10 Best Basketball Shoes In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

One of the most popular sports in the world is Basketball. While playing, it’s usual for the players to run, jump, etc. to put the ball in the basket, and such hard actions require some support in your leg, which is provided by Basketball Shoes. This is the only equipment that safeguards the players’ legs from injuries, sprain, or fatigue, etc.

As Basketball is a popular game, many manufacturers gained this popularity to design hundreds of different shoes for basketball players. Such shoes have special features which you don’t find in normal shoes. One can differentiate the basketball shoes from normal shoes by noticing the cushion, size, price, and style, etc. All such features satisfy the players and help them to improve their performance while playing. Thus, needless to say, good basketball shoes are crucial for players.

You may have a doubt why players can’t use regular shoes to play Basketball? There are many reasons which require the players to use sports shoes for playing. The first thing is to improve the player’s performance and to give confidence for running, jumping, and to make other movements, the basketball shoes are crucial. Also, the chances of getting ankle and foot injuries are less wearing basketball shoes.

Basketball shoes protect your foot when you make harsh movements on the hard floor of the playing court. When you move in various ways and directions, you may produce stress to your body and feet. Some of the risks you may face are foot problems, back and hip issues, and injuries. Thus, wearing good basketball shoes reduces all such risks and offers you great protection. It is better to buy the basketball shoes providing ankle support to protect your legs and ankle with a great grip.

Thus, a good pair of basketball shoes give you the confidence to step onto the basketball court and boost you to beat your opponents with your confidence and good play. As already said, many manufacturers are designing hundreds of different basketball shoes from which you feel hard and confused to choose the right basketball shoes. There are many models of shoes available online in abundance. From which we have selected the top ten best basketball shoes having good features and advantages when compared to others in the Indian market. Such a list of ten basketball shoes is much helpful for you to narrow down the huge lists you have. Also check the list of best badminton shoes and tennis shoes.

Best Buy Basketball Shoes Online in India

In this section, you will find the top 10 basketball shoes that are popular in India. It is confusing for those who wanted to buy basketball shoes for the first time; for them, our list may help you the best. Here is the list compiled for you.

1. Adidas Men’s Vs. Pace Basketball Shoes

Adidas Men s Vs. Pace Basketball Shoes

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You would have seen or purchased casual shoes from the Adidas brand, but whether you knew this brand also got basketball shoes? Yes, it is there, which you can purchase at a reasonable price. One such product from the Adidas brand is Adidas Men’s Vs Pace Basketball Shoes. Here the material used to manufacture shoes is synthetic and hence strong to offer the player a longer life. Here the closure type is lace-up, which means the player has to tie up or loosen the laces according to his needs. Such a lace-up closure helps to fasten the lace tightly for playing Basketball.

The shoe model is of casual type and offers a great look and style for the player wearing this pair of shoes. It is available in three different colors, such as Cblack, Ftwwht, and Scarle. With the side cushion and heel support provided by the Adidas shoes, players feel the most comfortable zone of playing hard inside the basketball court. These model shoes are crafted with Synthetic Nubuck, hence delivers the superb comfort of using them.

Things we liked it

  • The simple and aesthetic design of the shoes add style to players
  • Since the shoes are designed using synthetic Nubuck, players feel the maximum comfort to play hard and risky inside the basketball court
  • Side cushioning and heel support adds great value to shoes
  • One of the most popular brands in the market manufacturing various products and special about designing sports shoes is Adidas

Things we didn’t like

  • There are no cons, and all users find it to be a useful product

2. Nivia Men’s Panther-1 Basketball Shoes

Nivia Mens Panther-1 Basketball Shoes

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If you are looking for the basketball shoes that offer great support to play your game, then go for buying this product, Nivia Men’s Panther-1 Basketball Shoes. Here the shoes make use of rubber and EVA sole as their material. EVA is an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer that is well-known for its various features and provides the players a flexible comfort with such EVA soles in shoes. Such EVA soles are best about offering other features in addition to flexibility such as lightweight, shock-absorption, durability, etc. Coming to its outer material design, it uses the PVC synthetic leather that is of high-grade leather, offering a long life to your shoes.

This Nivia basketball shoe is available in various sizes along with a different style and design. Thus players can choose any one of the suitable models to improve their performance on the basketball court. There are some instructions that one has to follow while using this shoe, such as deodorizing your shoe, retaining its shape, using shoe-bags to avoid any stains or dust, cleaning it daily using a clean cloth to remove dust and dirt particles on the shoe, and avoiding the use of polish over the shoe.

Things we liked it

  • Available with both rubber and EVC soles
  • Features lightweight soles and offers great flexibility and durability to players
  • Improves the players’ performance inside the basketball court with the lace-up closure design of shoes
  • Comes in various attractive models of shoes
  • Provides a great ankle and leg support to players

Things we didn’t like

All customers feel good about the product, and thus there are no cons.

