10 Best Baby Wipes in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Did you know? A baby’s skin is so delicate that even the softest clothes and towels can harm their skin while you are cleaning them up. These regular towels can also lead to long-term rashes and irritation in their skin. To prevent all these, we recommend you start buying baby wipes. Baby wipes are soft napkins generally made from non-woven fabric. They help in cleaning your baby, especially during a diaper change. These wipes are very gentle and maintain the supple and soft skin of babies, including newborns.

However, there are many wipes to choose from in the Indian market. These options make the choice of parents even more difficult. Due to this reason, this time, we have come up with a list of our top ten picks of best selling baby wipes available in India. In our list, we have discussed all these products separately and in detail. At the bottom of our list, we have also provided you with a buying guide that will prove to be extremely beneficial for first-time parents.

Best Buy Baby Wipes Online In India

Let us now start our discussion –

1. Mee Mee Baby Wipes

Mee Mee Baby Wipes

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The Mee Mee Gentle Wipes for babies comes in a pack of three that provides you with a total of 73 baby wipes. These wipes are made using spun lace and non-woven fabric, which helps in convenient and quick cleaning. The antibacterial property of the wipes is well known and keeps babies sanitized for the whole day. You may use these wipes to clean the delicate skin of your baby thoroughly. Additionally, these wet wipes are enriched with the extracts of aloe vera. Aloe vera is known to give a soothing effect to the skin. Moreover, these wipes are tested by expert dermatologists and are claimed to be hypoallergic.

No alcohol has been used to make the product, and it is ideal to be used on babies that weigh between 12 to 17 kg. The scent of these wipes is very mild and does not irritate your baby’s nose. These wipes will also provide moisturization and prevent drying at all times. There are no toxins in the product, so that you may safely use it whenever you wish to. Use these wipes when you are changing your baby’s diapers for extra hygiene. They always come handy and are very soft. We would also like to inform you that these wet wipes can be used daily; that too for multiple times. Buy these travel-friendly wipes now to get the best experience.

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2. Supples Baby Wipes

Supples Baby Wipes

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On number two of our list, we have the Supples Baby Wipes. These wipes come in a pack of 6 units with each unit containing 72 wipes. These wipes are soft as well as thick, which lets you clean your baby gently and efficiently. The contents of the wipes have aloe vera and vitamin E. Both of these help in the nourishment of skin and prevent rashes and irritation. Aloe vera in the product also helps in moisturizing the skin. Additionally, the formulation of the product is entirely water-based, which makes these wipes skin-friendly as well as safe. The pH of the wipes is such that it matches the natural pH of your baby’s skin, which makes the product safe for newborns.

Unlike many other wipes available in the market, these wipes do not contain alcohol and toxins. They also do not contain any parabens, chlorine, or soap. Due to this reason, these wipes are safe to be used daily. Moreover, these wipes are known to prevent skin infection as well as irritation. You can use these multiple times for a more hygienic and clean experience. These wipes can also be used to clean a baby’s hands during meals. Additionally, you can also clean their hands with these wipes before and after their playtime. The product is well-rated and reviewed by many buyers online and will not disappoint you in any way.

3. Johnson’s Baby Wipes

Johnsons Baby Wipes

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When it comes to baby care products, what better brand to think of other than Johnson’s? Johnson’s is a world-famous brand that has been serving customers (especially parents) for decades. Their products are well known for the quality, and their baby wipes are no exception. These wipes are available in a pack of 6. In total, you will get 480 wipes. Each wipe carries a triple amount of moisturizer and helps in soothing the skin of your baby. These wipes are safe to be used on newborns as well. Additionally, these wipes are well tested and clinically proven to be gentle as well as mild. The product passes through five levels of testing system to ensure quality at all times; before it reaches you.

The wipes help in creating a barrier on the baby’s skin that helps in preventing rashes. All the wipes are made from ultra-fine fabric and are very soft to touch. You can use them anytime to avoid any germs or dirt. The fiber of the wipes works just like a sponge and effectively removes any impurities or dirt. Additionally, these wipes are available in 10s, the 20s, and 80s. You also get instructions on how to use the product effectively. These wipes are well known to provide protection from nappy rashes and come at a very affordable price. Buyers from all across the country have loved this product dearly. Just like many others, you can also buy this product to maintain your baby’s soft and supple skin.

4. Luvlap Baby Wipes

Luvlap Baby Wipes

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The fourth position on our list has been secured by the Luvlap Baby Wipes. These baby wipes are available for purchase in a pack of three, where each pack contains 72 wipes. You can also choose from different options for the type of wipes. This includes – aloe vera, jojoba, sensitive type, etc. If you want more or fewer packs, you can choose that too as per your requirement. These wipes are claimed to be the best for use when you are changing your baby’s diaper. You can clean the whole body of your baby, including his/her hands and face with these wipes. Each pack has dimensions of – 23 X 5 X 11, which makes it very compact to carry around.

