10 Best Microwave Oven Recipes for Indians

With a microwave oven, there are so many Indian recipes that you can now simply try at home. Now you don’t have to order any food or go to a restaurant to buy your favorite meal when you can do that all at home. To cook an Indian meal is surely not less than art. With a perfect blend of spices to be well mixed and simmered it for the right time while giving the aromatic essence surely, you will have the most incredible dishes to be made at home. Now it doesn’t matter even if you are not aware of the dishes or want to explore some of the new ones as with microwave oven you get the most helping hand that can make cooking a lot easier.

Whether it is heating the Biryani or trying our new food recipe, you can do everything without consuming much time and energy. All you have to do is simply invest in the right type of microwave oven. Research, know the features and understand if it worth the amount that you spend and you are all set to use such type of oven. This type of device is one of the most cooking friendly incredible options that can make your life a lot easier. In this fast-paced generation, where time can’t be afforded enough to be wasted, surely with such incredible dishes at home you can enjoy exploring.

Be it the mouth water curries and tikkas or the sweet like halwas, have a look at the top-notch microwave oven recipes for India dishes that you can try

10 Best Microwave Oven Recipes

Microwave Oven Recipes

1. Lal Murgh

Don’t be amazed to see this dish to be cooked at home in your oven. Yes, you can now save 100 of your pocket money by cooking this incredible chicken recipe at home. Blended well with the spices and made perfectly grilled in the microwave, this recipe is made with the flavorful, hot, yet fiery species that would surely pamper your taste bud to the core.

2. Besan Kadhi Pindi Style

This is another authentic recipe which you can try out. This recipe is an incredible version that needs spices and vegetables for you to mix well and wait for not more than 30 minutes to get cooked when in the oven. This recipe if you make in the microwave will not just be quick but tasty too. You can prepare it with oil, fenugreek seeds, and coriander to name a few. If you want, you can serve it with the steamed rice for your mouth relishing the whole meal too.

3. Macchi Laal Masala

For the fish lovers too here is the good news. Now you can enjoy the spicy fish fillets to be made in the microwave in less than 1 minute. It is extremely easy to be made and you know what the best part is! Well, all you have to do is marinate the fish rest all; it is your oven taking care. As the marination when the fish is being cooked will get sucked up within the flesh and give you the most incredible, mouth-watering taste

4. Chicken Biryani

S you might be tired after a hectic day and must be looking forward to making the food that can make your day. Surely you can plan to make chicken biryani. Coking this amazing dish at home is no more a tedious task rather, it is the easiest one that you can make in less time. This biryani recipe would make it quick for you to make the relishing chicken biryani. But before that, make sure the chicken is well marinated with curd and all the spices in the right manner.

5. Gajar ka halwa

This dish is one of the favorites in almost everyone in the house. This, however, can be quite a time-taking if you cook it on the gas or stove but here is the good news. You can no-cook this recipe simply in the microwave oven and save your half hour too. Yes, if you are pretty aware of the recipe then it should not be difficult for you to make it in a microwave oven.

6. Kheer

So we have stated snacks, the main course then how can we forget about the dessert that can be made. Yes, you can now make your yummy kheer at home which is extremely easy to be made in a microwave oven. Let the rice get well cooked with sugar, milk and make sure you add cardamom powder to it. Fir better garnishing, you can also cut some saffron strands. The recipe of rice kheer will surely be the best one to add post-lunch in your dinner plan.

7. Gobhi Dahiwala

Enjoy this rich vegetarian luscious Punjabi dish now in your home. This Gobi recipe is made with a perfect blend of all hot spices and yogurt which is why making it is now quick easy if you do it in the microwave oven. The recipe to get cooked well will not take more than an hour in the oven. The best part if each of the cauliflower comes out soft and there will benefit from spices marination that you can notice.

8. Tandoori Chicken

Go ahead, now this dish can also be made in less time with your microwave oven. The tandoori dish is almost a favorite of ever one. The dish needs a marinating of chicken in perfect spices, ginger, garlic, salt and yogurt with dhania powder and graham masala too. It is covered and well cooked for perfect in the oven. This dish is not just mouth-watering but now for your next party, you can make it at home without any problem. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

9. Low-Calorie Dhokla

This healthy snack is said to be an authentic Gujarati dish that you can cook at home. It is soft, fluffily and light in weight and you can surely enjoy the mouth relishing Dhoklas recipe by making in your microwave oven. Simply this dish will take half an hour of yours and when you will enjoy having it there will not be many calories going inside your tummy too. This recipe can be the perfect snack you can plan for your guests when they come next time when you serve them tea.

10. French toast

If you like English breakfast in the morning and egg has always been your favorite then you can make masala French toast in your microwave oven. There is no hard and fast rule involved in it. But just make sure each of the ingredients is put in the right balance so that the essence and taste of the dish don’t get spoilt at all.


Be it dhokla, biryani, kheer or anything else, to cook Indian food will no longer be a time-consuming process once you buy a microwave oven for yourself. With such a device, you can surely make not just the above-mentioned recipes but also many other dishes that a fast aced generation would not miss to enjoy. So open the magic book of all your recipes today and explore the best of the recipes that you can make with your tiny device help.

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