10 Best Building Blocks Toys In India 2022 [Small and Big Size Building Blocks]

Building blocks, also known as Toy blocks, are solid shapes used in the construction set. These building blocks are similar to the planks of wood or bricks that we use in real-life construction. Building blocks are a must-have toy for toddlers and children between the ages group of 3, 5 to 15 years. Building blocks play a vital role in the development of various skills in a child. Many experts believe that allowing children to play with building blocks enhances their core skills, which are necessary for a child’s overall development.

There are plenty of companies in the world that manufacture building blocks. The building blocks vary in terms of size, shape, design, and quality. Lego is a well-known company for manufacturing different types of building blocks in the world. In addition to Lego, various other companies manufacture building blocks, some of which we will discuss below in the article. 

The importance of building blocks in a child’s life is unbeatable. They offer a venue for children to stay away from electronics. Few advantages of playing with building blocks include the development of motor skill and hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, cognitive flexibility, engineering skill, creativity, and following instructions.

With these many advantages attached to playing with building blocks, we can say that buying a set is worth the money. As the number of options available in the market in relation to building block is high, so is the confusion. The best way to pick the right building blocks for our children is to consider its features.

Best Buy Building Blocks For Kids In India

In this article, we have shared the ten best building blocks toys for kids. Read through the article to know more about them.

1. Fisher-Price Mega Blocks Big Building Bag

Fisher-Price Mega Blocks Big Building Bag

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The first product that we will be considered in the article today is from a company Fisher-Price. With around 80 bi blocks in the bag, the fisher-price building company set is ideal for engaging children to play with it. With these building blocks, children can build and stack them on top of each other for limitless fun. The other important features of the fisher-price building blocks are listed below.


  • The colorful blocks of the fisher-price enable children to bring their imagination to life. The blocks enable them to learn and explore over hours of creativity as it doesn’t include wheel-base or structure to impact the thought process of a child.
  • The quality of the product is assured by the company as it is well-known in the market
  • The Size of the building blocks is majorly advantageous. The large size of the building blocks makes sure it doesn’t pose as a choking hazard
  • Design of building blocks is done considering the needs of a child. The building blocks don’t have any sharp edges which hurt a child.
  • Finally, though the price of the product is high, the quality and durability of the product make it worth it.

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2. LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll Building Blocks for Kids

LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll Building Blocks

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Lego classic bricks are a perfect starter set for children to promote the development of cognitive skills in them. Lego is a well-known company for manufacturing building blocks in the world. The company assures the quality of the building blocks. Before you purchase, the building blocks consider the features mentioned below.


  • The LEGO set can be used to create all kinds of vehicles as it comes with a wide selection of wheels and other vehicle parts of different sizes and colors.
  • Parts of the LEGO part can be taken apart easily. The set can be used with friends and siblings to build and share together.
  • Set includes age-appropriate instruction to build 3 different levels of buildings
  • The LEGO set is made of PP material, which is durable and stable. The set is classic and suitable for boys of all age groups.

3. Adichai Happy Home House Building Blocks

Adichai Happy Home House Building Blocks

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The mega building blocks from Adichai are multi-colored and contain 72 pieces. The blocks are square-shaped with clear cuts for easy fixing and building of homes of various sizes and shapes. The blocks are not only used for making full homes but can also be used for building palatial homes. The building blocks contain pieces with windows, which enhance the beauty and structure of construction made by the little ones. The features of the building blocks you need to consider before buying them are mentioned hereafter. If you looking mats for babies plays, So read also it: Best Baby Play Mats In India


  • The 72 pieces of the building blocks can be used for unleashing the imagination of the child to create attractive structures of different sizes.
  • All the pieces of the building blocks are uniform in size with multiple colors. The window and slant pieces of the building blocks give the structure a complete look.
  • The pieces of the building blocks are made of high-quality plastic.
  • considering the safety of the children, the blocks don’t have any sharp edges. The edges of the building block are smooth and rounded.
  • Non-toxic material is used in the construction of the making it harmless for the children.
  • The building blocks are suitable for children between the ages groups of 6 to 10 years.

4. SYGA Toy Building Bricks Educational Game

SYGA 260 Pcs Toy Building Bricks

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SYGA is a perfect educational building toy set for the development of children. Building blocks are an intimate game partner for children and an important tool for teaching children how to develop various skills. The SYGA building blocks can be used by children to build better, more significant, and imaginative structures. The features of the building block you need to check before purchasing the blocks are listed below.


