10 Best Running Shoes in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

To be fit, running is a perfect exercise to go for. By running daily, you can ensure a healthy body with less stress and full of happiness. But, while running, you need to look for some important factors such as running shoes. By including the best running shoes into your running plan, you can gain more benefits from running. If you think that you can run on any type of shoes, then you are wrong and putting your health into risk as well, because running is a special fitness exercise and has special shoes. So, you must wear running shoes for running.

Running is an impactful exercise, and your body responds to it differently. So, your running shoes should offer sufficient support and able to absorb the shock during the exercise. They should be flexible with your walking types and provide maximum comfort. To do the running exercise effectively, running shoes should be light in weight and include perfect cushioning. The soles of the running shoes should be firmer, and the heels should have good cushioning to offer sufficient support during your run. While running, your feet experience more weight than your normal weight. So, you should choose your running shoes by taking all the factors into account.

People in India are looking for the best running shoes at an affordable price so that you can find several kinds of running shoes in the Indian market. To choose the best running shoes, you should know about the essential things that you need to consider. To help you with that task, here we have mentioned a buying guide and the best running shoes that we found in the Indian market.

Best Buy Running Shoes Online in India

Here are the top 10 best running shoes we picked from the Indian market.

1. Sparx Men’s Running Shoes

Sparx Men s Running shoes

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Sparx is a popular footwear brand in the Indian market. It produces a wide range of shoes from its parent company Relaxo Footwears Ltd. People trust this brand because of its quality and comfort. The manufacturer manufactures modern design shoes that loved by youngsters. In these shoes, you will get a lace-up closure type that fits your feet easily and comfortably. People who are looking for a pair of stylish shoes to upgrade their style and confidence should buy these shoes. With a beautiful design, these shoes are ready to give you amazing performance. The perfect look of these shoes can help you in improving your lifestyle. You can keep your feet comfortably in these shoes without any issues. By wearing these shoes, you can run, walk, and do workouts easily. Its lightweight construction and flexible performance can allow you to do anything while wearing these shoes.

Sparx Men’s Running shoes are constructed using mesh material to provide your feet with sufficient air while they are in the shoes. For the cleaning of these shoes, you should use a clean cloth and keep them away from the polish and shiner. These shoes are reliable and comfortable for wearing while sporting. When you wear these shoes, your style will be improved, and you can feel awesome pleasure.

Things we liked

  • The soles of these shoes are man made so you can expect better quality.
  • These shoes are perfect for running.
  • They include a warranty period of 30 days for manufacturing defects.
  • These shoes offer superb performance.
  • They have a unique style to improve your confidence.

Things we didn’t like

  • As per some users, the cushioning is not good.

2. Bourge Men’s Vega Running Shoes

Bourge Mens Vega Running Shoes

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Bourge is a brand to look for affordable modern shoes. With the premium design and optimised performance, you can experience great pleasure by wearing these shoes. The no-lace design allows you to wear these shoes with comfort all day long. Also, you can wear and remove these shoes easily in less time. Bourge shoes are light in weight so suitable for running activities, and you can use them without any worries. These sports shoes are designed to offer ultimate comfort and strong performance during sports activities. You can clean them using a clean cloth and keep them open to the air for drying. These shoes are not suitable for polish and shiner. By using these running shoes you can experience extreme comfort because of the soft foam cushioning.

The mesh material construction offers high breathability and the PU on the upper part offers high durability. The soles of these shoes are equipped with flex grooves, which provide better grip and stability. By using these shoes, you can easily move anywhere because the bounce back insole offers better cushioning for your move. So, you can run easily by wearing these lightweight shoes.

