10 Best Sneakers in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Wearing a beautiful pair of shoes with a perfect outfit can enhance the complete look of a person. Probably you have heard about this famous saying, “A man is judged by his shoes,” and a good sense of wearing the right kind of shoes with outfit defines personality related things. A perfect combination always belongs to a diligent person.

The well-worn footwear adds up glory to your outfit, and it is a lot more pleasing than wearing the wrong kind of shoes. From wearing casual shoes to formal shoes or sneakers, you need to understand the right situation to wear it. Formal shoes are good looking, but they match with Tux, whereas casual shoes are excellent in most of the time when you are going out.

Sneakers are quite popular choices in the Indian market. These are made up of up quality canvas with a heavy rubber sole for an impressive comfort level. Due to the looks and design, these shoes are versatile because many people prefer wearing the same for gym or sports activity.

Wearing sneakers with runners, joggers, or causal outfits seems like a great choice. You can wear the same with denim jeans as well as some other stuff. Due to the friendly type and perfect fit for most of the situations, owning a pair of sneakers is quite mandatory for a vast collection. Sneakers are useful in the rainy season also, and they are lightweight too.

Considering all the aspects can ensure that a massive number of advantages are natural to expect from quality sneakers. A great variety of such kind of shoes is available in the market to find the perfect pair for your specific need. To get the ideal shoes, looking at some essential factors that can help in several manners.

Indian Market has a huge demand for canvas made sneakers. You can find plenty of color choices in sneakers and great design to match with Indian traditional wears. From wearing sneaker shoes with Kurta Pajamas to jeans, looking after an ideal color is enough to fulfill the need.

Here, we compiled a list of top 10 sneakers that are up to the mark in terms of quality, design, and looks. Let’s explore

Best Buy Sneakers Online in India

For a diligent person who is working hours and has a standing job most of the time, then he needs a high-quality pair of sneakers. Choosing the most durable pair means looking after the type of material, sole, and bunch of other factors. Here in our list, we are considering every small thing, and you can learn about each element to finalize the right product

1. Sparx Men’s Sm-323 Dip

Sparx Mens Sm-323 Dip

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When it comes to choosing between affordable price and quality, the majority of people select quality, but if getting things at one place has a name, then you can call it Sparx Men’s Sm-323 Dip Shoes. It is made up of canvas material, which is considerably long-lasting and reliable to use over other ones.

This particular pair is available in three different color choices, black, navy blue, and white. The touch up of varying color strip on shoes adds glory to the same. You can find the white strip on black and navy colored choices whereas black colored stripes on white base. The overall finish enhances the same.

This Lace-Up pair is available in five different sizes from 6 to 10. Make sure that you check out the size chart as this product is available according to the UK sizing. The only drawback that a person can find is, the white color model is hard to clean, and washing it can damage it.

Things We Liked 

  • High-quality sole ensures higher durability.
  • Such a cost-effective choice for the canvas made design.
  • Three different color choices are available in the same.
  • Easy to clean material ensures the best use for the long term.
  • Feels comfortable for occasional wearing.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Wearing these shoes for sports activity or long hour standing job is not an adequate choice as the comfort level isn’t that good, it is acceptable only.

2. Denill Fashionable Sneaker Shoes

Denill Fashionable Sneaker Shoes

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A beautiful pair of sneakers with affordable price in this whole list is Denill Comfortable & Fashionable Sneaker Shoes. Girls will love wearing this pair due to glittery and shiny star prints on the side of shoes. This thing enhances the overall look and ensures that it matches with whatever outfit you wear.

These rubber sole shoes feel comfortable, and there is a soft canvas used inside to improve the comfort level. The best part about this pair is, there are eight different color choices available with golden star finish. Even six different size options make it perfect for every girl. This Synthetic shoes with TPR sole help you feel comfortable during the long run.

Pink white color from the same brand is available with an elevated base so that girls with height-related issues can feel comfortable. It is Casual, Formal & Party wear with eye-catchy design. Girls can feel maximum flexibility in this pair (especially around the toe part) due to the great design.

Things We Liked 

  • It is Casual, Partywear, and formal choice in several manners.
  • It comes with eight different color choices for women and girls.
  • Golden stars on the side of shoes look eye-catchy.
  • It has a synthetic rubber sole, which gives a cushion feel.
  • Highly flexible at the toe part for a better comfort level.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Durability is the primary concern here due to a few negative reviews from several buyers of the same product.

3. Lotto Men’s Sneakers

Lotto Mens Sneakers

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With the brand credibility of Lotto and its genuine price tags, this brand has massive popularity in India. This footwear is made up of Mesh and a synthetic rubber sole for a higher comfort level. The Lace-Up closure seems perfect and gives an authentic look to the shoe for a better match up with whatever dress you are opting for.

