10 Best Nebulizer Machine For Kids & Babies In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether it’s India or anywhere across the globe, making a small kid or a baby drink liquid medication is often quite a struggle. Kids and babies don’t like to drink the sour liquid medicines. But medications are important as they help to keep the babies and kids safe from disease and make them healthy. In India, parents are often stuck between the thoughts of how to get their kids to drink the medicine. So what can be a good solution for this?

Nebulizer is the perfect answer to this. A nebulizer machine can transform a liquid medicine into tiny air droplets that can be easily be consumed by the kids and babies without having to undergo that bitterness of the medicine. This method is also more effective as the medicine reaches the target organ of the kid easily and can give effective results. This is perfect for those kids who have breathing complications and any issues like asthma or more.

Best Buy Nebulizer Machine Online In India

There are plenty of nebulizers in the Indian market, which makes it confusing for a parent who wants to buy one. So we’ve come up with the list of top ten best nebulizers in the Indian market with their best features and details so that you can have a good look at them. 

Let’s find out.

1. Dr Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer

Dr Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer

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The Dr Trust brand is one of the most known and trusted brands in India when it comes to health equipment and more. This compressor nebulizer from Dr Trust is one of the efficient nebulizers around and comes with a flow adjuster between 0.5 – 5ml/min that allows a user to adjust the flow of the air and vapor according to the desired comfort level. It features a medicinal chamber of 8 ml capacity that is more than enough for respiratory medicines. It’s small and portable so that it can be used conveniently. This nebulizer has a low sound operating feature, which produces less than 55db of sound. That makes it easy to use during the night also. It comes with 2 different sized masks and also a mouthpiece which can be used by kids and babies of all age group. This one can also be used by adults.

The product and the brand itself are of the USA and comes with 6 months of warranty. All you need to do is register on the manufacturer’s website after purchasing the product, and you can avail the warranty from it. It comes with a high quality of medical-grade material and is perfect for any parent seeking a nebulizer for their kids. It turns the medicine into fine particles pretty fast. It is compatible to use with medicine and saline water. It is safe to use for and is recommended by medical professionals also. You can use it to help you relax during the breathing complications that occurred by asthma, bronchitis or anything else. 

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2. Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer

Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer

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On the second number in our list, we have the one from Omron with their compressor nebulizer. Omron is another of the major names in the medical equipment and has offered great products over the years. This compressor-based nebulizer from Omron comes with virtual valve technology and is a great device to treat asthma, bronchitis, and any other respiratory disease. This nebulizer can convert the liquid-based medicine into aerosol droplets that can be easily in taken by the kids and babies. It can also be used by adults too. It comes with mmd of approximately 5 micrometers. The device functions at 0.4 mm per minute and are highly efficient, which reduces any medicinal wastage. Omron compressor nebulizer comes with robust design and has a long life, which makes it easy to use for a large period. It has one button easy to use the feature so that parents can use it with ease.

It comes with 1 year of warranty which can be further extended to 3 years from the company. The compressor nebulizer comes with 5 pcs of spare air filters and has one mouthpiece along with two masks, one for adult and one for the child. It has a medicinal capacity of 7ml and leaves a minimal medicinal residue. It has a low power consumption of 6 watts, which makes it power efficient.

3. AGARO NB- 21 Compressor Nebulizer

AGARO NB- 21 Compressor Nebulizer

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The third number on our list is the one from Agaro with their compressor nebulizer. Agaro is one of the good brands around and this compressor nebulizer comes as a perfect option for parents around. This nebulizer has a reliable aerosol delivery system that allows for better medicinal absorption. It converts medicines into the adjustable particle that can be taken easily by the kids and the babies. It has an optimal rate of 0.2 ml per minute and comes with a powerful compressor that offers pressure between 10-40 PSI. The nebulizer features a jet spray medication cap that allows for better absorption. It has reliable aerosol delivery and the device converts the liquid medicine into the mist for inhaling.

