10 Best Kids Lunch Boxes for School In India 2022 (For Girls & Boys)

As a kid, you must remember how the lunch breaks were at the school—sitting with your friends, sharing from their lunch boxes, and sometimes exchanging with them as you liked their lunch better than yours. I still remember my lunch box and the bag I used to carry. Those are some memories that make you happy and relive them. Such are the memories linked with lunch boxes. About a couple of decades ago, lunch boxes, we mostly made of steel. Then came the hot boxes where the lunch was kept hot. We also an individual bag to carry the boxes.

Not much has changed since those days. Our kids still carry similar lunch boxes, but most of them are made of plastic, and they are attractive than the older ones. In this article, we will be sharing information about 10 best lunch boxes that we have come across and how they would be the best choice for your child to carry to school daily. There are innumerable manufacturers in India but only very few of them have made it to this list where we will discuss details on them. Without wasting much time, let us now look into them.

Best Buy Kids Lunch Box Online In India

You would always want your son/daughter to have the best of the things for them. Such is the case of Lunch box also. Hence with some efforts and some research, we were able to bring you the best Lunch Box available in the market place. 

Let us go through them now. 

1. Jaypee Plus Missteel Hello Kitty Plastic Lunch Box Set

Jaypee Plus Missteel Hello Kitty Plastic Lunch Box Set

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Jaypee Plus is the sister concern of Dipty Lal judge mal Pvt ltd (DLJM) and is led by the three qualities, Quality, Creative and Unique. DLJM wanted to serve the customers with the highest quality products, which were also uniquely designed when compared to their competitors. Today they are into all kitchen-ware, home-ware and kids lunch boxes. The all pink lunch box with “Hello Kitty” been written on the top is made for the strong little girls. The lunch box is made of both plastic and stainless steel, making it high-quality food-grade material.

Jaypee wants to ensure your children can eat the safest lunch. Hence they have used the high-quality virgin plastic material in manufacturing the lunch box outer side. Inside is the stainless-steel material, which keeps the food hot at least for some time. There is an additional small box inside which is designed to hold sabzi. The lunch box is spill proof and leak proof. The box is designed to be easily fit into the school bag without any hassle. The lunch box capacity is about 700 ml and also accompanied with one spoon made of stainless steel.

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2. Signoraware Slim Glass Lunch Box

Signoraware Slim Glass Lunch Box

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Signoraware is an ISO certified company in India that manufactures all types of food storage containers, including water bottles. The company has gained popularity in the Indian market, and it has the best-said varieties in the section of containers with covers. They are also popular in the manufacture of glass lunch boxes and other storage boxes. The slim glass lunch box from Signoraware is a very well-designed box, which is also a hygienic and healthy choice. It is free of plastic at least around 70% when compared to any lunch box and can be used to heat the food.

This is a partitioned box with one part fairly larger than the other. The cover of the box is made of plastic and has additional wings that can be used to lock the cover making sure the box is leak-proof and spill-proof. The cover is lined with a food-grade rubber material that acts as a cushion to lock the box airtight. The box is made of borosilicate glass. It is heat resistant up-to 400 degrees Celsius and hence can be used to heat the food in a microwave oven. Not just school, this box also can be used by parents to carry lunch to the office. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

3. Jaypee Plus Missteel Angry Birds Plastic Lunch Box Set

Jaypee Plus Missteel Angry Birds Plastic Lunch Box Set

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Another one from Jaypee Plus, which looks like designed for boys, especially comes with the theme of Angry Birds. The official colour of Angry birds is Red and hence the box is red. The cover of the box is designed with the Angry birds on it and looks to be taken from the movie “Angry Birds”. It displays all the main characters of the movie. This is very attractive for the children, and they would be delighted to show off the lunch box to their friends.

The cover has locks on the four sides, which holds the box tight and ensures nothing spills from inside. Once in the box, you can see the stainless-steel inner container which is fixed with the box. This container ensures the food retains its heat at least for some time. There is another small box within which is for storing sabzi for lunch. It is made of steel however, the cap is made of spill-proof plastic material. The size of the whole box is not too big hence fits into your school bag without hassle. There is also a spoon accompanied in the box, which is made of stainless steel.

