10 Best Gym Shoes For Men in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Today’s generation is much conscious about fitness. They do many activities such as running, jogging, training, workouts at the gym, etc. During these activities, there are chances of injuries if you not consider the safety majors. Keeping that in mind, many brands designed fitness products and gym shoes are one of them. Practically, you can’t do your fitness activities wearing casual or formal shoes. If you do that also, you will not feel comfortable and you may get injured. So, you need gym shoes for workouts.

By using gym shoes during fitness activities, you can reduce the risk of injuries and other body problems easily. Gym shoes are a special type of shoes designed to provide comfort during physical activities. Also, these shoes are essential to get the real benefits of workouts without any issues in the body. Therefore, you must include gym shoes in your fitness tools.

There are different types of gym shoes available for different sports. They also come in different styles and include different features. So, purchasing gym shoes is not easy. In this article, you can learn how to choose gym shoes. Also, you can find 10 best gym shoes for Men in India under your budget.

Best Buy Gym Shoes Online in India

The following are the best gym shoes that we picked from the Indian market for men.

1. Bourge Men’s Vega Gym Shoes

Bourge Men s Vega Gym Shoes

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Bourge is a popular brand in the Indian market and one of the top manufacturers of casual and sports shoes. Its products are famous for their performance and design. Bourge manufactures the shoes by considering the future aspects of the users instead of manufacturing what just needed. So, you can expect high-quality in its shoes. Its sports shoes are great products for maintaining a better lifestyle. These sports shoes are designed for training, running and fitness. By using these shoes, you can get great performance for a long time. It is a stylish and durable gym shoe that improves your performance. You can experience high comfort by wearing this shoe.

It is blue and has EVA bounce back sole for extreme comfort. This shoe pair is suitable for walking, jogging, running, playing, etc. For the cleaning purpose, you shouldn’t use a polish or shiner with these shoes. After using, you should allow them for air-dry. You can clean them by using a clean cloth. For avoiding the stains, you can use the shoe bag.

Things we liked

  • The shoes are made of mesh material.
  • They have a stylish design.
  • The shoes come with a 15-day warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • The cleaning and maintaining of these shows are easy.
  • The shoes can be used for multipurpose.

Things we didn’t like

  • None so far.

2. Adidas Men’s Glick Gym Shoes

Adidas Men s Glick Gym Shoes

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It is a popular footwear brand in the Indian market. You perfectly know about the quality of this shoe brand. With a range of varieties of shoes, Adidas is a famous manufacturer that provides the shoes for the people of all ages. This footwear brand is well known for making high-quality sports shores for people. Adidas shoes are useful for walking, running, jogging, playing, and many more things. If durability, quality and reliability are your criteria for choosing the gym shoes, then Adidas Men’s Glick shoes are the best option for you. These shoes include the lace-up closure type which can match to your style. As Adidas has a big name in the market, these shoes offer great performance to maintain that. By wearing these sports shoes, you can experience superb flexibility in the gym. With these premium shoes, you can get the comfort that you are looking for.

You should keep these shoes open to the air for drying effectively. For the cleaning of these shoes, you should use a clean cloth. Avoid using polish and shiner, to maintain natural look of these shoes. You should only use the air-drying method to allow these shoes last for a long time. With a wonderful design, these shoes are available in four colours so that you can choose your favourite one easily.

Things we liked

  • These sports shoes are available in all sizes of feet of men.
  • By buying these shoes, you can get the manufacturing defect warranty for 90 days.
  • The lace-up closure design looks very attractive.
  • These shoes can be cleaned easily with a clean cloth.
  • These sports shoes are available in 4 colours to choose from.

Things we didn’t like

  • Cost is high.

3. Avant Men’s Nitro Gym Shoes

Avant Men s Nitro Gym Shoes

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Avant is a manufacturer of footwear by ensuring the design and quality. Its shoes offer better cushioning and allow you to do your activities comfortably. This manufacturer uses shock absorption technologies to produce high-quality sports shoes. The outsole of these shoes is made of high-grade rubber material to prevent slip. The sole also offers great grip and absorbs shock up to a great extent. Its premium design looks very attractive. The shoes include a round toe design that offers high comfort and balance. It allows your toe to move comfortably in the shoe. The shoes come with comfortable lines that allow proper ventilation to your feet. If you are looking for a cool pair of gym shoes, then the Nitro Gym shoes from Avant can be a perfect choice for you. By using these shoes, you can have an incredible lifestyle.

With the latest design and high-quality built, these gym shoes can increase your confidence in whatever work you are doing. This gym shoe is ideal for daily use. They have an extra 5mm thick insole that increases comfort and durability. You can use these shoes for walking, running, training and many other activities. You should use a clean cloth for the cleaning of these gym shoes.

