10 Best Car Mobile Phone Holders in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

As the world is getting smaller, staying connected is getting easier. The use of mobile has become part of life while you are at home or travelling. But even while driving, you can have the mobile with you but without disturbing you while driving. You can have the mobile and without holding it in your hands. Most of the Indian cities have a stronger and effective mobile network, which is an advantage for travelers. What you need is a good quality mobile with all its features and a mobile phone holder with a mount that fits on the dashboard. It makes your journey easier, legal and convenient.  According to a survey, the rate of accidents is reduced in India due to the effective mobile holder usages.

Most of the mobile holders are of high quality and can be easily fitted in the car in front of you: the no-fall technique and the superglue technology help in fitting the mobile perfectly well with a tight grip. Even the mobile can be operated single-handedly if required. It remains on the mount so it can be easily visible to everyone in the vehicle. Mobile holders support all different types of mobile devices with different sizes and shapes.

You can easily sing the songs, watch a video, or make use of Google Maps while driving the car. It surely helps you to enjoy driving by offering complete safety.

Best Buy Car Phone Holders Online In India

Given below are the ten unique mobile holding models in detail. You can find the best selling and the most suitable car mobile holder for you and your friends.

1. Zaap Quick Touch One Car Mobile Mount Holder

Zaap Quick Touch One 3-in-1 Car Mobile Mount Holder

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The product Zaap Quick car mobile holder is one of the most useful products having outstanding features. The product is adjustable and can be fitted well on the deck without hiding the view. The product is available in the market with three irresistible offers such as:

Cashback:  You can get Rs. 50 cashback on every deal, which is of Rs. 250 or more. The offer is can be available for a limited period and only after the first payment made using Amazon Pay UPI.  The offer is valid for a limited period. No Cost EMI: For every purchase of a card of value Rs.3000 and above the cost of EMI will be nil. You have a cost-free EMI on the selected cards. Partner Offers (4): You can purchase any 2 qualifying items offered by Zaap Quick and save up to Rs.50 on every deal. You have to purchase the items from the list available only.

Things we liked

  • Remains stable on bouncy roads
  • Stylish & attractive looks
  • Easy to wipe and clean

Things we did not like

  • Available in similar designs & limited color options

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2. Portronics CLAMP X POR-926 Mobile Holder

Portronics CLAMP X POR-926 Car-Vent Mobile Holder

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The stylish product from Portronics offers the mobile holder with cradle Clamp X which can hold the mobile safely. The mobile remains placed in front of you so that it can easily help you to use Google Maps without using hands. The design of Clamp x is well-suited and it can fit on the mount with adjustable grip.

The offers are available on the deal which is valid for a limited time. The deals such as cashback offer allow you to save Rs. 50 on every purchase of Rs. 250 or more. The payment should be made using Amazon Pay UPI. No cost EMI offers EMI without any additional cost for purchase of? 3000. Partner Offers (3) allows getting 5% of the money back on Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit card which is available for the Prime members and 3% for non-Prime members

Things we liked

  • Non-magnetic air vent is preferred.
  • Good grip over the mobile

Things we did not like

  • Exposed to the direct sunlight may damage the folder.

3. ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder

ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder

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The product ELV Var Mount is highly compatible with all types of mobile phones, which can be easily fitted without any interface with the bottom ports. The Smartphone mounting solution is of superior quality and it offers high functionalities. It can be easily handled with a single hand, and features like a telescopic arm offer multiple angles to view the display while driving.

The special offers are highly useful and make the deal very beneficial. The offers are cashback option – which is to get Rs.50 discount on every purchase of a minimum Rs.250 deal. The offer is valid till the stock is available.  No EMI cost offers the deal on the cards available of orders above 3000. You can find the details when you visit the shop. Partner Offers (3) scheme is useful for Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit card offering 5% of the money back guaranty for the members.

  Things we liked

  • Decent looking holder
  • Completely vibration-free

Things we did not like

  • It looks expensive when compared with other similar products.

