Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands In India In 2022

Leather shoes are loved by people all across the world because of the classy look and durability they provide. Various brands manufacture and market leather shoes in multiple countries. Here, we have brought you a list of ten reliable and trendy brands that market their products in India. Some of these are based in India, whereas the others are outside the country.

No matter the location, almost all these brands have never ceased to provide their customer with the best products, which in this case are leather shoes. All these brands have high market shares and retail positions in India as of 2021. We have rated these brands after doing a lot of research and listed them from ranks one to ten.

All these brands are known for their great credibility, excellent services, and huge variety option. You will never find anything wrong related to their after-sale services because most of these brands offer easier claims. You can get advantages from the additional services offered, which can ease up during the selection of the best ones.

Best Buy Leather Shoes Brands Online In India

Below are the details of the ten brands we selected from a bunch of brands that manufacture and market leather shoes in India.

1. Bata


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Bata shoe organization, also known as Bata limited is a great brand that makes leather shoes available in India. It is one of the oldest known shoe brands established. Bata India has served millions of customers and is best known for its brand value. They provide a considerable variation in show types and the material of the shoe.

But here we will solely discuss their extraordinary leather shoes.  Their leather shoes include a variety of upper material like synthetic leather, patent leather, genuine leather. These shoes have hues like coffee, black, tan, and more. Their boots are highly likely to last for a very long time without getting weaker. The finish of the seam of these shoes adds more value and beauty to the product.

They provide quality footwear in relates styles. The only drawback is their leather shoes are pretty tricky to clean and can only be dusted with a dry cloth. You can wipe these shoes with a clean and dry cloth to clean them.

Due to the higher brand credibility and a significant number of outlets in India, you can expect premium quality services over the other brands. The most loved feature about Bata’s leather shoes is, they are highly durable, and you won’t be having any issue with usability.

The following things about Bata attracted us the most

  • The great variety of leather shoes they provide.
  • They have a massive number of outlets available in India.
  • They have an excellent customer care network.

2. Louis Phillippe

Louis Phillippe

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 This brand derives its name after a King of France, which is commendable because they make products that feel like royalty. This brand is a subsidiary of a division of Aditya Birla Group. It is one of the largest brands in India with a vast network. Their leather shoes are reliable and durable.

The seam of these shoes is also excellent. The hold and fit of these shoes are also very tenacious. We also like the firm grip these shoes provide. You can buy their leather shoes at various outlets they have in India or from any e-commerce sites. Their official website is also great for making a purchase.

 They provide a warranty period of almost 180 days in many of their products. You can go through all their leather shoes. They are all equipped with laced as well as slip-on closure and not worry about the quality. Almost all their leather shoes are here to provide you with the dapper look! The drawback we noticed is that not many outlets of Louis Phillippe are there in small cities.

Over time, you will learn that the perfect fitting like a glove ensures the best use. You will never have to worry about the size of shoes and fitting. This is the primary reason that LP’s products come at a slightly high price point over the other ones.

The following things about Louis Phillippe attracted us the most

  • The high quality and durability of the shoes.
  • They have an excellent variety.
  • The finish of the shoes.

3. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

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This is an American brand that makes excellent leather shoes. They provide their service in almost 120 countries and luckily, India is one of those. Hush Puppies was founded in the year 1958 and has served millions of customers since then. They have also won many prizes for their service.

Their leather shoes go very well with business apparel and formal wear. They are comfortable to walk in and look stylish. Hush Puppies provides its buyers with a warranty period of almost 90 days. You may get your favourite pair at any famous e-commerce site. But beware of duplicates. Do your research well before making a purchase.

Their shoe designs are very refined and contemporary. They will surely last a long time. We also love the sleek finish of these shoes. They are available in universal hues like – black, brown, coffee, and more. The only problem with Hush Puppies is that they do not have many stores in India, but they can be purchased online.

Hush puppies design ensure better usability, and you can find great variety in a single pattern. They are offering such quality features. Along with usability, the design factor ensures the best use of this product, which can make you obtain several other advantages with ease. It will help you save money for sure.

The following things about Hush Puppies attracted us the most

  • Unlike other brands, their leather shoes are very comfortable.
  • They serve thousands of customers around the world every single day.
  • The design of their shoes is so great it will sure add an upgrade to your quintessential dressing.

