10 Best Safety Shoes In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Some of the people work in a place where they face a lot of workplace hazards relating to the injury. Most of these job roles involve working in the construction sector or the manufacturing sector. A heavy object falling on your toe can hurt you really bad.

Moreover, you face hazards like the wet floor, which can be a safety hazard too. A lot of these workplaces mandate you to wear safety shoes, which would protect you from all these dangers. Do not worry because you won’t have to wear those big rubber boots with a metallic toe. There are many stylish safety shoes available in the market which can protect you and mitigate the risk for you.

You will come across different types of safety shoes, and those can be made of a different material. The most common material used is leather, but many other materials are being used as a replacement of leather. These shoes not only protect your toe, but they may also offer protection from heat, shocks, oil and even chemicals. There is a misconception around the safety shoes that they are heavy but this is not the case at all. You will come across durable and lightweight safety shoes, which would not increase your fatigue levels.

The Importance of Safety Shoes at Workplace…!

If you are being advised by your employer to purchase safety shoes or if you feel that these safety shoes are important for you, then we would really recommend you to invest in good quality shoes. We have tried to help you via this article as we have compiled the list of top 10 safety shoes that are available in India in 2020. You can move on to the next section and have a look at what we have in store for you.

Best Buy Safety Shoes Online in India 

In this section of the page, you will find the top 10 safety shoes that are available in India. We understand that it can be difficult to choose the people who are buying safety shoes for the first time. To help such buyers, we have listed the pros and cons of each pair of shoes on our list. This is not all; we have also reviewed the shoes so that you can understand the quality of the shoe and map it up with your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the top 10 best safety shoes available in India in 2020. Here is the list.

1. Allen Cooper 1156 Men’s Safety Shoe

Allen Cooper 1156 Men Safety Shoes

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You would have seen casual and formal shoes from Allen Cooper but do you know that this brand also manufactures Safety Shoes? Yes, you can purchase safety shoes from Allen Cooper if you are looking for nothing but the best. The shoes have a double density PU foam which is injected directly to cover all the gaps. Apart from this, the steel toe of the shoe is made sturdy enough to take an impact of more than 200 J. you do not have to worry about the safety because these shoes are resistant to acid and oil.

These shoes do not generate any static, which also reduces a fire hazard. The collar of the shoes is padded with leather and the shoes are slip-resistant. You will find all the sizes in these safety shoes and we would really recommend you to opt for these because of the durability, sturdiness and the quality that you will get for the given price. They are certainly the best available safety shoes in the market. Check out the pros and cons of these shoes listed below –

Things we liked

  • This pair of safety shoes come with steel toe and it has a moisture-wicking breathable fabric lining.
  • The shoe is also oil-resistant, acid-resistant and it doesn’t generate any static either.
  • It is ISI marked as per IS:15298 Part II and DGMS also approves it
  • One of the best brand available in the market which can be trusted without any doubt.

Things we didn’t like

  • Slightly expensive when compared with other shoes on the list.

2. Hillson Beston Safety Shoe

Hillson Beston Safety Shoe

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If you are looking for affordable yet sturdy safety shoes then you need to have a look at this second product on our list. These are from Hillson and their performance will not disappoint you at all. The shoes will protect your feet from corrosive chemicals, acid and oil. If your employer wants you to use anti-static shoes then this will perform up to your expectations. In terms of the toe cap, the shoe has a steel toe, which is as per the industrial standards. It can take up a high level of impact to protect your toe from any injury.

Sole is also an important part of the safety shoes, and this model has single density lightweight PU sole which offers enough comfort to you. In terms of the design and colour, the shoes are available in an all-black design with a red/orange lining or stitching. This gives a killer look to the shoes and you would love to wear them at your workplace. Overall, this is our second recommendation for the people who are looking for safety shoes for daily use. These shoes will offer you enough protection from any risk that you will face at the workplace.

Things we liked

  • An affordable yet very sturdy shoe that not only protects you from the impact but also from corrosive chemicals.
  • The shoe is lightweight, which ensures that it doesn’t cause any fatigue when you are using them.
  • Available in black colour with red lining which looks really attractive.
  • Single density lightweight PU foam sole makes it comfortable to wear the shoes.

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing that we could notice.

