10 Best Tennis Shoes In India 2022 [For Men & Women]

People are becoming more cautious about their health. In India, the demand for a good tennis shoe is gradually increasing. Most of the Indian companies are concentrating on manufacturing the best quality tennis shoes and selling them at reasonable prices. It is believed that the most common way to stay fit is to be a good athlete. The first step towards this to choose a good pair of shoes.  It is quite natural that if you choose a comfortable shoe for your legs, you can easily run or move. To choose the right tennis shoe the surface of the ground, the foot type of the player and the grip of the footwear matters to a good extent. Some types of shoes like squash shoes. Skateboard shoes and women sports shoes play a key role in the smooth playing of tennis.  A good tennis shoe will prevent the inner part of the foot.

 Everyone’s feet are different and so they need a different pace. In modern time, there is a style quotient before the people. A maximum number of people look for products that are stylish and durable at the same time. If you use a superior–quality shoe for running, it will also protect the feet or the ankles from getting damaged or twisted in any way. In such a situation it is better to do good research work just at the time of buying a tennis shoe. It will help you to a good extent.

Best Buy Shoes For Tennis Online in India

Now, we will commence into a small discussion on some of the best table tennis shoes that are available for men and women in the Indian market. This discussion will help to choose the right product at the right price.

1. NIVIA – Step Out & Play 210RB Mesh Energy Tennis Shoes

NIVIA - Step Out & Play 210RB Mesh Energy Tennis Shoes

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The very old saying that you have to choose between style and durability has been totally changed with the invention of Nivia’s tennis shoes. It offers a stylish way to set up to your game. Almost all its product is made with high-quality materials so that it gives the best service to its users. The main goal of the company is to offer healthy and quality products to the users so that they can use it for a long time without any issues. Many players prefer to use this brand to get absolute comfort at the time of running or playing.

Things we liked

  • Sole is made of good quality rubber.
  • The non-marking rubber provides ground traction and stability.
  • Due-foam is quite durable and strong.
  • Flexi pro-technology makes the shoe more durable.

Things we didn’t like

  • The look of the shoe should have been made much better and attractive for stylish people.

2. ASICS Men’s Attack Bladelyte 4 Table Tennis Shoes

ASICS Mens Attack Bladelyte 4 Table Tennis Shoes

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A SIC S is the company that has been famous for mainly producing good-quality table tennis shoes. The shoes that are made by this company mainly aims at providing good performance to both the men and women. Many professional players mainly intend to use them. This Japanese athletic company mainly focuses on making good-quality shoes, accessories and clothing for the customers. The gel design of the shoe helps to increase comfortability on the legs. This material is quite perfect at the time of playing games as it provides stability and flexibility to the legs just at the time of running and moving. The most amazing thing about this shoe is that it will never break even if there are hundreds of long and stressful jumps. It can withstand any types of stretching and damage.

Things we liked

  • Shoes are mainly made of synthetic and mesh material.
  • Impact Guidance System enhances the for natural gait from toe-off to impact.
  • Biomorphic fit offers a better function of the feet.
  • Memory foam is made with good quality materials.

Things we didn’t like

  • The rubber sole of the shoe should have been made of a better –quality for the betterment of the people.

3. Reebok Men’s Tennis Shoes

Reebok Mens Tennis Shoe

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Have you ever dream of having a speed of car tyres? Now it is easily possible with the help of Reebok Men’s shoes. It is seen that car tyres inspire the sole of the shoe and it is always true. The bottom part of the shoe is quite flexible and it provides a good grip while you are jumping or doing jogging. You can also use it just at the time of doing Gym and other types of fitness activities.  These types of shoes are quite perfect for people who mainly prefers to run on rugged roads or uneven areas. All these types of shoes can be easily bought from various online stores or shops. They are also found in a wide variety of colours so the users are free to choose the best one for them.

