10+ Best Football Shoes Under 1000 Rs. In India 2022

Football is not just a sport; it is the passion of enthusiast players who give all their efforts getting better in this game. From playing hours to mastering the tricks, a reliable football shoe matters a lot because they affect your play in several manners.

A genuine quality shoe gives you a perfect fit, lets you run comfortably, and all your kicks don’t go waste at all. This sport is full of intense kicking the ball, and a poor-quality shoe can’t handle it for long, and they might hurt your feet.

India is a country with a number of popular sports, and football is one of them after cricket. Needless to say, the majority of beginner footballers don’t know which kind of shoes are perfect for them. Due to this reason, they prefer shoes which look like football shoes only.

Instead of this, taking a close look at vital aspects matters a lot. Considering the perfect size, built quality, comfort, and durability related factors can help you choose an adequate pair of shoes.

Moreover, considering aspects like design, colour, and the brand also matters. A beginner footballer might not have an intention to spend thousands of rupees on the first pair. So, it can get confusing because the variety isn’t too much if you have a low budget.

Best Buy Shoes for Football Below 1000 INR

Here, we made a list of top 10+ best football shoes which are under 1000. On the other hand, it is an updated list so you can find plenty of great deals with impressive discounts on top picks of last year.

Let’s explore

1. Nivia Men’s Blue and Green Football Boots

Nivia Mens Blue and Green Football Boots

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One of the beautiful looking pair which can kick effectively and protect your feet is Nivia Men’s Blue and Green Football Boots. It has the TPU sole, which gives you an adequate level of comfort while running. Sole is quite flexible and sturdy, so it is not going to break that easy. You can expect great durability from this unit without any problem.

Moreover, the upper part of this shoe is made up of PU material. It is comfortable, slightly thick, and easy to clean. This thing makes you expect a better running and kicking experience. The Graphic Printing looks great on this pair, and you can find it as one of the great pairs for training purposes.

Things We Liked 

  • Made up of TPU sole and outer is made up of PU material.
  • Comfortable during the use as well as kicking football.
  • It comes for the affordable price point as you compare to others.
  • Graphic printing looks great, and it is a durable pair, also.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Available in only three size options.

2. Vector X Velocity Football Shoes

Vector X Velocity Football Shoes

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Vector X is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction to sports players. Vector X offers some of the premium quality and minimalistic design in football shoes. To prove it, Velocity Football Shoes from this brand is highly reliable, and you can consider it one of the best choices for better durability.

The Black-Silver color print looks premium, and it is durable also because it is made up of TPU Sole. As the outer material is PU, it feels pretty comfortable while kicking a football and running in the ground. You can find that spikes below the base help a lot while running at high speed, and it offers you a better grip.

Things We Liked 

  • TPU Sole and PU outer ensure great durability.
  • Feels comfortable while running in the field.
  • The Foot-bed and Cushioned Ankle help with effective usability.
  • This brand offers adequate fitting.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The black color shoe gets dirty in a couple of seconds, and it is hard to clean.

3. TRADY Ultimate Messi Men’s Black Sport Football Shoes

TRADY Ultimate Messi Mens Black Sport Football Shoes

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Footballers fan of Lionel Messi can find our third product of choice as the best one. TRADY Ultimate Messi Men’s Black Sport Football Shoes has Messi letters printed at the sides. These Football Studs Shoes feel comfortable while running and kicking the ball. The credit goes to premium quality material.

Another advantage with the comfort is, it has soft padding at the foot-bed, which gives you a better feeling during the run. There are two different color choices available, which are ‘Black/Blue’ and ‘Black’ only. Even the Flexible Ground Outsole can make you feel comfortable while running at pace.

Things We Liked 

  • Available in two color choices.
  • Feels comfortable due to the use of soft material.
  • Comparatively lower price.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The durability of the sole is a major concern here.

4. Feroc Chaser Football Shoe

Feroc Chaser Football Shoe

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Orange color shoes on football ground look unique and eye-catchy. In case you want similar qualities in shoes, then Feroc Chaser Football Shoe is the best one for your specific needs. These are soft and very lightweight, which can make you feel better while running and kicking the ball. Dribbling seems easier during use.

The grip is also impressive, and the underfoot support lets you feel a better grip in the field. The best part is, it has Padded footbed to support your feet and never let it feel any trouble while running through the ground. Even, it is made up of PU Synthetic Leather which feels better during the use.