3. Tiger Men’s Low Ankle Lorex Steel Toe Safety Shoes

Tiger Men

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Jumping on to the third pair of safety shoes in our list, we have something available from Tiger brand. Getting into the details, the shoe is designed with a very high-quality material which makes it easy to use for you. The protection offered by the shoes is mainly against heat water. If you work in the oil industry and if you are looking for a pair of safety shoes that can be worn in such industries, then this is going to be the perfect one for you. The shoes are made of leather and they are also resistant to shock. There is a strong toe cap included in the shoes that would protect you from the impact of falling objects.

The bottom of the shoe is also puncture-proof and you will be glad to know that the chances of slipping are Nil because of the slip-resistant sole. The material used here is also anti-static, which a primary requirement while working in the oil industry is. The upper part of the shoe is designed with grain leather and it also has a black synthetic cambrelle lining. The single density foam design does its part in making it comfortable for you to wear the shoes. Lastly, the footbed of the shoe is made of polyamide which can be removed when required.

Things we liked

  • Perfect for the people who work in the oil industry because these shoes offer protection against water, oil and heat.
  • The shoes have single density foam which is comfortable to wear.
  • The food bed can be removed when required and this ensures that you can sanitize the shoes properly.
  • An affordable design which is also very easy to use.

Things we didn’t like

  • Only available in an all-black colour.

4. ACME Ketone Leather Safety Shoes Black

ACME Ketone Leather Safety Shoes Black

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If you are looking for the most reliable brand in this space, then you would have surely heard about Acme. This brand manufactures premium quality safety shoes for you, and you really need to have a look at these before you think about moving on to the next listing. Let us now tell you what is so unique about these shoes. These safety shoes have many certifications, which not only includes CE and ISI Certification but a lot of others. The sole quality of the shoes is quite good and this sole has a very high electrical resistance that can protect you from a high voltage as well. There is no compromise on safety or the durability and to ensure this, the brand uses direct-injected double density PU foam.

This not only offers you with optimal grip but it also ensures that the shoes are comfortable to wear. The top part of the shoe is made of Grain Buffalo Leather which adds on to your safety. The toe cap is also an important part of the shoes and when we are talking about the safety shoes from Acme, you can be assured that you are getting the best. The toe cap of these shoes is made of rust-proof, powder-coated allow steel and it has an impact resistance of 200 J.

Things we liked

  • The shoes are ISI certified, CE certified, and they also have certifications for EN ISO 20345:2011 S1.
  • As mentioned earlier, the shoes have a high electrical resistance of 100 Kohm to 1000 Mohm.
  • The toe cap is designed with alloy steel and it is also EN Certified.
  • Shoes are lightweight and they are actually from one of the best brands.

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing that we could notice.

5. Karam Leather Safety Shoes FS-05

Karam Leather Safety Shoes

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Do you often wear formal clothes in your workplace? Are you looking for safety shoes that would match with your attire? Well, you really need to have a look at this pair of safety shoes from Karam and we are sure that you will fall in love with them. They feature an all-black leather design that looks professional and this will also match with your formal clothing. The upper part of the shoes is designed with full-grain leather and the shoes also have a black cambrel lining to add comfort for you. In addition to all this, there is also an abrasion-resistant fabric lining which ensures that the shoe looks great all the time.

The sole used here is a single density PU foam sole, which works as per the expectations and provides enough comfort to you. Talking about the most important part of the shoes, these are designed to protect you from acid, oil and heat. Apart from this, they also absorb the shock and they are anti-static as well as anti-slip. Since these shoes are lightweight, you would not experience any fatigue even after long working hours. At least the fatigue levels would not be because of the shoes. These safety shoes are really worth the consideration and we would recommend these for you.

Things we liked

  • The shoes are basically designed for the people who deal with oil, acid or high amount of heat.
  • The shoes are shock-resistant so you do not have to worry about walking on a live wire.
  • Features a formal design to match with your formal clothing.
  • Has single density PU form to add on to the comfort for you.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some people do not like the quality of these shoes, and they are not made for the people working at construction sites.

6. Neosafe A7021_8 Xplor, Low Ankle Black Executive Safety Shoes 

Neosafe A7021_8 Xplor, Low Ankle Black Executive Safety Shoes 

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If you are particularly looking for executive safety shoes then this might suit your needs. These shoes are actually designed forexecutives who would not be spending a lot of time in manufacturing workshops or operational floors. The shoes provide enough protection from the shocks and they are made of premium quality leather. Apart from this, the shoes have a fibre toe that offers protection from the falling object. The limit of this is 100 J as the toe is made of fibre. The sole is also quite comfortable as these shoes feature a double density PU injection moulded sole to provide extra comfort.

