Microwave Oven Advantages and Disadvantages

Thanks to technology advancement, in today’s living, we literally re blessed with many things. Talking of which there are so many different types of appliances that are trending in the market. Don’t be surprised to know that such appliances have made our lives a lot simpler. Talking of which convection ovens also popular by the name as a microwave oven is one such amazing technology that is ruling the market. With a quick heating, reheating, easy usage, and many other features, this appliance can now be seen in every household. However, for the first time users, there is most likely to pop a question on which type of option to choose. The fact is since, such type of appliance is technologically backed up, you have to prepare yourself for both of its pros and cons. Listed are some of the important things that you may need to know.

The Role of the Microwave Oven in Today’s Time

Microwave Oven Advantages and Disadvantages

For the homemakers, to experiment with new recipes, a microwave oven can be a great friend. While for those working people who often don’t get the time to cook food, this option can make their work a lot hassle-free. It is the best way to save time and work efficiently since the microwave oven can take care of the tasks associated with the food. Within a fraction of seconds, the oven does its work of heating the food and even refreezing. In this oven, there are touch buttons to make sure you can set the time and temperate needed for the food to get cooked in the right manner.

Some molecules are present in such food. It ensures the food gets cooked at a faster face. For this, thermal energy is built up. Moving further the heating duration is quite short which means the vitamin C and nutrients that are maintained in the oven can stay for a long time giving a fresh taste without it getting decayed at all. If you are planning to buy this incredible product then listed are some of the crucial things that you need to know

Quick Buying Guide

You are in a world of technological advancement, where competition has increased to a great extent. With the above pros and cons, it surely will be easy for you to make the decision. After all the drawbacks too if you have decided to buy such an oven then remember, there are further brands and companies manufacturing it. Your job is to understand that is a reliable one with good quality of the result that you can get in the budget set.

Research well, compare and understand whether the features that you have been looking in a microwave oven are offered by that particular brand or not. You can also look for customer reviews and feedback for better knowledge and then invest. After all, you will be using such a product for a long duration.

Pros Of Microwave Cooking

The primary reason for which people buy such type of oven is because of the convenience and comfort which such oven offers. There are so many appliances that may allow for quick heating or cooking of the food with just one button. So you may wonder what makes microwave oven stand out o be the best? The answer is this device is loaded with so many incredible features that let you cook food faster as compared to the traditional conventional ones. Besides, there is no risk of any kind of a mess as well taking place. For the health-conscious people as well, this option gives healthy food without compromising any kind of nutrients. You simply need to steam down the veggies while making sure all the nutrition in the boiling water doesn’t get wasted.

Such type of device makes sure your food grain doesn’t get burned at all. You don’t have to visit the kitchen frequently to have a check on the food. Once the time is set and within the time, once there is a notification that you get that food is cooked, you then have to directly go to the kitchen simply to serve the food. You will surely not get any kind of overcooked food as along with the timing, you can set the food temperature too.

Such type of device is one of the economical solutions that ensure extremely less energy is consumed as compared to the gas burner or even the conventional oven. This would surely add a bonus to the efficiency of conscious people.

Hang on! These are not just the advantages that you get, there is also further list extended for you to get the best results.

  • There is less time taken by this oven over the traditional one. That is the main reason why energy and time gets efficiently saved
  • The utensil in the oven doesn’t get heated at any point in time. It is only the food which gets cooked
  • To heat the frozen food through microwave oven may take less time than gas r burner
  • The food gets uniformly cooked and the essence, texture, and flavor of the food don’t get changed at all
  • The cooking done through microwave oven don’t lose much of the nutrients which is why food that you heat or cook through this oven can be served to kids as well
  • The oil consumption reduces which eventually contributes to health improvement as the risk of cholesterol also reduces
  • You can bake the cake in a microwave oven without much of the risk or trouble at all

Cons of Microwave Cooking

Of course, there are some drawbacks associated with the microwave oven that you can expect since this product is human-made backed with the technology. Talking of which, these drawbacks are highlighted just as to ensure that you don’t repent on the investment that you make on it.

You have to be extremely cautious about the materials and utensils that you will be used to heat the food in the microwave. Yes! The rule for using the utensils for a microwave oven is quite different. You cannot just pit any random dish or utensils. There are microwave oven safe dishes that are being sold in the market. These dishes are extremely delicate and ensure no chemical reaction takes place

Another drawback is the capacity limit. Since such an option is best suitable for small families, large families will have to seek some other option. Talking of which to heat chips is possible but to fry them microwave oven is not designed.

Last is the microwave that are used for heating the food can often make the food a little soft and soggy and which is why you may get your mouth and finger burnt. The texture, taste, and color of the food may also change and chances of food to get overcooked are also high. It is also not good to stand directly in front of the oven as there is heating going on.


You may get confused about which option to choose but surely the above information should be sufficient for you to make the decision. Now all things are right in front of you. It is now time to pace up your search and buy this ultimate model that would fit your counter space and match your kitchen decor too.

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