Top 10 Best Formal Shoes Brands in India 2022

Before investing your money in a good pair of formal shoes in India, knowing about a bunch of essential factors can help you to buy an ideal pair. Indian Market is full of formal shoe brands, and many of them are originally from India.

In this wide variety, preferring a particular brand can reflect lots of things about your choice in type of shoes. Going with a well-known brand help expecting incredible durable, excellent after-sale services and a few more advantages.

Since shoes speak a lot about someone’s personality and taste, buying incredible looking pair requires plenty of research. Instead of choosing a pair that looks good only, you should be taking a close look at comfort level, proper fitting, and ample support.

All those people who are buying their first pair of formal shoes in India might feel stuck in a great variety. To conclude the right one, you can start by learning about top formal shoe brands in India.

To help you out, we made a list of top 10 best format shoe brands in India. This list has arrangements based on the popularity of the brand, quality of their shoes, comfort, and durability factor.

Best Formal Shoes Brands in India

The brands on top of the list don’t mean that they are best; they are just slightly better from the bottom one, not a big difference.

Let’s explore

1. Bata


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A family-owned footwear brand to nail our list was started by Swiss shoe-maker. Yes, we are talking about Bata, one of the iconic brands in the Indian market. This fashion accessory brand becomes the top choice among buyers who are looking for classic brown format shoes.

Due to the most significant supply chain, sale of 1 million shoes every day, and high-end durability, Bata gained considerable popularity. This well-liked brand is operating in more than 70 countries with 5300+ stores. They have production facilities in 18 countries, and they are currently expanding.

Classic brown shoes are trendy, but there are many other qualities. The traits that can impress you toward Bata formal shoes are –

  • A wide variety in the shade of black and brown.
  • It provides some of the best discount on their products.
  • Offer a higher comfort level in all their formal shoes.
  • You can expect long term durability due to the premium design.
  • Use of high-quality leather for better comfort.

These qualities are making Bata as the popular choice among most of the Indians. All their outlets offer you warranty across the country, so if you get any issue, then you need to find the nearest Bata outlet to get it replaced or fixed.

This company started as Bata Shoe Company Pvt. Ltd during the start of 1931. But, they changed it to Bata India Ltd after 1973. So, it is the oldest brand with a successful history of quality shoe manufacturing.

2. Louis Phillippe

Louis Phillippe

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A premium brand with a premium price tag and semi-formal style to offer the most extended durability is Louis Phillippe. Everyone knows about this brand from their premium looking outlets and eye-catchy collection of formal shoes. This is the primary reason behind getting the tag of the best brand in style.

They are offering quality apparel and style that ensure a higher comfort level. If fashion is not your primary concern, then the variety can impress you. Eventually, their products are way more pleasing than any other shoe-making brand.

The lineup of Apron-Toe Derby Shoes from Louis Phillippe is the best choice for upcoming occasions. If you want something stylish with the formal look, then you will never regret getting a pair of formals from LP. The use of genuine leather is also their significant quality.

The other qualities that can easily impress you toward the purchase of LP formal shoes are as follow –

  • Premium design with impressive color shades.
  • Built quality is premium to offer longer life.
  • Focuses more on unique style and keeping everything minimalistic.
  • A different lineup of semi-formal and party shoes.
  • The comfort level is loved among most of the buyers.

Other qualities of this brand are premium after-sale services and long-term durability. The use of synthetic material is common among most of the shoes, which ensure better life of the product. Even the shine of Louis Phillippe doesn’t fade that quickly.

The only drawback of this brand is, LP has a slightly expensive price tag, which can make you pass the deal.

3. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

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A brand with impressive and easy to remember the name, Hush Puppies, was established in 1958. This brand with a dog logo might confuse the first-time buyers, and many people had this thing in India, but now, everyone knows about this formal shoe brand.

Hush Puppies offer one of the unique shoe variety in the market with impressive built quality for a specific price point. The lightweight design and comfort are marvelous and highly remarkable. A comfortable fit is another essential quality that can make you love this brand.

Apparently, the design is loved by everyone, and variety is also good, but what are the essential qualities which make this brand stand out of the crowd? Well, these key aspects that are popular about Hush Puppies are –

  • Use of water-repelling leather for a comfortable purpose in all seasons.
  • Semi-formal styles, which mean Hush Puppies shoes, are versatile.
  • Highly comfortable and great fit makes it easy to wear all day.
  • Durability is remarkable, and these shoes don’t cause bad odor.
  • To get a unique design, it is a great brand.

With the combination of quality chic look and color schemes, Hush Puppies seem like one of the easy to choose the brand in India. They have exclusive stores and retailing strategies to impress you about the pair of shoes; you are willing to buy.

