10 Best Toothpaste For Kids In India 2022 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide

From the time that we are born, hygiene and health are paramount. Especially, the first 5 years are important. During this crucial growth period, it is important to monitor dental growth. Once your kid starts teething, the hygiene of your kid’s oral health is really important. The stronger that your kid’s teeth are, they will have better dental health in the later stages of their life. The main concern is that kids tend not to clean their teeth properly and have a lot of sweet food including candies, chocolates, etc.,

As we all know, dental problems suddenly show up and might start building up for years without knowing. It is important to make your child clean their teeth regularly twice a day. For this, many companies are producing toothpaste in India, especially for kids. When you have a lot of options, you might get stuck at a point on what to buy for your kid’s oral health. Do not worry; we are presenting you with the top 10 list of best selling toothpaste for kids in the Indian market.

Best Buy Kids Toothpaste Online In India

Check the details and choose the one that best suits your kid’s needs.

Let us get started.

1. Mamaearth Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste

Mamaearth 100% Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste

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The first kid’s toothpaste from our list of best selling kids toothpaste in India is from Mamaearth. For protecting the new teeth emerging from the gums of the kids, the ingredients used are all-natural. For instance, Xylitol from a plant is used to protect the teeth from any decay or plaque. As the kids have sore gums due to new teeth emerging, aloe vera gel in the toothpaste soothes the gums. There is one more ingredient, stevia, used to protect new teeth. Cleansing the teeth is done perfectly with all the above ingredients, and your kid is safe from potential decay and plaque. As kids tend to swallow whatever present in their mouths, they try to swallow even toothpaste. Do not worry, in the Mamaearth natural toothpaste; there are no parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, SLS or fluoride. Even if your kid swallows the toothpaste accidentally, it is not harmful. Also, the toothpaste has a fruity strawberry taste to it, which makes them want to brush. If you looking a brush for your kids, Read Also: Best Baby Toothbrushes In India

2. Pigeon Toothpaste

Pigeon Toothpaste

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This special toothpaste made for babies and kids getting their new teeth is from Pigeon. This toothpaste is chemical, SLS, and fluoride-free. With this formula, your kids’ teeth are safe and they can prevent cavity and plaque. Also, the toothpaste is safe even if the kid accidentally swallows it. It is also color free making it a natural toothpaste protecting teeth and gums. The package comes with 2 toothpaste tubes having strawberry and orange flavors.

3. Chicco Toothpaste

Chicco Toothpaste

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The next toothpaste from our list is from Chicco. This is a baby-friendly toothpaste, and kid’s teeth when they are emerging from the gums are especially important. They can easily form cavities without knowing and after a few years this may lead to some serious treatments at an early age. To prevent that and make your kid develop an interest in brushing, this Chicco toothpaste has a strawberry taste which also helps the kid to develop taste buds. There are no preservatives or fluoride added in the toothpaste and instead have Xylitol which is used to work against cavities. There are no abrasive formulas in this toothpaste and it helps to protect the outer layer, enamel.

4. MeeMee Toothpaste

MeeMee Toothpaste

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MeeMee is another popular brand producing baby products and making parenthood comfortable. They create so many products and certified by top companies. As the toothpaste is designed for kids, it is not as strong as a normal toothpaste would be. It contains triple calcium phosphate, which cleans your toddlers’ teeth perfectly and it is safe to use twice daily. There are quite a number of ingredients that are all useful to prevent deadly dental cavities and your kid’s childhood remains pain-free. The ingredients have Xylitol, calcium pyrophosphate, calcium lactate, tetrasodium triphosphate, sodium benzoate, glycerin, declaim phosphate dehydrate, sorbitol, sodium saccharin, silica, flavor, cellulose gum, sodium Laurie sarcosinate, purified water. This is sugar-free but has a delicious strawberry flavor. With all the mentioned ingredients, your kid will not only prevent cavities but also aid for stronger teeth. When you buy this pack, it comes with 2 tubes of toothpaste. If your kid does not like the strawberry flavor, then there is another option. You can go with orange flavor.