Things We Liked 

  • Better in terms of comfort due to Padded footbed.
  • PU Synthetic Leather is easy to clean with the wet cloth.
  • Provide the best fitting, which can help with performance.
  • Very lightweight shoes, easy to run with the same.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Stitching rips off after a couple of matches, according to few reviews.

5. SEGA Mark Football Spikes for Boys

SEGA Mark Football Spikes

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Sega is one of the top-selling sports shoe manufacturers in India. SEGA Mark Football Spikes for Boys is best, to begin with this pair of shoes. It has cotton material on the inner side, which makes you feel comfortable. Even the outer material of the same product is Synthetic, which helps in several manners.

There are two different color options available, red and blue. Both look premium over the other pairs available. The only drawback that might trigger you is the slightly expensive price point. Otherwise, everything is absolutely great about this product, and you can rely on the purchase of the same.

Things We Liked 

  • Two different color choices available, red and blue.
  • It has a Lace-Up pattern, and it is very lightweight.
  • Comfortable material with soft padding at the inner side.
  • This pair of shoe is highly durable and offer value for money deal.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Slightly expensive choice.

6. B-TUF Intensity Football Shoes

B-TUF Intensity Football Shoes

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Choosing a less popular brand might be hard, but if you want higher built quality, then the purchase of B-TUF Intensity Football Shoes seems like the best choice. This pair is easy to prefer because it is available in seven different color choices from 4UK to 10 UK. Getting a perfect size is easy.

On the other hand, these are slightly better in term of comfort because it has better cotton padding on the inner side. The spike at the bottom is providing a better grip on the ground, and kicking the ball seems like an easier choice if you prefer this pair of shoes for your next match.

Things We Liked 

  • Built quality is good enough for higher comfort.
  • All the sizes are available from 4 UK to 10 UK.
  • Flatbed inside for better comfort level at inner side.
  • Highly reliable while running and kicking the ball.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Slightly heavier weight cause trouble with performance.

7. Sisdeal Men’s White Blue CR7 Football Shoes

Sisdeal Men's White Blue CR7 Football Shoes

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For the fan of CR7 or Juventus, the selection of Sisdeal Men’s White Blue CR7 Football Shoes seems like a dream come true. The small logo of Juventus is in the back part of shoes, and it looks absolutely beautiful in blue/white color combination. It is similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoes in terms of looks.

Coming to the main aspects, it has soft coating at the inner side, a flatbed for better comfort and durable built quality. The price is also very much affordable, which can make you prefer this deal. The upper of this shoe is made up of Synthetic material, so you can expect pretty good durability from the same.

Things We Liked 

  • Prolonged usability due to the premium built quality.
  • It seems like the best choice for CR7 or Juventus fans.
  • Very much comfortable and stylish looks of the same.
  • The fitting of these shoes gives you a better feeling.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Replacement seems like the major issue if you get the wrong size.

8. Spartan Terminator Football Shoes

Spartan Terminator Football Shoes

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Spartan Brand is popular among footballers due to the affordable price and great built quality. This brand also offers great deals with premium built quality that you can expect from Spartan Terminator Football Shoes. These soccer studs offer you a better comfort level during the use, which makes it reliable.

Padding is soft, and it let you run effectively. When it comes to kicking, it has a perfectly round front. The green color looks eye-catchy, and it is made up of PU material so you can expect great durability from the same product. The only issue is, there are few numbers of reviews about the same.

Things We Liked 

  • Comfortable fitting of shoes.
  • Easy to run and kick a football.
  • The green color looks eye-catchy.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Can’t offer you prolonged durability.

9. ADI Men’s and Boys’ Football Studs

ADI Mens and Boys Football Studs

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With the sharp spikes and three-color choice, the purchase of ADI Men’s and Boys’ Football Studs feel like the best deal over all other options. This Lace-Up pair of shoes have a simple design, but it looks astonishing or way more eye-pleasing. It has synthetic turf, which seems highly durable during the use.

The built quality is premium, and it has the flatbed base to provide you better comfort while running. If you kick the ball with a higher force, it will give you accurate shooting results. The proper shape at the front side ensures that you never miss a shot due to the poor quality design of shoes.

Things We Liked 

  • Three eye-catchy color options are available in the same.
  • Genuine build quality, a higher level of comfort.
  • Easy to run and kick a football without any problem.
  • Die-cut lightweight design to help you run flawlessly.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The grip is a major issue while running in these shoes.

10. OPTIMUS® FX 73 Inspire Hyper Venom Football Studs

OPTIMUS® FX 73 Inspire Hyper Venom Football Studs

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The last option in our list is OPTIMUS® FX 73 Inspire Hyper Venom Football Studs. It seems like the great choice to dribble the ball because these shoes give you a better grip on the ground. The weight of shoes is well-balanced, and you can find out five different color choices in the same shoes.