If you came so far learning about Hush Puppies and didn’t felt anything remarkable, then there is one more thing to know about. This brand offers a formal shoe lineup called James Leather. It is the best-selling formal shoe in India for a long time.

4. Clarks


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Clark is a semi-formal shoe brand with variety in the formal and semi-formal style. Two brothers founded this brand. During the early days, Cyrus and James Clark opened their outlets at Somerset, the UK, in 1825.

This brand is one of the oldest in our list, and they have highly professional designers with high-quality services. Currently, Clarks is operating in 35 different countries with thousands of outlets.

Clarks entered the Indian market in 2008 and opened more than 1000 outlets to operate effectively. “Chukka Boot” is one of the famous and widely sold shoes by Clarks, which makes them one of the well-liked choices among buyers. The other qualities are –

  • Clarks shoes are very premium and preferred by a number of celebrities.
  • Clarks offer many best-selling series in India.
  • Due to the proper fitting and premium material, you can expect premium comfort.
  • Clarks had many best-selling awards recently at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Looking at the facts and other qualities of this brand ensures that your money is not going to waste. The long history and professionals experience reflects in the shoes offered by Clarks. All the shoes are precise and provide more extended durability as compared to the other brands.

The only issue that you might find is the price tag. In our list, this brand is a bit expensive, but it worth the price due to quality, design, durability, and quality after-sale services. Buyers looking for extremely premium design can consider this brand.

5. Red Tape

Red Tape

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Our fifth brand of choice that is leading in the Indian market is Red Tape. If you are looking to add some shoes in the collection but do not want to buy expensive formal shoes, then Red Tape seems like the ideal choice.

People usually think about this brand as an expensive one, but if you check out the price, it is way more affordable than you imagine. Still, the quality of Red Tape’s formal shoe series can impress you with the quality, design, and several other aspects.

Red tape first appeared in 2007 in Indian Market. During the early days, there were less than ten outlets in the entire country, but you can find this brand in every Indian city now. The credit goes to instantly recognizable design or styles. Other facts about this brand are –

  • Unique style with a premium and remarkable style.
  • Perfect fitting and perfect design for a higher comfort level.
  • Way more affordable price than it should be according to the quality.
  • Semi-formal design for a versatile use and several best-selling series.

The label of this brand started in UK and Italy. After that, Red Tape made it out to India and other countries. There are more than 3000 outlets in India, and you can easily find the one nearest one in your town. Moreover, the e-commerce portal is always the nearest one to consider.

Warranty and after-sale services are good enough to impress you; that’s why you can consider this as a great brand to go for your next formal shoes. One more fact about Red Tape is, Bollywood Celebrity Salman Khan endorses this brand.

6. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper

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A brand which is known by the clothing line and quality of the fabric is Lee Cooper. Even with a great selling lineup of material, Lee Cooper is also the popular choice among formal shoe buyers. The primary reason to choose this brand is an exceptionally affordable price for the quality.

The semi-formal design with a broad front is the primary feature that can impress you toward the quality. If you want a value for money deal, then this brand seems like an ideal choice as you compare it to other options available in the market.

Most of their shoes come at range from 1k to 3k price point. Even you can find the expensive one, but their widely sold shoes mostly cost around 1.5 k Indian rupees. In addition to this, you can find many other qualities which are –

  • Great value for money deals due to the durability of shoes.
  • Comfortable looking formals and loafers for versatile use.
  • Excellent after-sale services with a positive review of the brand.
  • Perfect for Office, parties, weddings, and other functions.

Adding more qualities to the existing one, this brand gives you stylish color choices. As you are getting shoes made up of synthetic material, you get a better style here. The use of brown and black shade can impress you about the purchase.

The only concern about Lee Cooper is, their shoes are not highly durable. They are offering a warranty for ninety days, but after that, you can find a few problems. But, it is not a significant issue always that’s why you can find it as a genuine brand to consider.

7. Alberto Torresi

Alberto Torresi

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Alberto Torresi is not a very popular brand in India, but their footwear offers incredible comfort level with a bold style that can easily impress you. The ergonomically designed shoes are perfect for long office days and parties also. You can feel the comfort level during a walk.

Other qualities that can impress you about their shoes are price tags for such high conditions. Due to less popularity and not spending much on advertisements, Alberto Torresi can provide you better deals that are worth complimenting.

The perfect balance of heel at the arch area. Due to the flexible design, your feet can easily adjust as per the need. It doesn’t matter that you want to wear these shoes at the wedding or office, you can feel the comfort level while dancing also. Other facts are –

  • All the designs are ergonomically designed to give you perfect balance.
  • Flexible material to let your feet adjust itself for a better comfort level.
  • Prolong durability due to the use of genuine quality material.
  • Fashionable design, suitable for office, wedding, parties, and more.