4. Woodland

Woods by Woodland

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When it comes to leather, how can we not talk about Woodland? Woodland was founded in Canada in a place known as Quebec. They entered the Indian Market in 1992. Their shoe suits formal as well as semi-formal occasions. But the best part is that they also manufacture leather shoes that are suited for outdoor adventure sports and activities like hiking, mountain climbing, trekking and much more.

They are best known as an outdoor brand ever since their arrival. Their shoes have always been environment-friendly and highly durable. Climb a mountain or two; these shoes will never disappoint you. These shoes can withstand damage and extreme weather. Woodland has almost 300 stores in India, which are growing at an exceptional rate.

The fit of these shoes is also something that must be appreciated. These shoes look rugged but have a long life. Choose your pair now at any store nearby or an e-commerce site. They are not the best ones in durability, but they offer the perfect fit for comfort.

Needless to say, Woodland has several stores, and if you face any issue within the warranty period, they will replace or get the problem fixed. Most of the time, woodland leather shoes can provide you a warranty of two years easily on daily use.

The following things about Woodland attracted us the most

  • They are one of the few brands that provide leather shoes for outdoor sports and activities.
  • They have a great brand value.
  • Their reach is very vast and spread all across the world.

5. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper

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This is a very famous English company. Their head office is in London. Their specialty is denim jeans products, but their leather shoes are also exceptional and underrated. Lee Cooper has manufactured a variety of leather shoes for many people across the globe since day one in the market.

They have satiated the demands of their customer in every possible way. They have been standing firm in the market for a very long time. The intricate details of their leather shoes are something to die for and will attract you.

These leather shoes are the epitome of comfort and style, and they will provide you with a tenacious grip and balance in every possible way.

Their leather shoes are also easy to clean and have a long life. Just dust them with a clean, dry cloth, and you are good to go. They are appropriate for formal as well as semi-formal occasions. Pair these shoes with your business apparel for an exclusive business look.

If you are still not convinced with this brand, then check out their affordable prices can ensure that there is no other brand able to tackle this. Durability offered for such low prices is the major reason behind choosing this brand. There are other qualities also.

The following things about Lee Cooper attracted us the most

  • The design of all their leather shoes is unique.
  • They have always understood the demands of their customers.
  • Their customer care support system is very dependable.

6. Rapawalk


Rapawalk is a brand based in Bengaluru, India. Founded in the year 2017, Rapawalk sells handcrafted genuine leather shoes as they believe in individuality. Their boots are all handcrafted with intricate details and the most excellent material. They have served many customers since their arrival in the market and continue to do so till date.

The quality of their leather shoes is very remarkable. Their shoes are very comfortable and provide a great fit as well. The designs are also very unique and attractive. The material used to make the shoes is also very durable can offer long life. To clean these shoes, you can use a clean and dry cloth.

But the best feature that this brand provides is that they let you design your leather shoes. You just have to submit your design, and they will craft it exclusively for you. You can design the boots using a 3-D configuration provided by the brand in their platform to create a design of your liking.

It might not be a very popular brand, but their e-commerce portal is getting intense sale due to the durability of the product. If you want a genuine design and quality, then a slightly expensive deal from Rapawalk is not a bad choice at all. This will provide a range of advantages.

The following things about Rapawalk attracted us the most

  • Their shoes are very cost-effective.
  • They let you design your shoes.
  • Almost all the designs of their shoes are unique and exclusive in their way.

7. Red Tape

Red Tape

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This high-end shoe brand is well known for the designs and durability of their leather shoes. The robust and long-lasting material used in making their leather shoes is of high quality. It is one of India’s most loved leather footwear brands. Their leather shoes have always reflected the latest fashion and are a beautiful blend of style and fashion.

These shoes are highly durable and are available in various locations in India. Their brand value and consumer circle are growing day by day at an exceptional rate. They have always promised to deliver their customers with the best and have ever fulfilled their promise. Their shoes are all designed at a design studio in London.

The company has also received various awards in India for delivering quality footwear numerous times. Their shoes are easy to clean and economical. The variety they provide is also wide. They do global business every single day to serve thousands of customers with a quality product. The only drawback is this brand has stores available only in major cities of India.

One more thing to add, the number of consumers around the globe keeps on increasing due to their quality. If the price is a major concern and you want an affordable pair of leather shoes, you will find that Red Tape is a perfect choice. It can serve you the best quality for the price. For a genuine design ad quality, you can consider Red Tape’s latest leather shoes series.