There are four different colors available in the same, black & white, dark grey & white, navy & white, and the last one is olive & white. You can choose between 6 different sizes from 6 to 11. So, getting a perfect size seems like a natural choice for every man.Wearing these shoes for a long day feels a lot more comfortable than any pairs that we mentioned before.

The manufacturer is offering a warranty on this pair, and the seller is offering 30 days return warranty. It can make you feel comfortable with the purchase because such products are reliable. The best part about its design is, there are two small holes at side to never have sweaty feet. It gives you premium coziness for a long day job.

Things We Liked 

  • Six different sizes and four-color choices available in the same.
  • Price is reasonable as you look at the material used.
  • Highly durable due to the premium quality sole and mesh design.
  • It comes with a warranty from the manufacturer and 30 days return policy.
  • Fits perfect with the need due to the comfy look it offers.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The manufacturer could have offered a few more color choices different from the dark colors.
  • Washing these shoes can fade the overall shine of the same.

4. Kraasa Casuals Canvas Sneakers

Kraasa Casuals Canvas Sneakers

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A perfect choice for the price and flawless design to impress you with the trendy color is Kraasa Casuals Canvas Sneakers. This pair comes with lace-up design and a hard sole, which gives you a perfect feel while walking. Upper is made up of canvas, whereas the sole is made up of PVC material, and the soft lining is used to offer you incredible durability.

The extremely lightweight design doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, and the ethnic looks match with most of the outfits that you might want to try out with this pair. The best part is there is a total of five different color choices available in the same that can fulfill your needs and provide a range of advantages.

You can opt for the desired size between 6 UK to 10 UK. In other words, there is no flaw regarding the selection of perfect color. The lower price point is key here, which can attract you toward this deal over the other ones available online to grab. Even, there is 30 days return warranty and ten days money back warranty available on the same

Things We Liked 

  • Simple looks with a flawless design to match with any outfit.
  • Price is way cheaper, which ensures a pocket-friendly deal.
  • Five different color choices with 5 UK to 10 UK sizes availability.
  • The incredibly soft material used for a comfy feel during the long run.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • After wearing for two-three days, a significant odor can make you feel wrong about this pair.
  • Durability is concern about the sole because a cheap quality pasting is done here.

5. Bond Street Sneakers by Red Tape

Bond Street Sneakers by Red Tape

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Red Tape brand credibility and quality of shoes can impress you. Bond Street by (Red Tape) Men’s Sneakers is perfect in terms of built quality and comfort level. It looks stylish and gives a perfect match with most of your outfits. These aspects are making it one of the genuine deals over the other products available in the same kind.

Synthetic material is used in the manufacturing of the upper part, and the sole is made up of high-quality canvas. It gives you an easy to clean option with a wet fabric. The round toe design with a lace-up pattern enhances the overall looks of this pair. Due to these factors, all the reviews are positive about this particular model of all kinds.

Two different color choices are available here, Brown and White. Both are good enough to match with any outfit, and the price seems affordable as you look after the manufacturer. Sizes offered in the same kind are 6 UK to 11 UK. One more thing worth mentioning, the manufacturer is offering 90 days of warranty on this pair, which can secure you about the purchase.

Things We Liked 

  • One of the stylish designs and looks of all kinds.
  • Reasonable pricing if you are considering its built quality.
  • A highly durable choice with the high-quality sole
  • Two different color choices are available to get the right product.
  • Size offered in this pair is 6UK to 11 UK.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Return and replacement is a primary concern in case of having any trouble with the shoes.

6. Centrino Men’s 3323 Sneakers

Centrino Mens 3323 Sneakers

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A masterpiece for the price point to nail our list is Centrino Men’s 3323 Sneakers. Whether a kid is wearing it with blue denim or shorts, or an adult prefers wearing it for college, it perfectly fits with many outfits that can attract you toward the purchase. The significant part is, people with a wide toe or wide feet can find it a great choice in several ways.

Manufacturers are keeping the sole little wide from the normal so that many people will find this deal perfect. The brown color choice is ideal as a partywear choice. Red and blue lining give a finishing touch to the design. The Pointed Toe style adds up into the esthetic look that can attract you toward this sneaker; that’s why you can consider it.

For all those people who have doubts about the quality, the manufacturer is offering 30 days of warranty from the date of purchase. Coming to the price factor, you can find it one of the values for the money deal. Everything is positive about this particular deal expect a few nitpicks.

Things We Liked 

  • Stylish looks with great color choices available.
  • Plenty of sizes options available for a specific need.
  • It has a cone heel and Pointed Toe style for a better finish.
  • Build quality seems genuine and better to prefer.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Little bit heavy sole, quality seems little bit seems due to the imbalanced weight.