The given factors can ensure you why Alberto Torresi shoes are perfect for most of the places. Even the price can encourage you toward the purchase. Alberto Torresi shoes are available for the mid-range price point, which isn’t too much and isn’t very low.

If you want to nitpick about this brand, then the after-sale services might be a significant issue. Getting any problem with your shoe and replacing or fixing the same can take time due to reduced availability.

8. Metro


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One of the well-known shoe retailers in India is Metro operating from more than 150 independent stores and thousands of franchisees. The impressive lineup of fabulous shoes with premium finish can make you consider this brand over the other ones.

In the men’s formal segment, Metro is climbing up and gaining more exposure every year. The beautiful crafting with design, comfort, and built quality puts this brand in value for money category.

In case you are willing to buy a pair of formal shoes from Metro, then you can look after the popular series called DaVinchi Moccasins. It is from the new race collection, and it is widely loved in India. Other qualities to expect are –

  • DaVinchi Moccasins series with premium quality.
  • It offers the best Classic slip-on with roundish front looks.
  • Most of the shoes are made up of leather and synesthetic material.
  • You can prefer it as business wear, and you can prefer it as Executive wear.

The other features value for money deal, mid-range price point, impressive design. Even, you can expect different color choices that are good to go with. Metro brand follows international standards, and they don’t compromise quality.

9. Woods by Woodland

Woods by Woodland

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Woodland is known for the sturdy design and longer life of their shoes. The same brand has a sub-brand called Woods. It is offering a range of Formal shoes to match with Indian outfit and needs.

Woodland was founded in Quebec, Canada. After many years operating in Canada, this brand expanded and entered India in 1992 with sturdy shoes which are hard to break, even internationally also.

Woods is a lineup of formal shoes, and it offers a simple design with the use of premium material and high-end durability to impress you toward the purchase. The key facts about formal shoes of Woods are –

  • Simple design to match with formal wears and for office use.
  • The rough and tough design offers you higher durability.
  • Woods shoes are highly comfortable due to the use of premium material.
  • Long term warranty and impressive after-sale services.

The demand for formal shoes isn’t that high at Woods because this brand is not that pleasing. You can find a simple design, but the price is still high. This creates a significant issue; otherwise, everything is positive about woods. If you want durable footwear, then this brand is good to go.

In the case of rugged series, Woodland is the leading brand, but the variety is not enough to impress most of the buyers. Due to this, you must stay selective and consider the style before finalizing the purchase.

10. Tresmode


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The last brand in our list is Tresmode due to its elegance and unique style. All the shoes from this brand are designed in Florence studio in Italy. This brand started operating in Mumbai, India, in 2007.

Designers at this brand are generally experimenting with new things, styles, and finishing. Due to this, you can consider this brand as a semi-formal manufacturer. The price is slightly high here, but it is definitely good enough to prefer the same.

For any formal occasion, you will find this brand as a great choice. The design part is not an issue here, but the high price might make you consider any other option. Otherwise, Tresmode has several qualities to offer you –

  • Premium design with a unique style and elegance.
  • A vast number of color choices to match with a specific need.
  • The premium comfort level and flexible at the heel part for better balance.
  • Durability is good enough to rely on this brand over the other ones.

For a gentleman look, Tresmode has an extensive collection of formal shoes for weddings, offices, parties, and other occasions. Their implements can get you a unique look in the boots, which is loved by most of the people in marriages.

All these qualities can easily impress you, but the only drawback is, you might find it way expensive than it should be. The after-sale services are not that good till now, but it could get better in the future. Still, you can claim a warranty from their official website or supplier.

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How We Made This List? Top Factors to Take Into Consideration

Probably many of you might be wondering how we landed on such a precise arrangement or why we preferred Bata as the top brand over others. Well, we did a little research and looked deep into several aspects. These are as follow –

  • Reputation of Brand

Choosing a highly reputed brand seems like a natural choice to every buyer, and if you look at our list, brands that are widely popular on top, whereas less known names are at the end. Well-liked brands make things easier for you also, and they offer such excellent quality in their products. Anyone can head to any outlet or e-commerce portal of these brands and get whatever pair of shoes they like. On the other hand, less known brands don’t have their eCommerce portals, which can help you understand more about the same.

  • Quality of Their Shoes

Quality is an essential factor for the excellent durability of the product, and it helps you finalize a product in easy manners. If you are selecting the brand for your next formal shoes, you would like to get a quality formal shoes that last for years and doesn’t cause trouble with durability. Top brands in our list are genuine for exceptional durability, and you can expect many other advantages from these brands.

