10 Best Car Wheel Lock Clamps in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Waking up in the morning, and finding that your car isn’t outside is the worst thing to happen with someone. It doesn’t matter how smart the security system your car comes with; thieves always find a way to get inside your car and move it slowly from your place.

If you look at numbers in India, thousands of cars are stolen on a daily basis, and most of them are old models with no center locking mechanism. Due to this, thieves get the upper hand while removing the window mirror and getting inside.

Any kind of smart lock is easy to trick, but if you go with old style with locking clamps, thieves have to be fully equipped to steal your car. Wheel locking clamps are highly reliable, and they can make the stealing process way harder, so thieves avoid such type of steal.

If you look at the variety in the Indian market, a range of manufacturers offer wheel lock clamps for different sized tires with build quality options. Due to this, it is common that you can end up buying a wrong wheel clamp, and if you want to eradicate this issue, then you need to look at several aspects.

Best Buy Car Wheel Lock Online In India

Here in this post, we are covering the top 10 best car wheel lock clamps based on the build quality, hard to break the locking mechanism and design-related aspects. For a first-time buyer, going with a reputed brand and adequate size is enough to cease a genuine deal.

Let’s begin by exploring the list

1. Autofurnish Heavy Duty Wheel Lock Clamp

Autofurnish Heavy Duty Wheel Lock Clamp

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The very first product which not only secures a quality deal but also helps with the overall usability is Autofurnish Heavy-Duty clamp. It is a universal product, which means that you can put it on any car and get effective usability.

Placing it in the right order is easy, and it has a modern design, so it doesn’t look that bad. NYPD Style locks are better for their design, build quality, features, and hard to break option. It might take a couple of days figuring out the right method, but you are definitely going to love it.

Things We Like 

  • The build quality is superior and hard to break.
  • The locking mechanism is an NYPD Style, which is highly reliable.
  • It can easily fit 7 to 11-inch width tires.
  • It is one of the affordable choices for all its features.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • No cons reported about it.

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2. AllExtreme CQ6994B Heavy Duty Wheel Lock Clamp

AllExtreme CQ6994B Heavy Duty Wheel Lock Clamp

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One of the similar product which fits into the need and provides effective usability so far is AllExtreme CQ6994B Heavy Duty wheel lock clamp. The lock itself is lightweight, but the dense steal is still hard to break apart.

It is a universal choice which means that you can use this clamp on several types of cars and you won’t have to worry about thieves. There are two keys, and both of them come with a unique type of design so that thieves can’t use any other tool to open clamps.

Things We Like 

  • The design is a highly reliable and universal choice.
  • Build quality is advanced, and it fulfills the need effectively.
  • There are two keys included in the pack for safer usability.
  • The steel is heavy duty and highly durable for sure.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The price factor might be a small concern.

3. Autosun Universal Anti Theft Car Wheel Clamp

Autosun Universal Yellow Anti Theft Car Wheel Clamp

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With a modern design and quite a similar functionality to our precious mentioned products, this clamp is good for an affordable price and effective usability. There is no doubt that Autosun Universal Yellow Anti Theft Car Wheel clamp is one of all kinds.

This one is also following the NYPD style, which seems secure and a good choice for first-time buyers. You can adjust the clamp for 7 to 11 inches wheels, which will be effective for most of the cars. The lightweight and compact design is an add-on that you can obtain here.

Things We Like 

  • The clamp is lightweight and compact in all kinds.
  • The build quality is adequate, and it fulfills the need effective.
  • This lock is NYPD style, and it is advanced in this category.
  • There are two keys included by the manufacturer.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • This clamp remains slightly loose on small tires.

4. Autosun Universal Yellow Anti Theft Car Wheel Clamp

Autosun Universal Yellow Anti Theft Car Wheel Clamp

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From a similar brand, you can secure a slightly cheaper deal with similar build quality and functionality. The key thing is the affordable price here, and you are not compromising anything related to security; that’s why this deal is worth checking out.

The build and design are the same, but you can find an issue with large tires. If you are using this clamp on 11 inches tire, it doesn’t fit perfectly, but if you use it on any small size wheel, then there is no issue so you can find it reliable.

Things We Like 

  • It is a perfect choice for a 7 to 11 inches tire.
  • The build is satisfactory for such a low price point.
  • The design is smart and follows the NYPD style.
  • The clamp itself is very lightweight and compact.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Large tires don’t fit into the clamp in a perfect manner.

5. Toriox Anti-Theft Tyre Wheel Clamp

Toriox Anti-Theft Tyre Wheel Clamp

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Having yellow and red color on clamps gets you a clear view during and day and night so you don’t mistakenly drive the car when clamps are on. You can find this feature among most of the clamps, but Toriox Anti-Theft Tyre Wheel Clamp is slightly extra shiny.

The design is similar to any other product, and it follows the NYPD style, which provides effective usability. It is small in size and not that heavy, so you can feel effective usability. We find a single problem with the price tag; otherwise, everything is positive about this product.

Things We Like 

  • It has a lightweight and small design.
  • The clamp is shiny and completely eye-catchy.
  • Build quality is not going to be any kind of concern.
  • It can fit on a large number of cars, and it feels reliable.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The price tag might be a major concern for a few buyers.