Things we liked

  • 90 days warranty is available for manufacturing defects.
  • No lace design offers high usability.
  • These shoes provide superb breathability because of the mesh material.
  • The sole is optimised to offer high grip.
  • These shoes can be worn comfortably all day long.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

3. Bacca Bucci Men’s running shoes


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For producing comfortable and lightweight shoes, Bacca Bucci is a popular brand in the Indian market. These shoes are perfect for wearing the whole day. You can do running activities with these shoes easily. If you are looking for high performative sports shoes for running, then these shoes can fulfil your needs. These sports shoes are easy to clean by a clean cloth and polish and shiner shouldn’t be used with them. To de-odorize these shoes, you need to keep them open to the air. With the lace-up closure type, these running shoes are perfect for providing you with exceptional performance with required comfort. These running shoes are available in eight colours so you can easily get your favourite colour if you are willing to buy these shoes. The upper material of these shoes is made of fly knit for superb durability. EVA or super quality rubber material is used in the construction of the outsole of these shoes.

The sturdy construction and excellent comfort make these shoes suitable for wearing the whole day. Their design and built allow you to use these shoes every day without any issues. Bacca Bucci running shoes are perfect to use in any type of sports.

Things we liked

  • These shoes used mesh material in the construction that offers excellent ventilation.
  • The round toe design looks very attractive.
  • For manufacturing defects, a 30-day manufacturer warranty is available with these shoes.
  • The lightweight design allows you to wear them every day.
  • It is comfortable to walk by wearing these shoes.

Things we didn’t like

  • The product has a size issue. So you may need to buy one size bigger than your usual size.

4. Lancer Men’s running shoes

Lancer Mens running shoes

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Lancer is a footwear brand in the Indian market that offers high-quality footwear at an affordable price. This brand is there since 1989 and producing exceptional shoes using the best quality materials. This brand is working at their best level to provide the customers with a superb level of experience. These sports shoes offer great performance to upgrade your confidence. This pair of shoes can allow you a unique experience. With the awesome design and quality, Lancer running shoes are ready to lift your lifestyle to the next level. If you are looking for a new pair of running shoes to experience a unique performance, then you should go for Lancer Men’s running shoes.

For boosting your style, the design of Lancer running shoes can be helpful for you. By wearing these shoes, you can get a different look. These shoes are constructed using mesh material to ensure better airflow. The speed laces closure makes this product attractive. You can find these shoes in four colours and choose any colour that suits you. The white colour straps on the upper part of these shoes add extra value to them. For the cleaning of these shoes, you can use a clean cloth and must avoid polish and shiner. These sports shoes can be your best friend in running activities.

Things we liked

  • Lancer sports shoes offer the ultimate comfort to users.
  • The manufacturer produces a range of shoes to help people improve their style.
  • High-quality material is used in the construction of these shoes.
  • The excellent design provides great value for money.
  • For manufacturing defects, a 15-day manufacturer warranty is available.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some users did not experience better performance.

5. Asian Cosco running shoes

Asian Cosco running shoes

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These running shoes from Asian are designed to make your sports and trips amazing. With an attractive look, these shoes are ready to offer extraordinary value for the money you are spending for. Asian is one of the top footwear brands in India for producing a wide range of sports shoes with modern design. People who are looking for unique shoes with exceptional quality, can buy these shoes. With extra comfort, these sports shoes can offer your superb performance in the running. These running shoes are constructed using high-quality air mix material. These shoes are available in six unique colours to choose from. The sole is made of EVA material that offers better softness while running. These shoes are available in lace-up closure, which fits easily to your feet.

The heels of these shoes include heavy cushioning to offer you the highest comfort during your activities. They have a stylish design, which includes the logo of the brand on its sides. With a round toe design, Asian running shoes can be used for jogging, running as well as in other occasions. They are also suitable for day-trips and can be cleaned easily with a clean cloth.

Things we liked

  • Because of the EVA material in the sole, they offer high comfort.
  • The lace-up design makes these shoes easy to use.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of these shoes are comfortable.
  • The stylish design improves their look.

Things we didn’t like

  • The wrong products are shipped to many customers against their orders.