Things we liked

  • It comes in a perfect sporty look.
  • Available along with laces.
  • Can be suitably used for regular purposes.
  • Can be easily cleaned and maintained easily by the users.

Things we didn’t like

  • It would have been better if the shoes could be used by both the sexes.

4. Adidas Men’s Courtsmash Leather Tennis Shoes

Adidas Mens Courtsmash Leather Tennis Shoes

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There is a good percentage of people who mainly like to use the products of Adidas.  It is such a company whose products are just amazing. The colour schemes and the rubber material of the shoe are quite nice and it makes the product much more attractive. The light weighted and non-stiffness nature of the product makes it much more attractive and popular among the people. The shoes provide additional support to the legs of the runners. The runners can run easily with this product. This product provides responsiveness and additional lift with every step.  The cushioning on the shoe offers additional comfort for the legs. If you want to get additional smoothness and durability to the legs.

Things we liked

  • The outer material of the shoe is made of leather.
  • The lace is of superior-quality.
  • Product is light-weighted.
  • The cushioning provides additional support and comfort to the legs.

Things we didn’t like

  • It would have been better if there were more colour options for the people.

5. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav Tennis Shoes

New Balance Mens Fresh Foam Lav Tennis Shoes

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New Balance en’s Fresh Foam is made with powering up your game along with engineered properties. The high-quality cushion of the shoe makes it much more flexible and suitable for the users. The external heel counter and kinetic stitch help in bringing lock down stability to the game. This shoe is ideal for running and jumping very swiftly. You can easily run for a long time with this pair of shoes. If you once started using this shoe you will like to use any other shoes or products. The shoe also comes with a good warranty period so that the user can use it comfortably and easily.

Things we liked

  • Available in various colours and sizes.
  • It brings flexibility to the users.
  • It comes with the feature of the external heel counter.
  • Ideal for running and jumping for a long time.

Things we didn’t like

  • The foam of the product should have been made of better quality for the users.

6. Yonex Tennis Shoes for Men | Power Cushion Lumio Shtluex

Yonex Tennis Shoes

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Yonex Tennis shoes provide the user with soft fitting features. The uppermost material of the product is made of PU. The midsole of the product is made from EVA and the power cushion. It comes with endurance rubber in the outer sole. The power cushion absorbs shock and then reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer in the next movement. The softness and lightness of the shoes make the shoe much better and better. Even the round sole of the shoe is designed to provide support for quick and smooth for work. It is essential to see that tennis shoes are very thin and made of slim soles with little padding. These types of shoes are very flexible and durable. It also comes with a good grip on the foot. The unique design of the shoes helps in easy power transfer.

Things we liked

  • Perfect for all types of feet.
  • It provides good performance and comfortability to the users.
  • Round sole is designed good support to the legs.
  • Power cushion helps in providing smoothness and breathability to the legs.

Things we didn’t like

  • The quality of the lace should have been made of much better quality and texture.

7. Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoes

Nike Mens Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoes

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We know that running is associated with all types of fitness and health benefits. Nike has made a wonderful attempt to make such a unique product and it has gained wide acceptance and preference among the people. It has been recognized as a respective brand for making a wide variety of shoes. The shoe comes with dynamic fit technology that helps in providing adaptive and supportive fit to the users. The product also comes with abrasion-resistant technology that is loved by the users. It is such a shoe that gives good comfort to the users. The full-length cushion midsole product has gained a good reputation among the users. They are much durable in nature. These types of shoes are ideal for those who are looking for trendy and modern ones.

Things we liked

  • It can be easily used during any match or game.
  • Provide good comfort to the ankles.
  • The outsole pattern is split into 5 distinctive patterns.
  • It comes in a much fantastic and amazing look.

Things we didn’t like

  • The inner sole of the shoe should have been made of much better quality and material.

