10 Best Tricycle For Kids In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

The toy industry in India is growing faster than expected. There is a huge demand for toys and sports goods among Indian kids. Compared to other toys and games, the tricycle has become the most preferred toy among young boys and girls. Even Indian parents get fascinated with the idea of buying a colorful tricycle for their child and want to enjoy a happy moment.

The tricycle for kids looks like a sports bike for kids with an elegant design and outstanding colors. It is designed with care, concern, and offers complete safety.  Tricycle is based on a special balancing technique and helps a child to ride smoothly and confidently. Tricycle is attached with a music facility and display of LED lights, which are controlled by a panel of switches. The tricycle is made of lightweight, unbreakable material and nicely cushioned seats make the child enjoy the riding.

Best Buy Kids Tricycle Online In India

Given below is the list of most exciting and high-quality tricycles available in the Indian market for the kids. Understand the given features and choose the best tricycle for your kids.

1. Amardeep & Co. Baby Tricycle W/Shade and Parental Control

Amardeep & Co. Baby Tricycle

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The baby tricycle for the age group 1 to 3 by Amardeep & Co. is one of the stylish cycles offered with at most safety. The tricycle is made of non-toxic, unbreakable polyester material and remains durable for a long time facing different seasons and changing climatic conditions in India.  The shiny colorful tricycle with mind-blowing design with a fancy cartoon gets all the attention of kids as well as parents.

 The structure of the tricycle is made of strong stainless steel pipes and covered with plastic. The parts of the tricycle are made using high precision technology. The tires are solid and long durable. The handlebar is easy to grip and controls the movements well while riding. Amardeep tricycles make the memories special of the first ride on cycle.

Tricycles allow the kids to have all fun and adventure while learning to ride the tricycles. The parents enjoy the sight of children riding the cycle by pushing the pedals and learning to balance. The removable Push bar controls the speed and direction while riding. Armrest allows the child to sit comfortably on the cushioned seat, and the rear basket is used for bottles and toys. The music facility adds to the fun. The child listens to nursery songs while riding the cycle.

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2. Little Olive Roller Coaster – Stylish Baby Tricycle

Little Olive Roller Coaster - Stylish Baby Tricycle

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Little Olive roller coaster is a stylish baby tricycle. The Canopy and Push Bar make the deal most ideal, which both parents and children love the most. The tricycle is suitable for 1 to 6 years of boys and girls. The tricycle is delivered in the form of a packet that includes all the parts of tricycle. The installation can be done easily.  You can watch the video of assembling the tricycle which is available in the Amazon product list. The manual is also given along with the tool kit, which has detail information on assembling the cycle.

The tricycle is time tested and based on children’s behavior. It suits and protects the children well. It is certified by IS901 and BIS which makes it highly exceptional. The seats of the tricycle are made of superior quality soft and spongy material. The push bar makes the movements easier. The tricycle offers plenty of storage space around it. It has a basket at the front and a basket at the back. Also, there is a separate holder for milk or water bottle.

Little Olive tricycle looks wonderful, having elegant design and bright colors. The children will love it at first sight, and the parents will buy it as a perfect gift for little ones.

3. Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle in Pink Color

Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle

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Amardeep and Co baby tricycle with parental control is one of the most-modern tricycles that is getting popular among the parents as well as the kids.  The pink color suits so well that it gets all attention while the child sits and rides it. It is s 100% Indian product that is made of superior quality and remains long durable. The tricycle is made with the help of machines having higher precision and it has a perfect attractive look, unbreakable body and fascinating color combination.

The plastic-covered structure is made of sturdy pipes and the soothing soft seat. It offers complete comfort to the child while riding with the supportive arm and backrests. The child enjoys the feel of tricycle and moves around the house, trying to control the speed while holding the handle. The children learn the lessons of balancing and motor skills, which is part of basic learning. Amardeep tricycle offers complete safety to the child and the first tricycle riding experience becomes memorable for the child.

The parents feel less worried when they watch the little baby riding the tricycle by pressing the pedals and controlling the speed. The tricycle allows the baby to move around and enjoy the ride while listening to music. It makes the parents feel satisfied with the gift.

4. Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle

Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle

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Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle is designed mainly for children between the ages 2 to 5 years. The tricycle looks like a sports bike that makes every passerby turn around while the kid rides it.  The color, make, and the entire look of the tricycle is designed in such a way that it suits well to the child mindset. The tricycle is made of iron, fibre, rubber, and plastic. The unbreakable structure offers plenty of storage space around the tricycle. The storage baskets are placed at the front and also at the back of the tricycle and there is space under the seat.

