10 Best Football Shoes in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Playing sports is the best way to stay active and get the required exercise. It is a well-known fact that exercise is required for the health of a person. Physical activity promotes better sleep, balanced life, helps combat diseases and other health issues, and prevents gaining weight by a person. There are plenty of different sports played all over the world. One such sport that is famous in the majority of the world is football.

The craze of football is increasing day by day in India. Football requires the players to run around on the field, which calls for a good pair of shoes. The significant requirement of a football shoe is the design and support. Football shoes are unique from other shoes. They include a sole that provides adequate grip and stability while running. Various brands have been making football shoes for years now. The market offers a variety of football shoes with various patterns, colors, and sizes to suit the requirement of any football player.

One major reason for the injury of a football player is using the wrong kind of shoes. Football shoes play a vital role in the safety of the player. Earlier players used to use a football shoe that covers the ankle. We can still see this type of football shoes, but in recent times, the shoe has undergone changes and has imitated the design and appearance of a sneaker. The type of football shoes that should be worn by a player depends on whether the game is played indoors or outdoors. With this many options and types, it is natural to feel overwhelmed while purchasing one.

So to make thin, simple in this article, we have shared the review of the ten best football shoes in India of 2021. Read on to know more about them and also to learn how to choose the right football shoe.

Best Buy Football Shoes Online in India

1. Vector X Chaser-II Football Shoes

Vector X Chaser-II Football Shoes

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The first football that we will be talking about in this article is Vector X chaser. Vector X chaser is a shoe that is made of synthetic leather, which is a perfect choice for any football player. This football shoe has all – design, comfort, style, and grip. The shoe was designed and produced by the manufacturer, considering the comfort and needs of a football player.

Usually, wearing shoes takes time as you need to lace it up properly. But vector X chaser football shoes come with lace-up closure, which can be fastened quickly. The black lace with a neon shoe color is stylish to look and wear. The inner lining of the football shoe is made of soft material so that it doesn’t hurt the player when playing the game.

The synthetic leather, which is used in making the shoe, is very easy to clean and maintain. Lastly, the shoe sole includes studs that provide better balance to the players. The study of the shoe also ensures that the player doesn’t slip and fall when running on wet ground. This trendy football shoe is a good match for a football player in terms of style, maintenance, quality, and grip.

Things we liked 

  • The sole and stud of the shoe is designed keeping in mind the needs of a football player
  • The black lace of the shoe with a quick lace-up closure is trendy.
  • The inner lining of the shoe is made of soft material which is comfortable to wear for long usage

Things we didn’t like

  • It takes time to dry when it gets wet.

2. Nivia Destroyer Football Shoe

Nivia Destroyer Football Shoe

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Nivia Destroyer football shoe is an ideal pair for starting your journey as a player. The football shoes are available in multiple colors and varied sizes. The shoe can be bought for children and adults because of its high-quality features.

One good thing about the shoes is the price. The football shoes are available at a reasonable price of 375 – 890 rupees. The shoe comes with a textured sole that adds to its style. The detail on the football shoes make it stand out among its competitors. The soft padded Nivia destroyer is very comfortable and convenient to wear. The football shoe gets its comfort from the soft material lining.

The Nivia destroyer football shoes include 11 textured cleats for support and grip. The firm and premium design of the shoes plays an important role in providing grip to the players while sprinting. This pair of shoes support football players and prevents injuries by offering better balance and comfort. Nivia destroyer also includes a cushioned heel tab and collar, which adds to the grip. Multiple customers have appreciated its performance by leaving a positive review on online platforms like Amazon.

Finally, the quality of the shoe needs a mention here. The build of the shoe is such that it makes the football shoe stable and durable. In simple words, Nivia destroyer football shoes are value for money and suitable for beginners.

Things we liked

  • The price of the shoe is reasonable
  • Multi-color combination of the shoe is highly attractive and stylish
  • Nivia destroyer is a comfortable shoe to wear with a great grip for balance.

Things we didn’t like

  • We need to buy a size bigger than the normal size.

