10 Best Casual Shoes Under 500 Rs. In 2022

Casual shoes are regular shoes that people used to wear every day for offices and other outdoor reasons. For every casual outfit, you may need good and comfortable casual shoes to enhance your appearance. One of the crucial elements that are noticeable by others in your dressing is shoes. Thus, people are much conscious about matching the right pair of casual shoes with their outfits.

Casual shoes available in different styles and designs and with a lot of models such as boat shoes, saddle shoes, sneakers, you may get confused about what to wear for outdoors and parties. But for each style of outfit, your choice of casual shoes may vary. Additionally, you may look for other features like material, comfort, breathability, foot support, fit, stability, heel, and midsole, etc. In addition to all these features, another deciding factor is the price that plays a crucial role.

Most people love to wear casual shoes that provide stability and fit rather than having a stylish look. Because, people need comfortability first when wearing casual shoes and thus, they check for the above features that will help them to use casual shoes for a longer time. Lightweight is another parameter that people may look for while buying casual shoes. To avoid getting ankle and leg pain, lightweight casual shoes are best. People used to buy shoes that are designed using leather or rubber soles, as they serve best in absorbing shocks.

Coming to the best men’s casual shoe styles, many models are now in trends such as canvas sneakers, men’s loafers, dress sneakers, bluchers, and derbies, etc. With many models and styles, you will feel hard to choose the right pair of shoes. Thus, we have come up with the top 10 best casual shoes under the range of 500 Indian rupees of 2020. We also have given the features of all such casual shoes which you can read to know more about casual shoes so that you can choose the right casual shoes.

Best Buy Casual Shoes Below 500 INR

With so many brands and styles of casual shoes, it seems to be a daunting task for you to choose the right pair, thus we are providing the top ten casual shoes that are popular in the Indian market.

1. Zovim Men’s Denim Jeans Sneakers Casual Shoes

Zovim Mens Denim Jeans Sneakers Casual Shoes

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The first product on our list is the Zovim Men’s Denim Jeans Sneakers Casual Shoe. The pair of shoes serves as the best option for your day trips. Here the shoes are designed using denim material and hence they are highly durable. This footwear is mainly designed to bridge the gap between style and comfort. Here are its features.


  • It uses PVC sole with a lace-up closure type
  • The lace-up closure helps you to wear the shoes with a snug fit and minimum discomfort
  • It is best for casual or daily use
  • The sole material used is rubber hence, comes for a longer life
  • The manufacturer provides a warranty for 30 days for the manufacturing defects you may find in shoes
  • You can pair these shoes with jeans and other casual outfits of any choice
  • Best for day trips and outings to get a complete look

2. Shoes Bank Men’s Leather Casual Shoes

Shoes Bank Mens Leather Casual Shoes

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The next product is from the Shoes Bank’s brand which is Shoes Bank Men’s Leather Casual Shoe. One can use these shoes for casual occasions. To buy this pair of shoes, have a look at the shoes’ features.


  • Here the sole material used is TPR which is Thermoplastic Rubber having the properties of both rubber and plastic. TPR soles are best for the slip-resistant feature.
  • The closure type is Lace-Up type which you can adjust it according to your comfortability
  • The shoe uses an outer material to be Synthetic leather and inner material to be cotton
  • The color of the shoes is blue and also available in other colors
  • One can use this pair of shoes for any casual outings and offices too
  • This pair of shoes provides you a smart and classy look when you wear your outfits.

3. KNOOS Men’s Comfort Casual Loafers

KNOOS Mens Comfort Casual Loafers

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The next product is the casual loafers from the KNOOS brand. If you are looking for stylish casual shoes with good features, then it is better to go with this excellent product. To choose this product, read the features of the model.


  • The upper material used is extremely durable synthetic leather
  • The shoes use TPT sole
  • They are lightweight and comfortable due to its excellent design of Slip-on closure type
  • Slip-on closure type reduces your time of wearing the shoes, as you don’t have to tie the lace
  • They are hand-made shoes and perfect for all occasions
  • Comes longer life and having 1-month warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Keep your shoes in a shoe cover to avoid any stains or mildew. Allow your pair of shoes to deodorize regularly after using them.