The design seems premium, and kicking the ball is easy in the same one. The only con is, it looks slightly cheaper in terms of built quality. On the other hand, this product has a limited number of reviews, which can’t help learning more details about the same.

Things We Like 

  • Five different color options are available in some kind.
  • Easy to wear, run, kick and dribble due to better grip.
  • The comfort level is high, and weight is also balanced here.
  • Fitting is not a major concern, and all the standard sizes available.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Built quality seems a little bit poor.

11. Nivia Aviator Hard Ground Football Shoes

Nivia Aviator Hard Ground Football Shoes

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Nivia Aviator football shoes are all about grip and power. These football shoes are designed and well-built for hard ground and therefore, the quality of the sole and body is comparatively better than other models. The non-woven insole of this football shoe is unique and makes the shoe very durable.

The sole of this football shoe is made of TPU, which is lightweight and the upper part of this football shoe is made of PVC synthetic leather. The seller offers a 10-days return policy on this product.

Things we liked 

  • This football shoe is best for hard ground play
  • The entire football shoe is made of synthetic material
  • The inner sole of this shoe is made non-woven which makes it durable and lightweight

Things we didn’t like 

  • Few of the customers have mentioned this football shoe to come with a low-quality sole.

12. Nivia Pro Carbonite 2.0 Football Shoes

Nivia Pro Carbonite 2.0 Football Shoes

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The model Pro Carbonite is an exceptional football shoe that comes at a very reasonable price. The outsole of this football shoe is made of TPU and it is best recommended for synthetic filed use. The upper part of this football shoe is made of PVC leather that could prevent water retention and the molded heel gives maximum protection to the player’s foot.

This football shoe is best for men and it is lightweight so it is very comfortable to wear. The insole board of this football shoe is waterproof and non-woven.

Things we liked 

  • The entire shoe is lightweight
  • The outsole of this football shoe is made of TPU
  • Best designed for a synthetic playfield
  • The insole board in this football shoe is waterproof and non-woven

Things we didn’t like 

  • As per a few customers who have used this football shoe, the size of the shoe seems not to be standard.

How to Maintain Your Football Shoes

To maintain a football shoe, a user needs to clean and care for the shoes whenever using them. Here is everything you need to know.

Cleaning football shoes –

Step 1: Pick up your football shoes and remove all the shoelaces properly

Step 2: Tie the shoelaces and then put them in a washing bag and load it in a washing machine to clean or clean them manually using washing detergent and warm water.

Step 3: Pick a toothbrush, microfiber cloth, and small mug or basin with warm water.

Step 4: Prepare some washing solution. Remember, you could use washing detergent and mix it in warm water to prepare the solution

Step 5: Now you should dip the toothbrush in the washing solution and then use the brush to scrub the midsole of the shoes carefully.

Step 6: While scrubbing the toothbrush should reach the nook and corner of the shoes. Once you are done scrubbing, soak the microfiber cloth in a washing solution and then use it to wipe the upper and midsole carefully.

Step 7: Make two or four wipes carefully, remember, once you find all the dirt has come off, empty the basin and fill it with clean water.

Step 8: Clean the microfiber cloth and then soak the cloth in this clean water. Use the cloth to wipe the football shoes again.

Step 9: Now, remove the shoelaces from the washing machine and along with the cleaned football shoes, leave them in the open air.

Remember to remove the football shoes from open air in 3 or 4-hours. Too much heat after cleaning could destroy the shoe integrity.

Caring the football shoes –

  1. Do not try to remove the shoes from your feet without untying the lace.
  2. If the humidity is too much store the football shoes in an airtight bag away from humidity.
  3. Never try to remove the football shoes from the foot by stepping on the back of the cleats, never do this.
  4. If your football shoes are wet, then you should not use them unless it is dried under sunlight.
  5. If you storing your football shoes somewhere for a long time without using them, then you need to store them away from direct sunlight and humidity.
  6. Never use bleach or any harsh detergent or chemical to clean the football shoes.


A good quality football shoe helps your feet have a comfortable fit, easy to walk and run experience, and much more. Kicking the soccer ball but not getting hurt is the primary feature to expect from such shoes. Our top pick is also offering similar features that can make you rely on the same product. On the other hand, you can conclude your own research to find the best deal under 1000 rupees. We hope that this guide will help you get an ideal deal in your budget.

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