How to Clean and Care for your Loafer Shoes

When compared to other types of shoes, loafers are delicate and they needed to be cared for in the right way to enjoy all the benefits. However, most people lack the appropriate knowledge on how to take care of it, the right way. The main reason is that there are different types of loafers available based on the type of material, among them suede and leather loafers are the best and most commonly used. Both these materials are not easy to clean and if you do not clean it in the right way, it could do more harm than good. Here is everything you would need to know about caring for the loafers.

How to clean loafer shoes –

As already mentioned, suede and leather loafers are the most common and best loafers, here is how to clean them.

Suede loafers –

Removing dirt and scuff spots/marks –

Step 1: Purchase a suede brush, put the loafers under direct sunlight to dry it. If your loafers come from a reputed brand, Google and model and find out if there is a specific type of suede brush recommended for your loafer model. If not, then purchase any suede brush.

Step 2: Use the suede brush carefully to brush the suede. Make brushing motion in one direction, do not move it back and forth, this would loosen the suede and kill the material. This could remove the dirt on the loafer.

Step 3: If your loafer has scuff spots/marks, use the brush the rub vigorously in one direction to life the grain and then rub back and forth slowly.

Step 4: If the suede brush is not helping, try using a pencil eraser to rub off the scuff marks. Apply some pressure while rubbing with the eraser.

Step 5: After getting rid of the scuff marks and dirt, spray a layer of suede protector on your loafer. This would prevent the dirt and stains from sticking to the skin permanently.

Removing water stains –

Step 1: Wet the entire exterior of the suede loafer carefully, remember, too much water could kill the suede. However, if used in the right amount it could help remove stains. Apply water with a fresh rag or cloth.

Step 2: While wetting the loafer, stuff the loafer with tissue paper or use a shoe tree. This could help control the water soothing into the material.

Step 3: Once the loafer is wet evenly, use a sponge or fiber cloth to suck the water on the suede carefully.

Step 4: Now, leave the loafer to dry overnight, put them near the window, or at a spot with maximum airflow. Once, the loafer is dry, use a suede brush to brush the suede in one direction.

You will now find the water marks/stains have disappeared.

Leather loafers –

Cleaning a leather shoe is almost the same no matter what type of shoe it is. Here is the general instruction on how to clean a leather loafer shoe.

Step 1: Take off the lace and insole and clean them first, you could wash it in a washing machine or by hand, all you have to do is, use laundry detergent and a toothbrush or shoe cleaner brush to brush the laces and insoles. Then soak them in warm water and dry it.

Step 2: With a bristle brush rub the sole of the loafer to remove the hard dirt and mud on it.

Step 3: Now, rub the upper part of the shoes carefully to remove the grime, dust, and dirt on it.

Step 4: After rubbing the upper part and sole, you need to use a leather cleaner on it. Squirt leather cleaner on the upper part of the shoes and with a brush gently rub it to spread them on the material. Instead of a brush, you could also use fiber cloth.

Step 5:  Sprinkle talcum powder on the oil/grease stain and leave it for 2-minutes and then brush away the excess powder. Now, do a final wiping with a cloth.

Step 6: Use a leather conditioner on the shoe to condition the leather. Remember to use the right color conditioner and to spread them evenly on the surface. After you complete conditioning the shoe, buff it with polish. Use a cloth to buff the polish on the shoe.

How to take care of the loafers –

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  1. Clean the loafer at least once a month, if you use the loafer frequently, increase the frequency of cleaning based on how dirty it becomes.
  2. Store the loafers in a dry place and organized
  3. Do not congest the loafers at a place
  4. Avoid exposing the loafers to sunlight for a long time
  5. Use the right accessories to clean the loafer
  6. Never use a loafer for harsh work.
  7. Women’s or men’s loafers should be re-stuffer while storing it for a long time

A loafer could come from a local brand or reputed brand, no matter where it comes from, you need to clean and take care of it based on the type of material. Leather and suede loafers will not last long if left unattended.

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