10 Best Cricket Shoes in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

India is known to be the land of cricket. People are so attracted to the game that they are glued to the television when there is a cricket match. It is known to be a Gentlemen’s game. For this gentlemen’s game, there are many accessories that come in handy during the match. The cricket bat and the cricket ball are the most important ones. But the important one in any kind of outdoor and indoor sports is the shoes.

Shoes have a simple concept of protecting the feet of the wearer when they are over the rough terrain. There are various kinds of shoes available. For each kind of outdoor activity, there is a type of shoe available. This is to make sure the feet are protected based on the kind of activity that is done. If you are running, running shoes is designed to ensure you do not slip while you are running and hurt yourself. Similarly, there are walking shoes.

Once we enter into the realm of sports the kind of shoes again differs. Most sports require agility and faster movements. The grip that holds the body on to the ground is in the feet; the stability that these shoes provide is very important. Hence these shoes are designed based on the type of tasks that the sportsmen perform during their playtime. On the same lines, cricket shoes are also built. Cricket requires regular sprints, long runs dives, and jumps and hence the quality and the features of the shoes need to be good to support the player.

Best Buy Shoes for Cricket Online in India

In this article, we are trying to see all these features and figure out on what basis we should buy these shoes. We will also explore 10 best shoes for cricket and discuss more on their features. The ultimate objective is to ensure that if you are buying a pair of shoes, you buy what is best for you. Without wasting much time let us look into them. Also check the list of best badminton shoes, basketball shoes and tennis shoes.

1. Adidas Howzzat Spike Cricket Shoes

Adidas Howzzat Spike Cricket Shoes

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This is the best spike shoes for cricket in India, and Adidas is a very well known brand for the quality of the shoes or footwear. They are an international brand, and they have a set of loyal customers around the world. Like any other brand for shoes, they too have a brand ambassador for the Indian market. Rohit Sharma is the current brand ambassador in India. He is a well-known cricket player who also opens the batting order for the Indian cricket team. The shoes we are talking about are well designed and manufactured to give the best comfort to the wearer. It has 7 spikes on the sole that give a solid grip to the players when they run or sprint in the ground.

The shoe has Adidas logo and brand name on the back and also the front of the shoes. The color of the shoe is white with light blue combination behind. It has dark blue small stripes in the front with the same color sole. The sole has spiderman web design with the spikes placed smartly at 7 points. It gives a solid grip to the wearer. It is designed for the sport of cricket. The closure type is lace type and it is also white in color. The toe type is rounded which enables the wearer, experience a good grip with comfort. The company also provides a 30 days warranty only for manufacturing defects.

Things we liked

  • Quality is superb
  • Color combination makes it look cool
  • Spikes are placed in such a way that it provides good grip

Things we didn’t like

  • None at the moment

2. ASCIS Cricket Shoes for men

ASCIS Cricket Shoes

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ASICS comes up with stylish men’s shoes specially designed for cricket. The brand has Tiger Shroff as an ambassador in India. It also signed in Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar – the leading cricketers as its brand ambassador in the year 2018 and they are still being maintained.

The shoes from ASCIS are designed to give a super look. The color combination is catchy. The sole is completely orange in color, with spikes made of the same material as the sole. These spike gives a good grip on the playground and also the confidence to push the extra mile to perform those dives to catch the ball. The sole extends as a border of the shoes and gives a great contrast to the body of the shoes, which is made of white, blue, black, and grey color combinations.

The shoes’ outer part is made of synthetic material and hence can give a very good lightweight feeling. The shoe is a lace type and is colored white. The shoe also is made in the round Toe style. This style ensures the toes do not get squeezed when you wear the shoes. There is a layer of cushion in the shoe that will ensure you do not feel the shock when you land after a jump. The shoes also come with 90 days manufacturing warranty.

Things we liked

  • Great color combination with multiple colors used
  • Synthetic material can make it light
  • The spikes on the sole can give you a good grip when you run and when you land after a jump

Things we didn’t like

  • None at the moment

3. Feroc ADF Cricket Shoes for men

Feroc ADF Cricket Shoes

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Feroc International was founded in the year 2008 as a sole proprietorship and is based out of Jalandhar in Punjab. They are lead manufacturers of shoes of various sports like cricket, badminton, football and more. You can shop for their shoes in various online shops and also on their very own website.

