for one or other reasons. They are a bit difficult to carry from one place to another, store or utilize. Keeping this in mind, sometimes people do not opt for buying ladders for home use. Also, some ladders come with many disadvantages. So, you need to be very careful while picking a ladder for home use. Telescopic ladders are the best choice for those who wish to beat all the odds of ladders. They can be easily folded and brought to a compact size, can be stored easily, and moved from one place to another. Also, they are very light in weight and come with height adjustment features. So, if you are confused about which ladder to pick, then a telescopic ladder is the best choice. But in the present market, there are several brands available and it is important to pick the right brand for enjoying its features.

Here are the top five telescoping ladder brands in India:

Telescopic Ladder

1. Home Buy

One of the best brands that you can consider in India is Home Buy. They are easily available in the Indian market. It is a foldable ladder and comes in lightweight. That makes it easy to carry them anywhere. There are loop bands and hooks for the ladder and that keeps the ladder safe for you to use. You can increase the height by one foot at a time. They also have threaded feet and hence offer you a good grip.

2. Aurora

Another good brand that you can consider for telescoping ladders is Aurora. If you are looking for a longer ladder, then this is the best brand that you should select. They come with 13 steps and are almost 12 feet long. All their ladders are made using high-grade aluminum material. The price of these telescoping ladders is also pocket-friendly.

3. Bathla

Bathla offers you some of the best telescoping ladders in the present Indian market. This company manufactures some of the strongest telescopic ladders and hence they will last for a very long time. When folded their size of 2.5 feet and when extended it will be around 12 feet. They will last for many years and hence one of the best brands you can consider. They come with a two-year warranty as well.

4. Corvids

With unmatched quality and performance, Corvids is another good brand that you can buy when looking for telescoping ladders. Aluminum of aviation grade is used in the making of the ladders. Their ladders are corrosion-free and that is due to the material used in their making. You can extend one foot at a time.

5. Inditradition

The last brand that we have on our list is Inditradition. If you are lookingfor a longer ladder than the normal telescopic ladders, then you should take a look at Inditradition ladders. They can be extended to 19 feet and fold to a very compact size in just no time. Their ladders are light in weight and so very popular.

Final Verdict:

Pick any brand from the above-mentioned options and you will be very happy with your choice. All of them are the best and reliable brands.

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