10 Best Baby Plastic Wardrobes In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddlers)

As a baby grows, the number of his/her garments also increases. However, the number of their toys and other stuff rises as well. So you might require some extra space for these items. The best thing to do to fulfill the space demands of your little ones is to purchase a baby wardrobe. A baby wardrobe is a portable wardrobe that is made of fabric and plastic. There is a certain number of shelves in these wardrobes, and you will get enough space to store things for your kid. You can use it to put your baby’s clothing, toys, and other extra items. Also, when your baby grows further, you might want him/her to organize their stuff themselves. So this might initiate a good habit of space management in your kids. You can also gift this as a birthday present to your loved ones.

The exciting part about this Wardrobe is that it also has a foldable feature, and many of them come with a set of wheels. It also makes it easy to move around the room. Indian people generally find it very difficult to find an excellent and reliable product from the online market place at the best price. So, here you will find some of the best baby wardrobes in India.

Best Buy Wardrobes for Kids Online in India

In the Indian market, these wardrobes are usually expensive, so we have shortlisted the baby wardrobes into a list of top ten baby wardrobes.

1. Amardeep and Co XXL Multipurpose Toy Box

Amardeep and Co XXL Multipurpose Toy Box

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The first baby wardrobe on our list comes from ‘Amardeep and Co.’ This Wardrobe has seven large and spacious trays. Also, you can close the Wardrobe with the help of zippers, which the company has attached to the fabric. The whole Wardrobe is divided into two compartments making it easy to separate your stuff. This feature is helpful in the classification of the baby stuff.

You also get individual spacious side pockets to put some regular items in them, like baby powder, toys. There are four wheels attached to the bottom of the Wardrobe, making it easy to push or relocate. The fabric is also washable so that you can easily wash the fabric whenever required. The trays are also adjustable. The shelves’ height is flexible, depending upon your needs. The installation of this Wardrobe is also straightforward; you just need less than 30 minutes to assemble it entirely. The product dimensions are 172 x 34 x 49 cm.

2. Little One’s 6 Shelves Foldable Toy Box

Little Ones 6 Shelves Foldable Toy Box

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This foldable Wardrobe has six shelves. Each shelf can hold about 10 KGs of weight. So, you can comfortably accommodate about 60 KGs of weight in total In this Wardrobe. The fabric is well stitched and comes with an attached zipper as well. It also has side pockets for extra storage. It comes with the powder-coated sturdy and robust steel structure, which makes this baby wardrobe more stable and durable. Shelves are made with high-quality fiber material.

This Wardrobe is provided with swivel wheels attached for 360-degree movement. The company also guarantees that there are no sharp corners on the steel pipes. So this Wardrobe is safe for small kids to play around. This Wardrobe is also effortless to assemble, and you can quickly assemble it in just 15 minutes without any tools. The product dimensions are 55.9 x 30.5 x 114.3 cm. The product is lightweight, with around 3.4 Kg of weight.

3. Flip on Multipurpose 6 shelve Baby Wardrobe

Flip on Multipurpose 6 shelve Baby Wardrobe

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The next baby wardrobe on our list comes from Flipzon. This Wardrobe has large and spacious six trays. There are two side pockets for extra storage of small products like small toys, baby’s nappies. Your kids would love this product because of the cartoon printed design on the fabric. The fabric zip cover is removable, and it’s easy to wash. This Wardrobe has plastic trays, and the pipes are also made of plastic.

The Wardrobe comes with four wheels that make it easy to move around. You can put a lot of stuff in these six trays. The company had made sure that the installation of this product is effortless because of the well-built design. The total weight of this Wardrobe is about 2.3 Kg, along with the dimensions of 46 x 30 x 149 cm.

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4. Flip on Multipurpose 6 shelve Baby Wardrobe 

Flip on Multipurpose 6 shelve Baby Wardrobe 

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Next on our list of top baby wardrobes in India also comes from the Flipzone. This Wardrobe has six shelves that can easily hold baby items like their clothes, toys, powders. The overall structure of this Wardrobe is made of plastic that provides durability. Its four swivel wheel enables you to move it anywhere around the house. Additionally, the side pockets are quite useful and handy because you can use them to store something that you need very often, such as your baby’s most favorite toy or nappies and many more.

Since the body of the Wardrobe is made of plastic, it is light in weight wit just (2.3 Kg). You can store your baby’s accessories, toys, clothes, and a lot more in this Wardrobe. This baby wardrobe is effortless to assemble and won’t take more than 15 minutes in full installation of the Wardrobe completely. Also, it has removable fabric to wash easily. As this Wardrobe is foldable, you can fold it whenever you feel it is not required. The dimensions of the Wardrobe are 46 x 30 x 149 cm.

5. Fold-down Foldable Wardrobe with eight racks

Fold-down Foldable Wardrobe

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The next baby wardrobe comes from ‘Folddon.’ This Wardrobe is divided into two compartments. In each of the two chambers, there are four large and spacious racks, which makes a total of 8 frames to use. There are also side pockets attached to the fabric in which you can put some regular baby stuff or some small toys. The structure of this Wardrobe is also made of plastic and available in 3 different designs.

It is a foldable wardrobe so that you can fold it whenever not required. The structure of this baby wardrobe is straightforward to assemble. But there are no wheels attached to it, which makes this product less portable. But it has eight large and spacious racks, and with various trays and structure, its weight is slightly high with 4.54 kg. The product dimensions are 44.4 x 71.1 x 154.9 cm.