Additionally, the product contains aloe vera extracts that give your baby a calming feeling if he/she has rashes. These wipes are also blended with chamomile oil, which is well known for its antiseptic features. Chamomile also soothes sensitive skin without irritating it. The vitamin E in the product helps in maintaining the soft and smooth skin of the baby and also prevents moisture loss. Moreover, these wipes have a well-balanced pH that is neither acidic nor basic. These wipes are also hypoallergic and have been tested dermatologically. Luvlap has used the mildest ingredients and brought you the wipes that are gentle and antiseptic at the same time.

5. Little’s Baby Wipes

Littles Baby Wipes

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These soft baby wipes for cleansing contain jojoba oil, Aloe vera, as well as Vitamin E. All these ingredients help in moisturizing your baby’s delicate skin along with providing protection against oxidants. These ingredients, when together, enable extra nourishment and care. These wipes are safe to be used on sensitive skin because they do not contain alcohol or parabens. Additionally, the product has been dermatologically tested to ensure extra safety. You can buy these wipes in a pack of 3 (80 Wipes). However, you can also choose more or less number of packs according to your requirement.

The wipes are created using viscose and polyester. Both of these help the wipes to retain strength and do not tear at any time. All the ingredients and contents of the wipes are mild, which makes the product ideal for newborns. The fragrance in these wipes is very mild and provides the right amount of refreshment whenever your baby needs it. This product has excellent reviews by customers on many e-commercial platforms. It is gentle on your baby’s skin and also does not cost much. Moreover, this product can be shipped all across the country. You may even carry it with you when you are traveling with your baby.

6. Himalaya Baby Wipes

Himalaya Baby Wipes

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Himalaya is a dearly loved brand and has been in the Indian household for many years. You can buy their baby wipes in a pack of two (72 napkins). These wipes are infused with baby lotion and provide extra moisturization. Additionally, these wipes also have Lotus and Aloe vera extracts. Both of these ingredients help in conditioning the skin of babies. The wipes are very mild and never irritate or make rashes appear on the skin. You can use them conveniently while you are changing your baby’s diapers. The napkins are claimed to cleanse the baby’s skin most gently.

Moreover, the ingredients also include many herbs that make the product even more natural. You can use the wipes any time you want as per your needs. These wipes are known to provide maintenance to the supple and smooth skin of babies. The best quality of the product is that it does not contain alcohol. Alcohols dry the skin out and lead to moisture loss from the skin in the long term. The wipes are also free from all sorts of silicones, which are known to cause irritation, allergies, and rashes in the skin. The well-balanced pH of the product gives you one more reason to buy the product. The wipes can be shipped and delivered to all across the country.

7. Mama Bear Baby Wipes

Mama Bear Baby Wipes

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There are 72 wipes in a single pack of Mama Bear baby wipes. You can buy these wipes in a pack of three. This will make the price of the product even more affordable. These gentle wipes are infused with a lotion that has a very mild formulation. You can use the napkins on any occasion, but they prove to be the best when used during a nappy change. The formula of the product has many well-known ingredients. These ingredients include – Vitamin E and the extracts of aloe vera leaves. As you already know, both of these ingredients help in nourishing as well as protecting the skin layer of babies.

The product also has glycerin, which takes moisturization one step further. You can use these wipes on your baby’s face, hands, and diaper area. Additionally, the wipes are tested by expert dermatologists and do not cause any rashes. The product does not contain harmful chemicals like – parabens and alcohol. Due to this reason, the product is suitable for newborn babies as well. Moreover, the wipes are made using non-woven and spun lace fabric, which makes them durable against tear. The wipes are created for normal skin, and each wipe has the dimensions of – 150 X 200 X mm. We advise you to use these wipes within a year from the date of your purchase.

8. Bey Bee Baby Wipes

Bey Bee Baby Wipes

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On number eight of our list, we have the wipes by the brand Bey Bee. These wipes are claimed to be the best wipes for sensitive skin. You may buy these in a pack of 3 and get 240 wet wipes. However, the wipes are also available in a pack of one, five, and seven. These water wipes are very gentle to the skin because they are created using the purest water. The water content in the product is close to 98%. Additionally, the wipes are certified by SGS for their hypoallergic nature. These wipes are exclusively made for newborns as they have the most sensitive skin. Like other products on our list, these wipes also have the goodness of nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe vera.

