10+ Best Sneakers Under 3000 Rs. In India 2022

Sneakers, also known as trainers, were earlier used for training purposes or exercise. But today, with the evolution of style and lifestyle, we see men and women wearing sneakers as a comfort accessory. Sneakers are the most common type of shoes used these days. Owning a classy sneaker is a happy feeling for any individual. In many cultures, the status of a Man is decided on the type of sneakers and shoes he wears. Men are very particular about what kind of sneakers they wear.

As mentioned earlier, Sneakers are the most desired footwear, which can be worn for the entire day without any kind of discomfort. This type of footwear is being embraced by people of all ethnicity, class, and age. Sneakers are versatile and classic footwear that complements different dressing styles. The benefits of wearing a sneaker are plenty. It protects the feet from the harsh weather and various other elements present in the environment. In addition to protecting the feet, sneakers also make us look and feel good.

A person’s confidence is increased ten-fold when he or she looks and feels good. The more confident a person is, the more motivated he is to achieve higher goals in life. So it is important to invest in products that are of quality and style, especially things like shoes and sneakers. At the same time, quality doesn’t come cheap and easy. Plenty of tops – brands worldwide produce quality sneakers of various kinds. These sneakers are priced at less than 3000 rupees, which is a small amount to pay for a quality sneaker. Various factors determine the quality of the sneaker.

The stitch of the sneaker is one factor that determines the quality, among other things. With various styles, texture, pattern, and design of sneakers available in the market, picking the right pair is very confusing.

Best Buy Sneakers Below 3000 INR

In this article, we have tried to reduce the confusion surrounding men and women when picking a pair of sneakers. The article talks about the 10+ best pairs of sneakers that one can purchase for less than 3000 rupees in India.

1. Woodland Khaki Sneakers

Woodland Khaki Sneakers

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Woodland is the oldest and the most respected brand for sneakers. The company is well-known among customers worldwide for its quality products. Woodland Khaki sneakers are a classic woodland model of shoes with all the right features. The design of the sneakers makes the wearer look sophisticated and feel confident.


  • The sneaker is made of leather, which increases the life of the shoe.
  • The close lace-up with casual look makes it a perfect pair for brunches and gathering with friends and family.
  • The shoe includes the combination of two important features of a sneaker – rugged urban look with powerful rubber outsole.
  • To maintain the style and durability of the sneaker, make sure you air dry it at room temperature.

Finally, woodland Khaki sneakers come with a 90 days warranty by the manufacturer against its manufacturing defects

2. Puma Men’s Drish Idp Castlerock Sneakers

Puma Mens Drish Idp Castlerock Sneakers

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Puma is a well -known brand worldwide for their sports shoes and sneakers. The Puma athletic products like sneakers are of good quality, comfort and style. The black and white Puma Men’s Drish is a stylish and elegant look shoe. The outer body of the Puma Men’s Drish Castlerock shoe is textile.


  • The Puma men’s Drish shoe comes with a very trendy design.
  • The round toe style cut of the shoe is very convenient to wear. Also, the shoe comes with a lace-up closure, which is fast and quick for tying. Puma shoes usually have a comfortable and perfect sole.
  • The heel of the shoe is a significant feature to consider when buying sneakers. This is because the sole and heel of sneakers determine the quality and life of the shoes.

Puma men’s Drish Castlerock sneakers are an ideal pair for running, walking, or any other activity.

3. Reebok Classics Men’s Reebok Royal Alperez Leather Sneakers

Reebok Classics Mens Reebok Royal Alperez Leather Sneakers

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There is hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t know about Reebok. Reebok is a wonderful and premium quality branded shoes that have amazing style and features. Reebok shoes are known for their life and quality. Reebok shoes are designed for comfort and preferred by customers of all age groups. For first time buyers, a Reebok pair of sneakers is an ideal choice.


  • Reebok Classic men’s sneakers are made of leather. Leather products and shoes are not only durable but comfortable and light to wear.
  • The style of Reebok’s classic men’s sneaker is casual that blends well with sports blazer, Khakis, and Jeans. Further, the lace-up closure is a quick and easy way to tie the shoes when in a hurry.
  • The shoes come with a warranty for 90 days given by the manufacturer for manufacturing defects.

With Reebok’s shoes, you are set to gain confidence and feel good to achieve your dreams and wishes.

4. ASICS Tiger Men’s Sneakers

ASICS Tiger Mens Sneakers

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Asics Tiger brand of sneakers may sound like a new brand, but the company had previously launched a model of sneakers in the 1980s. This model of sneakers was sleek and suitable for training. But today the company took inspiration from the present lifestyle and has re-launched its brand with modern designed sneakers.


