10 Best Kids Safety Seat Belts in India 2022 (For Two Wheelers)

The bike ride is always an enjoyable thing to do. Especially when you have your kid enjoying the ride with you. Kids do enjoy the bike ride with much excitement and want to do it frequently. When you have a two-wheeler and you want to go to do some shopping, but you have your 4 years old kid who you need to take with you, it is a risky thing to do. As they are just kids and they do not understand the dangers of falling off a bike or scooty by losing the balance, it is important as adults to take care of this problem.

Some brands have understood this issue and they have come up with a solution for this. It is the safety belt that can be used for the kid while you want to ride with your kid to your favourite place.  The safety belt is a boon and lets the kid also enjoy the ride with you. The belt can be used in most kinds of bikes, be it a motorcycle or scooter – commonly known as Scooty. They come in a variety of types, shapes, design and colour. As they are used for kids, they are designed to look attractive so that kids would agree to wear it without much hassle.

In this article, we will be talking about 10 best available safety belts in India and some of their feature so that you will be able to decide on which one to buy. Without wasting any more time, let us start looking into them.

Best Child Two Wheeler Safety Belts in India

As mentioned above, we have made a list of 10 best child safety belts for kids in India to help them take a bike ride safely.

1. Kidsafebelt – Two Wheeler Child Seat Belt

Kidsafebelt - Two Wheeler Child Seat Belt

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Kidsafebelt.com is the brand that has introduced the child safety belt that comes with a variety of colours and designs. The company advertises the belt with a Scooty but is compatible for a motorcycle also. The belt is designed in such a way that the kid can either sit behind the parent or stand in front of the parent on the Scooty. In all cases, the parent has to ensure to ride slowly and safely.

The safety belt is designed to have a shoulder belt that locks with a buckle around the waist of the kid. There is a clamp from the shoulder to the waist that adjust the size of the belt to ensure the kid is tightly held by the safety belt. Then there is the belt that can be tied/buckled to the parent’s waist to ensure the kid is held tightly to the parent. The material used for the safety belt is of superior material and strong stitches so that the kid is safe, and no mishaps happen due to quality issues.

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2. Ineffable Children Motorcycle Safety Harness

Ineffable Children Motorcycle Safety Harness

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Ineffable is the brand that has heard the parent’s cry to understand exactly what are the needs of safety belts for the kids. The features of this belt are very useful, and you can understand the simplicity of them as you use it. Firstly, with the design, it is designed in a way that the kid does not feel suffocated with the harness around its waist and chest. It has a breathable design, which makes the kid wear it. There are strong buckles provided where ever required and there are clamps to adjust the length and tightness of the shoulder and the waist belt.

To make is comfortable the belt is provided with a thick cushion so that the kid does not feel uncomfortable when using for little longer rides. For the back, there is the support provided do that the kid can stay safe a held tight with the parent in case of bumps during the ride. The material used to manufacture the harness is of superior quality, ensuring the safety of the kids.

3. URBAN KINGS Kids 2 Wheeler Seat Belt


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Urban Kings introduces the maroon coloured safety harness for kids that are well made and also secure enough for your kids. They come with cushioned harness making it comforting and less prone to uneasiness. The straps are adjustable, which means you can adjust the size of the shoulder strap or the waist strap to the required size to make sure it is securely placed. The harness can be used on the ids for up to 10 years of age.

The shoulder straps rundown both the shoulders and get connected to the waist strap, which is secured with a buckle. The buckle is made of superior quality to make sure it does not snap out or slip off. The size of the shoulder strap or the waist strap can be adjusted using the clamps provided. It can easily be placed in the boot space of the Scooty, and a detailed pictorial manual has been provided to make sure you are completely informed about its usage.

4. Move On Kids Safety Seat Belt for Bikes

Move On Kids Safety Seat Belt

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Move on Kids brand has come up with a similar design of the previous belts that we have discussed. They come in various colours and designs to make them attractive to the kids ensuring they wear them without making any fuss. There is the should der belt that runs down from the front. It is then connected to the waist belt which can be linked with the buckle. The buckle is of high quality ensuring it doe not snap out.

The smaller waist belt that goes around the kid is connected with the bigger waist belt, which is meant for the parent. The parent sitting the front needs to buckle the waist belt around the waist and hence keeping the kid tighter to the parent and hence keeping it safe. There are clamps provided to adjust the belt length hence making sure the kid is held tight to the patient.

5. Lifekrafts Child Safety Belt

Lifekrafts Child Safety Belt

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Lifekrafts brand has its own designed safety harness for kids that are made of superior quality nylon belts that make it safe and reliable for kids to wear it. The buckles provided with the harness is also of high quality and it does not snap out like happens in a low-quality buckle. There are 2 colours available in the belt, red and lavender. The design is a breathable one making it easy and comfortable for the kid to wear it.

The shoulder belt connects to the waist belt of the kid and there is a buckle that does so. For the back, there is a cushion provided, which is slightly thicker to provide proper cushion to the kid. The stitches on the belt and the harness done perfectly to ensure the safety of the kid. As an added feature, there is a pouch provided to keep snacks or chocolate for the kid.