3. Adidas Men’s VS PACE Basketball Shoes

Adidas Men s VS PACE Basketball Shoes

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One more product from the same Adidas brand on our review list is Adidas Men’s VS PACE Basketball shoe. Here the shoes use a mesh-like material to offer a great breathability feature. So, the players feel comfortable wearing such breathable mesh-design shoes for playing Basketball. Here the closure type is of lace-up so the players can adjust the fitting feature by tying the lace accordingly.

Here the shoe uses a synthetic material with mesh design over the upper area to add maximum comfort to players. Over the toe area, the shoe uses a perforated design to offer breathability features for players. Thus players play a long time continuously with a great grip and comfort. Coming to its midsole part, it uses the IMEVA material, which is Injection-molded EVA foam to add certain features to shoes such as lightweight, cushioning bottom area, shock absorption, etc. With such features, players feel comfortable and flexible to make harsh movements of playing. For the outsole, it uses the full rubber material for offering great durability.

Things we liked it

  • The product offers a warranty for manufacturing defects for 90 days
  • With IMEVA midsole, the players feel the great comfort to run, jump and to make hard movements on the playing court
  • The popular brand specially designed the shoes for sports purpose and thus delivers the great performance of using it
  • It is lightweight and provides a cushion feel of wearing the shoes for players

Things we didn’t like

  • Shoe width is medium. Hence, the players of wider feet can’t wear shoes with great comfortability

4. Nike Men’s Fly.by Low Ii Basketball Shoes

Nike Men s Fly.by Low Ii Basketball Shoes

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The next product is from the Nike brand, which is Nike Men’s Fly.by Low Ii Basketball Shoe. Nike is much popular in high-quality manufacturing shoes. Here the material uses the synthetic material on its outer surface. Here the closure type is a lace-up model in which you can use the lace to tighten or loosen the shoes. Since the sole is made up of rubber material, the shoe provides a longer life with great durability. Coming to its toe style, it uses the round toe structure for shoes. As Round toe design is the most traditional and basic style in shoes, it is best to prevent the players from getting injuries.

A great sports gadget that gears up your sports activities is offering you many advantages such as dry-fit, tech fleece, and aeroswift. Dri-fit technology means the capacity of shoes to evaporate the sweat of the players and thus making the players feel comfortable from sweat itching etc. Coming to the tech fleece feature, it means the ultra-lightweight capability of the shoes, and thus, players can move the feet naturally without any stress or pressure. The last technology introduced by Nike is aeroswift, which means the shoe’s feature to stretch more to make the players feel more comfortable.

Things we liked it

  • Nike shoes are ultra-lightweight, and thus players can easily make hard movements of the feet
  • Shoes are much better in offering the breathability feature with its Dri-fit technology
  • Stretchability is great in Nike shoes to improve the performance of players
  • The rubber sole offers great durability

Things we didn’t like

  • Though the design is good, some users are not comfortable with wearing these shoes

5. ASICS Men’s Blaze Nova Basketball Shoes

ASICS Men s Blaze Nova Basketball Shoes

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The next product is the ASICS Men’s Blaze Nova Basketball Shoe, which specializes in designing and manufacturing sports shoes. Here the material used to design the shoes is synthetic and hence, offers a lightweight feature for the players to play with great comfort. With the lace-up closure type, it is easy to adjust the shoe’s fitting style.

Here the shoes use the mono sock construction, which helps the players to make multi-directional movements while playing the football. Mono-sock design means the tongue is built in such a way that the shoes offer a smooth fit for players to make different directions of the feet movements. Here the midsole design is great, and the mesh design improves the breathability and helps the shoe to last a longer life.

Things we liked it

  • Features a mono-sock construction
  • Great mid sole design offers players to make multi-directional movements of the feet
  • Mesh design offers breathability
  • Shoes provide a cushioning feel to players, and thus they feel comfortable playing

Things we didn’t like

  • A good product and thus no cons so far

6. ZIGARO Beef Basketball Shoes

ZIGARO Beef Basketball Shoes

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If the basketball players are looking for the great design of sports shoes, then they can go with this product ZIGARO Beef Basketball Shoe. Here the shoes look graceful with the polka dots design and graphic printing on their upper surface.

With the sole made of thermoplastic polyurethane, there is a great comfort for players to run or jump while playing. Here the outer material is made up of PU and PVC synthetic leather that offers great durability. Coming to its sole design, it uses an Eva phylon, rubber sole to deliver a great performance. Such a rubber sole increases the life of the shoes with its maximum durability. Such a stylish and comfortable design of shoes is worth it for players who are looking for such a graceful design of sports shoes.