3. Vector X Dynamic 001 Football Shoes

Vector X Dynamic 001 Football Shoes

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Vector X Company has been making innovative fitness gear to meet the demand of growing demand for health and fitness. Vector X football shoe is one such innovative fitness gear manufactured by the company. To promote sports in India, the vector X dynamic has been producing quality sports shoes and other equipment.

Vector X dynamic football shoes arraigned for the quickest football players. The shoe is made of synthetic leather, which is considered as the best material for making sports shoes nationwide. The soft texture of the synthetic leather makes sports shoes comfortable to wear for a long duration. Football shoes made of synthetic leather are more resistant and durable to wear and tear.

The vector X football shoes are produced in various designs that fit the needs of all players. The shoe includes a PVC sole that makes it strong and tough. This type of football shoes is available at a reasonable price and the best alternative to leather shoes. The model includes lace-up closure, which keeps feet firm and avoids no slipping. The studs on the sole enable the player to have a better grip of the surface while playing on the field. The complete design of the football shoe with border design makes it look like a branded one.

Things we liked 

  • Synthetic leather is comfortable, durable and reliable
  • The stitch and design of the shoe is unique and stylish
  • The sole and studs of the shoes offer better grip and balance for the player

Things we didn’t like

  • We don’t find any cons for this shoe.

4. Nivia Ashtang Football Studs

Nivia Ashtang Football Studs

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Nivia football shoe is an Indian Sports equipment manufacturer. The company is based out of Jalandhar; it is a successful India Sports brand. Nivia Ashtang football studs are produced to support the tagline of the company – step out and play. The shoe comes in a neon and black combination that is elegant and stylish to wear for playing a game and for practicing on the field. The Nivia Ashtang football shoes are designed to be ankle length. Ankle-Length football shoes are preferred by the players as it prevents injury to the ankle.

The Nivia football studs provide better grip and performance. This is achieved because of the molded full plastic insole and heals fit. The football shoe insole gives better cushioning and comfort for the players. The molded plastic used in the shoes also protects the wearer.

Thumb rule for buying any football shoe is the surface on which you are planning to play. Nivia Ashtang football shoes with shear strength sole can be used on all types of hard surfaces. Further, the football shoes come with triangular-shaped studs on the bottom that helps the players to run fast and efficiently. The lightweight of the shoe with synthetic leather is highly durable.

Things we liked 

  • Synthetic leather, lightweight and durability
  • The triangular studs for accelerating with efficiency.
  • The strong plastic insole for balance and comfort.

Things we didn’t like 

  • The bottom studs are durable but not long enough.

5. Feroc Rubber Football Shoes for Men’s

Feroc Rubber Football Shoes

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Ferox is an Indian company from the state of Punjab. The company Ferox International was established in the year 2008. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of football shoes in India. The company is committed to offering good sports shoes at a reasonable price. Over the years, the company has gained a huge client list across India.

As the title suggests, football shoes are designed for men. The Ferox football shoes are available in India at a low price of 600 rupees on online platforms. The shoe is made of rubber sole studs that are light in weight and provides a better grip to the players. These studs help traction on the surface so that the players do not slip and fall. The studs are a very important part of football shoes as they enhance stability and helps the players perform better.

The remaining material of the Ferox shoe is PU (Polyurethane). PU is a human-made leather that resembles the original kind. The main reason for considering PU material shoes is because they are cheaper. And lastly, the shoes come with lace-up closure for easy and fast tying of shoes.

Things we like

  • The rubbers studs on the bottom of the shoe for traction
  • Close-up lace for quick tying of shoes

Things we didn’t like 

  • PU is artificial leather that is made of split leather, which doesn’t last long.

6. Sisdeal Messi Blue Football Studs Shoes

Sisdeal Messi Blue Football Studs Shoes

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Sisdeal Company is known to provide the best variety of football shoes at an affordable price. Sisdeal Messi shoes are designed for players who are serious about the game. The shoe is made of synthetic leather that makes wearing them comfortable and convenient.

