How To Clean and Care for Your Formal Shoes

Leather shoes are the first thing that would hit your mind when formal shoes are mentioned. In the beginning, the formal shoe was all made of leather and as you know, even today, most professionals consider formal shoes to be made of leather. While natural leather formal shoes are expensive, there are other alternatives to it today. However, cleaning such shoes are not complicated. When it comes to cleaning formal leather shoes, there are so many things to consider and do. Here is how to take care of formal shoes and how to clean them in the right

When it comes to cleaning, the design of the shoe does not matter, the material does matter.

How to Clean a leather formal shoes –

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Step 1: Pull out the lace and the insole very carefully. Before pulling out the lace, check if there are any knots on the lace, if yes, unknot them to prevent it from tearing. At the same time, before removing the insole, check if it is stuck to the bottom, if it is glued to the bottom, leave it as it is.

Step 2: Throw the lace and insole into the soapy water and leave them there until the shoe cleaning is completed.

Step 3: Pick a soft-bristled brush and then use it to rub the sole and top of the shoes. Hold the shoe in one hand and with another hand, use the brush to rub the shoe. Carefully rub the shoe to remove all the dry dirt and dust on it. Continue doing it until you find the shoe clean. Do not put too much pressure on the brush or else the bristles could tear the leather or destroy the finishing.

Step 4: After the cleaning with a bristle brush is completed, you need to pick a soft brush and squirt a small drop of leather cleaner on it. Now gently wipe the brush on the leather. Work the cleaner carefully into the leather, this is possible only if you wipe the brush slowly and in a circular motion. Continue wiping the leather until the leather regains its former finish. Each type of leather and brand demands a specific type of leather cleaner, ask your brand or Google to find out, which cleaner to use.

Step 5: If you have grease or oil stains on the shoe, sprinkle some talcum powder on it and with your fingers spread them on the stains carefully and then leave it for 2 or 3 hours. Then with a soft brush, brush away the excess powder. Now you will find the stain mark disappeared.

Step 6: Now, apply a leather conditioner on the leather. With a towel spread the conditioner evenly on the leather carefully. Spread it around the shoe in such a way that you could see the even finishing. Always consider using a leather conditioner recommended by the brand or that suits your shoes’ original colour.

Step 7: After the conditioning is done, polish the shoes using a leather polish. Spread the polish in a circular motion.

If your formal shoes are not leather, the cleaning process is simple, all you need to do is, wipe the shoe with a towel or fiber cloth, soapy solution, and then dry it and polish it using appropriate shoe polish.

How to take care of a formal shoe in the right way –

  1. Formal shoes are not designed for harsh or heavy-duty use. You need to keep this in mind and avoid using it for any such unwanted purpose. Using a formal shoe for running, playing, or jogging could damage the shoe sole and finishing. Most commonly, the shoe would develop creases and folds.
  2. Never polish your formal shoes without cleaning it first. Polishing a shoe without removing the dirt, dust, and grime is like putting makeup on your face without washing it. The result would be annoying.
  3. Premium formal shoes made of leather should be always stored away from direct sunlight. This does not mean it should be locked in a rack, leather shoes need its own exposure, but not too much exposure to heat and moisture.
  4. Leather formal shoes should be conditioned and polished regularly to prevent it from cracking and losing the natural color.
  5. When it comes to formal shoes, cleaning it regularly could double its life span. You should clean formal shoes at least once a week.
  6. If you are planning to polish your shoes, always consider using a soft brush based on the type of shoe material. Read the manufacturer’s recommendation and instruction first. Check if there are any specific instructions on how to do it.
  7. Suede formal shoes are very delicate, you must use it with utmost care. Never, use a hard or medium-hard brush on it. Suede formal shoes demand spot-cleaning if encountered with hard stains.

There are different types of formal shoes on the market, among which leather formal shoes are most commonly used. When it comes to cleaning, the hardest to clean is leather shoes, a silly mistake could destroy the natural aesthetics of the entire shoe. So, follow each step mentioned carefully.

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