Talking about the protection offers, the shoes are resistant to oil and acid. Apart from this, the shoes can tolerate a heat of up to 120 Degrees. You do not have to worry about slipping while wearing these shoes as they feature anti-skid bottom. The lining of the shoes is also breathable and it is combined with a padded collar and firm heel counter. These shoes are comfortable to wear for a long working day.

Things we liked

  • The shoes are specially designed for executives and they are very comfortable to wear.
  • The shoes offer protection from acid, shock, oil and heat. There is also a fibre toe cap integrated into the shoe.
  • The design is quite simple and it also feels premium because of the buffed up leather
  • These safety shoes are built to last for a long time without wear and tear.

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing that we could notice about the shoes.

7. Eego Italy® Genuine Leather Light Weight Men’s Steel Toe Safety Boots

Eego Italy® Genuine Leather Light Weight Safety Boots

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If you are looking for shoes that offer a high amount of ankle support then this should be the end of your search. These are high ankle shoes that would offer support to you while you are walking and you would not slip. Apart from being just high ankle shoes, they are also the safety shoes that can be worn at the workplace. The upper material of the shoes is made of leather and there is a textile lining as well. The bottom sole is designed with the rubber which makes them amazing while you are working in a wet area.  These safety shoes are made in compliance with the Indian and International safety compliance which offers elevated durability to the user.

Talking about comfort, they are very comfortable to wear as well and they are lightweight. Because of this, you do not experience any kind of fatigue while you are wearing shoes. The laces or the shoes are also quite strong and they hold up the shoe in very well. We would really recommend you to go over this listing once.

Things we liked

  • These are rubber shoes with high ankle support for the user.
  • They are designed in compliance with Indian and International standards
  • The shoes are lightweight to ensure that they remain comfortable.
  • Available in black colour.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some people do not like the insole or the protection offered by these shoes.

8. Safari Pro Tyson PVC Safety Shoes Steel Toe

Safari Pro Tyson PVC Safety Shoes

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At number 8, we have something from Safari Pro and it is also a good brand when it comes to safety shoes. The shoes are flexible as well as durable and they are also lightweight so that you can wear them for long hours. The shoes are made of good quality leather material which offers you protection from oil and acid. Sweat is a big problem for the people who wear these shoes for long hours but you will be glad to know that these shoes come with sweat absorbing lining. This lining ensures that the sweat is absorbed and that the shoes do not emit a foul odour.

The price of the shoes is also quite affordable and hence a lot of people find them worthy of the purchase. Overall, the shoes are good with no issues and they can be a serious consideration for the people. The design is also good and this all-black design with stitching looks quite attractive as well.

Things we liked

  • Available at an affordable price and offers optimal protection from oil and acid.
  • It is made of good quality material which is stitched with a lot of care.
  • It comes with sweat absorbing lining to ensure that the shoes don’t smell bad.
  • The upper part is made of micro leather while the out sole is made of PVC.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers highlighted issues with the stitching of the shoe.

9. Agarson Steel Toe PVC Moulded Engineers/Labours Safety Shoes

Agarson Steel Toe Safety Shoes

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These shoes from Agarson are also quite good when it comes to offering you the protection. They have a steel toe which will protect you from the falling object and the leather design ensures that you are protected from heat as well as chemical spills. The sole is designed with PVC and this sole ensures that you stay protected from the shocks. With all this protection, the company has also added a layer of lining to make it comfortable to wear the shoes.

These shoes also offer enough support to your ankle, which can be necessary for long term usage. The shoe would protect you from slipping even when you are working in a wet space. They are good enough for the industrial work and you can check out more details about these shoes by visiting the product link listed with this listing.

Things we liked

  • Has a good quality moisture-wicking lining which is made of breathable fabric.
  • The steel toe ensures that it protects you from the high impact that can cause any sort of injuries.
  • The shoes will protect you not just from the impact but also from the chemical spills, High temperature and electric shocks.
  • The shoes are made of anti-static material and it has a single density PVC sole.

Things we didn’t like

  • Limited size options are available, and hence you need to check for the availability of the shoes.