The following things about Red Tape attracted us the most

  • The unique and exclusive designs of their leather footwear.
  • The hues of all their leather shoes are lovely.
  • The material they use to make leather shoes is also very tough.

8. Clarks


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This brand was founded in the year 1825 and has a considerable market share in leather footwear in India. They are famous for their Desert boots, which they manufacture using calf suede leather. Their shoes have always been high on style and fashion. These shoes also offer great functionality and life. Their shoes are also affordable and economical.

Their leather loafers are also very famous. You can wear these shoes at formal as well as semi-formal occasions. Their formal shoes are available in a vast range of sizes with laced, slip-on as well as buckle fastening. Some of the colours available include – black, brown, coffee brown, and more.

One of the things that we like about Clarks is that they also manufacture casual leather shoes in a wide variety. This wide variety makes leather shoes appropriate to be worn with casual wear as well. All their shoes are very comfortable to wear, and you can clean them using a good leather conditioner. You should avoid washing these shoes at all costs, though.

Built quality is always the primary factor during the purchase, and Clarks never goes wrong when choosing the material for their shoes. All their shoes are quite premium, but if you have an issue with a slightly expensive budget, then this brand might be disappointing.

The following things about Clarks attracted us the most

  • The wide variety of shoes they make available to their customers.
  • They are one of the few brands that manufacture casual leather shoes.
  • They provide a warranty period of three months in almost all their products.

9. Allen Solly

Allen Solly

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Allen Solly is one of the fastest-growing footwear brands in India. They hold a firm position in the retail sector of the country. Their shoes are very well-designed and look very modern. They provide excellent traction when walked over rough surfaces. The soles of these shoes are what make them highly comfortable to wear.

All their formal leather shoes are well-suited for formal occasions. Their shoes are all made with qualitative and genuine leather. The brand is very reliable and loved by the customers. They provide their customers with a warranty period of nearly three months.

The shoes are easy to clean and maintain. Any mild leather conditioner can be used to clean. They are not supposed to be washed. No leather shoe ever is. The variation in their products is such that it will suffice the needs of any customer they come through. All their boots will add a classy style statement in your formal looks.

In the category of top brands, Allen Solly comes in the top three for quality, but their slightly expensive price tag makes them less preferable. The variety is great, quality is remarkable, and finishing is also good enough to prefer, but if it is not in your budget, then it is not scoring the higher spot on our list.

The following things about Allen Solly attracted us the most

  • The durability and variation in their leather shoes.
  • They provide a warranty period of almost 90 days against defects and damage.
  • The grip and comfort these shoes provide are commendable.

10. U.S. Polo

U.S. Polo

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U.S. Polo is a brand that has been serving its customers worldwide for decades. They offer very classy and trendy leather shoe designs that will satiate all your needs. These shoes are mainly available in a huge variety of colours and sizes so that you can find the shoes that fit your requirements the best. They also provide great discounts and offers in various e-commerce platforms that they sell their products.

The soles of these shoes are made and designed in such a way that it prevents trip or fall. Their shoes can be all paired with formal as well as casual outfits. Almost all their leather shoes are easy to maintain and have a very long life. You can use a clean, dry cloth to dust the dirt off of them and you are good to go.

The out soles of the shoes they provide are also very catchy to the eye and make the whole shoe very comfortable to walk in. The only drawback U. S. Polo leather shoes are not very famous in India, but we make sure that these shoes are highly underrated and are very qualitative.

Among all the mentioned brands, U.S. Polo brand’s credibility and variety are hard to tackle. No other brand can provide such premium options. But, the overpriced tag makes it not a perfect choice. During the discount period, you can find it the most reliable choice for sure.

The following things about U.S. Polo attracted us the most

  • They serve so many countries around the globe.
  • They have great deals and offers available throughout the year.
  • Their shoes can be all paired with formal as well as casual outfits.

How to Maintain Your Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are special and expensive, the proper way to maintain them is not easy as other types of shoes.