Things we liked

  • These shoes come with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • The insole can be removed to offer comfort to orthotics.
  • They have a well-cushioned sole for shock absorption.
  • Mesh and synthetic material is used on the upper part.
  • It has a premium design to improve your lifestyle.

Things we didn’t like

  • It is not suitable for jogging.

4. URBANGABRU Men’s gym shoes

URBANGABRU Men s gym shoes

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This is a fashionable gym shoe from URBANGABRU that offers you great features. URBANGABRU is a popular footwear brand and well known for manufacturing varieties of fashion shoes. URBANGABRU shoes are ideal for driving, shopping, partying, wedding, etc. If you are looking for a pair of multipurpose fashion shoes, then you can buy these shoes. By using these shoes, you can experience a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price. People of all ages can use URBANGABRU gym shoes comfortably. With an excellent design, these shoes provide exceptional performance. These shoes are constructed using high-grade material to provide you with high comfort and breathability. This manufacturer uses advanced technologies to produce better quality shoes.

These shoes are light in weight and offer the optimum comfort for travel, jogging, walking, running, driving, horse riding, golf, tourism, etc. They fit your feet to allow you to walk naturally. This shoe is equipped with a spring blade sole to absorb the shock and offer wonderful bounce-back during workouts. These shoes provide superb airflow to keep your feet cool during workouts.

Things we liked

  • URBANGABRU shoes are ideal for people of all ages.
  • They have a modern look.
  • They are compatible for many occasions.
  • These shoes come with a spring blade sole that offers great comfort and softness.
  • This shoe comes with a breathable feature.
  • It supports your walking style.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some users are not happy with their performance.

5. Campus Men’s Gym Shoes

Campus Men s Gym shoes

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It is another popular brand that most of the people opt for. This brand offers premium quality products to enhance the experience of people. The Campus uses the latest technologies to build sports shoes. Its shoes are well known for providing great performance. People who are passionate about using modern shoes with unique looks can use these gym shoes. This gym shoe comes with a lace-up closure design to fit your needs. You can get your size of shoes easily from the size chart as it is available in all sizes. This shoe is available in 5 different colours so you can pick your preferred one easily. By purchasing these gym shoes, you can experience excellent comfort and softness.

The sole material of this shoe is Phylon, and the upper material is mesh. These shoes are perfect for sports usages such as running, workouts, training, etc. These shoes are not compatible with polish or shiner so you should avoid them. For retaining its durability, you should use a clean cloth to clean this shoe. With this product, you will get a 30-day manufacturer warranty for manufacturing defects of this product.

Things we liked

  • They have a unique design.
  • A 30-day warranty is available for manufacturing defects.
  • It is easy to maintain this product.
  • They offer premium comfort.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

6. Asian bullet Gym Shoes

Asian bullet Gym Shoes

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Asian is a footwear brand that is popular for the design and features. They produce affordable casual and sports shoes for people in India. The company is improving day by day to offer high-quality and comfortable shoes. If you love to wear modern sports shoes, you can prefer this brand. From Asian shoes, you can expect matchless comfort and cool designs. These shoes are ideal for daily use. You can use these shoes for walking, training, running, and other sports. This shoe is available in three colours to choose from. While buying this shoe pair, you should check your size using the size chart for better fitment. It is made of mesh material for better airflow. The sole is made of EVA material to offer superb comfort.

This sports shoe has a lace-up closure design. For cleaning, you can use a clean cloth and avoid the polish and shiner. You should allow them for air-dry after every use.

Things we liked

  • Premium quality material is used in the construction.
  • These gym shoes offer high comfort.
  • They have a great design.
  • The cleaning of these shoes is easy.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some users have not experienced better performance.

7. Afrojack Men’s Air Gym Shoes

Afrojack Mens Air Gym Shoes

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Afrojack is a famous footwear brand that produces modern shoes for improving the lifestyle of people. From this brand, you can get the latest designs easily. Afrojack produces robust and stylish shoes that provide optimum comfort. This manufacturer offers a wide range of footwear for the people of all ages. This shoe comes with the lace-up design to allow you to adjust the fit as per your comfort. With the unique design, the manufacturer ensures the comfort of the user. This shoe is made of mesh material which makes it a lightweight product. Because of the mesh material, you can experience premium comfort and softness by wearing these shoes. The rubber material is used in the construction of the outer sole for better stability and grip. These shoes offer resistance to slip.

You can wear these shoes in all types of functions as well as for sporting. It is an ideal product for jogging and walking. This shoe is available in three colours and four sizes to choose from. You can follow the general cleaning method for the cleaning of this product.