The Sisdeal shoes are manufactured by the company understating the lifestyle requirement of its customers. The Sisdeal Messi football studs are manufactured by the company using modern technology. The uniquely designed football studs were the result of special techniques adapted during the manufacturing process. The latest technology has resulted in the construction of football studs, which are superiorly flexible. The shoes provide a flexible grip from the toe area for better grip and balance.

The best part of the sole and design of the shoe is that it can be used on all surfaces. Sisdeal Messi football shoes can be worn on dry, wet, firm, or no natural grass surface. This pair of football shoes have it all comfort, acceleration, and traction.

Things we liked 

  • The hard heel of the shoes provide proper balance and stability
  • Budget-friendly price
  • The shoe can be used on all surfaces and by kickers as well as defenders

Things we didn’t like

  • The toe area of the shoe can be tight for some players as it is small.

7. Puma Men’s Spirit Ii Tt Football Shoes

Puma Men s Spirit Ii Tt Football Shoes

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Puma is a well-known brand worldwide for manufacturing excellent sports gear and products. Puma shoes require no introduction. Any sports player will know about Puma Company and its products. From past years the company has been launching the best and unique sports shoes, which has gained them a list of trusted clients all over the nation.

Puma men’s spirit li Tt football shoe is the latest addition to the family. This model of football shoe is specially designed for men. But Puma does offer a good variety of sports shoes for female players as well. The shoe is available at stores in three different color combinations to suit the needs of all players.

The Puma men’s spirit shoes are made of synthetic leather, which is soft and comfortable to wear. The cost of producing this type of shoes is comparatively less. But the lost cost of the shoes doesn’t affect the quality set by the Puma Company. The shoes meet the quality standard expected out of Puma.

Finally, the shoes consist of a flat heel and round toe design for easy and comfortable usage.

Things we liked 

  • Warranty for 90 days by the manufacturer
  • Multiple color options
  • Synthetic material for the comfort of the players and less in cost.

Things we didn’t like

  • It is costlier than other football shoes mentioned in the list

8. TRADY Ultimate Messi Men’s Black Sport Football Shoes

TRADY Ultimate Messi Men

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Trady football studs as an ideal companion for scoring the perfect goal. Trady ultimate football studs are designed for men by understanding the needs of a player when on the field. The TRADY ultimate football shoe is of robust construction for durability and comfort. The comfort of the shoe is also derived from molded synthetic leather, which is used for making the body of the shoe.

The performance of the shoe is increased two-folded by its features. The sturdiness of the material used in the construction of the outer region of the shoe coupled with soft padded material on the inside is a perfect combination for making any football studs. The study of the shoe is also designed to enhance the grip of a player.

To sum it up, the ultimate Messi football shoes by TRADY are manufactured, keeping in mind the comfort and needs of all football players out there.

Things we liked

  • Lightweight leather for convenient usage
  • The shoe consists of Flexible sole and better grip studs.

Things we didn’t like 

  • None.

9. OPTIMUS® FX 73 Inspire Hyper Venom Football Studs

OPTIMUS® FX 73 Inspire Hyper Venom Football Studs

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Optimus FX 73 inspire football shoes is designed by adopting hi-tech technology. The shoe is a perfect fit for any player looking to enhance their attacking play on the field. The shoe is designed by the manufacturer, considering three important features – fit, touch, and traction.

The Optimus football studs can be worn on all kinds of surfaces. It works well on dry, firm, or natural grass surfaces. The design of the shoe offers the wear grip for maximum acceleration and comfort. The Flywire cables wrap the middle part of your feet for comfort. The texture of the shoes with sharp cuts makes it look trendy and elegant. The shoe is made of leather, whose life extends for any time.

Things we liked 

  • Leather shoe with PU sole for durability
  • Grip and comfort provided to the wearer by its design and texture.
  • Multiple colour options

Things we didn’t like 

  • PU sole football shoes tend to wear out fast.

10. ADI Men’s and Boy’s Football Studs Shoes Boots

ADI Men s and Boy s Football Studs Shoes

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ADI football studs are designed for the requirements of both Men and Boys. ADI pair of football shoes are a good option for all players looking for comfort and style. The shoe is priced at a reasonable amount with good quality.