  1. Always clean the leather shoes as soon as you use them. Unlike most shoe material, leather could get dirty easily, if you do not clean it properly, the dirt could accumulate, and clean it efficiently might be impossible.
  2. Cleaning leather shoes is not easy as cleaning other shoes. The material itself requires special care to maintain the freshness and features. Based on the type of leather, the right cleaning method should be followed.
  3. After cleaning leather shoes, you should not dry them in open sunlight, remember, leather shoes are different from other types. You should allow a leather shoe to dry at room temperature.
  4. Frequent polishing is very important, yes, in fact, you could avoid polishing most of the shoes. But, when it comes to leather shoes, you must polish them regularly. Remember, polish leather shoes after at least 15 cycles of use.
  5. Always use leather shoe polish and not just any regular polish. There is a difference between leather polish and regular shoe polish, you need to understand this difference and purchase a leather shoe polish accordingly.
  6. If your need to use your leather shoes in the rain or cold season, it is very important you coat the shoe with bee wax. Applying bee wax on the leather shoe could make it weatherproof and waterproof.
  7. While bee wax is the cheapest way to make a leather shoe water-resistant and weatherproof, using a protector spray could be the best as they are more efficient, but, expensive.
  8. leather shoes indeed tend to be more durable and comfortable. This does not mean that you could harass the shoes and it would last long, you should give it a break and use other shoes in between. This could help extend the lifespan of your leather shoes.
  9. Unlike other shoes, if you expose leather shoes to humidity and too much moisture, a leather shoe could lose its features, and also mold growth would be triggered. Therefore, if you planning not to use a leather shoe for a long time, place some silica gel bags in the shoe and pack the shoe in an airtight bag.
  10. Never expose a leather shoe to too much sunlight and heat, if you leave your leather shoe on a shoe rack, you must keep the shoe rack away from direct sunlight.

Leather Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do The Clarks Also Produce Casual Leather Shoes?

When it comes to buying the best out of the best leather shoes, one name you will always notice on the top lists is the Clacks. This brand is famous because of its excellent value for money product lineups. And if you consider only the leather shoes, so surely they are making the world’s best leather shoes, and not only in terms of quality but they also offer the most attractive and stylish looking leather shoes as well.

One other thing about this worldwide famous brand is that they also offer leather built casual shoes, and there are only a few brands available in the market that doing this to satisfy the needs of customers. So, the short and sweet answer to this question is yes, the Clarks brand produces casual leather shoes.

2. Why The Bata Brand Is Famous In India, Is It Because of Their Leather Shoes?

Bata is the oldest competition in the Indian market in the field of footwear, and there are many factors present that made Bata the most popular among the Indian people. Yeah, for sure the leather shoes of this brand is the biggest reason behind the popularity, but it is not a single factor, there are some other considerable factors also present. Like, the Bata brand didn’t limit itself till the regular footwear, but this brand slowly expanded itself and turned into the most popular Indian manufacturers.

There are a massive number of outlets present in the market of the Bata brand; thus, they can expand their brand in every corner of India. Not only this, but excellent customer support is another excellent reason why the Bata brand got success in standing out from the crowd of other brands.

3. Do The Woodland Brand Produce The Shoes For Sports And Outdoor Activities As Well?

Woodland is the most reliable brand in the worldwide popular because of its excellent and top-notch quality of footwear. There is a widespread misconception that the Woodland brand only offers the leather shoes for formal suits. But it is not true; this brand name is also very popular because of their tough lineup of shoes that are particularly available for sports and outdoor activities. So, in case if you are looking for a sturdiest leather shoe pair for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, camping, and other purposes, then do consider the Woodland brand.

4. Lee Cooper Offers The Most Stylish Looking Leather Shoe In The Market?

Lee Cooper is another very reliable and trusted brand in the footwear industry, and when it comes to buying leather shoes, particularly, then undoubtedly many people refer you to go with this brand instead of any other brand. The one highly essential thing is that Lee Cooper’s leather shoes are famous because of their style and overall looks other than only the build quality. Lee Cooper is one of those brands that understand the needs of a customer in actual, and by providing the best quality of leather shoes with the elegant design and good color options, they are ultimately fulfilling the needs of their customers.


There are not many leather shoe brands that serve in India, but those that do are highly reliable and well-designed. Almost all these brands listed here continue to make leather shoes that are durable, trendy as well as comfortable to walk in. Some of the brands listed are high-end, whereas the others are quite economical and cost-effective.

The shoes also come in different styles, closures, and colours to help make the user choose the best leather shoes for themselves. Also, some of these brands are very new to the market, whereas the others are quite old. No matter the age, almost all of them have firm feet set in the market and continue to do so.

We hope that going through our list of top 10 best leather brands will help you select a reliable product that can provide the perfect deal and save money. Make sure that you do not go for brands which are not offering a warranty on their products. Such products might be problematic after a couple of weeks of use.

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