The shoe we are talking about now is the good looking cricket shoes that come at a very reasonable price. The company has ensured to also maintain the quality of the while keeping the price as affordable as possible. The shoes are mostly white and blue, with few spots of orange behind. The sole is completely blue and has the same material spikes that are designed to give a perfect grip on the ground. Sizes come as small as 4 to 11.5 in the same design. The name of the brand is written on the back and also on the front. Currently, they do not have any brand ambassador who advertises their shoes. Their website is quite attractive and is also very user-friendly.

Things we liked

  • Various sizes available
  • Very attractive colors
  • Website is very detailed
  • Very good grip
  • Very affordable prices

Things we did not like

  • Some customers complained of poor quality

4. Puma 19FH Cricket Shoes

Puma 19FH Cricket Shoes

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Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador for Puma, and you know how aggressive and consistent he is. Puma also wants to show off their consistently through Virat Kohli’s representation of the brand. They are one of the leading brands for sports shoes, and you can never deny the high quality in their products. Puma logo is a Puma, and you can never forget the brand with its presence felt if you are involved in any sports for that matter.

The shoes we are talking about are cricket shoes and it is one you will really love to wear. The color combination is exquisite. It is white and blue in color with Blue giving it a premium look. The sole is a combination of black and blue colors and looks pretty cool. The body is a combination of a bit of black, blue and white color. Puma logo is behind near the heels and also in the front. The lace is white in color and gives a good fit. The cushion in the shoe works as a shock absorber. The outer body is made of synthetic material. The sole is also lightweight to give a very good feeling when you are on the field playing. The sole has a good number of spikes that give a solid grip and confidence while you want to make that dive while you are in the field. The toe style is round toes enabling you to move your toes in the shoes freely.

Things we liked

  • Very elegant look
  • Reflects Virat Kohli’s characteristics
  • 90 days warranty

Things we did not like

  • None for now

5. Spartan Cricket Shoes

Spartan Cricket Shoes

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When you look at their website, Spartan has a variety of shoes that you can choose from. They have the coolest ones on the shelves. They specialize in all types of shoes, and they have come up with some unique designs and colors. We have seen MS Dhoni advertising this brand many times, along with Michael Clarke and Chris Gayle.

The sole of the shoe is orange in color with multiple rubber spikes. It ensures you do not skid while on the field. It also has a gray design on the sole. The logo of the Spartan is on the back and sides. The brand name is on the front side. The body is made of synthetic material which is so light you would not notice you are wearing one. You would feel it’s a part of your body. You can lace it up with the white laces. The inner material is made of cotton. Hence it does not heat up too much. It regulates the temperature inside. The toe style is round toe; hence you would not feel the squeeze. The lace ensures you do not slip your feet as you play in the playground. It is built up for a good performance.

Things we liked

  • Cool color combination
  • Inside lined with cotton material avoiding regulating temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • Size available from 6-10

Things we didn’t like

  • Sole stitch complains raised by customers
  • Fake products being sold in Spartans name

6. Nivia PVC – Cricket Shoes

Nivia PVC – Cricket Shoes

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Nivia is popular among various sports items, including football, volleyball, and other leather related sports items. Nivia company is based out of Jalandhar, Punjab. It was founded in the year 1934. In 1962 it was named as Nivia and until then, it was known as Free Will Sports. We are not aware of any brand ambassadors who advertise this brand.

The shoe we are talking about now is mostly white, including the sole. The sole is made of PVC material with multiple spikes on it. The presence of these spike increases the grip to the ground. As these are specifically made for cricket, it works as good wear in both grass playgrounds and also that of mud. The spikes are placed in a circular design on the sole. The body has a design in blue, the logo of the brand ‘N’. Near the heals is the name of the brand in blue color. The insides are all blue in color. It has white laces that can be used to tighten the grip on the leg. The toe style is round toes, which allow a good grip and avoids any slippage of the leg when using the shoe. The body of the shoe is made of synthetic material and you know synthetic material is so light.

Things we liked

  • PVC sole with designed spikes
  • Washable lace
  • Sizes are limited 4-8 only

Things we didn’t like

  • Poor quality of the shoe has been experienced

7. Proase Cricket Shoes

Proase Cricket Shoes

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Proase has a variety of shoes for various sports. The shoes cover sports like Squash, Tennis, football, Badminton, and many more. Not just shoes, they are also a manufacturer of sports accessories like balls, bags, and all types of cricket accessories. The product we are talking about Proase is the cricket shoes which is designed to give a very good fit to the wearer. Proase shoes come in a variety of color combinations. The combinations are white and green, white and red, and white and blue.