  • The ASIC tiger Men’s sneaker is designed with gel technology that provides cushioning to the heel and protects it against high – impact motions.
  • The cushioning effect on the heel is very comfortable to wear for long durations.
  • The shoe is designed initially with reproduced tooling to gain stability against heavy movements during training.

ASIC tiger sneakers are made of leather, which further increases its durability. However, when buying this brand of the shoe, ensure you go a size smaller. Suppose your sneaker size if UK 9, buy UK 8 ASIC tiger shoe. Apart from this, the sneaker is a perfect choice for any man.

5. Adidas Men’s Vs. Set Mid Sneakers

Adidas Mens Vs. Set Mid Sneakers

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The company Adidas stands for high performance. This can be seen in the logo of the company, which represents the mountain. Adidas manufacturers their sneakers by adopting a fresh look while designing the shoes. The sneakers have a vulcanized look and come with a modern mid-cut. The Adidas Men sneaker with lace-up option and casual style is a perfect choice for all men’s


  • The synthetic material of the sneaker is an advantage. Synthetic shoes retain their form for a long time and are very durable.
  • Adidas’ shoes made of synthetic material are more water-resistant. However, this type of shoe material can stain easily, so maintaining the shoes is very important.

Lastly, the manufacturer offers a 90 days warranty to the Adidas men’s sneaker. The warranty of the shoe covers manufacturing defects of the sneakers for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

6. Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

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Converse Unisex Canvas sneaker is an amazing pair of shoes with dynamic features. All star sneakers by Chuck Taylor is the one that started canvas shoes. The design of the sneakers is classic with a good body and make. Both men and women can use this model of canvas sneakers. The pure white shoes with elegant red and black stripes make it trendy. The style of the sneaker is casual, which can be paired with multiple outfits.


  • The sneakers include the best combination of two important features.
  • The sneaker has a classic cotton canvas upper body and vulcanized rubber sole.
  • The rubber sole of the sneaker provides its comfort and durability.

Finally, the sneaker is of close-up lace pattern with ankle height low cut that adds elegance to the wearer.

7. Fila Men’s Isonzo II Sneakers

Fila Mens Isonzo II Sneakers

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If you are making a list of top sneaker brands, then Fila is one such brand that cannot be skipped. The company Fila is in the field of manufacturing and producing consumer products like sneakers and eyeglasses for a century now. The Fila brand of products has started being more professional, high performing, and sophisticated.


  • Multiple categories of customers prefer fila sneakers, it is used by athletics, fashion stylist, and other individuals for comfort and quality.
  • The fabric and material used by the company in making its shoes are premium quality, which is crafted to perfection.
  • The Fila men’s Isonzo shoes offer flexibility, which the shoes derive from rubber material used in the body.

Fila shoes are a good choice for any individual and come with a 90 days warranty by both seller and manufacturer.

8. Nike Men s SB Check Solar Canvas Sneaker

Nike Men s SB Check Solar Canvas Sneaker

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Owning a Nike sneaker is considered as great pride. Whenever you see or hear about the word Nike sneakers, the first thing that comes to mind is the shoe comfort and spectacular performance. Nike Men’s SB check solar Canvas sneakers are an addition to the long list of its high – performing sneakers.


  • The sneakers look sporty and feel comfortable. The design of the shoe is unique; it comes with 360 degrees – an upper body made of rubber.
  • The design and premium quality of the shoe is perfect for withstanding the regular wear and tear.
  • The performance of the shoe is excellent; it is considered as a top skateboard shoe in the market.

Finally, the shoe comes with the board feel and grip that provides the riders needed support when engaging in intense activity.

9. Red Chief Men Blue Leather Sneaker Shoes

Red Chief Men Blue Leather Sneaker Shoes

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Red chief company has been in the manufacturing business of sneakers for the past 20 years. The company is known to make quality sneakers to withstand the abuse. For rough and tough sneakers, Red chief is the best company.


  • The red chief blue leather sneakers are spectacularly designed shoes. The leather material shoes are usually durable, light, and long-lasting. These three features can be seen in Red chief blue leather sneakers.
  • The casual and strong solid sole of the sneakers is a superb combination of regular usage. Wearing Red chief leather shoes will increase your confidence level throughout the day.

Finally, the lightweight of the shoe is essential if you are planning to wear it for long durations at a time.

10. Lee Cooper Men’s Lc1283ebrown Leather Sneakers

Lee Cooper Mens Lc1283ebrown Leather Sneakers

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The last shoe in our list is from a brand known as Lee Cooper. Lee Cooper’s shoes are very different than the regular kind of sneakers. Lee Cooper Men’s brown leather sneaker is elegantly designed and very trendy. Investing in this pair of shoes will freshen-up your collection. The brown leather shoes are a go-to style by all Men as they believe nothing can go wrong with brown shoes.


