How To Clean and Care For Your Trekking Shoes

Our country is full of scenic beauties. From every city or town, the nearest weekend gateway for adventure loving people is spending some peaceful time with friends and family on the top of the mountain. However, you might have to suffer from inconvenience if you do not carry/wear proper trekking gear. Apart from joggers, backpack, and water, you must choose your trekking shoes carefully.

 An experiment on two people, where one is wearing regular sport shoes, and the other one wears trekking shoes/boots. The second person was more comfortable even after several hours & also had a higher grip to climb the mountain. Therefore, the significance of a good trekking shoes is relevant. People often find it challenging to take care of and clean these shoes. We are going to discuss some easy & helpful tips, have a look:

Furo by Red Chief mens trekking shoe

  1. Clean it after each trekking:

Cleaning your shoes after each trek helps to maintain its structure, finish, and style. For cleaning it, start by dry brushing. It will remove the dirt particles stuck on the shoe fabric/mesh. Banging the soles together will remove excess dirt on the shoe sole. Use a cloth to clean the shoe by dipping it in a solution of warm water and mild soap/detergent.

  1. Dry them up:

Drying the shoes after cleaning is very necessary. When you wash your shoe, the water penetrates and gets absorbed in the fabric. Therefore, to avoid your shoe from smelling foul, make sure you dry it up entirely. The shoe smell is the dirtiest of smell and also appears embarrassing. It can also lead to the growth of various fungi. Skipping this step can cause you unhygienic fungal diseases. For drying the shoe, remove all the removable parts like insoles & laces. Keep it in an airy area and let it dry by itself. Avoid putting it near the source of extreme heat. It will damage and lead to cracking of shoes.

  1. Don’t forget to treat your shoes:

It is an additional step that you can do to provide a long life to your trekking shoes. It is better to invest once in a good quality trekking shoe instead of buying cheap ones frequently. For re-waterproofing and greasing, ensure that the shoes are dry. One of the most essential aspects of a trekking shoe is its water resistance. Therefore, maintaining it is mandatory to tolerate any type of weather during trekking. Waterproofing sprays and greases are available for this purpose. Greasing is more suitable for leather trekking boots and, sprays are ideal for mesh/cloth shoes.

  1. Do a brief inspection:

After you finish all these steps, inspect if you see any abnormality in the shoes. If you cannot see it with naked eyes, try wearing it and walking. It will help you to identify any tear or projection in the shoe that might make you uncomfortable in the next trip. Therefore, it is wise to keep them ready before you begin your next trek. Otherwise, blister formation on your feet during trek could be nothing less than a nightmare. It will make you and your friends suffer. Anything that kills your adventure boost shouldn’t come in the way!

  1. Store them properly:

Storing your shoes properly has a huge significance. Make sure that if your next trek is after several months, stuff some newspaper inside the shoe along with a tea tree bag. It will maintain the integrity and odor in the shoe. Also, keep it away from humidity. Store it properly in a dry and well-ventilated place.


Trekking is all about fun and adventure. If you care and clean your trekking shoes properly in time, you rule out one of the possibilities of unhappy trekking. Be happy and spread positivity!

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