4. Tantra Twist Smart Universal Mobile Stand

Tantra Twist Smart Universal Mobile Stand

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The product Tantra Twist smart universal mobile stand is ideal for the vehicles and can be easily fixed over the dashboard depending on the availability of the space. The black-colored compact-sized phone holder is supported by one-touch technology allows the phone to be rotated and moved in all directions.

The advanced patented technology allows side grip and holds the mobile with a grip. It can be used single-handedly without much complexity. The adjustable sidearm design can easily fit on various types of mobiles. You can easily install it on the mount or on the AC vent with a unique clamp design. It has easier options to charge the mobile.

Things we liked

Things we did not like

  • Available in only one color

5. AmazonBasics Universal Magnetic Mobile Holder

AmazonBasics Universal Magnetic Mobile Holder

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AmazonBasics is a highly functional mobile holder that can easily hold Smartphones, iPhones, and also medium-sized tablets. The access is easy and it doesn’t need to hold the mobile in hands while driving the vehicle. The rubber pads are highly versatile and having super glue functionality. It remains fixed for a long duration. The entire set-up is shiny, strong and protects the device from any getting damages or scratches.

The rotating options make it easy to move the mobile in various directions without removing it from the fixed place. Rotating balls and magnetic tapes support the base of the holder.  The holder is available with a 3-year warranty which can allow replacing the phone holder for any manufacturing damages or gets damaged while using. You can always call for the customer care department for any queries.

Things we liked

  • Compact in size and fits well in limited space
  • Easy to install

Things we did not like

  • Limited availability of the product

6. Amkette iGrip Car Mount

Amkette iGrip Car Mount

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Amkette  Smartphone mounting solution is versatile and highly functional.  It is a part of a car accessory with several useful features. The super sticky gel pad is of high-quality and long durable. The mount is highly effective and it can have anti-vibration locking lever, 3X extra telescopic arm pulls force, and shock stabilizer which works wonderfully. The 3X extra gel pad strength is made in Korea and uses an anti-fall mechanism. The grip is powerful and it makes the mobile fit nicely without any movement. The black-colored shiny phone holder gets all attention when placed on the dashboard. The bottom can be easily adjustable and offers complete stability while driving the car in speed. The sticky gel is reusable on the suction cup, which eliminates the air gaps.

Things we liked:

Things we did not like

  • The gel needs to be sticky for a long duration

7. Tarkan Universal Car Mount Holder

Tarkan Universal Car Mount Holder

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Tarkan car mount solution is remarkable and long-lasting. Most of the car owners prefer it for its higher usability and stylish look. It is compatible with various types of air vents and is well supported by rubber grips. The sticky adhesive makes it easy to hold the mobile on the dashboard without any hassle. Even in case of bumps while driving on the bouncy roads the holder keeps the mobile in a tight grip.

The traditional look and the lightweight holder can fit in any car and limited space area. The phone holder doesn’t block the view and offers clear messages which make the driving safe and secure.

Things we liked

  • The traditional look is attractive.
  • Supportive rubber grips

Things we did not like

  • Not easily available in the market

8. BOBO Universal Mount Car Phone Holder

BOBO Universal Mount Car Phone Holder

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BOBO phone holder supports fast swift technology which is most compatible with Smartphones and tablets. The black in color and light in weight magnetic air vent mount phone holder looks most attractive and offers superior functionality. The perfectly designed dual claw with air vent remains steady and keeps a tight grip around the mobile.

The holder base is supported with revolving balls and the magnetic tapes. The movements are easier to swivel or rotate the mobile in any direction. The mount remained fixed and didn’t move from its place at all. The phone holder is highly useful while driving.  It is preferred while using it on a longer journey. The folder supports all types of mobiles having different sizes and can be fitted well on vehicles without any problem.