4. Ethics Men’s Pilot Blue Black Casual Loafer Shoes

Ethics Mens Pilot Blue Black Casual Loafer Shoes

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One more casual shoes of loafer model in our list which is Ethics Men’s Pilot Blue Black Casual Loafer Shoes. If you are looking for a pair of loafers that are attractive and stylish in design, then go with this pair of casual loafer. Some of its features to know before buying this product are given as follows.


  • It uses the Slip-On closure design, so you don’t have to tie the laces with effort
  • Loafers come with an EVA sole which means Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a popular material for sole
  • The shoe width is less to provide a stylish design
  • The outer material is Synthetic leather and EVA to provide the durability
  • Loafers are light-weight and comfortable with the choice of material used in them
  • Loafers go well with your casual outfits and jeans.

5. Kraasa 4215 Shoe Designer Printed Casual Sneakers

Kraasa 4215 Shoe Designer Printed Casual Sneakers

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Kraasa is a registered trademark company that is well-known for providing all of its products with great quality and unique design. If you are looking for a pair of casual sneakers for everyday use or wedding, then go with this excellent product.


  • The sneakers come with a unique printed design on the outer surface which is best for parties or other casual meetings
  • The sneakers feature synthetic rubber on the upper layer material and the sole is PVC sole hence delivers a great performance
  • The pair of shoes requires easy maintenance and you can clean the shoes using a clean cloth. Rotate the pair of sneakers to de-odorize and to retain its original shape
  • Here the sole design provides a comfortability and strong grip to the users
  • Sneakers are completely lightweight and allow you to make easy movements

6. Sparx Men’s Canvas Loafers Casual Shoes

Sparx Mens Canvas Loafers Casual Shoes

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One of the famous brands that provide a range of shoes, slippers, and sandals with the most stylish look and design is the Sparx. To match with the latest trends you can buy such footwear collections from the Sparx. Here one of its products we are going to see is Sparx Men’s Canvas Loafers. To buy this iconic youth brand product, have a look at the features.


  • The Sparx uses the Canvas as both outer and inner material
  • Here the sole material used is PVC.
  • It is a loafer type casual shoe, best to go well with your casual outfits
  • The shoe uses a slip-on closure type which is easy to wear and remove the loafer
  • Loafers go well with your jeans and other modern outfits
  • A reputed and popular brand for its modern design

7. Red Rose Casual Sneakers Shoe’s for Men’s

Red Rose Casual Sneakers

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If you are looking for the sneaker that is best for office, casual, party, and formal occasions, then this Red Rose Casual Sneakers Shoe’s for Men is an excellent product to go with. If you love this product, you must read the below features before buying this product.


  • The shoes are best for both formal and casual occasions
  • With synthetic material, the shoes last a longer life
  • To enjoy the smart and classy look, buy this pair of shoes
  • Here the sole material used is the fabric which offers a great breathability feature
  • The pair of shoes is much comfortable to wear
  • It is easy to clean and maintain the shoes using a clean cloth to avoid dirt or stain on shoes
  • The shoes use a lace-up closure type which you can adjust according to your comfortability

8. ASIAN Skypy-162 Casual Shoes for Men

ASIAN Skypy-162 Casual Shoes

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The next product on our review list is ASIAN Skypy-162 Casual Shoes for men. If you are looking for casual shoes having a lace-up closure type, then go with this product. If you have an idea to buy this product, read the features below before buying it.


  • The upper material used in this product is denim
  • A lace-up closure type which allows you to adjust the lace fit is great about its comfortability
  • PVC is used as a sole material, hence delivers durability
  • Casual shoes are light-weight, so you don’t have to feel hard of moving around with shoes
  • To clean the shoes, follow the instructions given in the product
  • Never use a detergent to wash the casual shoes
  • One will not feel the burden of wearing shoes, as they are light
  • The pair of shoes goes well with all casual outfits

9. SRX Fashion Men’s Casual Loafers

SRX Fashion Mens Casual Loafers

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If you are looking for the most versatile pair of shoes, then buy this outstanding product SRX Fashion Men’s Casual Loafers. One can enjoy the great comfort and style of wearing this pair of shoes. It is for sure to deliver you a great look and style with your outfits. Here are some of the crucial features of casual loafers.


