10+ Best Running Shoes Under 4000 Rs. In 2022

People have become health conscious today than ever before. Jogging or running is one of the best exercises which keep a person active and energetic. But before you decide to start the running and workout session, you should get better quality shoes. Exercising without properly fitted shoes can end up with injuries. Even if you are a professional athlete or amateur jogger, you have to wear well-fitted, high-quality running shoes.

There are varieties of branded running shoes available in stylish looks, vibrant colours and of superior designs. Most of the shoes are available under Rs. 4,000/- and are flexible, comfortable, and of superior quality. The trendy shoes offer complete support to your feet while you run or walk. The specially designed shoes have a reliable and firm sole, which keeps the balance during exercising.

The list of 10+ branded running shoes, along with detail, is given below. You can find about the quality and usefulness of the shoes which are available at a reasonable cost.

Best Buy Running Shoes Below 4000 INR

Let us discuss the branded running shoes in this section. Most of the shoes available here in the list are below 4000 rupees. You can select the one after reading all the information given about the running shoes.

1. Skechers Men’s Running Shoes

Skechers Mens Running Shoes

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Skechers running shoes for men are mainly available in Navy, Black, White, Charcoal/Blue and Burgundy colours.  The running shoes offer a warranty of 90 days against any of the manufacturing issues.  The running shoes are a perfect choice if you are planning to have regular exercises and workouts. The shoes get perfectly fit around the feet and offer a relaxing feel. It reduces the stress and strain of your body and feet. The shoes are specially designed to have soft spongy feel and relaxation.

The running shoes keep the feet dry by absorbing the sweat completely. The shoes have a solid sole made of sturdy rubber, which holds the ground and controls feet movement.   The runner won’t find any difficulty while exercising. The shoes are attractive and always get attention from the people around them. It has nice colourful design and the webbing laces which hold the shoes tightly around the feet. The shoe-toes are designed with high spring effect, that makes walking and running easy and without any difficulty.

Things we liked

  • Well-fitted and comfortable shoes are ideal for workout sessions.
  • The solid rubber sole offers a complete grip on the ground.

Things we didn’t like

  • Lace system could be better.

2. Adidas Men’s EZAR 5.0 M Running Shoes

Adidas Mens EZAR 5.0 M Running Shoes

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The light in weight Adidas running shoes is highly popular among the athletes, sports persons and also the enthusiastic health-conscious people. The high-quality shoes are available in multiple designs having excellent look, colour and well-fitted outlook. The shoes have a warranty of 90 days against any manufacturing defects. Adidas is one of the leading brands of footwear. It manufactures varieties of footwear in the form of sportswear and in unique fashionable designs as per the changing trends.

The shoes are available in various attractive designs with sturdy rubber soles. The perfectly designed sole allows a person to run comfortably. The shoes are easy to clean and wipe using a wet cloth after every day running and workout activities. But do not apply polish or shiners over the shoes. It may spoil the shoes and may not be used for longer.

Things we liked

  • Excellent design and high-quality shoes fit perfectly well.
  • It offers a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The perfect grip of the sole makes it easy while running and walking.

Things we didn’t like

  • Try the shoes personally before buying to avoid any size issue.

3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes

ASICS Mens Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes

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The nicely designed shoes are well-fitted for running. Asics running shoes for men are highly preferred by sportsmen. The shoes are made of synthetic material having long durable rubber sole, which makes walking and running comfortably. The tight and comfortable feel of shoes will make your training sessions the most memorable moments of your life.

The softness of the mesh material, outstanding design, and a wide variety of colours is the speciality of the Asics shoes. It is not easy to make a choice while selecting the perfect shoes for you. The shoes are long durable and can make outdoor activities smooth and easy. The lace-up closure is easy to manage, and it makes the shoes fit tightly around the fit while running. The laces are easily managed and tightened while wearing shoes. The shoes do not require any polish but clean it with a damp cloth, and the shoes get clean immediately. One should keep the shoes in the open air after the running session, which makes the shoe dry of sweat and becomes odour-free.

