How to Buy Formal Shoes – A Complete Guide

No formal look is complete without an excellent formal shoe. There are a huge collection of shoes that vary in terms of style and design. However, it is important to choose the right pair of formal shoes because it can ruin the whole attire.

Therefore, in this article, you can find some of the helpful tips or a complete guide for choosing an excellent pair of formal shoes.

Formal Shoes

1. Different types of formal shoes

Over the years, Men and women footwear choices have been greatly expanded. So, there are lots of stylish options when talking about shoes. Let us see some of the common formal shoe designs.

  • Oxfords

Oxford formal shoes are chic and smart in design. These classic shoes are unique and sleek than any other formal shoes. One unique feature of this shoe is that the eyelets are affixed under the vamps. This gives the oxfords a neat and formal touch. These oxfords can look great with the right length pant. Oxford shoes have fine details on the top, so make sure that your pant doesn’t hide the details.

  • Derby’s

Derby’s are another great formal shoe model that is quite similar to oxfords. The Derby’s do not have closed laces that give you a sort of open feel. It feels free and relaxed when wearing Derby’s but they can excellently go well with formal attire. The Derby’s come in different shapes that fit your feet, intricate details and sleekness. To expand your formal shoe collection, you can try out the black, brown and tan colours of Derby’s. They can look good for suits, and you can even wear them for casual trousers.

  • Cap toes

Cap toes are known as the gentleman’s shoe. This formal footwear looks classy and timeless. It can look stunning for an excellently tailored suit. There is also a fine detail stitching on the toe that adds beauty to this shoe. Cap toes look lovely so you can wear them on special occasions to make a huge fashion statement. A Cap toe is a striking choice for any formal attire.

  • Loafers

If you are not interested in laced or metal buckled formal shoes, then the loafers are the right pair of formal shoes for you. Mostly, they are considered as casual shoes, but they can be perfect for formal attires also. Loafers look sleek when polishing it nicely. There may not be any fine stitching detail, but loafers are the trending shoes today.

  • Boots

Dress boots may be similar to loafers but except for the high-top style. The dress boots are the ideal daytime formal footwear. They can be paired with excellently fit pants and a good formal jacket. The dress boot can be worn for special meetings and other afternoon office engagements. Black dress shoes are very popular, but you can also get grey, navy and brown dress shoes.

2. Buy the right colour

Mostly the common formal shoe colours are brown and black. However, these two shades can be paired up with different formal attire. If you are interested in trying out formal shoes in other hues, then you can go for white or two shaded footwear. If you wear a lot of formal shoes, then it is important to have different designs and colours. When wearing a formal shoe, it is important to wear a light-coloured shirt to balance the attire.

3. Details matter

Formal shoes come with minimal and subtle details. Some of the common details found informal shoes are overlays, fine or intricate stitching. It is important to buy formal shoes with some detail to complement your formal attire. Formal shoes with no detail can look blunt and do not make any fashion statement. The details in formal shoes such as the metal buckles in monk straps and decorative details in oxfords are enough to look stylish. Therefore, you can try out formal shoes with fine details that can spice up your formal attire.

4. The right material

Formal shoes are available in real leather as well as artificial leather. With modern shoe making technology, these formal shoes are durable and fine. You can select the real leather shoe for comfort. Leather shoes can look sleek and classy for your formal attire. Therefore, depending on your choice, you can choose the material of the formal shoe that makes your formal look flawless.

5. Comfort

The shoe is of no use if it is not comfortable. Ill-fitting shoes can damage your posture and cause foot injury. Make sure that your formal shoe is soft on the top that prevents blisters. The toe box should have enough feet space so that it will not trample your feet. If there is an overlay or stitching, it should be smooth on your feet. Try to choose a formal shoe that has a soft bed so you can walk freely.

6. Price

If you pay a decent amount for a formal shoe, you will definitely get a good brand product.  So, as we know that price is also matter when we buy any product.

With this formal shoe guide, you can easily pick a good pair of formal shoes. You can match them with an elegant formal outfit to set the fashion parameters high. Further, more than style and fashion comfort matter the most. So find the perfect pair of formal shoes and flaunt them.

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