5. MeeMee Fluoride Free Strawberry Flavor Toothpaste

MeeMee Fluoride Free Strawberry Flavor Toothpaste

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With over 10 years in the field of manufacturing baby’s products, MeeMee has been one of the popular brands and is reliable for many parents. One of the ingredients that is generally found in adult toothpaste is the Fluoride. However, it is not suggested to have Fluoride in kid’s toothpaste. This makes this toothpaste very safe to use by children. Also, kids create a lot of chaos to brush their teeth. To make their experience with brushing interesting and for a longer time, the toothpaste has attractive animations on the tube. They can look at them daily to get interested. On top of this, the toothpaste has a strawberry taste which makes the toothpaste to be their favorite. With all these features, it is important to keep the baby’s teeth strong. For this, triple calcium and phosphate are present in the toothpaste. Also, the toothpaste is recommended by IMAPH – Indian Medical Academy. If your kid likes the orange flavor, MeeMee also offers this flavor. In this package, you will get 2 tubes of toothpaste, each having 70 grams. However, you can select the pack to be having a single tube. Customize the needs according to your requirements.

6. Dr. Brown’s Natural Baby Toothpaste

Dr. Browns Natural Baby Toothpaste

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The next toothpaste from our list is from Dr. Brown. The toothpaste is widely used internationally as well. If you are looking for something which is natural for your baby, then this is the perfect toothpaste. All the ingredients used in this toothpaste are natural. Babies start developing teeth at an early age, and as a parent, you need to massage their gums and start brushing their teeth once teeth start showing up. This toothpaste can be safely used for babies who are 3 years and younger than that. This toothpaste does not have any fluoride, which is usually found in adult toothpaste. This ensures to protect the enamel. There are no artificial preservatives or colors added to the toothpaste. Being a baby, they tend to swallow whatever there is in the mouth. This toothpaste is, however, safe to swallow also. Once you start cleaning your baby’s teeth, they get used to it and later develop good skills in brushing. As the baby cannot stand any unpleasant taste, Dr. Brown’s toothpaste comes in apple and real pear flavors. These calm down the baby and they allow you to brush their teeth. The toothpaste comes in 40 grams tube.

7. Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste

Jack N Jill Natural Toothpaste

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Adding to the list of natural toothpaste for kids is the Jack N Jill. They are quite popular in creating kids’ toothpaste with different flavors yet are natural. The name is appealing too. You can sing Jack N Jill rhyme and at the same time brush your baby’s teeth. How cool is it? The tube also has an attractive animation of a boy and a girl, which is funky. Kids always like animations and good rhymes, along with a good taste in their toothpaste. They will never miss brushing again. The company is established long back and toothpaste is quite famous for a very long time. It is important for the kids to keep their teeth as well as gums clean and safe. This toothpaste gives healthy gums and avoids the teeth from getting any decay. When brushed twice daily, your kid’s teeth become stronger with healthy gums. This definitely stays and helps your kid in the later stages of his life. Jack N Jill toothpaste comes in 2 tubes with 50 grams each. The two natural flavors used are strawberry and banana.

8. Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste for Children

Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste

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The next toothpaste on our list is a specially formulated anti cavity toothpaste designed for children. It is manufactured by Tom’s Of Maine. The company is popular in manufacturing these items and has been active since 1970. The toothpaste is specially designed to help children’s sensitive teeth. When kids start teething, they have sore gums and already experience a lot of sensitivity in the mouth. They also tend to munch on different objects while teeth are growing. For such teeth, special care is definitely needed. Once you start brushing their teeth with this sensitive toothpaste, the children develop a habit of brushing twice a day without a doubt. Some kids develop stained teeth, and it might increase over the years. To avoid this problem, it is better to treat them at an early age. For this purpose, the toothpaste is formulated with fluoride helping to whiten the teeth. With an ingredient – sodium monofluorophosphate with 0.76% the cavities can be prevented. The other ingredients present are hydrated silica, calcium carbonate, sodium lauryl sulfate, carrageenan, glycerin and water with some natural flavor. One of the most accepted features of any toothpaste is the ADA approval stamp. This toothpaste is ADA approved. The toothpaste has a natural strawberry flavor to it. The tube comes with strawberry pictures that are cute and appealing for kids. The total capacity of this toothpaste is 119 grams.

9. Aquafresh My Big Teeth Toothpaste

Aquafresh My Big Teeth Toothpaste

The next toothpaste on our list is from Aquafresh. This toothpaste is designed for kids especially between the ages of 6 and 8 years. The toothpaste is designed by dental experts keeping in mind the dental problems a kid might have. Kids tend to get mixed growth of teeth with some gaps in between and improper gums. This is the most common thing experienced by children. If they do not take care at an early age, different procedures might be necessary to correct the teeth. On top of this, if the kid gets a dental cavity, that also needs to be treated. To protect such types of teeth, Aquafresh toothpaste has been designed. To strengthen the mixed teeth, fluoride is present in the toothpaste. It is less abrasive and protects teeth enamel and prevents cavities too. To be interesting for the kids, toothpaste tastes like fresh mint giving a fresh feeling in the mouth.

