6 Best Hooded Blankets for Babies In India 2022

Sleep is an important part of life for people of all ages, especially for new-born babies. Most of the bodies’ development happens while sleeping as the Human Growth Hormone is released. Sleep deprivation can lead to a cranky and bad mood of the babies. Be it an Indian or non-Indian, all parents take distinctive care of their new-borns. As most of the Indians live in a large family system, the newly born baby needs extra care while sleeping. Plus, Proper sleeping pattern is significant in a baby’s development.

Ideal blankets do not only provide better sleep but also offer comfort and peace while the baby is asleep. It should be free from all kinds of irritants and dyes since the baby’s skin is very delicate and precious.

Best Baby Hooded Blankets Online In India

Nowadays, various brands manufacture baby blankets. Indian market is vast, and hence choosing a single product is not as easy as it seems. For the same reason, we have prepared this list of 6 Best Hooded Baby blankets that can be purchased in India. We suggest you read the information provided below so that you can choose the best product for your exquisite child.

1. My Newborn Baby Fleece Hooded Blanket (Pink)

My Newborn Baby Fleece Hooded Blanket

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My NewBorn Baby Fleece hooded blanket is ideal for parents who are searching for a cute and soft feel blanket for their newly born baby. This blanket ensures a peaceful and comfortable sleep for the babies. My New-born Baby blankets are made up of a high-quality material that is a super-soft fabric, the fabric does not cause any kind of irritation to the baby.

My newborn Baby products are made while keeping the comfort and safety of the babies. The material used to manufacture this blanket is skin-friendly and provides warmth during the winter season. Moreover, the fabric is non-toxic, so that you do not need to worry about your baby’s health. The blanket is also breathable which is most required to keep the baby safe while sleeping.

The blanket can be washed easily, and there is an attractive patchwork that is loved by almost every mother. The patchwork design makes the blanket trendy and eye-catching. Babies of around 6 months are attracted towards the colourful cartoons, and this blanket is just a perfect choice for your little one. The blanket is made up using an odour-free material. Furthermore, it can be so light-weighted that it can be carried everywhere in the bag.

2. BRANDONN All Season Luxury Clothing Blanket

BRANDONN All Season Luxury Clothing Blanket

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The Brandonn All Season Luxury Clothing Hooded blanket is one of its kind. It is one of the softest baby blankets that are available in the Indian market. It is a special kind of 2-in-one blanket, which is a sleeping bag cum blanket. Plus, the blanket is super-cosy and provides a sound sleep to the babies.

The blanket is compact and easy to fold, which is perfect for taking on any trip. The size of this Brandonn All Season Luxury Clothing blanket is convenient, it is neither too big nor too small. Moreover, the blanket is so durable that it can safely withstand multiple numbers of wash and drying.

As the name suggests, the Brandonn All Season Luxury Clothing Blanket is compatible to be used in winters as well as in rainy or spring weathers. It is made using a very soft flannel material, and the material is so soft that the baby sleeps very quickly after being coved with the blanket.

This blanket is suitable for babies of up to 6 months of age. The cushion/padding that is present in this blanket is excellent. Additionally, there is a zipper in the blanket that is intended to keep the baby from rolling around.

3. BRANDONN All in 1 Ultrasoft Funny Dog, Panda Caps

BRANDONN All in 1 Ultrasoft Funny Dog, Panda Caps

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Here comes another distinctive baby blanket from Brandonn, the Brandonn all-in-one ultra-soft baby blanket is an unbeatable product. This is a baby blanket that comes along with caps- dog or panda caps. The animal cap hooded blanket has an attention grasping product.

The blanket offers a sufficient amount of warmth to the babies without causing the problem of overheating. The blanket washes very well and turns smoother after each wash. Yes! You heard it right, the more you wash this blanket, and the more it becomes smooth and fluffy. This leads to a pleasant sleep of the baby.

The blanket has an attached hood that protects the head of the baby from dust as well as cold breeze during winters. Plus, the material of this blanket is called ‘flannel’; the Flannel fabric is known to be free from all the irritation causing elements. Therefore, if you are buying this blanket, then there is no need to worry about your baby’s delicate skin. The blanket is large enough to fit a 6 months old baby, and however, if your kid is elder than 6 or 8 months, then it might be a bit difficult for you to fit your baby in this blanket.

4. Brandonn Smiley Hooded Blanket cum Baby Wrapper

Brandonn Smiley Hooded Blanket cum Baby Wrapper

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Another amazing product from Brandonn, the Brandonn baby blankets are famous for a good reason, and they have excellent built quality.

The Brandonn Smiley Hooded Blanket cum Baby Wrapper is super cute and appealing. There might be no kid present in this world that would not love this blanket. This baby blanket is loved both by the baby boys and baby girls. The fabric is totally washable and the blanket does not turn rough even after numerous times of washing. However, it is suggested that the blanket should not be washed using highly heated water.

The blanket offers a breathable environment to the babies. The size of the blanket is perfect for a 4-month-old baby. This blanket is manufactured using a super soft flannel fabric. Unlike other blankets, it has a 2-in-one feature, it can be used as a blanket and a wrapper. Baby wrappers come handy after baby baths, especially during winter seasons.