4. Veigo Lock N Steel – Air Tight Lunch Box

Veigo Lock N Steel - Air Tight Lunch Box

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Veigo is a popular brand in India for the lunch box – Lock n Steel is one of their brands that is known to have high-quality lunch boxes. The one we are discussing now is the Airtight Lunch boxes that come in two. It is a uniquely designed lunch box that contains mostly stainless steel. They have also kept it airtight, making it spill-proof and leak-proof. Now you must be wondering how come the steel box is an airtight container. Well, the box and the cover are lined with the special food-grade rubber kind of plastic that is soft and ensures to create sir tight when the box is locked.

All the 4 sides of the box have lock that tight enough to avoid any leakages. The kit comes in two similar boxes but one smaller than the other. The plastic used is of food grade and is not toxic. The steel container retains the quality of the food and ensures your kid is not affected by any contaminants from outside the box. The plastic used is of high quality and does not harm the baby’s health. The colour is pink but can be used by both the girls and the boys.

5. Jaypee Plus Stainless-Steel Lunch Box

Jaypee Plus Stainless-Steel Lunch Box

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A little mature looking lunch box from Jaypee looks like made completely of plastic. The cap or the upper part of the closed lunch box is engraved with lemon and doughnut and written Pancake, Dougnut, Cheesecake and Cookie. The base colour of the box is pale green with the cap accompanied by a brown border. The cap on all 4 sides extends wing-like lock that locks on to the sides of the box. It thus becomes airtight, spill-proof and leak-proof.

On the insides, it is similar to the other products from Jaypee itself that we have discussed. The insides have the lining of the stainless-steel container. It has a small box that is meant for sabzi purposes. It has a stainless-steel spoon that is big enough and fits into the box without hassle. The plastic used is of high-quality food-grade material hence safe for usage. It also fits into the school bag easily.

6. Cello Feast Deluxe Insulated Kids Lunch Box

Cello Feast Deluxe Insulated Kids Lunch Box

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Cello is another company in India which is quite popular enough and has a variety of household products that they manufacture. Cello Feast is the version of the products that produce lunch box. The lunch box looks like a standard one but is the Superman-themed one. The cover hoards the Superman picture that is colourful enough to attract the kids. The wordings read as Stronger, faster, Superman. The remaining part of the box is red and the locks on the sides are grey.

These locks, lock the box by fitting in tightly on the sides of the box. This feature enables the box to become airtight and leak proof. The inside of the box is completely stainless steel hence making it safe for hot food to be stored and is non-toxic. There is a small box provided, which is meant for sabzi purposes. The plastic used is food-grade material, break-resistant, and BPA free. The design of the box is completely aimed for kid’s school lunch box.

7. Cello Click It Stainless Steel Lunch Pack

Cello Click It Stainless Steel Lunch Pack

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Another one from Cello, one of the leading kitchen containers and boxes manufacturers, that is named as “Click” due to its sound making feature. The box is mostly stainless-steel bit with red colour plastic borders that makes the box leak proof. The cap is also made of stainless-steel with border in red coloured plastic an has 6 locking wings that locks on to the sides. As it locks, it makes the click sound making the lunch box airtight container.

It is made of food-grade plastic hence safe for you or your kid to consume from the box. It contains a small box within which is good enough to store the sabzi or sweet that makes your lunch tastier. The lunch box is ideal to be used by children for school purposes or by adults as an office lunch box. It does not keep the food hot but keeps it fresh enough to make sure your lunch is a safer one. The product is a durable one and does not absorb any odour or colour.

8. TEDEMEL Lunch/Dinner Tiffin Box

TEDEMEL Lunch Dinner Tiffin Box

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Looks like the most premium quality and elegant looking lunch box has been manufactured by Tedemel. The one we are discussing now is completely green from outside with small addition of grey border and grey lock only on two sides. On the top, there is a press air proof button that can be used to remove the air from inside and make it air proof for the food to retain its freshness. There is a premium quality silicone seal lining on the sides of the cap that makes it leak-proof and airtight to retain the freshness.

