How to Clean and Care for your Safety Shoes

Most people assume that safety shoes do not have to clean or taken care of because they are durable and could handle any sort of condition. This is partially true, safety shoes are comparatively very durable than other shoes, however, it does not mean that you do not have to clean it. Safety shoes have to be cleaned regularly to keep them neat and at the same time extend their lifespan and durability. Cleaning the safety shoes is not the only thing you need to do, but, it also needs to be taken care of. Follow the caring tips and cleaning instructions mentioned below carefully.

How to take care of your safety shoes in the right way –

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  1. If you are using fabric made safety shoes then you need to clean them every week. Cleaning fabric made safety shoes is very easy, all you need to do is soak them in water and then rinse it carefully.
  2. It is best recommended that if possible clean the safety shoes daily after use. Some of the works involve working with harsh materials, such materials if stuck on the shoe for more than a day could be hard to remove. However, cleaning it before it settles on the skin is the easiest way to remove such stains.
  3. If you have an air compressor and a way to flush high-pressure air on your safety shoes do it. This could help get rid of all the dust and dirt on the shoes.
  4. Do not depend just on a single pair of safety shoes. Always have more than one pair of safety shoes. Use them alternatively.
  5. Try using shoehorn while try to wear it, shoehorns would help you to wear the shoes easily and prevent the heels from bending out of shape or breaking.
  6. Always pay attention to the sole of safety boots, if the sole of the safety shoes is torn or inefficient, do not use them. Throw them away and use another fresh pair of shoes.
  7. Even if you do not clean your safety shoes daily or weekly, you need to clean your insoles daily. If the insoles are too much dirty, it could lead to foot diseases or skin infections.
  8. Never wear safety shoes without wearing appropriate safety socks. Do not wear regular socks, there are work socks available, consider wearing it instead of any other socks.
  9. If your safety shoes have become unfit for your foot, then consider purchasing a new pair of safety shoes. Remember, if your safety shoes are small and not fit for your foot, it could tear easily.
  10. Always store or place your safety shoes away from other types of shoes.

How to clean a safety shoe in the right way –

If you clean the safety shoes in the right way it could extend the lifespan of the shoes and at the same time make it more durable. Here is how to do it.

Leather safety shoes –

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Step 1: To clean leather safety shoes, you need to first remove laces from the shoes. Clean the laces with some heavy-duty detergent and then put them in an open space to dry it.

Step 2: Now, pick the shoes and then brush it properly to remove the dust and dirt settled on it. You should rub or scrub the safety shoes when it is totally dry and without any wet dirt, grease, oil, or grime on it.

Step 3: After rubbing to clean the safety shoes, you need to take a fresh cloth and squirt some leather cleaner on it and wipe it on the leather evenly. Then, use a fiber cloth to wipe the leather to dry off the leather.

This is how to clean the leather safety shoes, apart from this, you could also consider conditioning and polishing the shoes. But, for safety shoes, it would be unnecessary.

Sneaker safety shoes –

Step 1: Pick up your sneaker safety shoes and then with a toothbrush brush off all the dust and dirt on it.

Step 2: After rubbing the shoes to remove dry dust and dirt, you need to remove the lace and wash them separately in a washing machine or manually.

Step 3: Now, prepare some soap solution and then dip the toothbrush in the solution and use the brush to brush the upper part of the shoes in a circular motion. Repeat this to cover the entire shoes.

Step 4: After brushing the entire shoes, use a wet cloth to wipe off the soap and dirt and then wipe age using a dry cloth.

Synthetic safety shoes –

Among cleaning safety shoes, cleaning synthetic safety shoes is the easiest. All you have to do is dip some in to a basin of warm soapy water, rinse the shoes thoroughly to remove all the dust and dirt sticking on it. If this solution does not clean your shoes, consider using dedicated synthetic shoe cleaning solutions instead.

After cleaning the shoes, you need to place them under the sun for some time and remove them once they are dry. Do not expose them to too much sun when not required.

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