7. Symbol Men’s Sneakers By Amazon Brand

Symbol Mens Sneakers By Amazon Brand

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Amazon Brand become one of the great manufacturers due to quality services and affordable pricing. Symbol Men’s Sneakers from Amazon Brand is a fashionable choice to fit into the need directly. There is a total of seven different fabulous colors available in the same design, and each one has a different color strip or lining for enhanced design.

Mesh material is used for the upper part, and it is of higher quality as compared to the shoes available at such a price point. The rubber sole is used for premium comfort and gives you a premium feel during the use of the same. Round Toe lets your fingers feel comfortable, and you can prefer these shoes for running also, which makes it one of the perfect choices.

Plenty of sizes available in the same, and if you compare the price, it seems reasonable. Amazon Brand is offering 90 days of the return policy for this particular pair. The only issue is, the laces are of poor quality, which makes it look bad. Still, you can replace the same with flat laces for a better esthetic finish.

Things We Liked 

  • Fabulous fashionable choice due to excellent finish.
  • Mesh material with rubber sole enhances the overall durability.
  • Feels comfortable due to soft sole and accurate sizing.
  • Seven different color choice available with unique esthetic design.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Slightly heavy sole, which might feel uncomfortable during the first go.
  • Laces seem cheaper, but you can replace them with the new ones.

8. BUCADIA Men’ S Mesh Sneakers

BUCADIA MenS Mesh Sneakers

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A versatile pair of choice to match with your demand is BUCADIA Men’ S Mesh Running Sports Walking Casual Sneakers Shoes. BUCADIA is a new brand and not popular, but these affordable shoes are trending due to the lower price point. These are lightweight shoes with great color choices to fits into your needs.

You can use the same for running, jogging, school, college, and parties also. The credit goes to great design preferred by the manufacturer. The lightweight design and the use of mesh in manufacturing make it one of the quality choices over other products available in the market. Even, the manufacturer is offering 30 days of return warranty.

Additional features are, there is a total of six different colors in black and white shades but a slight change in the lining or sole of the shoes. The drawback is, the comfort level isn’t the best one here. These are acceptable for the price, and if you haven’t worn shoes with premium comfort, then you might not figure it out.

Things We Liked 

  • Lightweight shoes with six different color choices.
  • A versatile choice for Running, Gym, Casual wear, and more.
  • Mesh material is used for upper material and rubber for the sole.
  • Price is meager if you compare to the design and looks.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Uncomfortable in the long run, and it has an unpleasant odor to tackle.

9. Puma Men’s Funk Slip Sneakers

Puma Mens Funk Slip Sneakers

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Among all these brands, Puma is probably a well-known international brand with high-end brand credibility and excellent after-sale services. With 11 different color choices, Puma Men’s Funk Slip-on IDP Sneakers seem like the perfect choice to go after. It comes in five different sizes from 6 UK to 11 UK.

Synthetic material is used in manufacturing, which can provide you the best durability. The best thing about this pair is you can use it for sports, casual wear and parties also. These shoes don’t have laces, and you get a comfortable putting on experience. Even 90 days of warranty is offered from the date of purchase.

The after-sale services are reliable, and you can expect practical usability due to the premium build quality. These shoes can meet with any outfit of your specific needs. The issue about this product is, these have a thin rubber sole, and it is comfortable also, but it can break if not cared properly. So, you need to be selective here.

Things We Liked 

  • Extremely premium quality finish from the same.
  • Brand credibility of Puma and Great after-sale services.
  • Available for a reasonable price point.
  • Available in 11 different unique color choices for the perfect match.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Thin rubber sole requires extreme care.
  • Washing these shoes can fade color and reduce durability.

10. BATA Men’s Howie Sneakers

BATA Mens Howie Sneakers

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Bata become the most popular manufacturer in the affordable category and high built quality. To prove it, BATA Men’s Howie Sneakers are there with the premium built quality and more extended durability. This lace-up pair is made up of Synthetic material and canvas for the top. It can let you expect higher durability from the other options.

These are perfect for Casual wear, and Closed Toe design looks authentic in several ways. It comes with 90 days of warranty to help you get excellent durability. There are two different color choices available that looks premium. Even, they match with most of the outfits that can ensure the perfect purchase here.

If nothing has impressed you toward the purchase, then you will love that it has the most comfortable sole that gives you a better feel during the prolonged use. These shoes are not going to cause any bad odor like other brands except Red Tape and Puma shoes. The nitpick is, it seems a bit expensive choice that might make you reconsider the purchase.

Things We Liked 

  • Perfect design for casual wear, and you can consider it for parties.
  • Two unique color choices match with the outfit.
  • It comes with 90 days of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Four different size options are available with the perfect fitting feature.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Slightly expensive as you look at other options available in the same list.
  • You need to be careful with the synthetic material, easy to scratch.

