How to Buy Football Shoes – A Complete Guide 

Football is an all-time favourite sport in major countries of the world. The sport is an intense physical activity that needs strength and energy on the part of a player. A major requirement for playing the sport in addition to a team is proper shoes.

Football shoes are specifically designed by reputed manufacturers to support the players to play the sport comfortably. Whether you are buying the shoes for your use or giving it to someone, this article will help you pick a right pair of football shoes for your next game.

Football Shoes

Factors to Consider when Buying Football Shoes

The important factors you need to consider when buying football shoes are as follows:

1. The fit of the shoes

First, an important factor that one has to consider when picking football shoes is the fit. You need to make sure that the shoes are suitable for your feet. Ensure to try the pair of shoes you want to buy before purchasing. If the shoe doesn’t fit properly, then it would be very uncomfortable to play on the field.

The next reason for buying football shoes that are suitable for your feet is to help you save time and money in the long run. The pair of football shoes that you choose should allow for movement of feet easily and also provide room for your thick socks.

2. The surface of the playground

The ground on which you are planning to play the game is an important factor for buying football studs. Generally, the playing surfaces for football are different such as firm ground, soft, artificial grass, indoor and AstroTurf.

Since the playing surfaces are different, it is important to buy football shoes that are suitable for the type of field you play generally. Talk to your coach or expert in the field to decide on the type of stud for your shoes.

3. Make of the football shoes

The material of the football shoes is of three types, namely, leather, synthetic and knit. Leather is a common material for football shoes. But these days football shoes are available in synthetic materials. Each type of football shoes provide benefits such as comfort, fit, feel and weight.

Leather football shoes are soft and flexible, these types of shoes are durable than other ones. Whereas synthetic material football shoes provide the best of two worlds, it is comfortable and allows a close ball feel called woven upper.

4. Cost of football shoes

Before you buy football shoes, decide on the price of the amount of money you are willing to spend on one. Determine a realistic budget that you can afford rather than choosing one for looks. Several top brands offer a variety of football shoes, which differ in price. The price of football shoes should match the durability and design of the model.

5. Playing the position of the player

The playing position of the player in a football also determines the type of shoes you need to buy. The players who are quick on their feet need lightweight shoes, and those players who do less running need highly-durable and protective pairs of shoes.

6. Lace or non-lace football shoes

The decision on buying a lace or non-lace football shoes is a choice you need to make on your own. But remember that depending on the type of your feet determine the style of the football shoes you want to buy. But one advantage of lace football shoes is that it can be tightened or loosed anytime during the game.

Things that You Need to avoid While Picking a pair of Football Shoes

When purchasing the football shoe, make sure that you don’t make your decision based on the below-mentioned factors.

1. Looks

Don’t make a decision based on the look of football shoes. Stylish shoes may not be comfortable to wear or stable.

2. Avoid following into the footsteps of your favourite player

We usually tend to buy a pair of football shoes that our favourite player wears or uses. But remember that their feet are not the same as yours. Pick a pair of football shoes that is suitable for your play and feet.

3. Branded ones

Branded shoes are both durable and stable. But don’t buy a branded shoe blindly. Also, the cost of the branded shoes is not pocket friendly. First, determine your budget and then pick a pair that is both branded and pocket friendly.

4. Stop hurrying

When buying a pair of football shoes, don’t rush on making a decision. Spend some time and read reviews online before deciding on a pair of football shoes. Visit online stores to know the features and to narrow down your search.

In conclusion

With this, we conclude our article on how to buy a pair of football shoes. When buying football shoes, it is important to understand what to look for and what to avoid. Remember the points mentioned in the article to pick the right pair.

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