10 Best Baby Sitting Chairs In India 2022 (Floor Cushion Seats)

The parents of growing babies have to decide a lot many things about their baby. Apart from taking care of babies’ health and well-being, the Indian parents have to choose between appetizing, healthy food items, clothes, nappies, bed-covers and also good quality toys & useful fixtures like seating chairs, rocking chair in variety. Specially designed products are manufactured for the kids with complete care, concern, and by an understanding of child psychology. The products in the form of toys look attractive, fashionable, and make the children go crazy in India.

 There are several companies offering a variety of toys and furniture for kids, which are designed by keeping in mind the safety of the children. The vibrant colors, pleasing shapes, and designs make the lovable toys soft and long-lasting. The baby enjoys the toys which are soft and comfortable. Parents love it when they see that the baby not only spent time with the toys but it also learns a few life skills from the toys.

Best Buy Cushion Seats For Babies Online in India

Below given is a set of ten product-links of various brand companies. Each company offers high-quality and long durable toys for babies in Indian markets.  You will definitely find the given information useful to choose the best baby seating sets for your baby.

1. DearJoy Cotton Baby Sofa and Training Seat

DearJoy Cotton Baby Sofa and Training Seat

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DearJoy cotton toddlers’ blue colored baby sofa and training seat get all attention because of the elegant shapes of sofa and chair. The superior quality babysitting chair with a protector pillow is suitable for babies of 6 to 9 months. Sofa helps the baby to sit upright, and to control the back and neck movements. It helps the baby to be active and remain busy in activities. The two small holes on the sofa help the baby to hold the legs and sit comfortably.

The small kids keep roaming in the house, and parents keep worrying but the DearJoy sofa attracts the kids and the kid won’t leave the place once they sit on the warm and comfortable sofa.  The tender body of the baby needs complete safety in order to avoid any injuries. The sofa is made of soft fabric and cushioned material. It offers complete relaxation to the babies. The sofa seats in vibrant colors and appealing design make the infants engaged and enjoy the atmosphere around them.

2. Besties Cotton Cushion Elephant Sofa Seat 

Besties Cotton Cushion Elephant Sofa Seat

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Besties soft plush cotton cushion elephant sofa for babies is available in different colors such as Red/Black, Black/Red, and Orange. The sofa and chair can be available in different animal shapes, objects shapes like monkey, dog, elephant, panda, penguin, rabbit, tiger, and kitty. It is available in the car shape.  The main purpose of the cotton baby sofa and training seat is to keep the baby at one place and it helps parents to keep a watch on baby easily.

The babies once start crawling or walking depending on their age, cannot be managed easily by mothers and in order to keep the baby engaged the toys are designed. The toys also help babies to learn basic movements and skills.  The soft cotton material with a spongy surface is always nice and comfy for the baby. It helps the baby to sit and enjoy the animal-shaped multicolored sofa. Most of the parents feel relieved when the little-ones joyfully play around the designer sofa.

3. TIB Chick Shape Baby Soft Plush Cushion Seat 

TIB Chick Shape Baby Soft Plush Cushion Seat 

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TIB chick shape soft plush cushion Baby Sofa is available in various color combinations. The graceful colors like green, orange, pink, red, yellow, cat-pink, light-blue, tiger-yellow, unicorn-pink and many more. The sofa and the rocking chair look most suitable for the kids between the age group 0 to 4 years. Carefully designed sofa and the chair have the nursery pillow, which adds to the safety while kids play.

The lightweight TIB sofa is easy to move from one place to another and it offers completely plush soft surface and makes the baby enjoy the 360-degree comfy support. You can leave your baby alone in the room without any worry. The upright seating position is easy for the baby. It makes the baby relax in the sitting position. It helps the entire body to get relaxed while baby plays or sleeps over the sofa.

4. SANA Imported Kids Chairs Soft Toy Chair

SANA Imported Kids Chairs Soft Toy Chair

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SANA imported kids’ chairs are one of the most preferred by the parents for their children. Two toy monkey chairs are made with premium quality soft fabric and are sold at a reasonable price that you will agree.  The various shapes that attract the kids and become part of the play are – dog toy chairs, elephant toy chairs, panda toy chairs which are all designed with care and offer complete safety.

The animals look cute. Children get involved with them and love spending time with the toys. Most of the activities of the kids are around the toys. It helps them to express their feelings, identify emotions and spot different colors. The SANA products are manufactured, especially for the children and to encourage them to get involved in the activities. The designs of the sofa, chair and other items are mainly based on various animal faces; popular cartoon characters and the use of vibrant colors almost make it highly attractive for the kids. The imported toys are ideal gift items that you can offer to your friends.

5. Okayji Cotton Baby Sitting Cushion Chair

Okayji Cotton Baby Sitting Cushion Chair

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Okayji cotton baby cushion chair has a unique design and exceptional color. The chair has two holes that make the baby sit comfortably and safely. The feet can be placed in the supportive holes on the chair and it helps the baby in controlling body movement. The useful toys keep the babies energetic and engaged in a game.

Okayji chair with soft fabric made of foam is available in various shapes. It gives nice and warm feelings to the babies while playing. And that is why the baby spends more time with the toys on their own. The elegant toys with a friendly look allow babies to play independently and to learn the basics of life on their own. Such a playful time helps the baby in quickly understanding sensory abilities and motor skill. Either you can hand wash the toys or wash it separately in the machine for quick clean and washing. Even you can carry the toys with you while you travel with a baby.