It comes with one button operations that help to use it easily. The switch is also water protected, which secures it. The nebulizer can hold 6 ml medicine in the cap, which suits for instant single dose for the patients. It has a very low noise operation and produces less than 60 decibels. It is pretty effective for kids and even adults who have breathing complications and are suffering from cough, wheezing or asthma. This nebulizer comes with both adult and child masks and also features 5 pcs of the replaceable filter. It comes with 200 cm of the tube, which is efficient. It has 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer.  It has an integrated container or accessory holder where medicines can be kept. It’s pretty easy to clean for.

4. Dr Trust Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer

Dr Trust Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer

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The fourth position on our list has been secured by Dr Trust once again. This one is a second entry into our list from Dr Trust and is one of the portable ones. This is a very convenient piece and is a trusted device for many parents when it comes to nebulizers for kids and babies. The best part about this nebulizer is its lightweight nature and pocket-sized feature. It has respiright technology, which allows for adequate and complete inhalation of the medicine. This also makes sure that the medicine wastage is at a bare minimum. It’s a mesh nebulizer and has a detachable based medication chamber. The chamber has a capacity of 10ml, which makes it easy to use and more medication can be done at once. Dr Trust has designed this nebulizer keeping in mind the need of parents who are looking for such devices than can be easily carried around. It has two power sources to run in the form of batteries and USB cables so you can use it according to your choice of operation. The device has a single button usage, which makes it easier to use for parents around. It has an on/off button that can be used easily.

This nebulizer from Dr Trust has an ultra-light body and weighs only about 98g, which makes it very convenient to carry around with you wherever you go. This device has a very low noise operation and comes with a sound output of fewer than 30 decibels so it won’t create any disturbance when using it. This can be used by kids and babies and also the adults. It can help you to treat breathing complications and any respiratory disease like asthma, bronchitis, small airway disease and more. It comes with six months of warranty just like the other one we mentioned up above. All you need to do is register yourself on the portal and you can avail the warranty claim.

5. Control D Blue & White Compressor

Control D Blue & White Compressor

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Now at fifth in our list is the brand Control D who has been around for quite some time. They are known for their medical equipment and devices that make life easier for patients all over. Any parent looking for a good nebulizer for their kids will surely find this a great choice to go for. It comes with a compressor-based nebulizer and has a white color tone to it. This nebulizer creates a fine mist of the liquid medicine that can be breathed in by the kids and babies. This works great for asthma, bronchitis, and patients which respiratory problems. It is portable and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around at home or anywhere else to use it. This can be used for both personal and even professional usage.

This compressor nebulizer has a one-button function, which makes it easy to use for and can be used by parents as required. It has a sturdy handle based design to carry around and comes with advanced nebulization. The nebulization rate for this one is at 0.2ml per minute. It has a very efficient respiratory function and comes with easy to clean option. It features low operating noise making it the right choice to use even at night and other times of need. This has a medicinal capacity of 5 ml and comes with an air tube and two sets of masks, one each for child and one for adults. So this nebulizer can be used by both child and adult people very efficiently. Using this nebulizer will give you very good results against any respiratory issues.

6. Nuwik Professional Series Piston

Nuwik Professional Series Piston

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Nuwik is one of the most loved brands in India and they have rightly satisfied their customers always with their products. This nebulizer from Nuwik is one such product that finds the place in every list of best nebulizers around. This is a piston compressor-based nebulizer and comes with elegant design. It has an anti-vibration foot and a shock-resistant body. This nebulizer comes with a portable and handy design that comes with a convenient handle to use for. It has a safe to use for design which makes it easy to use for the long haul. This has an effective medicinal delivery as the higher velocity of the oxygen and the compressor based nebulization feature turns the liquid medicine into aerosol medication that can be breathed in easily. It is a very good option for treatment against any respiratory complication and other issues like cough, asthma, small airway disease and more.

This nebulizer comes with one-button operation usage which makes it easy to use for and comes with hands-free operation. It is a perfect piece for personal and professional usage. It has an air tube, mouthpiece, and two different masks, one for child and one for adults. It comes with 1 year of warranty and has a latex-free design. It has low noise operation which produces less than 60 decibels of sound. It can be used at home during night hours also to help relieve your kids from breathing issues.