  • SYGA building blocks are of high-quality that increases the durability of the product.
  • The building blocks are safe as they are made of non-toxic material.
  • The building blocks are designed to increase the creativity and imagination skills in children of various age groups.
  • The best part of the building blocks is that they are compatible with other major toy blocks.
  • The building blocks are suitable for children of 3 and more than 3 years old.

5. FunBlast Building Blocks for Kids 

FunBlast Building Blocks

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The next building blocks that we will be discussing in the article today are from a company known as FunBlast. The company is well-known for manufacturing age-appropriate toys. The toys manufactured by FunBlast are designed to increase a child’s imagination and artistic skills in a child.


  • The FunBlast building blocks are designed especially for constructing homes and other similar structures.
  • These blocks are used by the children to enhance the motor-skills and other skill development in a child.
  • The building blocks are designed considering the safety of the children as it doesn’t contain any sharp edges that hurt a child.
  • FunBlast building blocks are considered to be environmentally friendly as it is made of ABS plastic and harmless for children
  • The building block set comes with an instruction manual for an easy understanding of children and constructing various structures.

6. Negi Battery Operated Magical Building Blocks

Negi Battery Operated Magical Building Blocks

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Negi building blocks consist of 81 pieces of magical pieces for constructing various structures. The Negi building blocks are battery operated that helps in the brain development of a child. The colorful and uniquely designed product enhances kid’s intellectual development and creativity. The remaining features of the Negi battery-operated building blocks are listed below.


  • Negi building blocks are designed for the development of cognitive skills in a child. The building toy stacking set enhances the intellectual development and creativity of a child.
  • The building blocks are designed to teach children different shapes and sizes that improve the visual conception of a child.
  • The building blocks are made of premium quality plastic. The non-toxic plastic used in the construction of the building block set by Negi is harmless for children.
  • The last and the most important feature of the building block set are the edges. The edges of the building blocks are smooth and rounded to prevent children from getting hurt.

7. Toyztrend Expert Building Blocks for Kids

Toyztrend Expert Building Blocks

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The next building blocks or toy blocks that we are discussing in this article are Toyztrend expert building blocks for kids. As mentioned previously in the article, the building blocks help in the development of fine-motor skills in a child. The Toyztrend expert building blocks with the same intention have developed its products for the benefit of a child. The features of the product that buyers should consider for purchasing the building blocks are mentioned hereafter.


  • The 200-piece building block set by the Toyztrend expert is a practical and educational toy for children for more than three years.
  • Playing with building block set helps a child understand the relationship between sizes
  • The building blocks are bright-coloured for attracting children
  • The block pieces don’t have any sharp edges, which may hurt a child.
  • The block pieces come with easy to grasp barrel that fits easily inside each other.
  • Finally, the quality of the building blocks is good and assured by the company.

8. TOY-STATION Kids Blocks Multicolour Piece


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The eight-building block that we will be discussing today is from a brand known as TOY – station. This brand of building blocks or toy blocks are suitable for children of 3 years old and more. The features of the blocks for kids by the TOY Station are listed down.


  • The building blocks are made of premium quality material that increases the durability of the product.
  • Colorful building blocks are extra appealing for children. Playing with building blocks also helps children recognize colors, sizes, and shapes.
  • The building block is safe for children to use. Blocks of TOY station don’t have any sharp edges that may hurt the child.
  • The instruction manual, which comes with the building block set is very helpful in teaching children how to play with it or make different structures.

9. TEMSON Classic Colourful DIY Mini Building Blocks

TEMSON Classic Colourful DIY Mini Building Blocks

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TEMSON kids building blocks designed for the benefit of the children. Building blocks are a supplement for children to think out-of-box and improve their various skills. The building blocks or bricks are made with different colors for being more appealing for children. The features of the buildings that every purchase should consider when buying it are mentioned below.


  • The building blocks by toy-station contain 450 plus pieces, which are used for the development of a child.
  • The building block set consists of bricks of 6 different sizes in 12 colors.
  • The price of the building blocks is very reasonable and encourages children to stretch their building skills.
  • The building block set also comes with helpful instruction that aids in the development of creativity in a child.

10. SillyMe Creative Jigsaw Puzzle Building Nails Blocks

SillyMe Creative Jigsaw Puzzle Building Nails Blocks

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The last building block that we will be discussing today is from SillyMe. This product is quite different from other products and building blocks mentioned in the article. The creative Jigsaw puzzle comes with a board for constructing various structures and doing other designs. The important features for buying the product are mentioned here.


  • The Jigsaw puzzle by SillyMe consists of 100 plus pieces of mix color and sized mushroom nails that help in creating various structures
  • The SillyMe building nails are very different from other building blocks as they are not stackable.
  • The product is recommended for children age 3 plus years to increase their cognitive skills.
  • The Jigsaw nails are made of high-quality plastic that increases their durability.
  • The puzzle nails that are used in the construction of buildings are eco-friendly as it is made of ABS plastic.