6. SI Safety Belt – for Baby Boy /Girl

SI Safety Belt

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SI is another brand that has come up with an attractive safety belt for the kid. From outside, the belt is red and has the face of the angry bird painted in bright colours. The shoulder straps are cushioned to make sure the kid is comfortable and the belt holds the kid tight. There are clamps on both the shoulder belts to ensure the length of the belt can be adjusted as required for the kid. The straps connect to the waist belt, which has a buckle to lock the straps tight to the kid. The next part is holding the kid against the parent. To do this there is a waist belt provided, which can be buckled around the parent’s waist to ensure the kid is held tight with the parent. The belt comes with a pictorial instruction manual to make sure the parent using it understands how to use it.

7. Magic Seat- Child/Kids Safety Seat Belt

Magic Seat- Child

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The Magic Seat is the brand that has slightly made changes to the safety belt when compared to the ones we discussed. The nylon material used to make the straps and the belts are sturdy and strong, making sure is no reason for the kid to fall or get hurt. The stitches on the belt and the straps are done very well and hence the kid is in safe safety belts. The design is a standard one, but missing the back support. The shoulder straps come down the front and then it connects to the waist strap via the buckle.

The safety belt is suitable for smaller kids, and the straps are thick and cushioned to ensure it provides comfort to the kid wearing it. The colour of this harness is navy blue and this is the only colour in this model available. Like some of the brands, they have not designed it to look attractive but have ensured it to be sturdy and safe.

8. Younique Kidsafe Two Wheeler Child Safety Seat Belt

YouniqueKidsafeTwo Wheeler Child Safety Seat Belt

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YouniqueKidsafe is the brand whose harness for kids have specially designed it to avoid sweating during the wear. The harness is made of micro-pores sportswear that prevents sweating due to long usage. The harness can be used by the kids when standing in front of the parent or while sitting behind. This two in one capability makes it a unique one to buy. The straps in the harness are expandable with clamps provided with them.

The harness grips the kid from the shoulder and the waist making it safe and secure. There is no back support with the harness. But the make is so sturdy and strong that the back support is not required. The harness comes in different colours like pink, black, navy blue, and brown. As the straps are adjustable, it can be used for kids until the age of 10. There are double locks provided on the straps to ensure safety.

9. Crawl’in Children Motorcycle Safety Harness

Crawlin Children Motorcycle Safety Harness

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Crawl’in Safety harness is a very elegant looking harness we have seen in the list until now. The colour of the harness is grey with an outlined black border making it very good to look at. The back support has a pouch big enough to store snacks for the kid. The straps are thick and cushioned to make sure they provide comfort while wearing them. The straps run down the shoulder and are linked to the waist strap with buckle to hold them tight. The strap is adjustable with the clamp available on it.

Then there is the padded strap that can be tied to the parent again using the buckle. The buckles are of high quality that makes them safe and secure. The stitches that hold the straps are double stitched to make it secure and safe for the child to use.

10. Lifekrafts Child Safety Polyester Belt

Lifekrafts Child Safety Polyester Belt

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Lifekrafts comes with another model of the safety harness that is designed differently. This harness is similar to that of a life jacket and is very secure for the kid. The shoulder pads for the kid is padded and makes sure that there is comfort while wearing it. The harness goes as a bag for the parent. Then it attaches to the kid’s harness attached via the strap. The straps are adjustable with the clamps on it.

The straps are made of strong nylon material. This makes the harness even more secure. One can feel its sturdiness when riding on the bike and you happen to bump over a road bump. It comes only in black colour and it is a good one to buy.

How to choose Kids Safety Seat Belts for two-wheeler

As you read earlier, seat belts play a vital role to secure a baby falling from a two-wheeler whether it is a bicycle or scooter. However, choosing a perfect seat belt for a baby might be difficult when you haven’t proper knowledge. Therefore, we are coming with a complete list of major things that you should consider.  Let us discuss them:

Things to consider buying kids safety seat belts

There are various things to consider when it comes to a baby’s safety. Every parent should take extra safety precautions while they go to ride with their kids. Some important aspect includes:

  1. Appropriate Age – When you are choosing a belt for your baby, make sure about your baby’s age. However, safety seat belts are designed accordingly baby’s age. Most seat belts come for babies who are around 24 months to 10 years of age. The appropriate age of the baby can help in choosing the right seat belt for the baby.
  2. The comfort of Baby – The next and important factor to choose a safety seat belt is a comfort. Sometimes, a product with a high range will not offer comfort to the baby. A good quality product along with soft fabric can ensure complete comfort and makes your ride happy and safe.
  3. Material – To pick a seat belt, another factor that has to consider is material. Usually, soft materials like cotton, nylon and foam should be considered the best ones that support the baby’s back and head. Also, make sure material should not cause harm to the baby’s skin through rashes.
  4. Versatility – Well, such safety belts are an ideal choice that can be used in various ways. You can use seat belts for seating behind your child or standing them on the front. Also, come with adjustable straps.
  5. Designs and Colours – If you have a baby boy, choose vibrant colours like blue, grey or green or you have a baby girl go for soothing colours like pink or yellow. Besides this, you can choose different prints as per the baby’s choice.
  6. Budget – Baby safety seat belts are available in different ranges in Indian markets. Of course, good quality products are quite expensive than a cheap products.
  7. Boost Confidence level – Go for seat belts that enhance your confidence level while riding a scooter.


The harness or safety belts are very important when you are taking your kid on a ride on your bike. It is, though, advisable not to take the kid on the ride on the bike. These harnesses would reduce the risk of the kid falling from the bike as they do not have a sense of balance.

The safety belts we have chosen are the best in the market that we found, and they surely are helpful for each of the parent who wants to take their kid on the ride!

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