7. Equinox EQ-NL 72 Nebulizer

Equinox EQ-NL 72 Nebulizer

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Equinox is one of the most loved brands in India for medical equipment. Their line of products like a nebulizer, weighing scale, and much more are often the top sellers around and rightly so. These nebulizers are truly efficient and high performance oriented which makes it a great choice for any parent that may be looking for a good nebulizer for their kid. This nebulizer is a compressor based one and features an elegant design. It can turn the sour liquid medicine into vapor and mist in a short period allowing your child to be free from breathing complications. This nebulizer comes with virtual valve technology which makes it better to use for than the conventional methods of nebulization. It is safe to use and is also easy to clean.

This nebulizer comes with a high efficient nebulization as the mist formed in the form of aerosol provides relief against any breathing complications. It also has an inbuilt storage container inside where you can keep or store your medicines and all in it. You can also keep your accessories inside so that they won’t be contaminated and be free of any infection. The medicine storage cup has a capacity of 6 ml. It is portable and can be easily carried around for usage. It comes with an air tube, replacement filters, and two different masks, one for child and another for adults. This nebulizer can be used by both children and adults alike. It comes with 18 months of warranty from the date of purchase. Using this nebulizer will give you a perfect option to help your kids and babies take sour medicine without any issues.

8. Gent-X Piston Compressor Nebulizer

Gent-X Piston Compressor Nebulizer

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On number eight in our list, we have the nebulizer from Gent-X with their efficient piece. This one is much loved by people and parents all over as they can use this nebulizer to help provide medication to their kids and babies. This nebulizer is a good choice in India and comes with an impressive state of the art technology and ensures that the medication is atomized into fine particles that can be breathed in easily. This way the medicine will reach the respiratory tract more effectively than other ways like swallowing or more. This nebulizer is a very effective product for any parent who wants to let their children take medicine without having to bear the brunt of the sour liquid medicine and also for those who are looking for effective treatment against coughing, asthma, bronchitis or any breathing complication. It can be used for personal purposes and also for professional usage.

This nebulizer comes with a medicinal capacity of 6ml that allows you to place the medicine and then turn it into a mist that allows for breathing into the respiratory system. This nebulizer comes with a mouthpiece, air tube, 5 pcs of filters and adult and child mask. This nebulizer can be used by both kids and adults also. It has a low noise output, which is less than 55 decibels. This makes it a good choice to use, even in the house at night times. It has a storage container where you can store your medicines and accessories. It is pretty lightweight and easy to carry around which makes it a perfect choice for people who want to use it as a portable nebulizer.

9. ELKOneb EL-720 Handy Piston Compressor Nebulizer

ELKOneb EL-720 Handy Piston Compressor Nebulizer

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At the ninth number in our list, we have the one from the Elko brand with their compressor based nebulizer. Elko brand is a big name in the medical equipment sector in the industry and comes with one of the best nebulizer functioning features. This nebulizer from them is a piston compressor-based one and comes with assured strong pressure and flow. This nebulizer has an automatic thermal protector and delivers medication effectively so that the kid can breathe in the medicine easily. It comes with a one-button operation that makes it easy to use for any parent that wants to make their children take medicine. It has an air filter covering along with an air tube connector and comes with ventilation slots so that the machine functions effectively.

It has an ergonomic design that comes with a handle for easy carrying and portability. This makes it a good choice for them who are looking for a convenient nebulizer. This nebulizer has a medicinal capacity of 6ml and comes with a low filter range of 6-8 lpm. It has a low noise operation which makes it a good choice for home usage as it does not create any disturbance. The company offers 5 pcs of the air filter and an air tube with this machine and also two different sets of masks, one for child and one for adults. So this machine can be used by both child and adult.

10. Thermocare Piston Compressor Nebulizer

Thermocare Piston Compressor Nebulizer

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The last position in our list is occupied by the Thermocare brand with their nebulizer offering. This is a sturdy little nebulizer which comes with a compact design that can be easily carried over from one place to another. This nebulizer is a piston based compressor nebulizer and features impressive functioning. It turns the liquid medicine into a mist that can be easily breathed in by the child or the adult who has breathing complications. This nebulizer works great to relieve respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, small airway respiratory disease and more. This helps to intake the medicine directly into the lungs which provide quicker relief than contemporary liquid medication.