Things we liked

  • The rubber material is used in the sole for better gripping.
  • This shoe is ideal for sports and occasions.
  • They have ankle length for extra comfort.
  • Mesh material is used for ultimate comfort.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

8. Sparx Men’s Gym Shoes

Sparx Men s Gym Shoes

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Sparx is a popular brand for sports footwear. If you are looking for better quality sports shoes for daily usages, the Sparx Men’s Gym shoes will be a perfect choice for you. With a great design and sturdy quality, these gym shoes can improve your style for sure. They come with slip-on closure type, which allows you to wear it easily in less time. When you will be in a hurry, you can wear it easily as there are no laces for tying. The Sparx shoes are made of soft synthetic material that offers great comfort. They come with a durable sole for better performance. If you use these shoes, they can improve your lifestyle easily.

The Sparx Gym shoes are available in six colours and five sizes to select from. The cleaning and maintenance of these shoes are easy.

Things we liked

  • These shoes come with a round toe style, which looks attractive.
  • They include a manufacturing defect warranty for 60 days.
  • The Sparx gym shoes are made of good quality material.
  • They can improve your lifestyle significantly.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

9. Power Men’s Minecraft Gym Shoes

Power Men s Minecraft Gym Shoes

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This is another footwear brand that you may opt for. This manufacturer is specialized in producing durable and robust sports shoes for better usability. The sporty people can experience a wonderful performance by using these shoes. With a grey colour, this shoe pair is ready to give a new look to your feet. People who are looking for a stylish and durable pair of shoes should opt for this product. These shoes from the Power can offer high reliability. It is available in two sizes, so you have to check which one will fit you. In these shoes, your feet will be in a comfortable position. These shoes are designed to offer you high flexibility. These shoes are light in weight and include cushioning for your comfort.

The Power gym shoes can be cleaned using a clean cloth. You should not apply polish or shiner on it as it may damage the natural look of the shoes. Air drying is the perfect method of drying to retain its quality.

Things we liked

  • They come with a lace-up design for easy customization.
  • This sports shoe is constructed using high-quality material.
  • The Power shoes come with a 90-day warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • They have a stylish look.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

10. Columbus Men’s gym Shoes

Columbus Men s gym Shoes

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Columbus is another brand of footwear to offer great performance. It produces premium quality sports shoes for people. With the latest design and features, the Columbus gym shoes offer ultimate comfort to users. Buyers who prefer sturdy and durable gym shoes can buy this pair of shoe. These shoes are available in three colours, namely; grey, black and navy. These gym shoes include round toe design. The lace-up closure allows you to adjust the fit according to your comfort. Columbus offers modern design sport shoes at an affordable price. By wearing these shoes, you can upgrade your style. These shoes can be used for running, walking, training, etc.

These shoes are available in four sizes so you can easily get your size of shoes. For cleaning, you can use a clean cloth. The maintenance of this shoe pair is easy.

Things we liked

  • These shoes are available in three colours.
  • They have a great design.
  • Their stylish look can improve your style.
  • The latex sole offers excellent comfort.
  • These shoes offer high durability.

Things we didn’t like

  • NA

How to Choose Best Gym Shoes In India

Selecting the best Gym shoes is not easy. But, it is not that difficult if you have a buying guide with you. In this section, you can get the things to consider while buying the gym shoes for you.

The right type of gym shoes

Gym shoes are available in different types according to the different purposes such as walking, running, weight-lifting, training, etc. You should select the right type of shoes to get the desired comfort in your application. For choosing the right type of gym shoes, you should know about each type of gym shoes properly.

  • Gym shoes for walking

If you are looking for gym shoes for walking purposes, then you should buy walking shoes. These shoes should provide better comfort and allow you to walk easily by wearing them. The shoes you are purchasing for walking purpose should be suitable for everyday walking. You must try to select the shoes with better flexibility and cushioning to get high-quality performance.

  • Running shoes

The running shoes should include additional cushioning to offer better comfort during running. The cushioning also helps to support your body weight and offers flexible performance. The shoes should feel comfortable on your feet. You should look for durable and stable shoes to experience better running.

  • Training shoes

Training shoes are specially designed for training purposes. Apart from that, these shoes also can be used for walking and playing other sports. So you can buy only one pair of shoes for use in multiple functions instead of buying separate shoes. It can be a great cost-saving option for you. However, training shoes are not ideal for running.

  • Special purpose shoes

There are some shoes specially designed for specific purposes. For example, shoes for basketball, shoes for baseball, shoes for jumping, etc.

If you select the right type of gym shoes according to your purpose of use, you can get your desired results.

  • Size of shoes

It is an essential factor to consider while buying the gym shoes. You should always check the size of the gym shoes and ensure that fit your feet perfectly. While ordering the gym shoes online, you should check the size chart and select the right size for your feet. If you get any doubt in the size chart, you should seek help by asking questions.