How to Choose the Best Sneakers In India

A number of reputed manufacturers are offering sneaker shoes with a trendy design that looks perfect in college, daily wear, and more. Before investing in an expensive pair of footwear, looking at our top 10 suggestions or the below given essential aspects will ease up the work. Needless to say, comfort is way more important than looks. Consequently, our primary point is a perfect fit here.

  • Comfortable Fitting

A shoe with perfect fitting will feel way more comfortable than oversized or small-sized ones. Due to this, always check out the size chart. There is a difference in UK and US sizes. Most of the brands mention US/UK alongside the number they are mentioning. Going through this aspect will make you feel comfortable toward the purchase, and you will never make any mistake regarding the size. The rubber sole is way more comfortable than the plastic or PVC one, so you must know which material is used for the sole. Do no consider guessing because it can lead to trouble like replacing or returning the shoe.

  • Material Used

Synthetic and Canvas are two common materials to find among sneakers. When getting your first sneaker pair, check out the material used.

  • Canvas made shoes look premium, and they have astonishing shine. But, you need to be careful and protect from getting them dirty. Washing canvas shoes reduces shine and durability.
  • Synthetic made shoes are lightweight, easy to clean, easy to wash, comes at an affordable price, and they look great. But, these are less premium in terms of looks, and sharp objects can quickly put scratches.

Leather made sneakers are also available in the market, but they are expensive. Otherwise, they have many qualities to consider.

  • Brand

Going with experienced and established manufacturers seem like a better choice. You can expect excellent quality design, fewer flaws with fitting, and long life. However, such brands are offering expensive shoes, and if you don’t have a budget to meet with popular brands, you can find some affordable brands also. They are also good to go, but the only issue is with a warranty or the after-sale services.

  • Design and Color

Design is a subjective part because few people line minimalistic design, whereas some prefer a colorful pair of shoes. Still, consider a shoe with less additional tweaks like glitter, shiny stars, and a few more things. Such shoes look great, and they are not bad in any way, but they are not durable, and their shine starts getting dull with time. Durability is a major concern among the extra shiny design of shoes. Due to this, you should take a close look and reconsider whether to buy or pass this deal.

  • Customer Feedback

By taking a look at what people loved about a pair of shoes and what they hated, it becomes easy to finalize. Shoes with great durability, higher comfort, and perfect fit have positive reviews. This thing works perfectly, and you should not avoid checking reviews.

Sneakers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best material for sneakers?

In India, most of the good-quality sneakers are made from either synthetic or canvas. Each of these types has its features, advantages, and disadvantages. You should research well and then decide on the material of the sneakers that you want to buy. While canvas shoes have great shine, they need great care and attention. If you want to go for shoes that do not require very high maintenance, then it is the synthetic variety that you might want to invest in. These are very easy to clean. Since synthetic sneakers are lightweight, they make you feel extremely comfortable.

2. How to select the right size of shoes?

It is important to note that the size of the shoes is very important. A wrong size will make you feel uncomfortable and it will be a waste of money for you. There is a way of selecting the right size. You should go to the store and try the shoe. Post that, you have to work around and see if it is comfortable to move around. You have to feel good about the pair of shoes. You should try multiple ones before selecting the one for you.

3. Should you give importance to the design of the shoes?

While it may not look important at first, it is important in the long run that you select a good design. If you do not do the same, the shoes will become redundant and you will not wear or use them after purchasing. While a few people like minimalist design, a few others do not mind a little flare. As a recommendation, you should avoid shiny and glittery colors. These fade away with time, leaving the shoes to look untidy and weary. Hence, pay due attention to the design before purchasing them.

4. Should you give importance to customer feedback?

In most of the cases, it is very important to go through the feedback and reviews given by the other users. It will help you get a feel of whether the shoes are comfortable or not, and whether you should invest your money in it.

5. Which brand should you choose?

Given the importance of sneakers, some different brands and companes have come up with a variety of options. Some of the premium brands include Nike, Puma, and the likes. You should select a good brand as that will ensure durability and a better experience.

6. What is after-sales service in sneakers?

When you research for sneakers, choose a brand that is known for good after-sales service and warranty. This is important because if something goes wrong with your pair of shoes, a good after-sales service will ensure that things are taken care of. A few well-known brands have a warranty period as well. If the sneakers lie within the warranty period, they might get replaced. A good after-sales service may be a very important aspect to consider when you buy something such as sneakers. It will ensure good value for your investment.


As you know that a pair of good shoes feels perfect when it matches your outfit. When buying your first sneaker pair, don’t feel confused about what people like the most. Consider your own need and then finalize the one which suits you the most among all of them. The perfect design seems the ideal companion for daily use. We hope that our guidepost will lead you toward the selection of flawless sneakers and grabbing the right pair for your needs.

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