7 Best Microwave Oven Covers in India 2022 (For Dust Safety)

Considering the options of a microwave oven to cover your oven at the same time with some side pockets attached to it as the storage solution this is the right step to protect and increase the service life of your appliance. But the crucial question that pops in the head is how exactly to make the choice. Before that understand that a microwave oven is the best kitchen tool to have around for protecting not just your oven against spills, scratches, or any kind of damages but can also use as a décor item to enhance the look of your overall kitchen.

How To Choose Microwave Oven Cover

It is always important to consider the following factors while deciding on buying the right microwave oven cover in India, such as:

  • Quality: You are after all investing so you need to make sure it is worth and that is why choose the cover that is made of cotton or polyester fabric since it can offer better service in long run.
  • Looks: Don’t just focus on the usage but see to it that it has a sleek design that can enhance the overall look of the kitchen as it would be protecting your appliance all the time.
  • Price: The focus of buying such cover is to give protection to the appliance at the same time ensure that it does not get damaged easily. So see to it that price is not just over hyped if the quality is not that great
  • Storage solution: Simply having a cover does not make any sense. Look for a better storage solution for your oven which will allow you to keep your kitchen valuables like scissors, recipe book and spatulas’ conveniently.

Best Buy Microwave Oven Cover Online In India

Listed are some of the best Microwave Oven Cover that you can consider buying since they are top-notch ones and trending in the market.

1. Homestrap Microwave Cover For 30L Microwave Oven-Brown

Homestrap Microwave Cover

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This is one incredible cover because of the best quality and design. Made to cover around 30L of the oven certainly it would enhance the overall decor of the kitchen. It protects the appliance from regular wear and tear, scratches and even other dust particles. The dimension of the cover is 13 x 22 x 17 inch which eventually means it perfectly matches most of the microwave oven brands. This cover is light in weight and surely quite sturdy enough to protect the appliance in all-weather season. So if you are planning to buy this cover for your oven then certainly, you will not be disappointed.


  • It can fit major brands of microwave
  • It is best for 30 L Microwave Oven
  • It can protect the appliance from regular wear and tear and scratches in the long run
  • It has a zip closure for sturdy protection


  • It may fit 30L oven but still, it looks bigger.
  • It can be overpriced if you compare it with quality

2. Tib® Digital Printed Butterfly Microwave Oven Top Cover

Tib® Digital Printed Butterfly Microwave Oven Top Cover

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This cover is designed for ovens that have 20L of capacity. Available in Beige color, this protector ensures that your oven stays protected against dust, dirt and fungus and bacteria in the long run and thus improves its service life too. It comes with multiple utility pockets and has 2 on both the side of the cover. You can utilize the pockets in different ways since they are made of dual reinforced stitching. It also protects the appliance while matching the home décor which is why; you will surely not repent of having this type o cover in your home kitchen


  • It measures 14 inches* 34 inches which is quite sufficient
  • It is made of Polyester fabric that ensures better protection
  • It is easy to use

It protects the oven against dirt, stains, and scratches


  • It is extremely thin clothing
  • You may find some pockets not well stitched from the bottom

3. Dream Care Microwave Oven Cover

Dream Care Microwave Oven Cover

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Moving on to another top-notch quality cover which is quite popular and being sold in the market is Dream Care Microwave Oven Cover. This cover is designed for LG 28 Litre Convection and also the oven similar to the amaze sizing. The cover measures 21.5X13X20 in terms of width, height, and dimension. It is made of polyester fabric which means it is dust and waterproof too. Having this cover in the kitchen not just makes it the best tool around but also you can use it as a decorative piece of kitchen decor which surely will not repent you at all. The focus of such overprotects your oven against any kind of damages be it stains, scratches, dust or wear and tear and thus give it better service life.


  • It has Zip Enclosures for your convenience
  • It is easy to insert and remove the cover
  • It is easy to clean Wet Cloth
  • It covers your oven from unwanted Particles and Dust
  • It does have Waterproof surface


  • Over features the cover is overpriced

4. Glassiano White Flower Printed Microwave Oven Cover

Glassiano White Flower Printed Microwave Oven Cover

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This cover is meant for LG 32 Litre Convection Microwave Oven. Available in black color, this cover has a sleek design which surely matches the home décor. It is made by the professional team of designers from Glassiano Company who with years of experience has brought you the best of the quality. The cover is quite elegant and attractive too which ensures that your oven is not just being protected but also the elegance of the appliances maintain while the beauty of the kitchen is encased. If you are considering giving a stylish look to your oven then this cover can be the ideal choice.