6. Puma Unisex Running Shoes

Puma Unisex Running Shoes

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Puma is a leading footwear brand and worldwide famous for its quality. Puma shoes are the best shoes for any type of sports such as running, playing, working out, etc. This shoe brand made sports into a fashion. Many athletes use this brand as their priority. If you are a person who looks for style in every situation, then puma running shoes are for you. Puma running shoes are ideal for both men and women. Puma is a brand that makes footwear for people of all ages. These shoes are made to convert all your activities into a style. These running shoes come with a lace-up closure that allows you to fit properly. Performance, quality and comfort are the major things that you can expect from puma shoes. For any kind of sports activity, puma shoes can be your perfect choice. With a unique design and look, these shoes can allow you to do your every work with style. The brand is working at its level best to offer you maximum comfort in your every step.

When you wear these shoes, you can stand as a style icon among a vast crowd. With matchless mobility, you can run seamlessly by wearing these shoes. Puma is the most favoured footwear brand in the Indian market and has a big name because of its stylish designs. These shoes are made of synthetic material. With a clean cloth, these shoes can be cleaned easily. To ensure their natural shape, you should allow them for air-dry naturally. By wearing these shoes, your running activity can go to the next level.

Things we liked

  • These shoes are easy to use and clean.
  • They have a unique style to improve your style level.
  • With a warranty period of 90 days, they ensure there are no manufacturing defects.
  • They include outstanding comfort.
  • These shoes can perform very well for your running activities.

Things we didn’t like

7. Avant Men’s running shoes

Avant Mens running shoes

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Avant is a sports footwear brand that takes development to the next level to offer modern and stylish shoes to people. The brand ensures excellent quality in its shoes. Professional runners can take advantage of these shoes. They are light in weight so you can experience perfect running sessions by wearing these shoes. People who want to take their workouts to the next level should go with these shoes. With ultra flexibility and comfort, these shoes can improve your lifestyle and running sessions. These shoes are made of mesh, so have less weight allowing you for extra running sessions without any difficulties. Its weight for UK 7 size is 220 grams only. They include ultra-smooth insole that offers extreme comfort. The insole can be removed to support the orthotics.

You can keep your feet comfortably in these shoes and ensure high breathability because of the synthetic upper. Your feet will be cool in these shoes even if you do more running. You can use these shoes for running, walking, workouts in the gym, training, etc.

Things we liked

  • The lightweight design can allow you a special level of comfort.
  • They are suitable for orthotics as they include removable insole.
  • The lace-up closure design offers a superb fit.
  • These shoes are available in three colours.
  • These shoes can be used for many purposes.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

8. Campus Men’s running shoes

Campus Mens running shoes

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The Campus shoes are known for their high-level performance in the Indian market. These shoes are made to offer seamless performance. These shoes come with a lace-up closure that allows you to wear them easily. By wearing these shoes, you can have superb running sessions. If you are looking for a new pair of running shoes with high durability, then these shoes can be a perfect option for you. You can experience the best workout sessions with these shoes. You can get five colour options with these shoes to choose from. With a round toe design, they look very attractive and ensure your feet are at a comfortable position in them. The durable sole offers a heavy grip which allows you to go beyond your expectations. This footwear brand ensures the comfort of users by offering the best quality shoes.

They are made of mesh to offer super airflow and allow your feet for a unique experience. It is easy and comfortable to wear these shoes. They are ideal for running, workouts, training, and other sports. You can maintain their natural shape by keeping them open to the air for drying after use. For preventing the stains, you should use the shoe bag. They are not compatible with the polish and shiner so you shouldn’t use them.

Things we liked

  • Campus shoes include a 30-day warranty period for manufacturing defects.
  • Because of the lace-up closure, they fit easily to your feet.
  • Mesh material construction offers superb breathability.
  • These sports shoes are ideal for many sports activities.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some people received damaged products against their order.

9. Power Men’s running shoes

Power Mens running shoes

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With their classy look, these sports shoes from Power can offer super durability and reliability to you. Power is a brand that provides excellent comfort and strong design. Professional runners, those look for unique performance with their every move should buy these sports shoes. These running shoes are available in two colours, so you can select your favourite one easily. This modern and unique pair of shoes, offer outstanding flexibility during your run. They are perfect for providing you with excellent performance in every activity. With the lace-up closure, these shoes are the best to offer a perfect fit to your feet. They don’t require any special action for cleaning because they can be cleaned easily with a clean cloth.

