Running Shoes Vs. Walking Shoes – A Detailed Comparison

The running shoes usually come under the category of sports shoes. Even the athletes who take part in walking events use running shoes as they flex according to their needs.

Why Running Shoes?

Cokpit Mens Running Shoes

From the health perspective, running benefits you in some of the following ways.

  • It drops your blood pressure and obesity
  • Increases heart rate and lung capacity
  • Helps in a smooth motion
  • It helps you to avoid chronic diseases like heart, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

Are you an athlete?

If so, then you need a good pair of running shoes that offer you with some of the benefits like:

  • Midsole foot cushioning – Most of the athletes prefer midsole foot cushioning. As the name suggests, it lies between the foot’s ball and heel. According to the American Medical of Sports, the running shoes that come with soft soles lowers the stress that you give to the heels, ankles, and toes while running. Hence, it helps you in performing your activities comfortably and safely.
  • Arch support – If you are a person having flat feet, then you certainly need arch support. The athletic shoes that come with arch support benefit the exercisers who do strenuous workouts. The physiologists suggest the runners with the flat foot to take the shoes that provide you arch support.
  • Avoid the injuries – The running shoes enable you to prevent injuries that occur from twisted ankles. If you have the shoes that offer you with midsole cushioning with arch support, you avoid the common injuries like tendonitis, stress, fractures, and joint pain.
  • Improved running performance – No matter how much you might have practiced for the athletic events, the running shoe type or brand makes the difference. The midsole cushioning or the soft sole make you feel at ease and helps you to avoid the stress to your heels, which enhances your performance.

Also, the running shoes have many functions, and they come to you with the updated and the new materials and technology.

Features of Walking Shoes

Lee Cooper Mens Nordic Walking Shoes

Walking shoes possesses a set of unique features that the other shoes lack. However, you need to select those walking shoes which make you comfortable and do not cause blisters and calluses. Walking shoes have some of the features like:

  • Protection of Achilles tendons – Minimizes the pressure and stress on your Achilles’ tendon, locking the boots around your heels.
  • Heel collar – Gives good cushioning to your ankle and makes sure that it fits you well.
  • Upper sole – It supports your front foot. The makers market the upper soles in materials like leather, synthetics, and mesh. If you are looking for a lightweight walking shoe, the mesh is the right choice.
  • Inner sole – It offers protection to your foot and its arch from discomfort and unusual pain after you remove the shoes. You can wash and reuse the removable insoles or dry them on each session you walk.
  • Midsole – It enables the cushion to reduce the foot’s impact every step on the surface.
  • Outer sole – Has the grooves and treads that enable you to maintain the traction and touch the surface.
  • Toe grip – Offers space to the toes to prevent calluses.

Difference between running shoes and walking shoes

  • Running shoes provide a strong cushioning, formidable support, and comfort to the athletes. The makers understand what an athlete needs and designs the running shoes according to their needs. On the contrary to running shoes, the walking shoes have less cushioning with either lesser support or extra support.
  • The running shoes have more flexibility and more near the foot’s ball, which acts as an extra material and adds cushioning. In the case of walking shoes, the athletes don’t require much flexibility.
  • The walking shoe has a lesser weight on the ground or treadmill when you run. Hence, the shoemakers have made them with lesser cushioning. Though you can use the running shoe on the treadmill, you end up adding more weight than required.
  • As a runner, you tend to strike the ground in the front foot of the heel via the ball’s midfoot. So, running shoes need more height. The walkers prefer shoes with lesser size. Hence, the manufacturer’s design walking shoes with lesser height.


  • Both walking shoes and running shoes have their advantages.
  • People select shoes according to their requirements.

The running and walking shoes have different variations.

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