  • The shoes are designed with slip-on closure type
  • Here the shoe width is medium
  • One can enjoy the stylish look of wearing these casual shoes
  • They are well-known for its lightweight feature
  • The material used here is denim and thus you can wear for jeans and other casual dresses
  • One can use this pair of shoes for both casual and non-casual occasions

10. Rebelbe Climber Men’s Leather Casual Boot

Rebelbe Climber Mens Leather Casual Boot

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The last product on our review list is Rebelbe Climber Men’s Leather Casual Boot. If you are looking for durable and fine quality casual boots, then Rebelbe Climber boot is an ideal option to go with. To understand the other qualities of the boot, you can have a look at the below features.


  • The sole material used here is rubber for providing the durability
  • Here the boots use a lace-up closure type
  • Boots come with a medium-size shoe width
  • The upper material is synthetic rubber of fine quality along with the fabric for lining
  • The lining helps to increase the breathability
  • The shoe height is 12cm
  • Here the sole material is lightweight and great for its anti-slip resistant feature
  • The sole provides heat and oil resistance
  • One can use this boot for various occasions such as parties, shopping, driving, traveling, and other casual reasons

Casual Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of long-lasting performance can I expect from casual sneaker shoes?

Sneaker shoes are the most stylish type of casual wear, and there is no doubt that in terms of look, other casual shoes just fade out in front of sneaker shoes. But many people ask questions about the durability and long-lasting performance of sneakers shoes. If you have the same question, then for sure, you won’t get any disappointment in terms of the durability of this type of shoes. However, there are many different types of sneaker shoes present in the market, and the overall long-lasting performance and durability also depend upon which type of casual sneaker shoe pair you have bought.

For instance, if you have invested a reasonable amount of money in buying a good pair of sneaker shoes, you can surely expect around more than seven months of durable performance. However, the replacement also depends upon some factors like how often you use those shoes, and what type of maintenance you prefer.

  • Is it a right choice to buy casual loafer shoes over the typical formal shoes?

Typically, the loafer shoes come into the category of formal shoes, but some brands are present to offer the casual type of loafer shoes. In short, the casual loafer shoes comes with a lightweight and different material instead of leather. But the question remains the same: can you wear casual loafer shoes with a formal outfit? Right. Many people say that yeah, you can definitely consider the casual loafer shoes to wear with a formal outfit. Somehow, these shoes look very identical to the formal leather shoes. It’s the design that makes the casual loafer shoes perfect to wear with a typical formal outfit on a specific occasion.

  • Which option is the best in terms of comfort, casual shoes, or formal shoes?

When it comes to comfort, people feel confused between casual shoes and formal shoes. But there should be no comparison between these two types of shoes because the purpose and occasion of use are completely different. Generally, people think that casual shoes are more comfortable than formal shoes, and yeah, it is true. But it is a very bad thing to underestimate the comfort level of formal shoes because the manufacturers always try to make their formal shoes as comfortable as casual ones.

One more thing that al10so plays a huge role in overall comfort and lightweight design is that you will get in casual shoes. On the other hand, formal shoes are a bit heavier because of the leather material; therefore, if you don’t want to buy heavy shoes, you should prefer casual shoes instead of formal ones.

  • What is the main aspect that I should keep an eye on while choosing the right type of casual shoe pair?

You shouldn’t ignore many aspects while making the final purchase decision related to casual shoes like price point, comfort level, material type, sole type, etc. But as per many regular users and experts, the type of material that you are getting is very important to look at. You should prefer to go with an option for providing more flexible, durable, and lightweight material for better comfort and durability.

The Bottom Line

These were the top ten casual shoes that are popular and trending now in the Indian market. Along with the product reviews, we have also given Amazon links which will help you to check the price of all those casual shoes. Since we have provided the features of all those products, you will get a better idea of choosing the right pair of casual shoes matching your outfits. You may opt for sneakers or loafers or other styles of casual shoes. All those styles of shoes are available in our list, so read the features and go with the right style of casual shoes based on the style of your outfits and other needs.

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