8. Vector X TS-1025 Tennis Shoes

Vector X TS-1025 Tennis Shoes

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Vector X TS has introduced an amazing shoe that can help you to run swiftly on the road or field. It is made in a great way so that the user gets a good service for a long time. The cushioned ankle and the padded footbed helps the user to move easily on the road. The shoe is also available in various sizes and colours. If you are very cautious about the look you can easily try these shoes. The shoe covers the feet largely and it gives a very warm feeling. If you are planning to go trekking or mountaineering, you can easily try these ones. They will keep your legs warm and you will also get a cosy feeling. If you have not yet bought this shoe it can be the right time to do so.

Things we liked

  • It helps to run swiftly on the road.
  • The cushioned ankle keeps the feet warm and cosy.
  • It completely covers the feet.
  • Ideal for all types of trekking and mountaineering.

Things we didn’t like

  • The shoes should have come with better gripping so that the user can climb up the mountains easily.

9. Wilson KAOS Stroke Men Tennis Shoe

Wilson KAOS Stroke Men Tennis Shoe

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Wilson Kaos has invented quite a useful product so that the users get a good-quality shoe for carrying out their fitness activities without any issues. It is an amazing product that has been liked by the maximum number of users. If you are quite passionate about any types of fitness activity or outdoor games it is important to have this product. It will help you run on the road very swiftly. Even the look of the shoe is so good and trendy that it will be favoured by the users and the young generation people. This shoe can be easily used during the spring and summer months. All these qualities of this product have made it quite useful and popular among the people. The synthetic fibre of the product is quite good and nice in all aspects. It can also be washed and maintained by users. The outer material of the product is of synthetic material.  The ultra-light feature of the shoe is something that should be mentioned in this case. It provides additional comfort and a greater capacity for explosive acceleration.

Things we liked

  • It provides a cushion feeling to the legs.
  • Delivers explosivity to the players
  • The rubber compound is quite durable.
  • Makes the feet warm and cosy.

Things we didn’t like

  • It would have been better if the price of the product could have been lowered so that the maximum number of people can use it.

10. HEAD Sprint 2.5 JR Tennis Shoes

HEAD Sprint 2.5 JR Tennis Shoes

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Durability is the main point of focus mainly for HEAD Sprint products. Keeping all these things in the mind most of the people have started using this product and they are highly satisfied with it. It is a revolutionary invention that has gained a good reputation among users.  The more people will start using this product the more they will come to know about the qualities of this product. The lightweight and breathable mesh upper and tongue are very significant. It gives good support and comfort upon the heels. This shoe provides good durability, stability and comfort to the legs just at the time of running or jogging. You will get an amazing feeling once you will put the shoes on your legs. If you are going to participate in any sports or competition, it is essential to buy these shoe.

Things we liked

  • It provides ultimate protection around the toe and medial side.
  • It comes with breathable mesh construction.
  • The lace is quite adaptive in nature.
  • The shoe is made of a soft collar and lining materials.

Things we didn’t like

  • The warranty period of the product should have been extended to some extent so that it can be freely used by the users.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes?

If you are thinking of investing in a good tennis shoe there are some factors that should be kept in the mind. With all these concepts, the purchase can be much swifter and smoother for the user. To be quoted, you must always go for the shoes that fit easily on your legs. If the shoes do not fit well it make cause blisters and various types of ankle injuries. Thus one should be very careful while buying tennis shoe. Let us now commence into the main point of discussion.

  • Durability

The most important factor that should always be considered is the durability of the shoe. If the shoe is made of high-quality materials, it will always last for a long time. while one should be very cautious at the time of buying a tennis shoe and they should focus on the outer lining and inner pads. It should be made of superior materials so that the user may get comfort to the legs. When you are buying a shoe it is important to see that the same will run for a long time and will keep your legs cosy.

  • Size

You should be very confident about the size of the foot. This is not all about guessing. Check the exact size of the foot and then commence to buy it. Never go for the shoes that fit tightly or is too lose than your feet. You will never feel comfortable and there will be various types of disabilities. However, if you are not positive or sure about the size you should consult a professional who can assist you in the best possible manner. That would be a wise decision in this case.