6. VARSHINE Heavy Duty Wheel Clamps

VARSHINE Heavy Duty Wheel Clamps

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For a perfect fitting on a large number of cars and easy to install option, VARSHINE Heavy Duty wheel clamp feels like a better deal. There is no doubt that the design of this wheel clamp is not only secure, but it is also highly reliable for such a simple design for sure.

The design is unique, and you can find a range of advantages with the overall build quality. The clamp is lightweight, and it takes a couple of seconds to install it. This clamp is also following NYPD style design.

Things We Like 

  • The build is sturdy, and it feels premium over other products.
  • The rubber at clamps avoids preventing from any kind of scratches.
  • With the universal fitting option, you get the best usability.
  • It is one of the easy to use a clamp, among others.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • A limited number of reviews make it hard to ensure durability.

7. Coozo Universal Yellow Anti TheftCar Wheel Clamp

Coozo Universal Yellow Anti TheftCar Wheel Clamp

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If you are looking for something simple, reliable, and affordable at the same time, then Coozo Universal Yellow Anti-Theft wheel clamp seems reliable. It is also a universal locking choice, and it follows the NYPD style with a better locking mechanism.

There are two keys, and both of them work smoothly. Installing and removing the clamp doesn’t take much time, and you can put it on front wheels. The only problem is, durability seems like a major concern due to a small number of negative reviews.

Things We Like 

  • The design is simple and highly reliable.
  • The anti-theft NYPD style works effectively.
  • It is made up of heavy-duty material.
  • It comes for an affordable price point.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Few negative reviews about the durability.

8. Aoteman Anti-Theft Tyre Wheel Clamp

Aoteman Anti-Theft Tyre Wheel Clamp

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As you can see that most of the products are similar in appearance, but they have a difference in weight and fitting options. So, Aoteman Anti-Theft Tyre Wheel Clamp is something similar to advanced locking choice.

It locks tight, and breaking it requires special tools. The clamp is lightweight, but the handle part is super sturdy, so driving the car with clamp-on is impossible. Both keys have a unique design, and copying them might be the hardest thing that you can find here.

Things We Like 

  • It has one of the advanced looking design, among other options.
  • The build is reliable, and it can ensure safer usability.
  • Fitting and tight locking are making this product better from others.
  • It comes for quite a genuine price point.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The availability of this product is always limited.

9. Andride Universal Yellow Anti Theft Car Wheel Clamp

Andride Universal Yellow Anti Theft Car Wheel Clamp

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Needless to say, that unique design and premium build quality is eye-catchy, but it might mislead. But, this product is unique for the clamp handles. Both the handles are too rounded, so they provide a perfect and tight-fitting.

The overall build is sturdy, and you can find that clamp handles remain to the opposite side so that thieves can’t cut it at all. Removing the tire seems like a good choice to thieves, but if the clamp is on, it is also hard to choose the option for them.

Things We Like 

  • Fitting of the clamp is never going to be an issue.
  • This clamp fits perfectly on 7 inches to 11 inches tire with ease.
  • There are two keys with an NYPD locking mechanism for better security.
  • The clamps are lightweight and better to use over others.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The design is perfect, but the price should be slightly lower.

10. Makkwin Universal Tyre Lock or Clamp

Makkwin Universal Tyre Lock or Clamp

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Genuine build quality is always the major concern among every buyer, and this is the reason that Makkwin Universal Tyre Lock clamp feels safer to consider. There is double-decked protecting rubber witch prevent any kind of damage to your wheel.

Installing the clamp seems simpler with the rubber because you are not causing any scratches by mistake. The clamp provides you sizes from 7 inches to 11 with universal fitting. There are two key things that you will love about this product, the affordable price, and genuine build.

Things We Like 

  • Build quality is genuine, and it feels reliable.
  • This clamp comes for an affordable price point over others.
  • There is a double-decked protecting mechanism used here.
  • It is easy to install and remove due to double-decked rubber.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • There is a limited number of product reviews that might make you avoid the purchase.

Important Note

Wheel clamps are effective, but it should be compact enough to keep in your car. If the clamps are too heavy or hard to use, then it is an issue with practicality. Always choose clamps with genuine weight, and most of the brands mention this factor in their description section of the product. A clamp of more than 2 kg of weight is heavy enough to avoid daily usability. You can also consider double-decked protecting rubber for safer and effective usability while installing or removing the clamp.

How To Choose Car Wheel Lock Clamp

Here are the key factors that you need to consider while purchasing a car wheel lock clamp –

Quality – Quality is one of the first things that you should be careful about. There are different types of wheel lock clamps available on the market. Each type of them is made of different materials. However, while you are purchasing a wheel lock clamp, you should purchase the one that would last long and could withstand harsh conditions. Let it be heat, rain, or humidity, the lock clamp should be able to withstand it for at least one or two years.