This nebulizer from Thermocare comes with a one-button operation which makes it a good option for handling and use. It has an air tube which is sufficient for usage and comes with 4 pcs of air filters. It also has two different sets of masks, one for adults and one for children. This nebulizer can be used by both adults and children. It has two storage compartments where you can store your accessories and medicine so that no infection can spread into it. It has a medicinal storage cup where you can place your medicine that will then turn into mist. The masks are completely latex-free for health safety reasons. It also has a low noise operation which makes it ideal to use at home during odd hours also. It is much preferred by doctors and alike for nebulizing and providing medicine to patients suffering from respiratory issues.

How To Choose The Best Nebulizer for Babies & Kids

A reliable nebulizer for babies and kids should be safe to use, have all the necessary features, and more. While selecting a nebulizer for your kid, checking brands’ credibility and features can help narrow down the wide list. Compare all the below-mentioned aspects to find out an effective working nebulizer 

Consider the type of medicine that you can use in the Nebulizer

Two different types of medications are used with nebulizers that differentiate their working. While selecting, you should know the type of medicine you will be using. The types are –

  • Non-Medicated Liquid Medicine – Kids with dry nose usually need non-medicated liquid medicine. The same goes for those kids who are suffering from extreme dryness with dry cough. It requires a moistened mucous membrane. Using simple saline liquid instead of proper medicine can come in handy in this case, and it feels highly reliable for such small problems.
  • Medicated Liquid Medicine – For serious diseases like rhinitis, asthma, or other similar problems, medicated liquid medicine is required. The nebulizers for this type of medicine are different. The type of nebulizer slightly differs based on the kind of disease.

Type of Nebulizer

You can find several types in nebulizers that are different in terms of usability, features, and overall functionality. You can choose between the below mentioned five types –

  • Stationary Nebulizers
  • Ultrasonic Nebulizers
  • Mobile Nebulizers
  • Mesh Nebulizers
  • Jet Nebulizers

Each one has its own set of properties along with quirky features that you can explore and learn in detail so that you can make this decision quite easily. You can also go through some educational videos on nebulizers that you can look upon on the web.

Go with Reputed Manufacturers

Go with top sellers of nebulizers to figure out a reliable brand. Each brand offers unique features or simplified functions for a better usability experience. Once you begin comparing brand, reputation, and experience in the same field, you can make the right decision. The top brands for nebulizers in India are Dr. Trust, Omron, and AGARO. Many other brands like this can serve the best quality and use.

Availability of Warranty

No doubt that a nebulizer is not such an expensive product, but if you look for well-made options, they are significantly expensive. Any kind of defect with working or durability will be a big loss. That’s why looking for the warranty of the product is an important aspect. After checking the warranty factor, consider after-sale services to learn more about a particular brand. It will help you understand whether to choose their product or not. Two years of warranty is good enough to ensure a safe purchase.

Reviews of Buyers

The last factor which will help you explore more about a product is the review section. After checking reviews, you can know about effectiveness, compact size, durability, and other aspects. The same method will help you learn about the functionality and flaws (if any). Learning the essential factors ahead of purchase lets you choose the best deal to provide the best use.

How to Use a Nebulizer Machine with Your Child

Using a nebulizer is an appropriate way should be very important. However, maintaining a daily routine might be difficult for parents who do not know how to use the nebulizer machine. If you facing the same issue and want to know accurate methods and tips and you should consider our below-mentioned information which can help you in using the nebulizer machine in a better way. Let us discuss them:

All Steps to follow:

As you read earlier, a nebulizer machine is used to deliver liquid medicine into the baby’s lungs. However, if the medicine has not been delivered successfully, then it can cause harm to your baby’s lungs. Therefore some steps are mentioned that should be taken into consideration by parents while using the nebulizer’s machine.