Things we liked

  • Superior design
  • Remain unmoved on bumpy roads

Things we did not like

  • It takes longer time to deliver after booking

9. HIKER HIRATEK Car Phone Holder

HIKER HIRATEK Car Phone Holder

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HIKER HIRATEK phone holder uses a metal body made of aluminum alloy.  The phone holder is black in color having a compact-sized mini mount magnetic body. The design of the holder is most convenient to use. It can be perfectly placed and fixed on any surface using superglue technology. The ultra-thin design and the compact shape make the phone holder very extraordinary to use during the journey. The holder can also be used in the kitchen, study, or in the office.

The robust and sleek look of the phone holder with multifunctional usage has become popular among the users. The mount produces concentrated force and holds the mobile completely safe without any damages or scratches. The holder not only makes the driving safer by keeping the mobile away from your hands but it also makes your journey enjoyable.

Things we liked

  • The metal body is long-lasting.

Things we did not like

  • Delivery takes a long time

10. Probus Car Mount/Mobile Holder

Probus Car Mount

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Probus mobile holder offers one-touch technology that supports 360-degree rotation. It also has a design of an elongated neck which is easy to use. The elongated neck can easily allow you to extend it up to 5cm easily while driving the vehicle. The mobile can be rotated as per the required view and it can help in viewing the display without moving from the seat while in the car. The black-colored phone holder supports the mobiles of different styles, sizes, and designs very comfortably.

The advanced technology helps in keeping the mobile active and stable even on the rocky surface and bumpy roads. The charging can be automatic with plug-in facility which is an advantage. The phone holder makes sure that you look at the road while driving, which makes the traveling safe.

Things we liked

  • Supports advanced technology
  • 360 rotation is ideal

Things we did not like

  • N/A

How To Choose The Best Car Mobile Holder

There are Smartphones of variety available in the market and it has become part of the necessity than a luxury to make use of mobile while driving your car. To find the most useful phone holder for your car you have to consider the following given factors.

  • Types of Mounts

The mounts for the mobile are available in the market in variety. You have to choose the best and the most useful mount for that’s fits well in your car. Each of the mounts has its features and its performance depends on the usability. The four main mounts are the Dashboard mount is attached to the dashboard; the windscreen mount is attached to the windscreen; the air vent mount is attached to the AC vent and the CD mount is attached to the CD player which is not in use. Most of these mounts are useful in keeping your phone close to you and allowing you to make use of its features such as listening to the songs, watching videos, using Google navigation. These are the most common usages. The phone holder keeps the phone away from you sp that your hands remain free for driving and your attention will more on the road than on your mobile phone.

  • Styles of Mounts

The mounts should be able to hold the phone properly without any issue and under any circumstances. You can easily fix the mount on the surface and it can remain stuck for long. It should also fit well with the car-décor. The various types of mounts popular among the car-owners are:

  1. TechMatte MagGrip mount is one of the most popular among the people. It looks most ideal, fits easily in the limited space, and is available at an affordable cost. It has strong a strong grip over the mobile during the drive.
  2. Kenu Airframe mount is having a low profile and can be fitted on any background. It can hold the mobile tight and offers a clear display. It is available in various sizes and placed easily on the dashboard.
  3. Easy One Touch mount is useful and can be placed on the CD player which is not in use. The stereo of the car which is not in use and neglected can be made use of.
  4. A car phone mount with a charger is highly preferred by the drivers. The mount is compatible with all types of Smartphones and iPhones.
  5. Wireless Car Charger mount allows the mobile of any design and size can be placed easily and remains fixed with magnetic sides. The wireless technology is helpful that offer more space around.
  • Offers

The various types of car mobile holders are available at affordable prices with discounts and special offers. The special offers help you to save your money while purchasing the best products. The variety of phone holders and the offered discount helps in making a perfect deal.

What Is The Best Place To Mount Phone In Car?

Are you confused about the best place to mount the phone? Are you also worried about the safety of the phone? Look no further; in this section, we have listed the best places to mount the phone that are also safe. Check them out below.