With superb mobility of these shoes, you can feel a unique level of freedom. They are perfect to boost your sporty feelings in any type of sport. With high durability and reliability, these shoes can last for a long time. The round toe design allows you to keep your feet at a comfort level. By wearing these shoes, you can experience superb performance. They come with excellent cushioning to allow you the best softness during your run. The sole of these shoes provides perfect grip during your workouts.

Things we liked

  • With the lace-up closure, these shoes can fit your feet perfectly.
  • These shoes are made of canvas material.
  • They can be cleaned easily.
  • For manufacturing defects, these shoes come with a 90-day warranty.

Things we didn’t like

  • There is a size problem with these shoes. So, you should buy a bigger size than your actual size.

10. Reebok Men’s Gusto running shoes

Reebok Mens Gusto running shoes

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These running shoes are designed by Reebok to provide you with a high level of comfort experience. By wearing these running shoes, you can boost your sporty feelings. They have a rubber sole that offers excellent grip during your run. Reebok constructed these road running shoes to upgrade your running experience. With these shoes, you can look smart and experience high-level performance. The synthetic mesh upper allows outstanding durability and improves the airflow to your feet. Also, you can use these shoes as casual shoes and wear them on special occasions. You can easily select your size by using the size chart during your purchase. These shoes from Reebok can be the best choice to use for running and other sports.

Cleaning of these shoes is very easy because they can be cleaned easily with a clean cloth. They require less maintenance so it is easy to retain their natural shape. You shouldn’t use polish or shiner with these shoes because that may damage them. You can easily adjust the fitting according to your comfort level because they come with a lace-up closure.

Things we liked

  • They include rubber sole to offer excellent grip during workouts.
  • The synthetic material construction offers better airflow to feet.
  • They come with a warranty period of 90 days for manufacturing defects.
  • They look attractive in all three colours.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

How to Choose the right Running Shoes?

Selecting the best running shoes for your running needs can be a complex task for you, because of the thousands of options available in the market. You can make this task easier by using a buying guide for the selection process. So, here are the important points that you should know while buying the running shoes for you.

  • Check the shape of your foot

While choosing a pair of running shoes, the shape of your foot matters a lot. While running, your foot rolls many times and gets more weight than your actual weight. Generally, there are three types of foot according to the arch, namely; low arch, normal arch and high arch. According to these types of foot, you can decide what kind of support you need while running.

For walking, a good support shoe can provide superb performance, but for running, you have to look for a lightweight and well-cushioned shoe pair according to the shape of your foot. By checking the shape of your foot, you also can find good support running shoes with the same shape as your foot.

  • Type of surface you are going to run on

This is an essential point that you should look for. The surface on which you are going to run can tell you how your running shoes should be. If you are planning to run on the road, you should choose the shoes with a normal grip and less weight. This will be suitable for that surface and offer better support while running. If you are planning to run on the running trail, then you should select the running shoes with high grip, cushioning, and support. This will allow you better flexibility and support your foot on the uneven surface.

  • Consider your weight

For running activities, your weight is an important factor to consider. If your weight is normal according to your age, you can select the type of running shoes as per type of the foot. But, if you have more weight, you should consider purchasing a shoe with extra support, because your foot and the running surface will get the effect of your weight. If you have leg pain, back pain, or foot pain, etc., you can consult your doctor for the selection of the running shoes.

  • Size

While selecting the running shoes, you should consider the size practically. If you buy the running shoes that tightly fit your feet, then you may experience pain in your feet and leg. So, you should buy a pair of shoes that are a little bigger than your feet size. By doing this, you can get a perfect pair of shoes to experience excellent comfort. You should put your finger in between your foot and the heel of your shoe to check the fit. You should ensure that there is a space of one finger to allow you perfect running experiences without any problem.

  • Select the shoes that are specifically designed for running

You might be thinking, walking and running are the same types of exercises, so by buying one pair of shoes, you can do both of them. But, that’s not true. Though the movement style of your foot is similar in both the exercises, there is a difference between the impacts on your foot in both the exercises. Walking exercise has less impact while the running exercise has more impact, so the types of shoes for both the exercises are different.

