How To Clean and Care For Your Basketball Shoes

Whether you have a premium quality basketball shoe or a regular one, it will eventually accumulate a lot of dirt with time. Players who have recently started participating in basketball might find it confusing to clean and maintain their basketball shoes. However, if you manage to take care of them properly, you will add some extra years to its life. Are you the kind of person who gets attached to their footwear and find it tough to say bye-bye? Therefore, the only hack is to go for premium brands and maintain & clean them adequately. It will not only keep you hygienic and safe but also improve your performance. Let us look at some simple steps on how to clean and care for your basketball shoe:

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First technique- handwashing:

  1. Prepping the shoes:

If your shoes aren’t mesh/fabric ones, cleaning the stubborn dirt stains as soon as you can is the best way. However, if you have a mesh basketball shoe, make sure that the dirt stuck on the shoe is entirely dry before you begin the cleaning process. It will help in scrubbing off readily. Using a brush, clean all the mud and grime.

  1. Make a cleaning solution:

To prepare a cleaning solution, you can mix a bucket of warm water and a few drops of liquid detergent. Mix it to make the water soapy and bubbly. Remove the shoelaces before beginning the process. It will help in even cleaning of the shoe.

  1. Wash and dry:

Use a soft cloth or gentle brush to clean the shoe by dipping into the solution. Wipe and scrub the shoe as per the requirement. Let it air dry properly and put them on later.

Second technique- Cleaning shoe parts:

  1. Decide which parts you want to clean:

If your shoe is not completely dirty but, you still want to clean it, you can aim at specific shoe parts. Decide the area that you want to clean and make a paste by mixing water and baking soda. You can alternatively use toothpaste as well.

  1. Clean and dry:

You can also clean the canvas present in the basketball shoe with the help of this paste. Take a small amount of paste on your fingertip, apply on the shoe parts, and gently clean them by adding some water. Wipe off the cloth in one direction to remove the dust. Finish off by drying and storing the shoes properly.

Third technique- Machine wash:

  1. Read the shoe manual:

Not all the basketball shoes are machine wash friendly. Therefore, make sure to read the manual or search for your provider’s shoe care guide. If it allows you to machine wash, move further with the following steps.

  1. Select gentle wash cycle:

Put the shoe along with a few towels in the washer to keep them safe. Add water, and turn on the gentle wash cycle. You might also need to remove the insoles to ensure 100 percent safety.

  1. Let it dry:

Let it air dry, and you are ready to use your brand new shoes.


We hope that you will try our suggested tricks. Thanks for reading!

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