Visibility and design – The wheel lock clamp that you consider purchasing should come designed in a user-friendly way. Check the user reviews and find out if the previous or the existing customers are happy with the design. Apart from the design, the wheel lock clamp should come in bright colours. Bright colours like yellow, red, etc. Would increase the visibility of wheel lock clamp and such features tend to deter potential thieves.

Construction – While the quality of the product is important as it helps the product to withstand natural conditions, the construction also is important. The wheel lock clamp should be made of high-quality metal or alloy that cannot be broken or bend under any circumstances. While the bright colour and other features help to deter potential thefts, if they do not help, the wheel lock clamp should be able to prevent the wheel from moving.

Rubber or PVC tips – Like already mentioned above, the wheel lock clamp that you consider purchasing should be made of durable and sturdy material. However, such hard materials tend to scratch the fine wheel rim or cup finishing. This is why the wheel lock clamp that you consider purchasing should come with PVC or rubber tips that would help to prevent the clamp tips from messing your car or wheel finishing.

Fit – if you do not know, wheel lock clamp is not a universal product. There are different types of wheel lock clamps available on the market. Few of them could be fit more than one model of car, some of them could be designed specifically for a single car. While simple adjustments could be made to make them fit any car, but, the dimension of the lug nut might differ. If you use the wrong lug nut, it could not fit and it could destroy your wheel set up. Therefore, while purchasing a wheel lock clamp, you need to check the specifications carefully and make sure the product is designed to suit your car. If you want to enjoy the benefits offered by wheel lock clamps, do not try to modify the clamp or try to mess with the lock.

Price and brand – We will not recommend every customer to purchase a premium product from a premium brand, but, we would recommend that if you have a few dimes to spend for quality protection, then do it. However, do not select the product based on price, first consider all the above factors, shortlist a few products, and from the list, purchase a product from the best brand.

How To Use Car Wheel Lock Clamp

Thieves often target vehicles that are easy to steal. A wheel lock clamp is a deterrence for them since it would take extra time for thieves to remove the wheel lock clamp before they steal your car. In this section, we have covered the steps on how to use the wheel lock clamp. Follow the pointers below.

  • Start by opening the wheel clamp lock and separating the two sections of the wheel lock clamp. You will need the key to unlock the clamp and separate the two sections.
  • Now, use one section and alight it with the rear tyre. Ensure that the clamp’s arm is inserted in the hole in the steel wheel or the alloy cavity.
  • Now, take the second section of the wheel lock clamp, align it with the first section and press both the sections of the wheel clamp together. While doing so, you need to ensure that the locking mechanism is aligned together.
  • Ensure that you have a tightly secured wheel lock clamp, and once that is done, you need to press the push-lock button on the clamp. This will lock the clamp and secure your vehicle.
  • There are cases when you might not be able to press the lock. In such times, you would need to adjust the clamps slightly so that the lock is correctly aligned to the holes in the second section. Once that is done, you can try pressing the lock again, and you will be able to do that.
  • You should note that you only need a key to unlock the wheel clamp. No key is required to lock the wheel clamp. Also, you get two keys with every lock clamp. It is advisable to keep one safely just in case you lose the first key,

Car Wheel Lock Clamp Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the car wheel lock clamp protect my car from the thief?

Anyone targeting to steal the car would look for an easy target. The aim is to steal the car in less than 5 minutes. If you have a wheel clamp installed on your car them that would mean additional effort for the thieves. They would have to spend extra time to remove the clamp and steal your car. In such situations, the wheel lock clamp acts as a deterrence force, and usually, the thief would give your car a miss if you have a wheel lock clamp installed on it. So, the wheel lock clamp reduces the chance of your car being stolen.

  • What if I lose the key to the wheel lock clamp?

Whenever you are buying the wheel lock clamp, you will get two keys for it. You can use the second key if you lose the first one. However, if you lost the second key as well, then there are only two options. The first option is to get a locksmith and request him to cut off the clamp from the tire. The second option is to reach out to a garage that can lift the car and remove the wheel clamp for you. The general advice here is to keep the keys of the wheel lock clamp, or else you will be up for some inconvenience.

  • Do I need to worry about the size of the tire while buying the wheel clamp?

Yes, you need to check the size of the tire as well before you buy the wheel lock clamp. The specification sheet would have the details of the compatibility associated with the wheel clamp. Most of the wheel lock clamps can fit the tire size of 7 inches to 11 inches, and this is quite a wide range. The 7 to 11 inch is the width of the tire. In this case, the regular wheel lock clamp will fit most of the cars, and you will not have to look for an exception.

  • Can a wheel clamp scratch my polished alloy wheels?

The tips of the wheel lock clamps are usually made of rubber or PVC. In such a case, your wheels would stay protected from scratches. However, we still recommend you to be careful while locking and unlocking the wheel. You can also check the same during the purchase and ensure that you only buy a wheel clamp with these rubbers or PVC tips to protect your tire & alloy from any unintended damage.

Bottom Line

It might be hard in the beginning to get a premium deal that not only provides value for money deal but also help with the overall usability. To get a reliable deal, always ensure that you are getting the right sized wheel lock clamps and ensuring a return policy will be a good choice.

We hope that this guidepost will help you avoid the purchase of low-quality clamps and make the whole process easier for you.

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