The size starts from 2 to 12 numbers on the UK scale. The sole is filled with rubber spikes, which is ideal for the sports of cricket. It is also completely blue in color. The blue color acts as a border for the whole shoes. The body of the shoe is in a combination of white, blue and silver colors. The design of the body of the shoe is quite attractive. The body is made of high-grade PU which assures comfort to the wearer. The sole is made of premium material, providing maximum traction. The sole is designed in such a way that the spirit, run, or dive can be done with more confidence. The high number of spikes also provides additional stability when on the field and doing your best part.

Things we liked

  • Sole is filled with spikes which provide additional stability and grip
  • Sizes available from 2-12
  • Attractive design on the body

Things we didn’t like

  • The rubber grips are not very effective or long-lasting

8. SG Cricket Shoes – Lightweight

SG Cricket Shoes – Lightweight

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SG dedicated its products mostly to cricket sports. Founded in  1931 by the brothers Kedarnath and Swarakaath have journeyed a very long way to reach here. The shoes we are talking about are SG. The company claims to be in the lightweight shoe that is specifically designed for the sports of cricket.

The shoes are designed to be completely white with Blue combination. The sole is completely blue and is made of rubber. It is filled with studs/spikes that is the main reason for ht strong grips it provides to the wearer. The shoe is available in the sizes 7 and 8 numbers which are of UK measurement.

The body of the shoe is made of synthetic material which is the reason for the shoe to be so lightweight. The lace is also white in color and ensures a good grip with the feet. The company also provides various kinds of shoes which are concentrating on different types of sports.

Things we liked

  • Lightweight shoes providing a comfortable wear
  • The inside cushion is very good
  • Design is quite simple

Things we didn’t like

  • Only 2 sizes are available

9. Zigaro – Cricket Shoes

Zigaro – Cricket shoes

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Zigaro is a relatively new company when compared to all other companies that we have talked about on this list. It was founded in the year 1994. The company also manufactures all sports-related items. T-shirts, track pants and many more. They have a variety of shoes. They specialize in shoes that are compatible with sports like, cricket, badminton, basketball, Hockey, Joggers, Sandos and Lowers. These are some of them that the company claims to manufacture on its website.

The shoe we are discussing now is mostly black and white combination with a few blue spots which provides a very good look at the shoes. The shoe body is made of synthetic material which is known to have a very lightweight for the shoes. It is comfortable for the players.

The sole is completely black with a lot of spikes/studs on it. It is specially designed to give grip to the wearer as most of the place the concern is how slippery would my footwear to be. On the body, it is completely white and a combination of blue block design. To tie up there is lace. But to ensure the best protection, there is a buckle that is quite cool. The size of the shoes starts with 4 sizes and the top one is 11.

Things we liked

  • Good ratings provide by customers
  • The model is a very lightweight
  • Additional spikes provide additional grip

Things we didn’t like

  • None found sofar

10. B-Tuf – Cricket shoes for both Men and Women

B-Tuf – Cricket shoes

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B Tuf is a good brand which we find in most of the social media mostly as an advertisement. B-Tf has various kinds of shoes with them and today we are talking only about their cricket shoes in this section. The model we are talking about now is designed for men and women’s wear. The model comes in the combination of white and red colors. It is a very good combination of colors. The sizes also come from 5 to 11 numbers on the UK measurement scale.

The soles are made of rubber material, but the design of the spikes for the sole is really good. The rubber material makes sure you do not slip when you are on the field and playing the sport. The closure type of the shoe is lace.  The body material is synthetic which is the lightest material for the shoes. You hardly realize you are wearing one. It becomes a part of the body. The design is quite good and also is attractive. The color combination and the design goes hand in hand. The stitching design also adds to the looks. The company does not provide any warranty.

Things we liked

  • Very good sole switch additional studs/ spikes providing very good grip
  • The lace is red in color
  • The nice cushion provided in the shoe which ensures they can go home after the clean.

Things we didn’t like

  • None saw so far

How to Choose the Best Cricket Shoes in India

There are various features in the shoes that you should be looking into before buying them. It could vary from person to person. But this section concentrates on those common features that you can look into before buying the shoes. After that, you can look into the features that you require in them. Now let us see which one are those.