  • This model of Lee Cooper shoes is made of good leather. Good leather shoes are always easy to maintain and durable.
  • The round-toe design of leather shoes is very convenient and comfortable to wear.

Finally, the shoes come with lace-up closure, which provides a fast, fastening, and comfortable grip for doing any kind of activity. The manufacturer of these shoes offers a 30 days warranty on the model.

11. Puma Unisex’s Sneakers

Puma Unisexs Sneakers

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Puma is one of the best sneaker brands that has been on the market for a long time. This brand is very good at manufacturing and marketing good quality sneakers. There is a reason why this sneaker from Puma is one this list, this is a unisex sneaker that is comfortable to wear and flexible so that it will be very comfortable to wear it and walk. Apart from this, the combination of white and black shade makes it classic and attractive.


  • This sneaker has a lace-up closure
  • The entire shoe is made of leather, which makes it durable
  • Unlike most of the sneakers available on the market, this one is unisex
  • The sole of these sneakers is made of rubber and it has a round toe
  • This Puma unisex sneaker has a regular width

Last but not the least, the manufacturer Puma offers a 90-days warranty against any manufacturing defects.

12. US Polo Men’s Salvador Sneakers

US Polo Mens Salvador Sneakers

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US Polo Association is a 130-year old brand that has a legacy in marketing superb quality and style. This sneaker comes designed to be lightweight and, in a way that comfortability is a key factor. This sneaker is designed for men and it comes in three different colors, navy, color, and grey. When compared to other sneakers, this one comes in a simple and classic design.


  • This Sneaker comes with a sole made of high-quality synthetic material that does not wear and tear easily.
  • This sneaker has a medium width which makes it good for teenagers and adults.
  • The entire sneaker is made of synthetic material that is lightweight and attractive.
  • This sneaker is lightweight and is very comfortable to wear

Unlike other sneakers, this sneaker comes with a 90-days warranty against any manufacturers defects.

Sneakers Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the most important three parts of a sneaker?

There are three important parts for all the sneakers, one the upper part, the second the midsole, and the third, the tread. The majority of these parts are made of synthetic or a combination of different types of material. Based on the model and type of sneaker, the type of material and quality of these parts could differ.

  1. Which type of shoes is more comfortable, sneakers or sports shoes?

Among sneakers and sports shoes, it is easy to distinguish the most comfortable. Of course, it is a sneaker, however, it does not mean that sports shoes are uncomfortable to wear. To understand this you need to understand the key difference between a sneaker and a sports shoe, both these shoes are designed to serve the same purpose of protecting the feet, but, sneakers are different from sports. Regular sneakers are for daily use and sports shoes are designed for sports. The comfort offered by sneakers would be best for regular users and not for sports purposes, in the same way, the comfort offered by sports shoes is best for sports purposes only and not for regular use.

  1. Does sneakers last long? In terms of durability are they better than regular shoes?

Sneakers are durable, but, they should not be compared to regular shoes. There are differences between regular shoes and a sneaker. Like any other shoes, there are different types of sneakers and different types of regular shoes. In general, sneakers could be used for athletic purposes and as casual wear. However, regular shoes should not be used for sports and athletic purposes. But, could be used for both casual and formal attire. When it comes to durability, they cannot be compared as both of them might offer the same durability. But, as the purpose of use could vary, a definite lifespan cannot be defined.

  1. Which is the best sneaker brand on the market today?

International brands are always the best in manufacturing and marketing sneakers all around the world. While a single brand cannot be listed as the best, there are more than 3 brands that could belong to this category. Adidas, Nike, Converse, Puma, Reebok are the few top brands. Apart from these, almost all the top brands have their range of top-rated sneakers that could compete with each other. The brands mentioned above are the best.

Bottom Line

We can all agree that shoes play an important role in our dressing style. Wearing the right pair of shoes is not only comfortable but also increases a person’s confidence. With plenty of sneakers available in the market, it can be a daunting task to pick the right pair. To make things simple, learn the significant features to look for when buying a sneaker. Usually, the design, material used, sole, and quality of the sneaker are four factors to check before buying it.

The sneakers mentioned above are from top-notch brands with good performance, premium quality, and right sole. Do check out these sneakers before you decide on a pair. The article also includes a link to online store Amazon to make it easy for purchasing them. Buying a sneaker is not an easy task; a right pair will protect your feet against harsh environmental elements and offer comfort. Do note the points mentioned in the article when visiting any kind of sneaker selling store. We hope this article helps you in finding your ideal pair of sneakers.

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