 Things we liked

  • Comfortable shoes boost self-belief during workout sessions.
  • The lace-up closure allows the lace to remain fit while running.
  • Clean the shoe easily without using polish or shiner.

Things we didn’t like

  • The product is not easily available.

4. Reebok Men’s Genesis Runner Lp Running Shoes

Reebok Mens Genesis Runner Lp Running Shoes

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Reebok running shoes with excellent design and high-quality synthetic material makes the shoes look wonderful. The round toe shaped shoe is highly popular among sportsmen and people who prefer to go for a morning walk. The manufacturers offer a wide range of footwear in the form of semi-casual, casual and sportswear. Every pair of shoes that you buy will have 90 days of warranty against any manufacturing defect.

The running shoes are perfectly designed in the latest trendy styles using memory foam. The specially designed round-toed shape looks stylish and offers additional comfort while walking or running. The shoes are made with the help of advanced technology and the most-modern design. The shoes with the help of its collar and tongue provide complete support to the toes and heel. The shoes certainly bring a change in your life, and it can boost the lifestyle of the people. Running shoes can be maintained without many efforts and can remain clean and tidy even after long usage. The shoes can be wiped clean using wet duster easily.

Things we liked

  • The running shoes boost a comfortable lifestyle.
  • The shoes are manufactured using advanced technology.
  • The warranty offered against the manufacturing defects is an advantage.

Things we didn’t like

  • The shoe colours are limited. Shoes in a variety of colours should be made available.

5. Nike Men’s Downshifter Red Running Shoes

Nike Mens Downshifter Red Running Shoes

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The running shoes offered by Nike for men are colourful and are useful for everyday outdoor activities. The material used is sturdy mesh, which remains soft and offers complete rest to the feet. Most people, after getting used to the nicely fitted, Nike shoes, start enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. The shoes with exceptional design and superb color-combination always get all attention.

The shoes offer a perfect solution during outdoor activities and sports events. The well-designed running shoes boost the confidence of the beginners and also help in enjoying the moments.  The lace-up closure not only keeps the shoes tightly fit around your feet but also adds the extra comfort that makes a person feel relaxed most of the time during workouts. The flexible shoes are light in weight and available in three different colours.  The warranty is offered on manufacturing defects is a big plus. Shoes can be kept clean and shiny by wiping it clean with a cloth. You can make use of the stylish Nike shoes either occasionally or for everyday use.

Things we liked

  • Exceptional design, striking colours, and perfect fit.
  • Easy to wear for daily usage and easy to clean.
  • The shoes get all attention due to their unique style.

Things we didn’t like

  • The shoes are available only in three colours.

6. New Balance Men’s 680V6 Running Shoes

New Balance Mens 680V6 Running Shoes

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New Balance running shoes for men is one of the excellent brands which offer the best quality, stylish shoes. The brand offers exceptional designs and high-quality footwear, which helps in keeping the balance while running.  The running shoes are made of textile, which remains durable and adds comfort to the shoes. The shoes are scientifically designed by taking care of all the aspects regarding running and other outdoor activities. The solid sole with flat heel has self-balance, which controls the movements well while running.

The durability of the shoes remains longer, even after long usage when it is used for everyday running and other outdoor activities. The lace-up closure allows the shoes to remain fitted while walking or running. The shoes are light in weight, having higher flexibility, and are available in limited colours. The performance of the shoes is higher and offers a feeling of relaxation when used for a longer time.  The shoes are highly preferred while training young athletes because the shoes encourage young minds by boosting the level of confidence. The warranty against manufacturing defects is worth, in case of any manufacturing issues. The shoes remain clean even after using it for long.

Things we liked

  • Shoes offer a relaxed feeling even after long usage.
  • The textile material keeps the shoe clean and shiny for longer.
  • The warranty offered for any manufacturing defects.

Things we didn’t like

  • The availability of the shoes is limited.

7. Fila Men’s Upton Running Shoes

Fila Mens Upton Running Shoes

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The Fila running shoes are mainly used for improving the running performance. The high-quality fabric not only makes the shoe comfortable while running but it helps in controlling the feet movement. Most of the people who start using the Fila running shoes feel that it helps in boosting the level of self-confidence and also help in everyday improvement.