For running, you need a lightweight and high cushioned shoe but for walking, a shoe with sufficient support and stability can fulfil the purpose. The sole of the running shoes needs to be rigid while the sole of the walking shoes should be flexible. Running shoes come with thick heels but walking shoes include low heels compared to running shoes. With running shoes, you can have more mobility compared to walking shoes.

These are the difference between walking and running shoes that you should know while selecting the best running shoes for you. You shouldn’t buy a pair of walking shoes for running; otherwise, you may face leg pain, foot pain, and other problems.

  • Special features

In running shoes, you can get several special features, but you should know which is necessary for you and which is not. Spending more money on unnecessary features can be costly for you so you should avoid them. The features such as breath ability, grip capability of the sole, etc. are the necessary features that you should look on running shoes.

  • Consider your walking style

Your walking style can determine how much support you need in the running. As per the walking style, the runners can be of three types; neutral runner, over-pronator and under-pronator. Neutral runners need neutral and lightweight shoes for getting the required support during the run. An over-pronator should use running shoes with good cushion and support and an under-pronator should use running shoes with lightweight and flexibility to get the required comfort.

So, you should know your style of walking while selecting running shoes for you. By knowing this, you can choose your preferred running shoes effectively.

Running Shoe Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are The Running Shoes Necessary For Running Activities?

If you are specifically asking for running activity then for sure, you should go with the running shoes instead of any other type of shoes. And if you love running or are a professional runner, then keeping your shoes in a comfortable state should be your priority. You can do this by buying the running shoes for this because almost all the brands offer running shoes, which can provide significant advantages for running purposes.

Typical running shoes usually come with the design to maximize the comfort and support to your feet, not only this, but the other advantage of going with running shoes is that you can get maximum possible traction. If you are a runner, then you surely know about this that grip and tradition with the ground is the most significant factor that allows you to reach till you maximum potential or speed while running.

2. Is It A Right Choice To Buy A Half Size Bigger Running Shoes?

Well, indeed, you should always buy a bit bigger side of running and other shoes, but while choosing the running shoes, the half size bigger option might not provide you a better experience. Most of the experts suggest that your running shoe should grab your feet perfectly, and there should be a little gap present between the toe and the shoe surface from the inner side.

This thing is very important because if you go with a perfect fit shoe option, then the shoes can put an additional backward force toward your toe while running, and in the end, it might cause pain in your toes. To resolve this issue, many brands offer cushioning in the toe section, but it is not that effective in most cases, so you should prefer to buy the shoe pair that should have a little gap between your toe and shoe inside.

3. If I Am Not A Professional Runner, Should I Remove The Spike of Running Shoes When I Feel Uncomfortable?

Yeah, it is possible to remove the spikes from the running shoes because many brands offer the shoes in which you can do it without any issue. And it is also right that if you are not a professional runner then surely you can remove the spikes because sometimes they can give you a bit of uncomfortable feeling. But also keep in mind that if you want to achieve the maximum grip on the ground while running and also to achieve your maximum speed, then it should not be a great choice to remove those spikes. It is because the spikes are ultimately present to provide you excellent traction with the ground.

4. What Type of Longevity Can I Expect From Normal Running Shoes?

Expecting too long longevity from running shoes would not be a good thing because the running shoes don’t last too long compared to other shoes. But yeah, you can expect that the standard running shoes can easily offer more than 350 miles and 500 miles of running distance. The longevity of all types of shoes depends on how often you use them, so no one can tell you how long your shoes will last because it ultimately depends upon you.

Bottom line

Running shoes are essential items for running activities. They come with several features and provide ultimate support to the runners. Each person has a different weight, foot shape and pace. So, while choosing running shoes, you should consider all the required factors. If you pick any pair of running shoes from the market, you may experience health issues or injuries after workouts. Therefore, it is important to choose the right running shoes for your application.

We hope the buying guide and the product recommendations included in this article will help you in choosing the best running shoes for you.

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