  • Check the type of foot

Another important thing that should always be checked is the type of foot you have. There are three major types of foot and they are ideal, pronated and supinated. Hence all the shoes should be bought depending on the type of foot you have. Take for example, if you have a supinated foot you should always pick up shoes that are designed for the type of foot you have. If you have an ideal foot it is for sure that you should wear shoes that will evenly cross all around the bottom. On the other side, if you have a pronated foot there is a high risk of any types of injuries. So, those persons should be very cautious while choosing and buying such shoes.

  • Brand

It is the brand that matters a lot. It is always seen that a branded product will give a good service to the users. Once you have decided the size and shape of your foot you can go for any brand that is indulged in this work. If you can afford to purchase a branded product, it is best and safe to go with those ones. Most of the branded shoes come with good durability and warranty period so that in case of any disturbances, the same can be replaced or exchanged. Tennis is a sport that is to be played entirely on the foot so one should always go for the product that is a branded one. A good percentage of people always look for branded and superior products that come with good durability and other significant features.

  • Support

On the other hand, the user should also concentrate on the lateral support of the shoes before buying them. This will largely prevent the ankle from twisting especially at the time of running back or forth sideways across the field. If the tennis shoe does not provide that support the user may have a high risk of facing accidents at the time of playing games. Always make it sure that the shoe you are intending to buy should provide ample support to the legs so that there is a low risk of accidents or leg twisting.  Also, side by side it is better to check the gripping of the shoe that you have decided to buy. Gripping is a very essential factor while buying tennis shoes.

  • Weight

Another important factor that is nicely related to this product is the weight of the shoe. Always remember that once you put the shoe on your leg you will be moving from one place to another so it should be of lightweight. A heavyweight shoe will create a lot of problems. It may obstruct your movement to some extent. It is thus better to buy a sturdy and lightweight shoe so that you can easily move on the ground.  Even a few days earlier, there were shoes that were heavyweight. But as times passed and with the invention of the latest technologies, the scenario has been completely changed. Now people can get lightweight and trendy shoes that come with additional features and qualities. Such types of shoes are much preferred and loved by the modern man. They can be easily moved from one place to another in a hassle-free manner.

  • Warranty

Always look for the shoes that come with a good warranty period. If it is not possible, you should look for shoes that have a minimum warranty period. A shoe without a proper warranty period should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Reviews

Above all, if you have already decided to buy a shoe that you have chosen from a site it is better to pause your payment for a while. This is because you should visit the various review sites that are engaged in this work. It will give ultimate information about the product and that will help the user to buy the right product at the right price. Even some sites specifically mention the exact price of the item. So, just visit a reliable site so that you gain and gather probable information about a product.

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Then move to make the payment of the shoe that you intend to buy. It will be wrong to buy a product without checking any type of reviews.

How to Maintain Your Tennis Shoes

Follow the tips and instructions listed below to maintain a tennis shoe in the right way.

  1. Tennis shoes are indeed durable than running shoes and regular shoes, however, they should not be cleaned in a washing machine. Even if the manufacturer guarantees your tennis shoe to be machine washable, do not do it.
  2. Dry the tennis shoe before use, no matter the quality and type of tennis shoes. Once the shoe is wet, you should allow it to dry and then use it. Remember, you should allow maximum air to flow and sunlight to fall on it to prevent foul smell and efficient drying.
  3. While cleaning the tennis shoes, you should not be harsh. Always check if the manufacturer has mentioned any specific cleaning tips, if yes, you should follow them.
  4. Avoid using harsh detergents and bleaching agents for cleaning. While some harsh detergents and bleaching agents could give quick results and easy results, using such detergents and bleaching agents could compromise the integrity of your tennis shoes.
  5. Always store the tennis shoes away from other shoes. One of the reasons is that keeping tennis shoes away from other shoes would allow maximum air flow and this, in turn, would prevent mold growth and foul odor.
  6. While cleaning the midsole and upper part of tennis shoes you should be careful. Remove the lace first and use a soft scrubber and good washing detergent. Soft toothbrushes are the best option.
  7. If you are not going to use tennis shoes for a long time, then you should store the tennis shoes in an air-tight bag to prevent mold growth or bacteria from breeding in them. Leaving a few silica gel bags in the shoes to prevent humidity from destroying the shoes.
  8. Use protector spray on your tennis shoes to make them water-resistant.
  9. If you find the shape of your tennis shoes deforming then you could stuff your shoes with newspaper or cloth to prevent it. However, do not stuff too much material into the tennis shoes. Remember, too much stuff inside the tennis shoe could compromise the integrity of the tennis shoes.
  10. Do not use your tennis shoes for any other purpose, a tennis shoe is designed for tennis players and not as an alternative to regular shoes.