10. Udenchi UD8409 Industrial Safety Shoes 

Udenchi UD8409 Industrial Safety Shoes 

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With this, we have reached the 10th listing on our list and you can also check out these safety shoes from Udenchi. They are unique and in no matter of time, we are going to tell you why these shoes feel so unique. The first thing is that it comes with laces and hence wearing them and taking them off becomes a piece of cake. In addition to this, these safety shoes also have a very cool design which is loved by a lot of people. You can choose to wear them on construction as well as industrial sites and you can be assured that there is no risk of any type of injury while you are at the site.

The upper material of the shoes is designed with synthetic leather and this is coupled with a comfortable inner lining. The lining ensures that you get a perfect grip along with the anti-sweat design. The sole of these shoes is also quite unique as this features Airmix Sole with an anti-slip grip. This makes the shoe lightweight and comfortable to wear as well. Overall, the shoes are good, and the best part about them is that they are available in three colours. You can choose between Black, Brown and Tan colour. All of these colours look stunning.

Things we liked

  • Available in three colours which looks great and offers you a unique style statement.
  • The shoes are easy to wear and this is because of the fact that there are no laces involved.
  • Affordable design and offers enough protection at the construction as well as industrial sites.
  • Highly durable and has a very good quality sole.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some people didn’t like the quality of the shoes.

Things to consider when Buying Safety Shoes – Buying Guide

As we promised earlier, we are going to help you in choosing the right pair of safety shoes for yourself. To help you, we have compiled some of the points that you need to go through in order to make the right choice. These points will help you in ensuring that you purchase what you need. So, let us now go over these points one by one so as to understand the exact need when it comes to safety shoes.

Safety and Specifications

The first thing that you must check is the safety certifications and the specifications of the shoes. There are some organizations which may mandate a certain level of ISO specifications or other certifications for the safety shoes. You need to check that and you need to ensure that the shoes that you will be investing in are compliant with those specifications. This one point will help you in ensuring that you do not waste your money while making the purchase.

Type of Safety Shoes and Protection

Next thing you need to check is the type of protection that these shoes would offer to you. Now, there are certain specifications that you can choose from, depending on the hazards that you face. Below are more details about these specifications.

  • A: Antistatic
  • AN: Ankle Protection
  • AS: Antiskid
  • C: Conductive
  • CR: Cut Resistance
  • CRE: Chemical Resistance
  • HI: Heat Insulated
  • HRO: Outsole Resistance to hot contact
  • I: Electrically Insulated
  • P: penetration Resistance
  • WR: Water-Resistant

Some of the shoes would offer protection from 2 or more things and you can also consider those models but again, the choice has to be governed by the types of hazard that you face.

Type of Sole

There are majorly 5 types of sole available in the safety shoes. This includes PU Sole, PU Double Density Sole, PU Single Density Sole, PVC Sole and Rubber Sole. You can choose the one as per your needs. For example, if you want something lightweight, comfortable yet safe, then opt for PU sole. If you work in power plants where the temperature may go high, you can opt for Rubber Sole. Similarly, opt for the right sole as per the needs.

Toe Cap

Along with the sole and type of shoe, you would also need to check the toe cap material that is used to manufacture the shoes. The commonly available options include steel, composite and fibre toe caps. You can opt for these toe caps depending on your needs. This is also an important consideration while making a choice.

Size of the Shoe

The next important consideration while purchasing the safety shoes is the size of the shoes. You can check the right size and ensure that you do not purchase anything bigger than the exact size. You might be attracted to a bigger size because of a higher degree of comfort but it is a strict No because it can compromise your safety. This also creates a risk of tripping over so choose the right size.

Warranty Policy

While most of the brands do not offer any kind of warranty, you will still come across a few brands that offer some or the other warranty for you. You can choose the shoes accordingly to the warranty policy of the brand as this can save you from frequent replacements.

Price and Budget

The last thing and the least important thing is the price. We would recommend you to ensure that you buy the best possible safety shoes even if that means going over your budget slightly.

How to Maintain Your Safety Shoes

There are more than 10 different tips to maintain your safety shoes efficiently.