Professional cricketers choose their shoes based on their experience and also based on what they are performing the task in the playground. If it is a batsman or a bowler, they wear shoes with the studs made of metal. It makes sure they do not skid or slip while they are running. The sprints between the wickets are what the batsmen perform and hence having the studs of metal is required. If you are a fielder in the match, then making sure the sole has good grips of PVC, or rubber can do that work. However, you need to be careful to ensure the material is not slippery when it’s a bit watery.


The material used for the body is also an important feature. That is because if you are running on the field and you feel the feet are heavy due to shoes, then it would drop your performance. Hence shoes made of synthetic material are something that can help you in your tasks on the field.

Sole Material

Other than the grips, soles are also an important feature to look into. What about the sol? It is the material that is used in the sole that matters. While the cricket requires frequent jumps, the shock-absorbing capacity of the material used is very important. If the right material is not used then you might end up hurting your legs with pain that is caused by frequent shocks.


Although the color is not a performance impacting feature, it is also important to have the right combination of color. A team having similar colored shoes can help identity played with people from a different team. It can also be your favorite color. It will keep you motivated to play the best.


Choose the right size that fits you. You will be given a scale online to measure what is the size of your feet. If you end up with an incorrect size you will not have comfortable wear and hence dropping your performance on the field. You also might end up falling as your feet and shoes might not be synced up. Hence you need to be careful in this matter.

Cricket Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do The Running Shoes Are Effective For Playing Cricket?

Well, the short and sweet answer to this question is that yes, you can use the running shoes for cricket, but you won’t get an effective feeling like the typical cricket shoe pairs. You must understand this; the cricket shoes are specifically available to offer you all the advantages that you can take in the cricket ground while playing. But on the other hand, the running shoes are specifically designed to offer more and more traction so that the runner can achieve his/her maximum possible speed.

And yeah, both running and cricket shoes indeed have the spikes in them, but the thing to remember is that most of the cricket shoes come with the half spikes instead of full-fledged ones. It’s because cricket is not the game of only running for runs, but the batsman also plays a significant role in which a person needs to play different shots. That’s why the cricket shoes also provide excellent support to the heel and toe part of the feet.

2. Is It Possible To Remove The Spikes of Cricket Shoes If I Don’t Want Them?

Yes, it is possible to remove the spikes of cricket shoes if you are wondering. But spikes also play a massive role in making the cricket shoes perfect for the batsman, bowler, and fielder. If you want that your chosen shoes must provide you maximum traction with the pitch and the ground while performing all the activities like running, playing shorts, and fielding. Therefore, most of the brands that provide typical cricket shoes only offer half spikes of cricket shoes to perform all the cricket activities without facing any issue easily.

However, if you want to remove the spikes from cricket shoes, which simply indicates that you are having problems like feeling heavy and getting pain issues because of spikes if this is the case, then you should surely remove the spikes from your cricket shoes.

3. What Can I Expect From Toe Protection In A Cricket Shoe Pair?

If you were into the in-depth research before making the final purchase decision related to the cricket shoes, you might know that the toe protection in cricket shoes is also essential. Many top brands usually offer a great toe and the heel support and protection in their typical cricket shoes. If your cricket shoes have the spikes, then for sure the toe protection becomes a highly important thing for you, because toe protection can prevent the discomfort feeling that might happen because of half spikes. Not only this but in case the season ball bumps on to your toe, then also the toe protection can save you from getting damage in your toes.

4. Should I Go With The Heavy Cricket Shoes Made Up of Thick Materials?

If you ask this question from a professional cricketer, they will surely answer “NO.” And it is quite understandable because in cricket you have to be quick to get runs, deliver the ball fast, reach the ball quickly while fielding, etc. So, ultimately, you should go with the lightweight cricket shoes that made up durable materials.

Bottom line

The article as mentioned in the beginning, is an attempt to help the readers guide through the process of buying cricket shoes. There are various brands and models within those brands that might confuse you. We have chosen the best 10 out based on their overall rating. You can also explore more, but we believe that you will end up buying one from our list. Be smart when you are buying these products as you might also end up getting a fake one that looks similar ones from the brand. Ensure to do your checks before you buy it.  If you are buying them online then you usually have the option to return it back within a certain time. Hence you can avail of such options. Make sure you understand completely before buying what are the conditions that are applied for the product return or exchange.

Happy buying!

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