The material inside the box is completely stainless-steel, which is of high quality. There is a high-quality plastic spoon provide with the box to make sure you have a handy one to have your lunch. There is also the food-grade quality plastic box meant for you to carry a small quantity of sabzi or any sweets. The lock on the sides of the cap ensures airtight is created and no food can be spilt or leaked.

9. Dealcrox 2 Layered Lunch Box

Dealcrox 2 Layered Lunch Box

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Dealcrox comes with a unique looking lunch box that is designed with cartoon character making it ideal for school going kids. It has two boxes, one on top and the other in the bottom. On the top, which is the cover, has a handle that can be used to hold the box. This handle is blue and connects to the yellow cover from 2 sides. The locks connect to the box below to lock tight, making it an airtight container.

The box extends to another blue box that is locked with the yellow one with the side locks provided. The insides of both the boxes are stainless-steel making it safe to store hot food items and can be consumed at a later stage. It can also be used by office going adults. The design of the lunch box makes it easily washable and free of any odour.

10. WISHKEY Stainless Steel Lunch Box

WISHKEY Stainless Steel Lunch Box

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The most smartly designed lunch box, and the last one on our list, is from Whiskey. It is made of stainless-steel insides keeping the food safe and also keeps it hot due to its airtight quality. On the top, there is a small compartment where you can store the spoon and the fork, which can be used while having lunch items like rice or noodles. The cap has a silicone lining, which is removable and washable that works as the airtight cover.

Outside the box is made of plastic, which is of high-quality food-grade that is also non-toxic. It has a single compartment inside but as an additional small box that can be used to store chutney or sabzi. Due to its silicone lining, it becomes leak-proof and also keeps the food hot for some time.  It is designed in such a way that it can fit into the school bag easily. It is light pink hence can be favourite of the girls.

How To Choose a Lunchbox for Your Kid

A wide range of lunch boxes are available on the market, this includes different materials, different designs, different durability, different size, etc. However, not all of these factors are important. Here are the factors that you need to consider while you are on the market looking for a lunchbox for your kid.

Larger size is better – While purchasing a lunchbox, always keep in mind not to purchase the size you require, but a size larger than the size you require. Remember, in circumstances when you need to carry more food, this extra space could be a blessing for you.

Compartments – There are lunchboxes with compartments, some of them with too many compartments and some with only a few. However, we recommend that you ask your kid how he likes his food to be packed and then consider the number of compartments. Some kids do not like their food to be mixed, for such kids lunch boxes with compartment is the best choice.

Material – Not all lunchboxes are sturdy, in the beginning, most lunchboxes used to be made of stainless steel. Today, SS is the least used. However, we will not compel you to go for the SS lunchbox, but instead, a combination of SS and other material. There are lunchboxes with SS interior and exterior made of other materials, such lunchboxes are very durable.

Insulation – To retain the temperature of the food insulation is very important, however, most of the lunchboxes do not come with insulation. Therefore, you must check for this specific feature while purchasing a lunchbox for your kid.

Brand – Over the years, the number of brands that market lunchboxes has become diverse, which makes the selection of lunchbox a challenging task. However, no matter how challenging it is, never neglect the brand. Remember, if you want the lunchbox to be food grade, then, only a good brand could give you that.

Compact size – Do you know that a lunchbox of the same capacity could come in different sizes? Yes, they can, some of them could be compact and some of them could appear comparatively bigger. However, you should consider purchasing a lunchbox that is compact rather than large.


We are sure numerous other brands in Indian market manufacture and sell lunch boxes. There are also locally made lunch boxes that are available at a far cheaper price than the ones on this list. But they are not very safe for you to store food as they are made of low-quality plastic and are not durable ones. They can easily break and can also smell of chemical or plastic on the food that is stored in it. It also becomes impossible to sore hot food in them due to the same reason.

Hence it is advisable to go with lunch boxes that have a good brand and also made of best materials. We are sure the list above will help you out.

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