These well-rated wipes are free from all types of parabens and alcohols. The best part of the product is the flip opening, which makes it very convenient for pulling wipes at any time. The opening also helps in maintaining the moisture content of the product and prevents evaporation. The wipes have a very mild and soothing smell. Moreover, the fabric used to manufacture the wipes is non-woven. These dermatologically tested wipes come at a very affordable price and have been loved by many parents. With these wipes, you may not only provide your baby with clean skin but with a cooling effect as well.

9. Huggies Baby Wipes

Huggies Baby Wipes

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The Huggies baby wipes come in a pack that contains 72 wet wipes. You can buy a pack of different sizes, having a different number of wipes. Additionally, you may also purchase these wipes in a combo pack with the Huggies diapers. The absorbency and softness of the wipes are excellent. Along with that, these wipes also help prevent rashes in the nappy area of your baby. The Huggies baby wipes are free from all kinds of parabens, soap, alcohol, and MIT.

Moreover, these wipes are infused with the extracts of cucumber and aloe vera, which make them even more gentle. The natural fiber of the product is manufactured using a 68% pulp. These wipes have a very mild fragrance that remains with your baby for long hours. The product is alcohol-free, and the pack has a lid opening that helps you in the easy pulling of wipes. Buyers have loved the product dearly. However, the price of the product lies a little bit on the higher end. So, pick it only if it fits your budget.

10. Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

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The last position of our list has been secured by the baby wipes from the brand Baby Sparsh. These wipes are available in a pack of two, where each pack contains 72 pieces of baby wipes. These are water-based, and medical-grade wipes made using 99% of pure water. They help you in gently cleaning your baby and do not have any scent. The plant-made material of the wipes is made using the pulp of sugarcane and bamboo. Due to this reason, you can use these wipes in the most sensitive areas without worrying.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes do not contain any harsh chemicals and ingredients that include – parabens, dyes, and fragrances. These wipes are incredibly soft and very useful when it comes to cleaning. You can also wipe your baby’s hands and face with this product. Additionally, the wipes also do not cause skin redness or rashes. The best part about the product is that there are no petrochemicals and plastic in it, which makes it entirely eco-friendly. The product is also natural, and you can carry it with you wherever you go.

How To Choose The Best Baby Wipes

  • Consider the number of wipes

Before you buy single or multiple packs of baby wipes, consider checking the number of wipes in each pack. Sometimes we believe there will be a huge number of wipes considering the size of the package. This is not the case all the time, which is why we recommend you to check wipes per pack in the product description before you make a purchase.

  • Consider the cost

When you have a baby, wipes become a necessity. You will use them every single day, and hence the cost is something that needs your consideration. Some wipes are priced at a very high rate even though they have basic features that resemble the regular wipes. Do not get fooled and consider the rate. This will lead you to use the wipes conveniently in the long run.

  • Consider the fabric

A baby’s skin, especially the diaper area, is very sensitive, which is why you should use the wipes that are made from soft fabric. An excellent wipe fabric is the one that does not harm the skin of your baby in any way. In our experience, we have noticed that wipes made from non-woven and spun fabric are the best. They do not irritate your skin and also prove to be gentle to the skin of your baby if he/she already has rashes.

  • Consider the good ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, aloe vera, and vitamin E top the list of best nourishing factors. They help in calming and soothing the skin of babies and also help in locking moisture all day long. These ingredients will also help you to use the wipes multiple times a day on your baby’s skin.

  • Consider the harmful ingredients

According to experts, wipes that contain alcohol and parabens can lead to harmful effects. Alcohols, in general, are dehydrating, which means that they reduce the moisture content of the skin and lead to cracks and dryness. Parabens, on the other hand, are proven to be extremely harsh. We advise you to ignore such ingredients at all costs because they can jeopardize the overall skin texture of your baby.

  • Consider the brand

Brands are the synonym of quality. Famous brands have been in the market for decades because they have served their customers well. Also, in case of any issues, these brands have been at the forefront to help you at any cost. They take their customers seriously and due to this reason we recommend you to buy wipes from a well-known brand and not just any local seller.

  • Read online reviews

Almost all the products on our list have acquired their respective positions based on buyer reviews. They have been purchased by many customers all across India. The same customers have presented their honest reviews on many online platforms. This is why we recommend you to go through their reviews before you finally buy a product.

How to Use Baby Wipes on Babies Properly

Baby wipes serve an essential role in keeping the baby’s skin clean and it helps kill germs and bacteria. However, using it in the wrong manner might reduce effectiveness. Thus, following the right method mentioned by the manufacturer is necessary. Here are some of the easy to follow tips, which can help you adequately used the baby wipe.