Things we liked it

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane sole is best for its slip-resistance feature
  • Rubber sole extends the lifespan of shoes
  • Looks stylish and graceful with its polka dots design
  • Available in different sizes with attractive and different designs
  • A special feature of using graphic printing on the upper surface
  • Lightweight and great product
  • Worth for money

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing so far

7. Vector X Boost Basketball Shoes

Vector X Boost Basketball Shoes

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Vector X is one of the best-established brands that provide stylish and innovative sports gear for players to improve their performance. This brand manufactures almost thousands of different products that are inspired and used by numerous sports personalities. Not only Basketball but also for many other sports, the brand manufactures various products related to such sports. Here we are going to see the basketball shoes designed by Vector X. This pair of shoes has an attractive color combination of black with orange that delivers a great stylish look.

Here the material used to design the shoes is PU leather material. With the great ankle support provided by a cushioned ankle, the players can prevent ankle and leg injuries. Additionally, the shoes feature a padded foot bed for maximum cushioning and offer comfort to players. Such a padded insole is best for improving the performance of players. It also uses the textured soles for great durability

Things we liked it

  • Cushioned ankle enhances the ankle support
  • Padded insole offers great comfort for players
  • Delivers a great stylish look for sport personalities
  • Rubber material increases the durability

Things we didn’t like

  • A few customers are not happy with the quality of the product

8. SPARTAN Men’s Power Basketball Shoes

SPARTAN Men s Power Basketball Shoes

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The next product is from the brand Spartan, which is well-known for manufacturing high-quality sports shoes. Here the material used to manufacture the synthetic rubber because of which it lasts for a long time. Here the product uses a distinct design that gives the players a fashionable look of wearing it. The inner material is cotton, so it improves the breathability feature of the shoes.

With the black-yellow combination of shoes, they are easy to clean by following the instructions given in the product. The shoes use the basic toe style of the rounded toe model so that the players can play with the maximum comfort. Though the sole is sturdy, it is still comfortable and slip-resistant, which is needed for the players to run and jump without getting skid on the hard floor in the basketball court. This sports gear goes well with the players’ outfit and thus serves as the best option to include in your closet.

Things we liked it

  • It is easy to clean this pair of shoes
  • Sole offers a slip-resistant feature to players
  • Unique design and style of the shoes which look attractive and go well all the sports’ outfits
  • It is lightweight, as the material it uses is synthetic rubber and cotton

Things we didn’t like

The product is in the average range for its quality

9. FURO by Red Chief Men’s B8000 Basketball Shoes

FURO by Red Chief Men s B8000 Basketball Shoes

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The next product is the FURO by Red Chief Men’s B8000 Basketball Shoe. Here the outer layer uses the mesh type synthetic rubber material in which mesh design is much useful for improving the breathability. With lace-up closure type, it is easy to wear and adjust the fitting of the shoes. This product is specifically designed for sports uses.

The product’s color is black and hence easy to clean the shoes. One has to follow the instructions for maintaining your shoes clean. After using the shoes, it is necessary to deodorize the shoes to air and retain their original shape. It is better to keep your shoes inside the shoe bags to avoid getting stains or dirt. Always use a clean cloth to remove the dust and dirt particles sticking on to the shoes. Never use polish or shiner on your shoes.

Things we liked it

  • The product coming with the warranty for manufacturing defects of around 60 days
  • Mesh type material improves the breathability
  • An affordable sports shoe which is easy to clean

Things we didn’t like

  • Material is not of good quality and doesn’t offer comfortability
  • Toes are much broad in design

10. Zebx High Ankle Casual Basketball Sneakers Shoes

Zebx High Ankle Casual Basketball Sneakers Shoes

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The last product on our list is the Zebx High Ankle Casual Basketball Sneakers Shoes for Men. Like other basketball shoes, these shoes also use synthetic rubber material on the outer surface. Coming to the inner layer of the shoes, here also the same synthetic material is used. But the main feature of this product is the sole material used, which is PVC. Hence the players play with great comfort and prevent getting injuries on the ankle and feet.

This shoe is a sneaker type model which is designed by top designers by blending the modern and sleek shoe style. Thus, it delivers an ultimate look for the players wearing these shoes. One can clean these shoes using a leather shampoo or leather cleaner. Ensure that you use a quality brush to clean the dirt and in case of getting wet, allow them to dry at room temperature. Never dry them by exposing them to sunlight, as the leather may get harden or wrinkle or crack easily. Avoid such actions to increase the lifespan of these shoes.

Things we liked it

  • Here the sole material is PVC, and hence the shoes have a good insulation property with slip-resistance
  • With these soles, the players get great stability and comfort of moving in multi-directions while playing the Basketball
  • Shoes are perfect for providing the great fashionable look

Things we didn’t like

  • Great care is required to clean these shoes
  • Quality is not good

How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes?

