How To Clean or Wash Your Bike Cover Properly?

The modern high-speed expensive machines are mainly based on hi-tech machinery & mind-blowing designs but they need to be cleaned & maintained well.

Motorcycle covers are commonly used and offer many benefits. The bike covers are made of strong plastic material that remains strong and protects the vehicle from any damages. But the high-quality motorcycle cover works like wax and makes sure that the paint, color & design of the motorbike remains intact for a longer time. But only a high-quality cover won’t help you to keep your bike clean but you should know – how to clean the cover properly. And you also required having sufficient time to clean the motorcycle cover.

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Let’s find out more about how to wash motorcycle cover properly.

In order to clean the motorcycle cover, you should know that the motorcycle cover is made up of various items. Motorbike cover is weatherproof and it can remain solid & shiny. Earlier the bike covers are made of plastic material but now with advanced techniques – the covers are designed to have higher resistance and are long durable.

Every bike cover that you buy in the market comes with instructions from the manufacturer about how to use it & how to wash it clean. You have to read the specifications well & follow them for better results.

 Step 1: Clean the cover with your hands

There are various methods to clean the cover. The most easier and safe method to clean the motorcycle cover is to clean it by hand. Before you start cleaning, you should wear suitable clothes to do the cleaning work that could get stained and dirty. You start cleaning the cover using your hands and also by using plenty of hot and cold water. Make sure that you have a large place to wash the cover.

Step 2: Remove the stains.

The motorcycle cover is made of durable material and it can get easily stained due to everyday usage. The cover can get tarnished due to various marks & dusty blots. It cannot be cleaned easily with water. You have to make use of soap or detergent powder while washing & cleaning the cover. You can pour warm soapy water over the cover and let it get sink in the water for some time. The dirt and dust particles stuck over and under the surface of the cover can get wiped out easily. The use of soap helps you to clean the cover easily without using so-much of water & strength. Do not wash the cover in the machine, unless the instructions are given by the manufacturer. If the instructions are given, follow them and set the water temperature as per the given specification.

Step 3: Dry the cleaned bike cover:

Once washing of the bike cover is overusing soap water. You have to dry the cover completely. Dry the cover on a clean & airy surface under the sun.

Bottom Line:

Most bikes available in the market today, come with specific designs, shapes & colors. Most of the manufacturers offer a set of tools that help in cleaning the motorcycle cover & other parts easily.

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