The shoe is made of high-quality carbonate that wraps the feet of a player and provides excellent traction. The functionality of the shoes by its features increases the confidence of a player on the field. The technology that is used in the production of the shoes makes it superiorly flexible. The flexibility of the shoe at the toe area provides a better underfoot grip. With a strong underfoot grip, a player is set to kick the ball as hard as he can.

The design and sole of the ADI football shoe can be used on all surfaces. The multi-surface compliance of the shoe provides acceleration, comfort, and enhanced traction. The strong heel part of the shoe increases its durability and stability without losing the shape of the shoes. The better quality of the football shoes with inner comfort lining provides excellent Cushioning support to the wearer. ADI men’s and boy’s football studs tick all right boxes, which makes it the most favorable model.

Things we liked

  • Balance and stability offered by the design of the shoe and its sole
  • The player on multiple surfaces can wear the shoe
  • The soft inner lining of the shoes, which provides cushioning support, makes it ideal for long usage.

Things we didn’t like 

  • The color of the shoes slightly varies from the pictures.

How to Choose the Right Football Shoes?

Picking the right football shoe that fits you is tougher than you think. There are certain things you need to consider before choosing a shoe. Here in this part of the article, we have shared 5 significant features that you need to check in a football shoe. The lists of features are as follows:

  • Type of field

The first feature that you need to consider when buying a football shoe is the place you are playing. Football shoe studs and sole are designed based on the place you are playing on. For playing on dry or natural grass surfaces, you need to buy a football shoe with firm ground stud or one with traditional stud or blades.

On the other hand, for playing on the wet and soft surface, you need a better grip to avoid slipping. So in such cases, a football shoe with soft ground sole and screw stud should be preferred. Finally, for playing on indoor synthetic grass, hard surface or consolidate surface buy football shoes with hard ground sole and rubber studs.

  • What are you looking for?

The next important feature to consider before purchasing a football shoe is your requirement. Power and comfort are two important things football players look for in a shoe. A shoe with a solid boot is suitable for power as they allow you to bend naturally. And for comfort, consider soft leather or synthetic shoes with inner soft material coating.

  • The material of the shoe

The next feature to consider when buying a football shoe is the material. Football shoes are usually made of three different materials. Leather, synthetic, and knitted are three different materials used in the making of football shoes. Leather is the most common type of material used in making the shoe. Leather football shoes are usually made of Kangaroo or calf, and they are very comfortable to wear.

Apart from leather these days, we can see football shoes made of synthetic material. Synthetic football shoes are considered as most durable and comfortable to wear. The synthetic football shoes are lighter of all three materials, and they have become softer over the years.

The last material of football shoes that we can find today is the knitted ones. This type of shoe is made of synthetic threads. The knitted shoe is the future of football, and they fit a player like a sock. But these types of shoes are available at the end stores like Adidas and Nike.

  • Weight of the shoe

The next factor that you need to consider when buying a football shoe is the weight. The weight of the shoe plays a vital role in how to play the game. Football shoes with lightweight make you feel comfortable and help you run faster. At the same time football shoes on the heavier side offer protection and are solid. The weight of the football shoe is a personal preference of the player. Both lightweight and heavier football shoes have benefits. Think about your needs before deciding on the weight of the shoe.

  • The amount you are willing to spend on the shoe

The last and the most significant factor you need to consider is the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. Football shoes are made by a variety of companies. High-end companies like Nike and Adidas manufacture the most famous football shoes. How often you play football and what kind of football player you are also playing a role when deciding the budget.

How to Maintain Your Football Shoes?

Maintain your football shoes is a crucial factor for making them long-lasting and improve their productivity. Here are some tips for maintaining your football shoes appropriately.

  • Dry the Football Shows After Every Use:

If your football shoes become wet or socked after every use, then you will need to consider drying them to maintain their effectiveness. First, take a hand towel or a tissue and wipe the outer surface of the football shoes. This will dry the outer part. Then use a coarse brush and remove all mud and build-up from your shoes.