The tricycle is available in multicolors with wonderful designs and cartoons that the children always consider as friends. The LED lights and the music features help the child to ride the tricycle joyfully while listening to the favorite nursery songs.  The pedals help in riding the tricycle by pushing it while holding the sleek handle. The exercises help in learning the basic motor skills which are a part of life skills.

Dash stylish tricycle also has a handy push bar. It is useful while moving the baby around when tired. The armrest and the backrest give support to the tender body during a happy riding time.

5. Toyshine Ducky Baby Tricycle

Toyshine Ducky Baby Tricycle

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Toyshine ducky baby tricycle offers unlimited fun to the kids at home. The parents will feel happy while watching the kids riding the bike from one room to another comfortably.  The tricycle encourages the children to have their first ride of life. The soft plastic seats and the long handles with spongy grips offer complete support to the children while riding the bike and controlling the speed.

The tricycle offers complete safety to the children between the age group of 1 to 2 years. The unbreakable ABS plastic, combined with high-quality material makes the tricycle lightweight and easy to manage. The LED light facility is useful while riding and the musical songs keep the child engaged. Most of the children learn the nursery rhymes while peddling the cycle.  They spend most of the time riding the tricycle around the home.

Toyshine tricycle is available in different colors and design. The large-sized tires are sturdy and long-lasting. The kids will always find some reason to sit on the tricycle and don’t want to get down even when feeling sleepy. The parents love the stylish tricycles so much that they find it as a perfect birthday gift for the young kids at home.

6. Dasan Baby Royal Tricycle

Dasan Baby Royal Tricycle

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Dasan baby royal tricycle is red in color and is suitable for children of 2 years.  The tricycle is manufactured by keeping in mind the safety of the children and child mindset.  You should understand that the images shown in the product list are different from the actual colors and designs of the tricycle ordered. It is due to the photographic effect. The tricycle is made of plastic with superior quality rubber material that covers all the parts. The parts of the tricycle are unbreakable and can remain strong during rough usage.  The tricycles remain long durable, and replacements of some parts can also be possible.

For the kids the tricycle is fun and it is part of learning too. The child starts riding the tricycle with parents assisting from behind. The children like the soft and comfortable seat and supportive backrest and armrest. The steady handle with easy-grip helps in learning riding skills. The additional facilities like LED light and the music make the tricycle riding a pleasure.

This is the most favorite toy that the parents love to offer to the young ones at home. Dasan tricycle with safety features is the perfect gift for kids and it makes the parents happier and less worried.

7. Rabbit Smart Tricycle Parental Control

Rabbit Smart Tricycle Parental Control

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Rabbit smart plug & play baby tricycle for kids from the age 1.5 to 5 Years. The white, pink and lake blue colored superior quality tricycles are EN71 certified. It is the most valuable certification defined according to European standards for the safety tricycles designed for kids. It makes sure that only highly secured tricycles are given to the young kids. The tricycles are designed according to the mental and physical strength of the children.  Even the tricycles are lightweight and support up to 22 to 25 kg of weight.

The seat of the cycle is comfortable and safer, with complete support to the arms and the body. The push bar is used to push the tricycle and children can just sit enjoying the ride without peddling. The push bar can be adjustable and also removable. The parents also enjoy it when they find the kids are learning to control the speed and riding with ease to move happily around the home.

Rabbit smart tricycle is easy to assemble. The tool kit and the user manual help you to join the parts and make the tricycle ready for the ride. The colorful, non-breakable tricycle is made of good quality material and the wheels made of sturdy rubber remain long durable. The wonderful tricycle is available in the market at a reasonable price.

8. GoodLuck Baybee Convertible Baby Tricycle

GoodLuck Baybee Convertible Baby Tricycle

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GoodLuck Baybee – convertible baby tricycle offers a lot many advantages to the kids from 6 months old to 5 years. The tricycle can be used in 2-ways with complete safety and security.  For the tiny tots and the infants, the seat belt can be used while taking the baby for a ride. The parents can make use of push bar with directional control and can push the tricycle and let the baby have fun.

The plug and play techniques allow the pedals to fold so that baby can stretch legs and just lay over the seat. Parents can control the movements and the speed of the tricycle. For the small babies, mothers can take them out in a tricycle as they enjoy the world around them. As the child grows, it starts riding the tricycle independently, like a sports bike. The tricycle becomes a part of fun and excitement for the children. The tricycle is safer to ride for children and based on children’s mindset.

