How To Clean and Care For Your Leather Shoes

Leather shoes appear the richest of all. Whether you have a formal leather or sport leather shoe, it has a different way of maintenance. Leather shoes often represent your executive class and standard. Can you imagine how unpleasant it would be for people to watch you wearing untidy leather shoes? Indeed! Cleaning and caring for a leather shoe becomes an integral part of your life once you have it. In old times, people didn’t have too many options, including fabric, mesh, and PU for choosing a shoe. Therefore, most of them used to have a pair of leather shoes. Here is what we have learned from our ancestors on how to care for and keep your leather shoes clean:

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Let us first look at the ways of cleaning leather shoes:

Remove the visible dirt:

Using a leather shoe brush or a soft rag, remove the excess dirt stuck on the leather by scrubbing off. At the end of this process, make sure you do not see any grime or dirt on the shoe.

Top the shoe skin with cleaner:

Assemble a leather shoe cleaner of your choice. If the shoe cleaner does not has an applicator, you can alternatively use a soft rag to apply it. Decide whether your shoe has finished or unfinished leather. You can use a mild laundry detergent for the finished one. For unfinished leather, use a leather cleaner/saddle soap.

Is dealing with salt stains too challenging?

If your shoe has white patches, it is due to the presence of salt stains on the leather. The method we are going to discuss will remove both salt stains and excess wax buildup on the shoe. Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 2:1 to prepare a cleaning solution. Dab the cloth on each whitish stained area properly. Repeat these steps wherever you see salt residues. After you finish, all the residues will be gone within minutes!

Let the shoe air dry properly:

Never use heat to dry up the leather shoe. Therefore, avoid putting it out on a sunny day or near the radiator. Air drying the leather shoe is one of the best ways. Before polishing the shoe, it is necessary to dry them up properly. Leave the shoe to dry overnight and get it ready for conditioning.

Here’s how to care for your leather shoes:

  • The first step towards making your leather shoe glossy is to remove the laces. If you do not remove shoelaces, it can interfere with the even polishing of the shoe.
  • It is a must for every leather shoe owner to have a shoe conditioner. Conditioning your shoe after 20-30 wear will help to maintain its look. People living in extreme weather should do it more often.
  • Polishing leather shoes is one of the oldest practices to keep them new-like. Therefore, keep polishing your shoe every month. Use a wax-based polish for a better finish. Be extremely cautious while choosing the shoe polish color. A little difference could make it appear worse.
  • Spitshine practice for shoe is also great for preserving its shine. Use a soft cloth and hold its corner with the index finger and thumb of both hands. This technique will give your shoes a shine that will last for seven days.


People living in extreme climates should pay extra attention to their leather shoes as they are more prone to damage. We hope that you will follow these easy steps. Thanks for giving us your precious time!

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