There are some crucial things that you need to consider while buying basketball shoes. Here are those factors that we will discuss in detail.

The size of the shoe

The first thing that everyone may look at while buying the shoes is the size. Sometimes you may not be able to identify the shoes that are the perfect fit for you; in such a situation, you have to measure the size of your feet and then go for choosing the right basketball shoes. Some shoes may change in size and shape after using it for some time. Thus, you should have an idea about the actual length and width that the shoes will maintain after some use.

Playing Style

Basketball shoes come in three different styles, such as low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops. Players most prefer the low-tops due to their lightweight features. Players can help faster, and to enhance their speed level, these shoe styles are irreplaceable. But these models are having the disadvantage of offering less ankle support. Coming to the next style, which is mid-tops, they are also popular among players, as they offer ankle support to the best level. So, the player is free to move in any direction with such excellent ankle support. The last category is the high-tops, where there is great ankle support when compared to the other two styles. But these high-tops shoes are not lightweight due to the use of additional material for ankle support.


In a basketball game, there involves a lot of running and jumping activities, which results in producing a strain on the feet of the players. Such hard movements of players may cause injuries to the worst case. This is due to the intense shocks that result in injuries and other foot issues. So, the shoes that you use should absorb all such shocks of movements which are supported by cushioning and shock-resistant material.


Players must play without any disturbance due to the shoes they wear. Sometimes, the players may wear a heavy or big pair of shoes which will disturb them while playing. Such things may cause injury to them and thus, the players should check the comfort level of shoes before buying such a pair.

Aesthetic design

It is needed for players to consider the design of the shoes, as it adds a style and fashion element to players. With a much attractive design, players can go with the one that is attractive as well as gives a professional look.

Sturdy Sole:

The sole is another crucial part of the shoe design that is responsible for dealing with the players’ harsh movements of feet. Check for the sole material such as PVC or EVC soles and buy the right one offering great durability.


This is another important feature to consider while buying basketball shoes. Though the shoes are expensive, you can still buy them if they are worth what you are spending. Never choose the shoes based on the price, as the quality may differ in your shoes. Check the price and other features to buy a pair of shoes.

Basketball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It A Good Choice To Wear The Basketball Shoes Daily?

Many people ask this question when it comes to buying the basketball shoes, and is a quite genuine question as well. Primarily the basketball shoes are available to offer exceptional comfort, shock absorption, and grip. If you are a person who loves playing basketball, you may know the role of all these factors, as mentioned earlier in the basketball game. Not only this but, in terms of style and design, the basketball shoes usually look so attractive than other types of shoes.

It is because basketball shoes usually have a thick, heavy, and slightly big design from outside. Therefore, many people usually prefer to wear this type of shoes like casual shoes. And there is nothing wrong with wearing basketball shoes daily because they somehow look very attractive and the same as casual shoes.

2. Why Do Basketball Shoes Usually Produce The Squeaky Noise?

If you have watched a live basketball match and played a basketball match on your own, then you may know that in the basketball court where you can easily hear the squeaky noise everywhere. And yeah, the source of this squeaky noise is the basketball shoes, but the main question is, why do these shoes make or sound like this? Right. So, the basketball shoes usually come with the rubber padding at the bottom, which offer an incredible grip.

This rubber padding feature of basketball shoes allows players to quickly change the direction because of the maximum traction with the surface. But it is true that not all the basketball shoes make this type of noise, because there are some modern and good quality of shoes also present in the market in which you won’t find this issue.

3. Do Basketball Shoes Help You Jump Higher?

There is a common misconception that basketball shoes help to jump higher, but it is not true. Yeah, it is a fact that the basketball shoes help increase vertical propulsion, which ultimately helps you jump higher. But keep in mind that this vertical propulsion is almost negligible, and you will feel only a little different while using basketball shoes. Back in time, many brands were producing the basketball shoes that come with the air cushioning and springs in the sole part of the shoe. But the NBA banned those types of shoes from wearing in any official tournament or match. And if you still want to know how to jump higher for improving your basketball game, then do prefer practicing for it. Yeah, you got it right, practicing is the only way to increase the ability to jump higher, so go for it, and you will feel like magic after a hard practice.

4. Are Basketball Shoes Completely Different From Running Shoes?

The short and sweet answer is yes, the basketball shoes are completely different shoes from the running ones. It’s because where the running shoes come with a lightweight design, bottom spikes for better grip, and without ankle protection, the basketball shoes offer excellent ankle protection, shock absorption, and feel a bit heavier than other shoes.

Bottom Line

These were the top ten products and the buying guide for basketball shoes. IT will be much helpful if you are looking to buy basketball shoes for the first time. All these products are from the reputable brand delivering the best performance. Thus, use this buying guide and product reviews to buy the best basketball shoes in which you feel comfortable and great for playing Basketball.

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