  1. Before getting the start, you should wash your hands with soapy water and make their hygiene. Make sure the hands should completely dry while touching medicine.
  2. Bring together all equipment’s to make them assemble. Here equipment’s mean nebulizer, mask and tube.
  3. Next, fill the cup (medicine cup) with the medication. Make sure the medication dose should be prescribed by a doctor. Or use it with proper steps mentioned on the pack.
  4. After filling the cup with prescribed medicine, close it gently. But make sure the medicine cup will be closed tightly.
  5. Now, fix one end of the tube to the medicine cup and the other end to the nebulizer.
  6. Before placing the mask, make a sure baby should feel comfortable.
  7. Next, keep the mask on the baby’s face.
  8. Turn it on and mass in the nebulizer.
  9. You can see the vapour should appear while you using it.
  10. Most of the nebulizers can take a maximum of 15 minutes of duration period while old nebulizers can take as long as 25 minutes to supply the liquid medicine into the baby’s lungs.
  11. Turn it off while the process has been completed.
  12. If a baby needs to interrupt the treatment, stop the process and avoid wasting medication.
  13. When to see the cup is empty, then turn off the machine.
  14. After that, take the nebulizer separately.
  15. At last, wash the mask and cup in clean soapy water.
  16. Rinse it well and let it leave to dry.
  17. Once dry, keep in it a cool and clean place.
  18. After completion of the process, clean your hands with soapy water.

Nebulizer For Kids Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to use nebulizer at home?

Many people wish to know if it is recommended to visit the hospital to give nebulizer to the child every time. This can prove to be quite an expensive affair and hence it is recommended that you buy a nebulizer at home and use it along with the medicines required for the kid. The cost of using nebulizer at home is nominal and buying the nebulizer is just a one-time investment. Talking about the safety aspect, it is safe to use nebulizer at home, and many people use it. Ensure that you are following the proper instructions while using the nebulizer. If you are not sure, then you can even ask someone to give you a demo.

  • What should I put in the nebulizer?

A nebulizer is used to give medicines to the baby suffering from respiratory issues. You need to check with the doctor on what medication should be used in the nebulizer. You must never use any medicine on the kid without the doctor’s prescription. The doctor will also tell you about the medication’s concentration and the dosage you need to use in the nebulizer. Follow the same practice when you are giving nebulizer at home. The medicines prescribed by the doctor are available at the local chemist, and you can use saline along with the drug prescribed to your kid.

  • How many times should a nebulizer be used?

You can use the nebulizer between one to four times a day. The exact amount of usage depends on the doctor’s prescription. You must not use the nebulizer more than what has been prescribed by the doctor. The medicine used in the nebulizer could be an antibiotic, and an overdose can be harmful to the baby. While using the drug in the nebulizer, ensure that you use the exact quantity of the medicine. Do not use more or less medicine and follow the same instructions provided by the doctor.

  • Can I use a nebulizer on the baby when he is asleep?

Some children tend so get scared with the mask of the nebulizer. They get uncomfortable and hence you might not be able to use the nebulizer on such babies. In such a case, you can use the nebulizer on the baby when he is asleep. You can add the medicine and turn on the nebulizer. Gently place the mask on the baby, and after that, you would need to monitor the baby until the drug has been finished. Once the dose is finished, you can remove the mask and switch off the nebulizer.

  • Can I use a nebulizer with just saline?

The nebulizer breaks the material into microparticles, and this liquid goes deep into your respiratory system. You can use the nebulizer just with saline, but you must ensure that you are not using the nebulizer until the doctor advises you to. The babies’ respiratory system is susceptible, and hence you must be careful while given nebulizer to them. Moreover, the nebulizer would never replace the steam, so do not use a nebulizer instead of steam until the doctor recommends you.


A nebulizer is a great device and aids very much in the cure of respiratory ailments. It is an ideal device for any parent who is looking to make their children intake the medicine. We know how children react to sour medicine and nebulizer can help provide a solution to it by turning the medicine into a mist that will reduce any sourness. Also using a nebulizer tends to provide better and quicker relief than the normal contemporary intake as it directly reaches out to the lungs and provides immediate relief.

We have listed the best nebulizers in India and have let out details around it. We hope all the parents are looking for a good nebulizer for kids and babies will find their choice here.

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