The shoes have advanced design, exceptional look, and it is inspired by the Italian techniques. The shoes are long durable and offer complete control over the feet during the running session. The lightweight shoes with higher flexibility and stability become popular among the athletes and sportspersons. The manufacturing warranty of 90 days is an advantage in case of any manufacturing defect. The shoes are highly preferred by the people who have a set of dreams and wanted to offer better performance every day. You do not have to wash the shoes even after using the shoes for long hours. Clean the shoes using a wet cloth and your shoes will get dirt-free and shiny.

Things we liked

  • Shoes with advanced technique and an exceptional look.
  • Shoes help in improving running performance.
  • The warranty is an additional advantage.

Things we didn’t like

  • Limited availability of the product.

8. Nike Todos Men’s Running Shoes

Nike Todos Mens Running Shoes

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Nike Todos running shoes are light in weight and have a unique design which is made of soft cushioning. The shoes with a decent look are available in attractive striking colours. It enhances the sporty spirit among the people. The imported quality shoes have a look of full-grain leather and abrasion-resistant sturdy rubber sole which controls the movements under any given strain. The black and the white coloured shoes offer a perfect look and always stand out even in the crowd.

Nike running shoes will definitely attract people who love running and take part in outdoor activities.  The shoes remain comfy and offer complete support to the feet under any circumstances. For the people who are planning to go for jogging in the morning, should buy stylish running shoes. It not only helps in enjoying the running activities but also takes care of feet and avoids unnecessary injuries. The shoes are long durable and need no maintenance. Nike has always offered the best of products in the arena of global sports, which always offers inspiration and innovation to every sportsman around the world.

Things we liked

  • Perfect design, decent look, and highly comfortable.
  • Remains under control even under any stress and strain.
  • The shoes are a combination of innovation and inspiration.

Things we didn’t like

  • Limited colour options.

9. ASICS Boy’s Patriot 10 Gs Running Shoes

ASICS Boys Patriot 10 Gs Running Shoes

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ASICS Boy’s running shoes offer perfectly designed shoes for kids. The running shoes not only support the young boys in outdoor activities, but it also boosts the young minds and helps them to chase their dreams and fulfil their goals. The running shoes for boys help in bringing awareness about workouts and creating a penchant for sports.

The running shoes for boys are designed after studying children behavior and understanding children’s mindset. The shoes have round toe, which offers more support while walking, running and jumping. The shoes also offer complete control over the leg movements effectively. The shoes have firm heels that hold the feet tightly while in action. The shoes designed for boys have cushioned midsole, which absorbs the shock completely. The shoes are designed using strong mesh along with stitched toe bumper and solid rubber outsole. It helps in using the running shoe for a longer duration. The well-designed footwear is mainly designed to protect the children who love to spent time in outdoor activities. The shoes remain tight on the feet and absorb all the shocks. It surely makes it easy for a child to participate in sports without getting injured.

 Things we liked

  • Protect kids while playing outside.
  • Shock-proof design reduces the chances of getting injured among the kids.
  • It enhances the level of confidence among the kids.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

10. Reebok Men’s Sublite Prime Running Shoes

Reebok Mens Sublite Prime Running Shoes

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Reebok running shoes are of admirable quality and last longer. The higher breathability and sweat absorption capability make the shoes resilient. The ability to absorb sweat keeps the feet dry, which is the most beneficial aspect and it helps while running for longer distances like a marathon. The mesh material is a part of shoe design, and it makes the shoe stronger and comfortable.

The running shoes have round toe design with a high toe spring and the stable heel. It provides complete control over the feet and body movements by adding a much-required grip while running. The shoes are light in weight with rubber outsole which offers premium-level performance. The sole is specially designed with a minimum density that offers maximum comfort.   The webbing laces are perfect to look at and allow the shoes to fit tightly around the feet.  The shoes remain clean and shiny even after workouts. You can keep the shoes clean using a soggy cloth. The warranty offered by the manufacturer is of 90 days against the manufacturing defects. Once you start using the shoes, it will make you enjoy the running and the workout sessions.