Steps to Follow

While Changing the Nappy:

  1. First, wash your hands. Trying to maintain hygiene while using a wipe to clean the lower body part of the baby.
  2. Lie baby on a clean mat or towel.
  3. Remove the nappy if it is full. Keep the nappy inferior to while you clean your baby from the bottom.
  4. The clean bottom part of the baby with a soaked clean fabric or cotton wool.
  5. Next, use alcohol-free baby wipes to clean the baby.

Cleaning Tips for Baby Boy

Use wipe from back to front and keep drying by using the towel. Also, clean crumples well with wipes.

Cleaning Tips for Baby Girl

Use fresh wipes and start wiping from front to back. Clean the creases in the thighs and bumps.

Similar Tips for both

Uplift the leg of a baby by using one hand to get underneath. Carry the front of the diaper up to their waist and join the tags. Then wash your hands with soapy water and sanitize well.

If you are using disposable diapers:

Well, the procedure will remain the same to use baby’s wipes. The only difference is which diaper you should use and how wipes can help in cleaning the bottom area:

For both Baby Girl and Baby Boy:

  1. Before wearing a diaper to the baby, clean that area with wipes and keep them odour free.
  2. You can also use special baby powder.
  3. Next, open the diaper and put it under your baby.
  4. Gently lift the baby’s legs and hold them with your hand.
  5. Fix the diaper well by tearing the sticky tape.
  6. Be careful not to stick the tape onto the baby’s bottom skin.

If you are using Cloth Diapers:

First, wipe the bottom area of the baby. Before using the wipe, clean that area with a clean towel that is soaked into clean water.

  1. Wipe gently, don’t rub harshly.
  2. For cloth diapers, you need to fold them into a triangle shape.
  3. Lift the baby and place the diaper.
  4. Hygiene well, and wash your hands with soapy water.

Baby Wipes Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use baby wipes to clean the bottom of the baby?

Yes, you can use the baby wipes to clean the bottom of the baby. They are meant for such a purpose, but you need to ensure that you are purchasing the safe baby wipes which are not harsh on the babies. You can always check the composition of the baby wipes to assure the safety of the wipes. Otherwise, you can also choose any of the products from our list as they are the safest options available in the market. Picking one from hour list will save you from the terror of purchasing a baby wipe which you should not be using for your baby.

  • Can baby wipes cause cancer or UTI?

Some of the baby wipes contain a chemical which can cause UTI or cancer. You must check if the baby wipes have Formaldehyde or not. You must also verify for the presence of any compound that may release Formaldehyde. This chemical is known to be associated with cancer, and hence you would need to do your research. In addition to this, you need to check if there are any other harmful chemicals in the baby wipes, which can cause UTI. All these factors are quite decisive in understanding if the baby wipes are safe for the baby or not.

  • How often can I use the baby wipes?

It depends on you how many times do you need to use the baby wipes. Do not overdo it but use it when it is required. For example, you can use it whenever you are changing the diaper of the baby. It is a good habit to clean the bottom of the baby during changes. In addition to this, you can use the baby wipe when you come home after a hot day with the baby. You can use the baby wipe to wipe the arms and legs of the baby, and it will help you get rid of pollutants and dust.

  • Should I buy scented baby wipes?

Ideally, you must buy neutral baby wipes which do not have any scent. As the baby grows, you can switch to mildly scented baby wipes, and it would be safe for the baby. We always advise against the usage of the scented baby wipes because the strong scent can irritate the baby. Those strong-smelling baby wipes can also cause allergy and other respiratory issues for the baby. So, it is always advisable to choose only the neutral or mildly scented baby wipes for your baby. In the list mentioned above, you will find many such options.

  • How can I prevent baby wipes from going dry?

The only effective way we found for preventing the baby wipes from going dry is by keeping the baby wipes tightly closed. Do not leave the baby wipes in the packet for a long time without intentions of using them. Moreover, you can buy the re-sealable packs like the one of Huggies. You must also purchase small packs as the small packs would be used up quickly compared to the packs with many wipes in a single pack.


To clean your baby’s delicate skin, you need baby wipes daily. Baby wipes are specifically designed to be better than regular towels and clothes. They are gentle and nourishing to the skin at the same time. They also cause much lesser damage to your baby’s skin than any cloth. In our experience, we have seen many people struggle in choosing baby wipes for their babies.

Among these people are new parents who have just had a baby. This inspired us to come up with the top ten baby wipes available in India. In our list, we have provided you with specific details of all the products. We have also provided a buying guide to help you even more while you are making your purchase. We hope that we helped you in choosing the best baby wipes for your baby.

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