Microwave Oven Vs. OTG: Which Is Better?

The argument over which appliance is the best whether it is microwave oven or ITG is into the discussion for a long time. But certainly, there is no denial of the fact that both the appliances re best in their ways and of course the rice and some functions may vary but needless to say it is the best thing to have in your kitchen for cooking, grilling, toasting or baking purpose. Now the point which supposedly you can say is the most crucial one comes is which option basically to choose. Well, don’t get confused between OTG and oven when you are not able to understand the difference. There are some of the basic differences along with the way it works.

Know More About OTG Oven

Microwave Oven Vs. OTG

An OTG oven is the abbreviation for oven, toaster, and grill. This type of option is a small portable device used for different purposes. In this type of oven, there is a use of a heating coil that helps in heating the food. The coil which is present at the bottom and top of the food plays a dominant role. You can use either of the coiling options. Sometimes, you can also use both the coils depending on the importance. The OTG temperature is controlled by a thermostat. This way, your food gets cooked at a faster pace without causing any discomfort.

Know More About Microwave Oven

This trending appliance has become the talk of the town because of the incredible features you can enjoy from it. The appliance is also known as the microwave convection oven in which the use of a microwave to cook or heat the food is being made. This type f oven uses the heat up solution to make the food get cooked up quickly. However, these days there are so many cooking options that you can do if you have a microwave oven. It is also popular to roast and bake different cakes and food without losing its important nutrient. In short, this type of oven can be your best friend when you don’t get much of the time or want to eat something in less time.

Difference Between OTG And Microwave Oven

You may wonder on what grounds are these two appliances are different even when they look similar. Well, there are certain factors that you might not be even aware of. Here are some of the basic differences that you must know before making any kind of decision.

  • Electricity

No doubt that both the appliances need electricity as the source of power. But yes, the way of consumption in both appliances is different. OTG uses the electricity for heating the coils that are either made of chromium or Nickel. Once the element of heating spreads from the current, you will notice that food starts getting heated up and even get cooked. The problem with such heating is electricity consumption and heat distribution which may not be that even.

  • Portability

This could be another factor that you must have ignored but needless to say, it is the crucial one. The food from the outside which gets overcooked may stay raw from inside. This happens mostly in OTG but if you are planning for a microwave oven then the situation can be different. The microwave oven with the help of microwave heats the food and cooks from inside and outside too. The best part is there is less electricity being consumed from the microwave as compared to that of OTG because of which you get freshly cooked food that too in less period. There is also a proper distribution of the heat in the microwave which OTG fails to do besides, the space inside is more too.

  • Speed

OTG needs quite a lot of speed as compared to microwave oven for both to get heated and cooled down. This means you would have to wait in between if you are planning to cook more food in OTG. The case is different when it comes to a microwave oven. There is a quick heating ability to use microwave oven which is why people prefer such an option. The price for both the appliances is near about the same but when it comes to the electricity economy, microwave surely saves more power. This way the amount of food that is required for cooking also changes.

  • Temperature Control

There is also a difference in controlling the temperature through OTG and microwave oven. Both appliances have a temperature controlling feature that you can manage manually. But in a microwave, the temperature of the oven can also be automatically managed. In such a time of oven, you can set the temperature as and when needed. It all depends on the food that you cook which would be managed in a microwave oven and OTG

  • Other Differences

There are also differences in device size and time efficiency. OTG is small and highly portable while the microwave oven is quite large and heavy to carry. If you plug OTG and use it, there is a removable wire rack for convenience. There is also a baking pan present in OTG which you can use for small cake baking. If you are considering a microwave oven, well it has become one of the important kitchen appliances which are present in the house these days. The only reason for its popularity is because it is time friendly.

Quick Buying Tips

Now that you are quite clear about the difference between a microwave oven and OTG, it is time for you to understand the buying factors. This way, you would be able to buy only that particular appliance which can match your cooking needs

  • Behind the Scenes

When you cook with the help of an OTG the radiated heat by the coil often gets absorbed the food. There is a fan also which is present for disturbing the heat but most of the heat is dispensed directly below the coil. If you consider the convection oven, the microwaves heat the molecules of the water that is resent in food. This is the main reason why food gets cooked at a faster pace. There is a rotating plate and the microwave which makes sure the food gets cooked in an even manner.

  • Comfort

In OTG you can bake, toast and grill food very well that you without any discomfort. The best part is in convection oven you can perfect all the functions and even reheat and cook and de freeze the food which you cannot do in OTG.

  • Capacity

OTG comes with 60 liters of maximum capacity while convection microwaves can take up to 32 liters. So if you count the batch of food then OTG is a better option. There is also a rotating surface in the microwave which is small and can cause you a little trouble while putting ample of large dishes. In the case of OTG, this shall not be a problem.

  • Display and Price

With a digital display, convection microwaves can be quite user-friendly as you can keep temperature track of the time. Besides, OTG costs 10,000 for 42 liters while convection microwave costs Rs. 16,000 for 30 liters.

Gone are those days when people use to buy this oven simply to heat the food. Now technology has advanced and so you can experiment with your cooking styles. With so many different ovens that are present like grilling microwave oven, OTG is a machine and convection oven too that you can choose.

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