Dashboard – Many people prefer mounting the phone on the dashboard. There are dashboard phone holders that can stick to your dashboard and help you mount the phone. You can buy removable or permanent options. The permanent option sticks using the 3M tapes. Some people avoid this system because they don’t like anything being pasted on the dashboard. Because of these restrictions, they also look for alternative options.

HVAC Vent – The next option available is the HVAC mount. However, you need to be slightly careful when you are mounting the phone on the HVAC vents. This is because the HVAC mounts may block the infotainment or the controls. Moreover, you should not use HVAC mounts during winters, especially if you using a heating function.

Steering Wheel – The last option available on the list is the steering wheel mount. This is a stick-on mount where the mounting stand sticks to the steering wheel. There is an additional magnetic strip that needs to be inserted into the phone cover. After that, you can stick your phone to the steering wheel using that magnetic mount.

Windshield – One of the most popular mounting options is the windshield. Many mobile phone holders can stick to the windscreen and secure your phone. These mounts use a vacuum to secure themselves up. It is one of the best locations for mounting the phone because it stays at eye level. This means that you would not have to look downwards, especially when navigating in traffic or travelling at high speed. The visibility may get blocked slightly, but it should not bother you since you can always adjust the mount. Before using a windshield mount, it is also advisable to check the local laws.

Car Mobile Phone Holder Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I put my mobile phone holder in my car? Is there a specific and recommended spot?

The best place to put the car mobile phone holder is the dashboard of the car. By mounting the mobile holder on the dashboard, you could interact through the phone with ease. Yes, most of the experts recommend the dashboard as the best spot to mount your car mobile holder. Apart from interaction, the user would find it easy to reach the mobile while driving. However, we recommend not to use a mobile while driving.

  1. Is it illegal to stick a mobile phone holder on the dashboard of a car?

No, as of today, it is not illegal. But, in the future, the rules could change. However, in some countries, it is illegal to stick a mobile holder on the dashboard and mount a mobile on it. Instead, only GPS devices are allowed on the mobile holder.

  1. I used to have a car mobile holder stuck to my windshield, now, I have removed it but the adhesive from it remains. I need to install a new mobile holder over it. How to remove this adhesive?

Removing the adhesive is not an easy task. The user should be aware that if careless, the adhesive could destroy the clarity of the windscreen. Therefore, it is best recommended that you be careful while cleaning it. First, you need to take some cotton, roll it into a small ball, apply some adhesive remover solution to it. Rub the remover on the adhesive in a soft way, let it sit there for a while. Now, take another small cotton ball and then try to rub off the adhesive. Voila, the adhesive comes off easily. Once the adhesive is removed completely, use some moisturizer to wipe the spot again.

  1. I am planning to purchase a car mobile holder, are magnetic car mobile holders good? Will they harm my phone?

First of all, you need to find out if your phone is compatible with magnetic mobile holders. Some of them cannot be mounted on magnetic mobile holders. Apart from that, the key thing you should know is that some experts warn not to use magnetic mobile holders as they could interfere with the mobile phone’s internal functioning. However, a top manufacturer like Apple and Samsung does not agree with this. While purchasing a magnetic car mobile holder, you need to ensure the brand is reputed by reading the customer reviews.

  1. Is it easy to stick to a car mobile holder on the dashboard? Is there anything I need to know up hand?

Yes, sticking a car mobile holder on the dashboard is an easy task. However, it is not something that should be done blindly. You should read the manufacturers instructions carefully. If your product does not come with any instructions, then the most important thing that you need to know is to clean the spot. Use a clean fiber cloth to do it, make sure the dashboard is clean before sticking the mobile holder.

Bottom Line

The phone holder used for the car has become part of everyday driving. Mobile has become a mandatory device. But the mobile phone holder used in the car while it holds the mobile phone in a tight grip to make it convenient to use. It remains at a distance on the mount by offering the complete view of the road. It takes care of safety and allows all the available facilities. The list of the most-modern designs of the mobile phone holders is given in a list along with the links. Also, the buyer’s guide will help you to choose the best phone holder for your vehicle.

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