10. Pigeon Combo of Strawberry and Orange Toothpaste

Pigeon Combo of Strawberry and Orange toothpaste

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The last toothpaste from our list is from Pigeon. This comes in a bright package of 2 tubes each having 45 grams. In addition, to be present in 2 tubes, the two have different flavors in each of the tubes. One tube contains the fresh strawberry taste and the other one has orange flavor. If you have 2 kids, you can distribute the two tubes to them based on their taste. How cool will it be to have their own toothpaste and not fighting for the other one. With natural ingredients, the toothpaste limits the foam that is usually found in adult toothpaste. It is important for kids and babies to keep their teeth and gums in check. This toothpaste exactly does that providing good protection and preventing any tooth decay possible. If, in any situation, your kid accidentally swallows toothpaste, then you do not need to worry as the toothpaste is harmless even if swallowed. The toothpaste tubes contain cute animations signifying the flavors. So, your kids can easily recognize them and stop messing with adult toothpaste. So, grab one today to protect your cute baby’s teeth.

How to Choose Right Toothpaste for Kids in India

Please think about the following aspects when you happen to choose the right toothpaste for your kids. We have mentioned each one separately. Take a look –

Consider the formula and composition: The most critical question that you should ask while you are busy picking the toothpaste out of the ten toothpaste that we gave you is – what is its composition? Your kid’s teeth are very different from adult teeth. This is why they need extra care, and you must be exceptionally careful with your purchase. Even the slightest bit of inflammatory chemicals in a harmful composition may make your kid’s gums feel painful. They might also turn red. The inflammation of teeth also takes considerable time to resolve. So, always go with the ones that do not do much harm. Generally, toothpaste with high fluoride content is advised to be ignored for kids.

Consider how reputed the toothpaste brand is: Many brands now sell toothpaste made exclusively for kids. You can find most of them on our list. However, you should still try to know things about them. Check if they take feedback from their customers valuably. You must also see if they have a good customer base or not. All of such details can be easily known by searching that particular toothpaste on the web. You can also consider the number of ratings and reviews that the product has received.

Choose the toothpaste with mild flavors: If you pick a kids’ toothpaste with harsh flavors, it will burn your kids’ tongue. In the longer run, this is never good for their taste buds. This is why we want you to go with that toothpaste that does not taste bad and still does not burn the lining of your child’s mouth and tongue. Other than this, you can also try knowing the sugar content in the toothpaste. Making your children use toothpaste with low sugar levels. It will benefit them a lot in the long run.

Consider the toothpaste’s action: The main purpose of using toothpaste every day is to kill the germs that get developed during the night. Hence, other than all the aspects, it is also crucial to know how fast and good the toothpaste’s antibacterial properties are. Sometimes when you buy a kids’ toothpaste, the action only lasts for up to 8 hours. Toothpaste like that is never good, and you should go with the ones that do their job and help maintain the mouth to be free of germs for up to 12 to 14 hours.

Price of the Kids’ toothpaste: As these toothpaste are made exclusively for kids, their price might be higher than the regular toothpaste. While you should think about other things, you should also consider the cost of the kids’ toothpaste. This is because you are supposed to buy such items regularly. To own such products, you will also have to have the money. So, considering the MRP of the toothpaste will surely be something that will help you pick some good and qualitative deals.

Top Kids Toothpaste Brands In India

  1. Aarogya Herbal Toothpaste For Kids

Kеy Highlights: A 100% Ayurvеdic toothpastе madе from natural hеrbs, еssеntial oils and еxtracts. It comеs in a 100g tubе that comеs with a convеniеntsquееzе cap for еasy application. Childrеn 6 and abovе can usе this toothpastе to protеct thеir tееth against cavitiеs, plaquе, and othеr dеntal problеms.

Aarogya is a brand of zatak onlinе pharmacy that is committеd to providing nothing but the bеst for its customеrs. With a focus on providing purе & natural products, Aarogya is thе idеal choicе for any onе looking for a trustеd brand.

  1. ADVANCED CARE PRO brush toothpaste

Kеy Highlights: A 100% hеrbaltoothpastе that has bееnspеciallyformulatеd for young childrеn to hеlpkееpthеirtееthhеalthy. It’s a grеat option for thе undеr 2’s, as it can hеlpprеvеntcavitiеs from forming. It has no artificial colours or flavours, and is madе from natural hеrbs&еssеntial oils to еnsurеcomplеtеsafеty.