GoodLuck Baybee tricycles offer the best exercises to the growing children. They learn to ride and to control the speed, which is a part of life skill. The tricycles are available in different colors, design, and last longer to become part of childhood memories. The parents, too enjoy it while watching the children grow on the tricycles.

9. Fun Ride Charlie Foldable Tricycles

Fun Ride Charlie Foldable Tricycles

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Fun Ride Charlie foldable tricycles offer a lot of fun and pleasure to the children between the age group 2 to 4. The overall weight the tricycle supports is around 18 kg. The tricycles are available in blue, green, pink and orange colors and are made of non-toxic, ABS plastic material which is of superior quality. The soft seat with backrest makes a child relax while riding. The button panel on the handle helps to adjust the LED light system and the music. The tricycle delivered in a semi-assembled structure and can be assembled within a few minutes.

For the kids, tricycles are the dreams which they enjoy riding. The tricycles are easy to ride because it helps in controlling the balance. The safety feature is the most reliable feature that the parents prefer most. The soft seat, easy to grip handles and strong tiers made of high-quality rubber makes it easy for a child to ride the tricycle. The pedals can be folded when the child is tired and the push bar with direction control is used by parents to have fun for the children.

The compact-sized, the lightweight tricycle can be easily placed in the car while going on a tour or a picnic. The children can ride tricycles outdoors and have all the fun while the parents do not get worried at all.

10. Luusa Tricycle with Parental Control

Luusa Tricycle with Parental Control

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Luusa Tricycle with parental control, is one of the famous brands which most parents prefer and children enjoy.  The tricycles are designed to make sure that the children enjoy the most without any difficulty.  The tricycle with a tiny bell on the handlebar, which makes the child enjoy it all. The small storage basket is very useful while placing toys and water bottles.  The baby can relax while seating on the cushioned seat with a secured seat belt.

Push bar offers complete parental control with direction control. The parents can push the tricycle and the baby can have the ride. The non-toxic steel material is used while designing the tricycle. The foam covered handles with panel for light and music is easy to hold while riding.  The use of handle helps in moving, controlling and turning the tricycle, which is part of essential motor skills.

Luusa tricycle has become part of the growing age for the children and the safety features offered makes the parents not to worry at all. The tricycle is the most effective toy that the children should play. It makes the children active and strong when they ride the tricycle every day. Tricycle is the best gift item that can bring a smile on the face of both – parents and the child.

How To Choose The Best Kids Tricycle

You can buy a tricycle to gift it to the kids. The stylish tricycle gives good time to the kids and it helps in learning about balancing and riding across. But before you buy a tricycle, read the buying guide to know a few important facts about the best tricycles in India.

  • Safety for Kids

Tricycle should be made of strong, high-quality material which offers complete safety to children that makes the parents less worried. The soft seat with well-designed armrests and push bar allows the child to ride smoothly and comfortably. The unbreakable structure with premium quality plastic cover makes the tricycle most ideal for kids.

  • Pedal Power

Buy the tricycle according to the height of the child. It helps in accessing the pedal easily while riding. The child will enjoy riding when the pedals are pressed easily. Pedals are useful while riding the cycle faster or to slow down the speed. Pedals help to control the speed and the movement while on a tricycle. Make sure that the pedals shouldn’t be sharp and made of a strong material that remains flexible.

  • Adjustable Features

The tricycles in the market are easily adjustable according to the comforts of kids and the situations. Seats and handles can be easily changeable and it helps a child to use the tricycle according to the need. The footrest can also be moved according to the height and requirement of the children.  The adjustable features make the tricycle useful for a long duration as per the growing age. Buy a tricycle that has adjustable features and which allows perfectly suitable and easily replaceable spare parts.

  • Comfortable Handle

The handle should be at a comfortable height and can be easily gripped while riding. The handles are of various sizes and which are easy to turn around while riding. The child will have an enjoyable riding experience if the tricycle has a handle that can be easily controlled.

  • Color Combination

most of the tricycles available in the market have attractive design and eye-catching colors. Most of the tricycles have a combination of vibrant colors that makes the young children go crazy for. The glossy colors with various designs, strips or cartoon characters make it interesting.  Elegant colors and animated cartoons always get noticed while the kids play with the bike.

  • Read Reviews

Before you decided to buy a tricycle for your kid find out more information about the product, which helps in making the decision. Most of the online shopping websites and various business portals show numbers of reviews of various products. Most of the reviews are written by the consumer who uses the product first and writes about their experience and facts about the products. You can refer to the reviews written on tricycles to find more about branded tricycles, their usefulness and about sales & services of the company. It will help you in deciding the tricycle to buy.