  • Design and Color Choices

Who doesn’t love variety in design and color choice? Well, everyone wants to get black and brown color formal shoes with a texture of unique shade for an impressive design. So, top brands are competent in such a category, and they can provide you excellent design in many ways. The design of formal shoes is mostly the same, but they have plenty of small tweaks in design to enhance the overall look. You can find that the top brands we mentioned have a better variety.

  • Warranty Period and Policy

Only quality brands provide long term warranty, but as we are talking about footwear, so you can expect three months of warranty (if not purchased on sale). Choosing a brand that offers prolong warranty regarding any damage ranging from color fade to breakage of the sole, selection seems more natural. Here in our list, Bata, Red Tape, Louis Philippe, and many other brands are offering a warranty on their pair of shoes. It not only makes selection easier, but you feel secure about the deal.

  • Their After-Sale Services

Needless to say, a brand with a warranty must be offering replace or repair of shoes (if possible). If a brand is not able to redeem the claim, then there is no need to pay extra for the warranty. So, we selected the brands that are allowing you to replace shoes or get it fixed under a period of 15 days. Our top listed brands are excellent when it comes to claiming the pair of shoes that you own. Such brands usually don’t have a problem with durability, but in case of having any defected pair, you can get them fixed.

  • Value for Money Deal

A pair of shoes with expensive price tag mean quality services, but if a brand is offering shoes way expensive than it should be, then they are not worth buying. The same goes for plenty of brands from our list. Brands like wood (by woodland), Louis Philippe, and many others are slightly expensive. Due to this, they are not nailing the first spot; otherwise, their products are definitely good enough to prefer. Usually, popular brands are expensive, but they worth the price due to the quality of services offered by them.

Formal Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the Woodland’s formal shoes are the most expensive in the market right now?

Yes, in some scenarios, it is true that Woodland offers the most expensive shoes; however, the expensiveness depends on your budget. Suppose if your budget is quite good, then you can easily afford the premium segment of formal shoes without any issue, in this case, you may not find them expensive. But here is the suggestion, Woodland’s formal shoes are indeed a bit expensive, but they are also providing the best possible features in their shoes.

If you want to buy the toughest type and top-notch durability of shoes, then, for sure, no other brands’ shoes can compete with Woodland. However, Woodland’s shoes also look pretty attractive because they offer a simple but tough look at first glance. It is also true that some other popular brands also exist that offer more expensive shoes than Woodland.

  • Why Louis Phillipe’s Semi-Formal shoes are so popular these days, and what can I expect from their semi-formal shoe line-up?

If you have recently decided to buy the formal shoes for any specific occasion, then surely you may have heard about the Louis Phillipe brand name. Right? Louis Phillipe is a big name in the industry or market of formal shoes; it’s mainly because of their semi-formal shoe line-up. There is no doubt that this brand name offers formal shoes at a much higher price point, but spending a reasonable amount of money on Louis Phillipe’s formal shoes is completely worth it.

Its because this brand knows what a user expects from a formal shoe pair; however, there are varieties present in their formal shoes category to make the selection process super easy for a buyer. If fashion is not the only concern for you, you probably should prefer this brand because Louis Phillipe offers maximum possible durability, comfort, and a great shiny formal look.

  • If I’m looking for a great value for money type of formal shoe pair, so should I go with the Lee Cooper brand’s formal shoes?

When it comes to buying a value for money type of shoe pairs, only a few brands offer great value at a reasonable price. Thankfully, Lee Cooper is one of those brands that are well aware of the needs of a formal shoe buyer. The world-famous semi-formal shoe line-up of Lee Cooper is still the most selling one, its because the semi-formal shoes by Lee Cooper are versatile to use, but the overall value that you will get is going to impress you.

  • Which brand is perfect for buying a wide variety of formal shoes in terms of design and looks under a reasonable price in India?

When it comes to buying formal shoes from the Indian market, there is one brand with strong roots in the Indian market for a few decades. The only reason many people recommend going with this brand is that Bata offers a wide variety of formal shoes with different designs, color shades, and sizes. Alongside all these leading points, one more thing that brings the Bata brand at the top of all suggestions is the value for the money price point.


Formal shoes are loved due to their versatility during the events, office, wedding, and several other uses. Indians usually prefer two types of shoes, casual and formal shoes.

If you want to buy a pair of formal shoes with great design, then considering some of the well-known brands can sort out the selection. You can choose personal favorite brands and then grab the best deal by this method.

The majority of Indians widely prefer all the brands mentioned in our list, and if you think that this list is missing any famous brand, then let us know in the comment section.

We hope that you get a good pair of formals based on the brand you like. Make sure to avoid buying formal shoes from counterfeit brands because they can’t offer similar quality and services.

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