After that, you will need to dry the inner part of the shoes. You can take paper towels, towels, or tissues and stuff them inside the football shoes. This will absorb moisture and water from the shoes and make them clean and fresh. Moreover, this will also improve the health of the football shoes.

  • Don’t Leave Your Football Shoes Outside:

You should never leave your football shoes outside because weather plays an important role in damaging the shoes. If you are using leather football shoes, then you will need to keep in mind that weather can destroy your shoes. Weather will make the shoes harder which will lead to cracking.

If the football shoes come in contact with moisture and dampness, then they will build up bacteria and mold and damage the upper part of the football shoes. If your football shoes are kept in an excessive heat environment, then the glue that holds the upper part with the sole of the shoe can get melted. This will weaken your shoes. On the other hand, cold environments can harden your shoes and make them uncomfortable to wear. This is why you should always keep your football shoes in a mild temperature environment.

  • Don’t Dry Your Football Shoes in Front of Heater:

As mentioned above, heat is very dangerous for your football shoes. So, if your football shoes are wet, then you should never dry them in front of a heater. Instead, you can follow other methods to dry the shoes.

  • Apply Dubbin to The Leather Shoes:

In case you are using leather football shoes, consider applying dubbin once a week or once a month. This will make the shoes healthy and shiny. This also helps provide the essential nutrients to the leather to keep it in good condition. While applying, you should ensure to apply it on the leather part, not on the synthetic part.

Football Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it okay to wear a sock with football shoes?

Yes, you must wear a sock with your football shoes. If you are a person who prefers wearing a football shoe without wearing a shoe, then you could do it. However, it is best recommended that you consider wearing a sock while using a football shoe.

  1. Some of the brands on this list are not known to me, are they good brands?

There are indeed several other world-renowned brands that manufacture and market top quality football shoes. However, we have selected the football shoes listed above not on the brand value or reputation, but the factors mentioned in the buying guide. Each football shoes listed above are the best and were reviewed and guaranteed to offer maximum benefits.

  1. Football shoes below the price of INR 1000 are good? Will they last long?

Yes, all the football shoes listed are the best and they are designed to offer maximum comfort and grip. When it comes to the lifespan, it is not possible to guarantee an exact lifespan as it depends on the use. However, we guarantee the quality not to be poor.

  1. Most of the football shoes listed above have a price less than INR 1000, are they designed to be used on all types of the ground?

No, if you an expert then you would know that each type of football shoes is designed to be used on a specific type of ground. The same applies to each and all the football shoes listed above. Even though the price of each football shoe is less than INR 1000, they are designed like professional football shoes.

  1. Which is the best football shoe material?

The best football shoe material is synthetic, it is considered as one of the most durable and lightweight. Knitted football shoes are the future of football, they are very light and soft. When it comes to football shoes, no matter what the material, it should be lightweight and the material should be breathable.

  1. The football shoes listed above come with cushioning, are they comfortable to wear?

Yes, most of the football shoes listed above come with adequate cushioning features incorporated, which makes it comfortable to wear. However, the level of comfort offered could be comparatively very less than premium football shoes. But, for the money you pay, the cushioning and comfort offered by these shoes are the best and worth.

  1. None of the football shoes listed above come with a warranty, is it okay to buy these?

As you have seen, there are football shoes from well-known and reputed brands like Puma and Nivia, even they do not offer a warranty. As far as we know, each football shoe listed above is designed to offer maximum lifespan, comfort, and grip. Therefore, you should not bother about the warranty at this price range, each football shoe listed above are designed to last long. If you insist on having a football shoe with warranty, then consider premium football shoes.

Bottom Line

To conclude, yes, the quality and make of football shoes affects the performance of a player. A football shoe with proper cushion and grip is essential for the player. And also, one football shoe cannot be used on all surfaces. Based on the surface on which you want to play football, pick a sole and stud type. Picking suitable football shoes takes time and effort. You need to consider various features, and that’s the reason why the article includes both review and buying guide.

The ten best football shoes mentioned in this article are an excellent choice for a player. In the article, we have also included an Amazon link for easy purchase. We hope this article helps you in picking the right football shoes to better your performance.

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