Things we liked

  • Excellent quality shoes offer higher performance.
  • The minimum density sole that offers maximum comfort.
  • The warranty offered is highly beneficial.

Things we didn’t like

  • Packaging needs to be better.

11. Nike Men’s Flex Contact 2 Running Shoes

Nike Mens Flex Contact 2 Running Shoes

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Usually, people look for running shoes that they can also use as regular casual shoes and athletic use. If you are also looking for this kind of stylish running shoes, then this specific option of our list is one for you. This time we have given a chance to the Nike Men’s Flex Contact 2 Running Shoes.

Nike is the most popular footwear manufacturing brand that provides premium looking footwear with taking simplicity together. From the design perspective, the looks of this shoe pair are just matchless. Four different color combinations offer impressive versatility so that you can choose the appropriate one as per your preferences.

Things We Liked

  • Because of the Textile fiber material, you are ultimately getting the incredible build quality here.
  • The looks are just adorable, plus Nike’s check sign is working like magic with the shoes’ overall design.

Things We Don’t Like

  • None so far

12. ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 4B Running Shoes

ASICS Mens Gel-Contend 4B Running Shoes

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Are you looking for the typical athletic shoes under an affordable price point, so that you can use them for regular running purposes? If yes is your answer, then you should not ignore this particular option of our list related to running shoes. Next, we have the ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 4B Running Shoes that you can easily buy under the price point of just four thousand rupees.

Manufacturers have provided a combination of synthetic material at the top with a fairly durable sole. As per the ASICS manufacturer’s claim, this running shoe pair is going to last longer than you think because of the excellent build quality they have provided.

Things We Liked

  • Two completely different color options make it easier for you to choose this shoe pair as per your color preferences.
  • The sole’s bottom is specially designed to offer impressive traction to the runner or user while using these shoes as a typical athletic shoe pair.

Things We Don’t Like

  • None so far

Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How would identify if I need to replace my current running shoes?

There are different types of running shoes available on the market today, however, none of them are designed to last forever. In general, most top-rated running shoes could last for 2 to 4-year maximum frequent use. The common signs to look for to change the switch to new running shoes are, torn soles, uncomfortable feel, wear and tear on the upper or midsole, torn shoelace holes, cleats coming off, etc.

  1. Could running shoes be used as regular shoes?

Yes, you could use running shoes as regular shoes. But, do not expect the running shoes to have a good lifespan. The lifespan of running shoes that a manufacturer declares and guarantees is only applicable if the running shoes are used for the purpose it is designed for, if you use it as an alternative for regular use, the lifespan may or may not decline. Apart from this, running shoes might not be as comfortable as regular shoes. Running shoes are best for running only and offer comfort while running.

  1. How to break in a new running shoe?

Most people do not even realize that there is something called breaking in a new running. While there is almost no issue if you do not a break-in, but some experts believe that a good break-in could help extend the lifespan of a running shoe. The best way to break in a new running shoe is to wear them and walk around a few days and start running only after this. Remember, break-in is the process of getting to know the shoe and also loosening the firmness of the new shoe.

  1. Is there a difference between a running shoe and a walking shoe?

Yes, of course, while people might not understand the importance of the differences, professionals, experts, and people who have good knowledge would understand it. Running shoes come with stiffer soles, whereas, walking shoes would come with flexible shoes. Apart from this running shoes will have thick heels and walking shoes have comparatively thinner heels. The difference in the heel and sole in running and walking shoes helps to reduce the stress on the feet and makes running and walking easier.

  1. What is the difference between running shoes and training shoes?

In terms of looks both shoes might look similar, but, they are not the same. Running shoes are designed for heel to toe movement and training shoes are designed for multidirectional movement. In simple words, running shoes cannot be used as an alternative to training shoes, but, training shoes could be used as an alternative to running shoes.

Bottom line

In the above list, you will find the best quality branded running shoes with detailed information. Every shoe has its own features and added advantages. But one thing is common among all the 10 best running shoes in 2020, is the price of the shoes, which is under Rs. 4,000/-. Read the given details about every brand; understand the features before you choose the best shoe that fits on your feet.

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