6. Flip on Printed 6 Layer Toy Box

Flip on Printed 6 Layer Toy Box

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Here is another baby wardrobe from the ‘Flipzon.’ This Wardrobe comes in two different colors with the appealing shape of a hut. This Wardrobe will also assist you to keep your kid’s room clean and well maintained. It also comes with a removable and washable cloth. This Wardrobe comes with plastic design with lightweight.

The fabric of this Wardrobe has an attractive cartoon design, which will attract your kid. It also has two spacious side pockets for keeping the most used baby things. Like any other wardrobe, it also comes with four wheels that allow you to move and relocate it quickly. The average height of one rack in this Wardrobe is around 23 cm and weighs approximately 3.5 KG. The dimensions of this Wardrobe are 46 x 30 x 150 cm and easy to install without any efforts. The plastic used is robust, and the design is very sturdy. It makes the Wardrobe much stable.

7. JMD Creation Hanging Wardrobe

JMD Creation Hanging Wardrobe

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Next in our list is a hanging cloth organizer from ‘JMD creation.’ If there is less space in your home, you can use this hanging Wardrobe for storing your baby’s stuff. You can hang this Wardrobe on a steel pipe or the roof by using a hook. As it is a hanging wardrobe, you can move around with ease and will not cover any space in the room. This baby closet is made from cotton cloth and comes in a foldable design. It saves a lot of space, which you can use to keep your kid’s clothes and other accessories. Since it is only made of cloth, it has very little weight around 1.1 KG, and the dimensions are 11 x 11 x 33 inches.

8. LookNSnap Multipurpose Toy Box 

LookNSnap Multipurpose Toy Box

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One of the best wardrobes for your kids is from ‘LookNSnap.’ If you are looking for a baby closet that has much space and is not overprices, then this product will qualify for your search results. There are six large and spacious shelves in it. In addition to this, it has two extra side pockets attached and also comes in two attractive colors to select. This closet also has four wheels with 360-degree rotation and enables you to relocate it quickly.

Its fabric zip cover comes in removable design to remove and wash whenever required. The structure is made with high-quality plastic and weighs around 3.7 KG. Each shelf is separated with a 22 cm distance and sum-up the total dimensions of this product to 150 x 46 x 30 cm.

9. Fold-down Foldable Wardrobe

Fold-down Foldable Wardrobe 4 shelves

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Here is another baby closet from ‘Folddon.’ It has four shelves in total. This closet has a total of two zippers and a single door design, which makes it easy to access even by kids. It is effortless to assemble at home without any special equipment. The company has used a high quality, powder-coated steel tubes with unbreakable connectors to make the Wardrobe more durable and sturdy. The closet has a matte finish that makes it even more attractive.

It is easy to collapse and comes with a remove and washable fabric design. The high-quality material with a premium zipper gives an excellent look to the Wardrobe. This Wardrobe weighs only 3.5 KGs with the dimensions of 44.4 x 71.1 x 154.9 cm.

10. Vouch Plastic Foldable Wardrobe – 7 shelves

Vouch Plastic Foldable Wardrobe

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It is a lightweight and portable wardrobe from ‘Vouch.’ The best thing is, you can assemble the shelves according to your needs, as it comes with five, six, and seven shelves. This Wardrobe is available in 3 different colors and comes with a cartoon design that looks attractive. There is a total of 3 compartments in this closet. Each compartment has its zipper. The material of the structure is high-quality plastic, which makes the Wardrobe more durable and long-lasting.

The Wardrobe is a built-in hut shape, which will excite your kids. The side also pockets available to keep small things. The separate section gives you the optimal place to assist your child’s clothes, books, stuff, or other things. The bearable capacity of a single shelf is about 4 KG. The Wardrobe is easy to assemble; just join the plastic pipes with the connectors. There are 360-degree rotating wheels for a smooth relocation.

How To Choose A Perfect Baby Wardrobe

If you are still confused about buying a perfect baby wardrobe, then you must read this guide on baby Wardrobe. In this guide, you will find some points that you must keep in mind before buying a baby closet.

  • Types

In the Indian market, you will find different types of baby wardrobes, having a different number of shelves. It depends on you and your kid’s requirement, whether you want 5, 6, or more shelves according to their needs. Moreover, you can also choose the various designs of Wardrobe, whether hanging one or the non-hanging one.

  • Material

Every buyer must consider the material of Wardrobe before purchasing any wardrobe, whether they want wardrobes with plastic pipes or with steel pipes. The plastic tubes are not so rigid as compared to the steel ones. The plastic pipes might bend or even break if you put a heavy weight on them, but perfect for keeping small things. Whereas, in the case of the steel pipe frame, you can put more load as compared to the plastic pipe ones, and these are quite strong and durable.

  • Price

The price also matters when you are buying a wardrobe for your baby—NO matter If you want to spend less or to have a large budget. You will find various brands in the Indian market offering wardrobe at different price ranges. Even under low budget options, you can buy a fantastic wardrobe with enough space to store your kid’s things. However, if you spend some more money, then obviously you will get more advanced features with extra space and of course a durable product.

Final words

If there is a baby in your home, then you might want to get space for his/her stuff. You can easily buy a unique wardrobe for keeping your kid’s clothes, toys, powder, creams. The above listing will help you to buy a perfect wardrobe for your kids under a specific budget with essential features. Also, this could be an ideal gift for your kid to choose from below wardrobe choices.

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