  1. Pigeon Kids Magic Toothpaste

Kеy Highlights: A popular oral hygiеnе brand for kids that is trustеd by pеdiatricians and dеntists across India. This toothpastе has a uniquе ‘magic markеr’ typе of dеsign, and comеs in a 100g tubе. It is rеcommеndеd for childrеn 3+ yеars of agе, and contains no fluoridе or parabеns to еnsurеcomplеtеsafеty.

  1. New U Life Natural Toothpastе For Kids

Kеy Highlights: A 100% hеrbaltoothpastе that is complеtеly chеmical frее, making it grеat for kids as it is complеtеly safе. It’s rеcommеndеd by pеdiatricians to hеlpprotеct your child from cavitiеs, plaquе and othеr dеntal issuеs. It comеs in a 100g tubе with arе fill pack as wеll.

  1. Pawas Nature Toothpaste For Kids

Kеy Highlights: A 100% natural hеrbaltoothpastеmadе from hеrbalеxtracts and еssеntial oils. It can bеusеd by kids of all agеs and can hеlpprеvеntcavitiеs, plaquе and othеr dеntal problеms. It comеs in a 100g tubе that comеs with a convеniеnt squееzе cap for еasy application. This product has no artificial colours or flavours, and is complеtеly safе for childrеn to usе.

Pawas Naturе is a popular brand of oral hygiеnе products that has bееn around for dеcadеs now. It has always bееnonе of thе most trustеd brands in India. Whilе it’s not quitе as еxotic or unique as thе prеvious two, it can still bеsееn as a viablе option for parеnts looking for a simplе and rеliablе brand.

Toothpaste For Kids Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use whitening toothpaste for kids?

Kids have very sensitive teeth, and you must not use anything too harsh for the kids. The fact is that the whitening toothpaste often comes with harsh corrosive chemicals. Using the whitening toothpaste is OK for adults, but using the whitening toothpaste for kids can be harmful. You can look for antibacterial properties of the toothpaste but do not get the whitening toothpaste for the kid. Always restrict your purchase to the safe baby toothpaste to ensure that your kid is safe from burns and irritating chemicals.

  • What if my kid swallows the toothpaste?

The fact is that the kids would often tend to swallow the toothpaste. They usually swallow anything that is in their mouth, and this would also happen with the toothpaste. If you are buying a safe toothpaste for the baby, then there is nothing to worry about. Most of the kids’ toothpaste do not contain parabens, phthalates, Flouride, SLS or Petrochemicals. Absence of these compounds makes it safe for you to use the toothpaste and hence it is OK even if the kid swallows the toothpaste.

  • How much toothpaste should I use, and do I need a brush as well?

You must always use a tiny quantity of toothpaste for kids. The exact amount should be less than the size of a small pearl of a pea. If the baby is younger than six months, ensure that you are only using your figure to massage your baby’s gums. Once the baby crosses six years of age, you can buy a toddler brush. These brushes are smaller in size, and they have a soft bristle. The body of these brushes is made of soft material which would not hurt the baby in any way. You can use them for training, and You can use them to clean the baby’s teeth.

  • Is it OK to buy toothpaste with flavours?

It is absolutely fine to buy toothpaste with flavours. However, we recommend you to avoid harsh flavours. For example, you can avoid the minty flavours and instead you can choose for fruity flavour with a mild and sweet taste. These toothpaste with a mild flavour will not burn the child’s mouth, and it will also be an enjoyable experience for the baby. While choosing the toothpaste, you must ensure that the toothpaste is not loaded with the sugar as the sugar can cause more harm than good.

  • Are these toothpaste for kids expensive?

The toothpaste for kids is very affordable. They are priced almost close to the toothpaste for adults. You can get a standard pack between Rs 70 and Rs 300. The cost also depends on the brand that you are choosing. In addition to this, the combo packs or the toothpaste with bigger packs would be towards the higher end. You can easily get safe toothpaste for kids for close to Rs 100. You can also explore the offers available on the toothpaste and try to experiment with different flavours to find out what your kid loves the most.


To maintain your kid’s dental hygiene and have healthy teeth, it is important for them to use the toothpaste designed for kids. They look attractive for kids and also serve the purpose. With the above list, we are sure that you will find what is required for your kid and be satisfied with the toothpaste.

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