These are some of the points that can be considered while deciding about the tricycles for kids. Each of the given factors is important and it helps while choosing the most suitable tricycle for your child.

Kids Tricycle Safety Tips

Below are some of the safety tips that you must follow when your child rides a tricycle.

  • Age of Child – First important thing is to note that you should not buy a tricycle for the child until he is ready for it. The child should be comfortable in walkers, and he should have a good sense of balance along with the motor skills to ensure that the child is ready. Most of the children are prepared for riding a tricycle between the age of 2 and 3.
  • Low Center of Gravity – Always ensure that you are buying the tricycle with a low centre of gravity. What this means in the simple terms is that the tricycle should be lower to ground. In addition to this, having bigger wheels certainly help as these two features reduce the chance of child falling on the ground.
  • Safety – Children are still developing, and they can get injured while riding a tricycle. It is in your best interest to buy a helmet as this would also help your child is getting used to the safety aspect of riding. You can even purchase elbow guards and the knee pads to ensure they do not frequently end up with bruised knees.
  • Balancing – The tricycles have three wheels which kind of eliminates the need for getting the right balance. Moreover, the kids may take a longer time to develop the muscle coordination hat is required to get the right balance. In such a case, do not hurry up and buy them a bicycle. The best way to start is by purchasing a tricycle and then upgrading to a bike once the child is comfortable. Usually, most of the kids can ride a bicycle by the time they turn six or seven.
  • Quality Control – Ensure that the tricycle you are buying has a sturdy build. You do not want the tricycle to break when the child is riding as this can cause injuries to the child. Also, ensure that the tricycle seat is comfortable enough for the child to ride the tricycle with ease.
  • Supervision – Your child would also need supervision when he is riding the tricycle. Do not allow your child to ride near the cars, motorcycle or swimming pool. Ensure that the child is away from roads. The child should also not ride in the sand as the tripping over increases. So, you would have to monitor the child when he is riding a tricycle. You can take your kid in the park, and he can ride it there freely.

Kids Tricycle Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what age should the tricycle be given to children?

Well, at the age of 3 a baby can handle themselves. If you are not sure that your baby is not physically strong enough, then avoid buying a tricycle. Make sure the wheel of the tricycle is built low to the ground, and have big tiers. Moreover, the height of the tricycle depends on your doodle height.

2. Which things to be considered before buying a tricycle?

 There are many aspects that you should consider before buying a tricycle. Some of them include:

  • Age of the Child – The age of the child should matter first. Your child should be 3 years old. At that age, he can sense independence. What is bad or what is good, he/ she know very well. An adequate tricycle helps in strengthening and exercising the muscles of the lower body at this age.
  • Budget – There are various types of tricycle available in the markets in the term of cost, size, colour and material. Before buying, make a clear mindset regarding the budget. It is a short-term investment, so the cost should be average. As you know well, babies are too moody and easily getting bored with toys and cycles.
  • Comfort – Sometimes expensive tricycles even don’t give super comfort. A tricycle with a cushion and back support is an ideal choice for your baby.
  • Ratings and Reviews – Before buying, make sure the product will get at least 4.5-star ratings and genuine reviews. You can visit the shopping website to check ratings and customer reviews.

3. Which tricycles are best in India in the term of quality and popularity?

Here are some of the popular tricycles that you can consider buying for your little ones:

  • Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle in Pink Color
  • Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle
  • Toyshine Ducky Baby Tricycle
  • Rabbit Smart Tricycle Parental Control
  • GoodLuckBaybee Convertible Baby Tricycle
  • Luisa Tricycle with Parental Control
  • Fun Ride Charlie Foldable Tricycles

4. How to teach a child to ride a tricycle?

  • Start slow; don’t hurry at the primary stage.
  • First children pour habit to add sitting on the seat of the tricycle.
  • Don’t leave kids alone in the starting days.
  • Teach to handle the weight of the balance tricycle under your supervision.
  • For further safety, buy accessories like helmets, elbow guards and keen pad etc.
  • Make sure the tricycle should be comfortable and soft.


Most of the kids and their parents both of them are both fascinated by the tricycle available in the Indian market. The list of most famous tricycle manufacturers and the branded companies is given above. You can take the help of buying guide too to find the most useful tricycle which fits perfectly to your pocket and the one which your young child.  As a parent, it is your concern to make sure that the tricycle that you buy for your child should fulfill all the objectives given in the buying guide. Your child will enjoy the tricycle which remains safe and that makes you not to worry at all.

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