  • Outer sole

The outer sole of the gym shoes should offer a superior grip for improved performance. It should be made of high-quality rubber or foam material to offer a stable operation. You should check that the outer sole is made of the durable and soft material to offer high grip and reliability.

  • Weight

In the case of gym shoes, comfort is essential. So the shoes you are purchasing should be light in weight and comfortable to wear any time. The shoes should provide the ultimate comfort during the workouts, running, training, etc. If you buy bulky gym shoes, you will meet the difficulties during your activities.

  • Cushioning of the heel

Heel cushioning is essential to feel comfortable during the activities. Specifically, it is important for landing. For cushioning, some shoes use crash pad while some other shoes use rounded heel. So, while buying the gym shoes, you should look for the cushioning properties and select the shoes with better cushioning.

  • Durability

The gym shoes you are going to buy should last for a long time without any issues. While buying, you need to check that mesh or rubber material is used in the construction of the gym shoes. You should ensure that the shoes are made of high-quality material so that they will offer high durability without wear and tear.

Also, you should ensure that the shoes can be cleaned easily. You must follow the cleaning instructions provides by the manufacturer, which will help to keep the shoes in their natural shape for a long time. You shouldn’t use polish or shiner with your shoes because they don’t require them.

  • The upper part

Generally, the upper part of the gym shoes is made of mesh and fabric. The upper part provides sufficient support to your feet from the surroundings and ensures enough ventilation. This part should give comfort to your toes and heels so that you can have flexibility during your activities. You should check that the shape of the upper part is the same as your feet so that it will fit properly. Also, the upper part should feel smoother and softer to the upper of your feet.

  • Stability

It is another important point to consider while purchasing the gym shoes. The shoes should match your walking style and let you walk properly. You should check that the shoes are supporting your natural walking style without any major impact on your feet. They should stable enough to give you comfort and provide better performance.

  • Lace types

It is important for people who prefer lace-up closure. Laces should fit easily and shouldn’t loosen during activities. The laces should allow you to tighten easily according to your comfort.

  • Flexibility

Your shoes should be flexible enough to support the walking manner of your feet. They should be adjusted according to your feet movement. Many gym shoes use grooves to allow bending with your feet easily.

Gym Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does a gym shoe differ from other types of shoes available on the market today, is there anything special about gym shoes?

There are different types of shoes available on the market, each designed to serve a different purpose. While a walking shoe is designed to offer maximum comfort and grip while walking, a gym shoe is designed to offer maximum comfort and grip while working out. Most commonly, gym shoes are made of extremely breathable materials, which makes it comfortable to wear as it avoids the feet from sweating too much.

  1. I am new to the gym, why is it said that it is important not to purchase a gym shoe of the correct size, but a slightly larger size?

Yes, the right size running shoe, gym/workout shoe should not be purchased. You must understand the fact that, when you work out your feel swell, and if the size of the shoe is small, then this swelling would make it uncomfortable to wear. This is not a disease or any health issue, this is a natural phenomenon. Remember, this step has to be followed only if the shoe material is not stretchable.

  1. I am a beginner, is it okay to use budget gym shoes?

For a beginner, a budget gym shoe is the best option. You must use a budget gym shoes first and make sure it is suitable for your purpose. Remember, a gym shoe is entirely different from other types of shoes. This is why you should first use a budget gym shoes and then consider replacing it with a premium product in the future.

  1. To run on a treadmill, is it necessary that I wear gym/running/workout shoes?

Yes, you must wear a gym shoe/running shoe while using a treadmill. There is a reason for such a recommendation, the main reason is that, while running on a treadmill, there would be a lot of stress on the feet and a gym/running shoe would help to reduce the effect of this strain on the foot.

  1. How long does a budget gym/running/workout shoe last?

It is impossible to give a perfect answer to this question, the lifespan of a gym/workout/running shoe depends on the model, quality, and frequency of usage. However, in general terms, a gym/running shoe might last for at least a year.

  1. Some of the brands like Afrojack, Avant, etc. are new and unknown brands, are these brands any good? Do they offer the same quality as reputed brands?

Yes, even if these brands are new on the market, the quality of the gym shoes they offer are comparatively better than generic products. As far as we know, the quality of the gym/workout/running shoe is the same as that of reputed brands itself. Even though the price of such gym shoes is comparatively lesser, the quality is not compromised in any way. Feel free to purchase any one of the gym shoes and you will not regret it.

Bottom line

I hope you understood the importance of gym shoes during workouts. Now you perfectly know how to choose the gym shoes for the specific workouts. While choosing, you should always read the specifications of the gym shoes properly and compare them with your needs. You shouldn’t pick any gym shoes from the market without considering the features and later realize that you have made a wrong purchase. So, you should always follow the buying guide for the selection of gym shoes. Also, you can select any product from the best gym shoes reviewed in this article.

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