Tennis Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

  • After how many matches I should replace my tennis shoes?

It completely depends on how often you play and what type of movement you prefer while playing a tennis match. Not only this, but the overall durability of the shoes also depends upon the pressure points because the pressure point on the shoe sole may differ from person to person. However, if you ask the same question from an experienced player or expert, they would answer that a typical tennis shoe pair may easily last more than 50 matches.

But as mentioned earlier, the overall durability and long-lasting performance of the shoes depends upon different factors. And in case if you have bought a cheap quality of tennis shoe pair then surely you can’t expect a reasonably long lifespan.

  • Can I wear my tennis shoes for regular running or walking?

There is no problem to use tennis shoes for running, but if you want more comfort and cushioning in the shoes for running then surely you should prefer running shoes over tennis shoes. Indeed, the typical tennis shoes usually come with stiff nature; however, it is quite an important thing for tennis shoes. It’s because tennis shoes significantly help you to improve your overall performance during a match. On the other hand, if you are only looking for running shoes but playing tennis just for fun, there is no doubt that you should invest your money to buy a good type of running shoes over tennis shoes.

  • What type of boost can I expect after wearing tennis shoes while playing a match?

No matter if you are a beginner, an intermediator, and a professional tennis player, a good pair of tennis shoes should always be the priority. It’s because the tennis player usually shows the swift movement in the tennis court rather than forward motion. Therefore, a tennis player needs a shoe pair that must provide lateral support with the next level of stability, and that’s why the tennis shoes come into play for this. If you are a hardcore lover of tennis, then you should try out the tennis shoes instead of normal casual shoes, and you will be able to notice the significant difference in your performance. 

  • Do the typical tennis shoes last longer than the running shoes?

There is a very common misconception between people that they can use the typical tennis shoes for running. And yeah, there is nothing wrong with that but for running purposes, there are typical running shoes present in the market. But the question remains the same: do the typical tennis shoes last longer than running shoes? Right. Yeah, it can be true, because the tennis shoes come with a bit stiff or hard sole, unlike the running shoes’ cushioned sole. And as you know, the sole is the biggest factor that decided on the overall durability of the shoe, that’s why you can say that tennis shoes last longer than running shoes. However, it depends upon some other factors like how often you use the shoes, what type of movement you make while playing tennis, and so on.

Bottom Line

We all know that tennis is a very impact on sport or activity that requires a good amount of strength and energy. To carry out the job you must have a good-quality accessory that will assist you. There are many companies that have already started producing and manufacturing a good number of shoes but one should go with the better ones. If the tennis shoe that you have purchased is not good it may cause a good discomfort to your legs. So, prior consideration should be on the brand and quality. Apart from all these things, one should also consider the above-mentioned points before purchasing a good tennis shoe.

If you are passionate about various types of sports activities, you should go ahead with it. It is a very good habit or hobby for an individual. Just take a note of some important points and rest everything is fine. So, now make your game or activity a remarkable one with a superior-quality tennis shoe. A good tennis shoe can be the right companion for making you a winner.

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