It is recommended that this blanket should not be washed using a tough and corrosive detergent as that can lead to excessive dryness of the wrapper. The blanket comes along with a velcro, which makes it easier for parents to hold the baby after wrapping inside this blanket.

5. Cutieco Luxury Series Super Soft Baby Wrapper

Cutieco Luxury Series Super Soft Baby Wrapper

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The Cutieco Luxury Series Super Soft Baby Wrappers are just perfect, and it is made using an ultra-soft flannel. The thick and large design of this blanket makes it perfect for cuddling, warmth, and swaddling. This blanket can be used for babies of up to 5 months.

The Cutieco brand does not compromise with the quality of its products, you can purchase their blankets with confidence. Sleeping bags are useful while travelling with a newly born child. This sleeping bag protects your child from cold and pollution while you are outdoors.

This Cuiteco Luxury Series Super soft Baby Wrapper can be washed both using the hand or washing machine. Mild baby laundry detergents should be used for washing the baby blankets.

Additionally, this baby blanket/wrapper has a lightweight and can be folded in easy steps, and these features come handy while on journeys. The design of this blanket is very trendy and appealing, which attracts mothers towards it as mothers love to choose lovable products for their precious ones. The blanket does not have any harmful dyes; dyes can irritate the baby’s skin and can have detrimental effects on the baby’s health.

6. MeeMeeCozy Cocoon Baby Wrapper with Hood

MeeMeeCozy Cocoon Baby Wrapper with Hood

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This baby blanket/wrapper is a very charming product from MeeMee. It is a multipurpose blanket that is made out of the finest materials, which provides a high level of comfort to the babies.

Baby’s skin is very delicate and nobody would want to take any chance with their loved one’s health. Therefore, MeeMee presents this absolutely soft and smooth blanket with a unique cushion technology that offers a peaceful sleep to the little ones. The blanket has a very soft touch on the baby’s sensitive and delicate skin.

This blanket can be used in multiple ways- for sleeping, cuddling, a nursing cover for mother and even as a stroller cover for baby strollers. MeeMee offers a wide variety of astonishing colours and themes, and there are prints of various cartoon characters on the blanket that is perfect for every child. Plus, the blanket provides a high level of protection as it covers the baby completely from head to toe. Customers will not face any difficulty while washing the blanket, it is compatible with both the washer and hands. However, the brand instructs to avoid ironing the blanket. Slight warm water can be used to carry out the process of washing as it kills the bacteria.

How To Choose Hooded Blankets for Babies

Not just the brand – While selecting a hooded blanket for your baby, do not just consider the brand. Don’t think that brand is everything and nothing is beyond the brand. It is your baby, do not be stubborn, you need to consider other factors. First, you need to consider the factors listed below, shortlist a few hooded blankets, and then, from this shortlist, you need to select the hooded blanket from a reputed brand. Instead, do not try to select a hooded blanker based on brand and then consider the factors, this could force you to compromise on important factors. If a reputed brand does not offer a hooded blanket with the features you like, consider other brands, as long as the customer reviews verify the blanket to be good, do not neglect it.

Hooded blanket is like the second mother – While hooded blankets might be just a price of fabric. It does more than you could imagine. Your baby or kid is going to spend some time with the blanket and it is your responsibility to select the best. Do not be careless, both, comfort and security is important.

Material is important – A baby’s or kid’s skin is very sensitive and it demands a fabric that offers comfort and breathability. Remember, a slight irritation could make the kid nervous and destroy his/her comfort. This is why you need to purchase a hooded blanket with maximum soft nature and high breathability. Organic cotton is the best option and tries to avoid synthetic materials maximum as they could sometimes trigger an allergy.

Single hooded blanket might not be the best idea – Different seasons demand a different type of fabric. Hooded blankets for summer would be lighter and for winter would be heavier. This is why, you need to consider two blankets, instead of just one type.

Size is important – Do you know that there are hooded blankets for kids available in different sizes? Yes, there are different size hooded blankets available on the market. While selecting a hooded blanket, you need to make sure that you are purchasing a hooded blanket of the right size. What is the right size? A hooded blanket for the kid’s right size would be the ones with a size slightly higher than the required size. Remember, kids are growing up very fast and a slight increase in size would be best for the future.

No complicated design – Unlike other blankets, a hooded blanket is entirely different. As a parent or a guardian, safety should be your concern. To ensure safety, you should purchase a hooded blanket with the least complicated design. Do not consider a hooded blanket just because they look good, select it based on the features you require. If the hooded blanket is less complicated, then the safety is comparatively higher.

Hypoallergenic – The hooded blanket you are considering purchasing should be hypoallergenic. Check the product specification and also the customer reviews to make sure of this.


If you are the parent of a newborn, the baby blanket is a must for you. Baby blankets are specifically designed to be better than regular blankets. They are gentle on the child’s skin and tend to cause negligible damage to the baby’s skin as compared to the regular rough blankets.

We have seen so many people struggle to choose an ideal blanket for their child. Especially, new parents face difficulty in choosing the right products for their babies. If you are a new parent, then this article might help you choose the best baby blanket. We hope you take good care of your newborn child.

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