  1. Clean and remove the dirt and dust every day or once in three days. No matter where and what you used the safety shoes, you need to clean them once in two or three days. The would help the material to breathe naturally and therefore, increase the lifespan.
  2. Polish the safety shoes regularly –While most people believe that polishing a safety shoe is useless and overlook it, but, polishing safety shoes could make it water-resistant and flexible.
  3. After work, try to blow some air on your boots. Most of the workspaces like workshops or production industries would come with compressors and high-pressure air nozzles, use them to blow some air on your safety shoes after work, this could help get rid of the dust to a great extend.
  4. Allow the boots to dry if it is wet and therefore having two safety shoes could serve you good. If you are working in a wet environment and if your shoes would get wet daily, then having two pairs of safety shoes would be the best. Use them alternatively, while one shoe dries at home, wear the other. This could help increase the lifespan of each shoe.
  5. Consider using a shoehorn, while most people do not use a shoehorn. We recommend that you use one if you are a frequent safety shoe user. A shoehorn would allow you to wear safety shoes without bending the shoe.
  6. If you find any small cracks are tear on your safety shoes, then you need to try to repair them. Remember, some issues could be resolved easily, if you keep using a safety shoe without repairing it, the crack or tear could become bigger and the shoe could be worthless.
  7. Always purchase and use the right size shoes. While every safety shoe should be maintained as mentioned above, it is also important that you use the right size shoe. If you are using a smaller or larger shoe that does not suit you, none of the maintenance tips mentioned above could help increase or maintain the lifespan.
  8. Always wear safety shoes with socks., while socks might seem to be a simple fabric, it is more than that. Wearing a sock could prevent the safety shoes from absorbing a lot of sweat and become a breeding ground for bacteria and molds.

Safety Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are safety shoes efficient to keep the feet protected? How is it different from normal shoes?

Yes, if you consider the best safety shoes, then it could protect your feet from any damages. If compared to other shoe styles, safety shoes come designed in such a way that it has thicker sole and body that could withstand stress and strain without tearing. This is one of the reasons why most safety shoes are comparatively heavier than other shoe styles.

  1. Safety shoes are stylish? Are they good for any other purpose?

In the beginning, safety shoes lacked any style but today, we have safety shoes that are available in different styles and with different external designs. If you want your safety shoes to flaunt some style, check the products listed above. Most of the products on our list are stylish and at the same the best. No, safety shoes are comparatively heavier and different from other shoe styles, they are not good for any other purpose.

  1. In the buying guide, safety and specification are mentioned as one of the important factors to consider while purchasing safety shoes, what safety specification should I consider?

The answer to this question is complicated, there are different safety specification. However, if you planning to wear the safety shoes to a manufacturing firm or for some kind of work, then the work itself would define the safety specification. When it comes to reputed firms, they would have a list of safety specifications that you could consider while purchasing the shoes.

  1. Leather safety shoes are better than other safety shoes?

Yes, when compared to all the other safety shoes, safety shoes with a leather body and steel toe is the best. One of the reasons why leather shoes are better is because they are tough and do not wear or tear easily like other shoe materials.

  1. The safety shoes I am using now is irritating and causing rashes, what should I do?

Irritation and rashes while using a safety shoe is a common result of poor quality material. If you look closely at the safety shoes listed above, then you could find most of the shoes are designed with breathable material and with leather. Most commonly, irritation and rasher could be avoided if you use leather and breathable material made safety shoes.

  1. Are lightweight safety shoes better than heavy-weight safety shoes?

If you are talking about the lightweight safety shoes listed above, then as far as, we know they are the best and are designed to withstand any strain without hurting your feet. If you check the specification, then you would see that each of the lightweight safety shoes is designed to keep up with the standard safety specifications.

  1. Most of the brands on this list are not well-known, are they any good?

When it comes to safety shoes, the brand does not matter. As far as we know a majority of reputed brands do not manufacture and market safety shoes, instead, other brands specialize in manufacturing and marketing safety shoes. The ones listed above are the best.

Final Verdict

This was all the possible information about safety shoes. We are sure that the buying guide would have made a choice easy for you. Another recommendation is to ensure that you check out the review of the safety shoes. Do not hesitate to spend a little extra on a shoe that makes you feel more confident at work. Remember that a stitch in time saves nine so investing in a good shoe will surely save you from any accident.

If you need more information about any of the shoes or if you need to check about the availability of the shoes and the size, you can visit the Amazon Link that is listed along with each listing. This will also help you in checking out the deals that are applicable to the shoes. So, this was all for now and do not forget to share this webpage with your colleagues so that they can also invest in a good pair of safety shoes. You can write to us in the comment section to clarify your doubts or to get the answers to your questions.

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