How to Choose the Building Blocks Toys in India?

Building Block toys can help to boost the creativity level of your kid and to make them smart with patterns. Though it is their learning period, you can add small tweaks like new challenges to achieve. However, choosing a great quality Building block toy is a tough task for parents. You can’t decide the difficulty level alone; that’s why we are here to help. Looking at the important traits of Building Block toys will help you figure out a quality choice in an easier manner.

Let’s have a look –

Difficulty Level: Manufacturers of block building toys put difficulty level in the description section of the product. You must check it because they add an age group to help you understand which toy is perfect for your baby. Usually, block building toys are for a wide age group but checking the difficulty level will ease up the work. These toys require hand-eye coordination mainly.

Multicolor Toys: Choosing building block toys that have a multicolor option seems perfect. The use of more than ten colors in a toy means you will help your kid learn about different colors. The coordination regarding the use of the right color will work here, and they will get creative with the use. After a certain age, your kids will start getting better with the time, that’s why you look for color options.

Fun Elements: Toys that have fun elements like animals, creatures, doodles, buildings, and such other things seem impressive. Babies and kids get their attention toward such toys, and they get entertained in an easy manner. If you consider the LEGO block, you can find that there are so many new things to try that your kid is going to love for sure.

Build Quality: Checking build quality is important because getting a cheap quality product to your baby is such a bad choice. The chances of hurting from the sharp edges of the block exist with poor quality toys. Due to this, look for great toys that have better build quality and provides great use to kids.

Reputed Brands: Choosing a well-liked brand or most popular toy seems like an easy choice. The selection process becomes easy, and you can compare products based on the popularity level. Some of the most sold toys provide ease of selection, and they are also recommended by experts so you won’t be dealing with so many things at one time.

Customer Feedback: To reduce the mistake of buying a poor quality block building toy, you must consider a review about it. By comparing the product with other options, you can narrow down the list. On the other hand, learning about build quality, difficulty level, or any other issue of a toy seem easy by this method.

Note – All those toys which seem easy might not feel simple to kids. Due to this, you can buy these toys, read instruction manuals, and help a little as if they feel stuck while understanding the goals. This will help them figure out things on their own after one-time help.

The Importance of Blocks Building for Children

Below are some of the benefits of the blocks building for the children, and every parent should engage their kids in such activities.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination – The first and the most important thing taught by the block building is hand-eye coordination. The children can learn the necessary skills by playing with blocks. They learn about the force they need to exert, and they also learn about the pull and push actions.
  • Basic Thinking – You can’t deny the fact that blocks building help children in learning basic science. They understand gravity, and they also understand basic mathematics. The blocks help the children in developing logical thinking as well.
  • Motor Skills – Apart from developing hand-eye coordination, the block building provides children with an opportunity to develop motor skills. These activities are essential for children in the growing years of their life.
  • Creativity& Self-Expression – The block building enables the children to express their creative side. They can experiment with various shapes, and they can express themselves. The blocks are an excellent tool for children and try leaving them along with the blocks for some time. You will be surprised with what they can come up with.
  • Problem Solving – Children will encounter problems when they are involved with the blocks. There will be a time when they cannot achieve what they want, and the good thing is that the blocks will teach them about problem-solving skills. Such skills are critical at any time in life.
  • Spatial Senses – With the help of the blocks, the child will also develop spatial sense. The spatial sense is the intuitive feel of a shape & space the object will occupy. It is the foundation of geometry, and hence the blocks prove to be very important when it comes to such senses.
  • Self Esteem – Once the child can express himself, his self-esteem also elevates. With a little appreciation, the child feels very happy, which encourages him to try different things. The child feels empowered to create something, and it certainly gives a bump to their self-esteem.
  • Working in Groups – One of the most important things taught by block building is working in the groups. We are assuming that your child will be involved with friends while they are playing with the blocks. They will learn the essence of friendship and sharing with such things. Such activities will also improve your child’s attention span, and they will learn to cooperate with their friends. The children learn to respect the opinion of others with the help of such activities.

Bottom Line

Building blocks or toy blocks are education and skill development toys. The blocks help a child in learning and improving cognitive and reasoning skills. The ten different building blocks mentioned in this article are from the best companies in India. The article is very useful in checking out these products as we have included an online link to all ten building block sets.

Before purchasing any building block set, consider the features and points mentioned in the article. With this, we concluded the article and hope it is helpful for everyone who is planning to buy building blocks or toy blocks set in India.

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