  • It is Attractive & elegant
  • It gives A New Standard Stylish look
  • It protects your oven surface from scratches
  • It is easy to wash and clean the cover


  • The material is not of that great quality as you expect

5. Zolly Microwave Oven Dust Proof Cover

Zolly Microwave Oven Dust Proof Cover

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This bag is made of sturdy quality since it is a perfect blend of study materials like cotton which is not just durable but is quite easy to be washed too. The oven cover has been designed to protect the appliance against any kind of damages be it spills, scratches or even dust and thus maintain the look at the same time ensure that the service life of the cover stays intact in long run. The cover has a pouch design that can let you store some of the small items that would keep the home look neat and tidy. It is not just good at protecting but has also a beautiful appearance that can add more fun elements to the house.


  • It can be used office or house life
  • It has a breathable material
  • The cover is durable and wear-resistant in the long run
  • It has pockets for storage convenient
  • It is 100% Washable


  • It has a narrow piece and not thick which makes it not so good in terms of quality
  • It is quite expensive

6. Kuber Industries Cotton 1 Piece Microwave Oven Cover

Kuber Industries Cotton 1 Piece Microwave Oven Cover

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This cover is meant for 20 liters of the appliance and is made of superior material that offers better usage in the long run. The cover is not just durable but has the material used that ensures your appliance stays protected against dirt and dust. Once the dirt gets piled up on the cover you can easily wash it off with mild clothing and detergent for better usage. The cover would also safeguard the oven from stains another particle and thus ensure that your appliance has a better service life in the long run. This cover is not just elegant in design but is quite attractive too.


  • It is made of high quality and better durability
  • It enhances the overall beauty of the microwave oven
  • Your oven stays protected against dust and scratches
  • This has two zipper enclosures at the front side


  • It is quite bigger which make sit uncomfortable at some point
  • It has a thin light material

7. Shop Online 1pc Microwave Oven Cover

Shop Online 1pc Microwave Oven Cover

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This is another unique yet multifunctional Transparent Printing Water-proof Cover which also comes with a Storage Bag. This is one efficient dust over a hanging bag that offers better protection along with a design to match and enhance the overall kitchen look. This cover is best suitable for all types of models that are available in the market today. That is not it! This product also comes with a blending material which is why buying it is worth.


  • It offers a storage solution
  • You can cover the appliance against all particles
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It is light in weight


  • There are side pockets which claim to be useful but are not long-lasting
  • The design is incredible but colors fade quickly.

How to Wash or Clean Microwave Oven Cover

As you read earlier, Microwave Oven Cover is an essential thing to protect the microwave.  It helps to protect the microwave from dust, scratches or any kind of damage.So, you have to use microwave cover in a good manner and keep them clean& hygiene all the time. However, following an adequate method is also a very important thing. Earlier, if you are not usingany oven cover and not sure howto clean or wash them, as you can consider our mentioned steps. Without wasting any time, let’s take a look at few steps:

Steps to clean or wash Microwave Oven Cover:

The oven covers are an essential item to protect the oven from any damage or loss. Sometimes, dirt particles, the oily smell may stick on the upper layer of fabric. It is necessary to make them neat and clean. If you want your oven to stay odour free and dirt free, then there are some very simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Wash them on a monthly basis. If you do oven cloth washing once a month then you need to make sure you can change the cover at least every thrice a week.
  2. Fill a bucket with warm water and vinegar/detergent and mix them well. Soak them for about 20 minutes. You can also add 1 tablespoon baking soda ( if requires).
  3. If the oven cover colour is white, then you must add bleach to them for better cleaning.
  4. Make sure decorative part ( if have)andupper fabric may not tear while washing.
  5. In case of harsh spots, you can use hot water and baking soda (the traditional method of cleaning).
  6. Remember; never leave the oven cover in the washing machine overnight. In the case of soft fabric, don’t use a dryer. If the dryer requires then keep it straight to the dryer for quick use.
  7. Make sure where you put the microwave, that area should be always dry and clean. Your oven cover will catch the odour and stickiness from moisture and air.
  8. Before use, make sure the covers will dry completely.
  9. Follow the same procedure every month, but this time you can use boil water for about 10 to 15 minutes to keep them clean.
  10. The right cleaning procedure will kill any remaining bacteria and remove odour and stickiness.


Now that you are pretty much clear with the type of cover that you need to buy for your appliance, it is time for you to go ahead and buy one.

However, it is always better to ask for feedback and reviews form the customers and friends who have used such products previously. This way you will be able to deal with the right one.

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