6. SANA Baby Support Sitting Cotton Cushion Chair

SANA Baby Support Sitting Cotton Cushion Chair

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SANA cotton baby support sitting cushion chair is designed in incredible colors such as red, pink, purple, yellow etc. and it gets more attention from the kids all the time. The chairs use pure cotton fabric with foam that makes the baby feel relaxed. The light in weight chairs are easy to carry and can fit safely in any limited space at home with complete safety. The chairs offer 360-degree support, which makes a child sit, play, relax or sleep over the chair without any issue.

The red-colored SANA chairs are well-suited for the infants with two small holes that hold the baby safely.  It can be easily carried in the hands while shopping in the mall or the chair can fit in the car while travelling.  The toys like a sofa, chair and other items are made with complete safeguards and to encourage the kids to get involved in everyday activities. Parents feel proud when they find their baby growing faster with the toys and getting engaged instead of crying and going after their mothers.

7. Samaaya Soft Cotton Cushion Baby Seat Sofa

Samaaya Soft Cotton Cushion Baby Seat Sofa

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Samaaya soft support seat, training seat, and sofa for dining are the exceptional designs that the babies enjoy the most. The pure and superior quality cotton is used while designing the baby plus cushion seats and sofa. The various forms of items for the kids, which include – bunny, elephants, panda, and chick are designed in different color-combinations and stitched carefully using superior quality soft material. The chairs offer support to the back, neck, and entire body of the baby and encourage baby to play games.

Most of the babies between the ages 0 to 4 years need to have some time on their own. Samaaya toys support the kids in various activities such as sitting, moving, sleeping and it will help the child to learn faster. Such smart toys develop some sense of understanding among the kids. While playing with toys in animal shapes, teach them to show care and concern about the animals. The toys are the best gift items to be given to young kids.

8. AVSHUB Monkey Shape Baby Cushion

AVSHUB Monkey Shape Baby Cushion

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AVSHUB monkey shape baby cushion, sofa seat and the rocking chair are designed according to the small kids’ likings and preferences. The soft feel of high-quality material is combined with a plush cushion. The kids from newly born babies to 4-year tiny tots will always get attracted to the amazingly designed toys which support baby movements so well. The toys are easy to carry and take limited space around the home. The toys are covered tenderly with soft fabric and do not harm the kids while playing.

AVSHUB toys are attractive and the multicolor design gets more attention. The animal faces, cartoon characters, and the easy to climb and easy to use chairs make the babies enjoy the toys the whole day. The toys are manufactured using soft layers of fabric but sturdy stitching that makes the toys long durable.

9. THD (Tuteja Home Decors) Baby Sofa Seat 

THD Baby Sofa Seat

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THD (Tuteja Home Decors) offers branded toys in the form of sofa seat, rocking chairs, which are of standard sizes. The toys are designed with complete care and understanding of children’s behavior. The toys are the best gift item to be given to your babies. The items with various shapes, sizes and colors look attractive and can easily grab the attention of the kids. Most kids in the company of such friendly toys forget everything around and get involved completely.

The 100% soft cotton is used with foam makes the toys easy to handle and easy to clean after the play. THD offers 10 days of returnable time against any manufacturing fault. But mostly the toys remain of very high quality and are treated like a piece of artwork of fine workmanship. The various mind-blowing colors and the good-looking designs make the toys highly unique.

10. VAISHNO Dog Shape Baby Supporting Seat

VAISHNO Dog Shape Baby Supporting Seat

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VAISHNO offers nicely designed soft toys for kids in a range of variety. The material used is mainly of smooth quality, which feels soft and soothing for the babies. The most-modern techniques are used while making the kids-friendly toys. The cute animal faces, cartoon characters and stupefying extra-ordinary colors make the toys look pleasant and sociable. The kids fall in love with the toys and spent all their time during the day.

VAISHNO toys are designed with a purpose that it not only entertains the kids but it helps the kids in learning new ways of life. The friendly toys make the children happy while children play with it. The kids enjoy the nice feel of sofa and rocking chair and start learning a few activities like climbing on a chair, sitting and rocking the chair. The process is long but it keeps the babies engaged and entertained.

How to choose baby seating chairs

As your read earlier, baby seating chairs plays a vital role in the development and growth of a child. However, an adequate seating chair must pick by every parent. If you are not sure how to buy baby seating chairs then you should go with some factors. These factors will help you whenever you think of buying seating for your baby. Let’s quickly have a look:

Things to Consider

Here are some of the major factors considering while buying a baby seating chairs:

  1. Baby’s Comfort
  2. Style and Shape
  3. Material
  4. Stability
  5. Ease of Cleaning
  6. Range
  7. Warranty and Return Policy
  8. Size

Baby’s Comfort

The first thing keeps in mind is the baby’s comfort. Babies are gentle and they can irritate easily if they are sitting on something itchy, tightly or hard gripping.

Style and Shape

Babies cushion seats will more noticeable if they are made with perfect, size, shape and style. Indian Market has full of tones of options and it is very important what will suit your baby. The perfect shape and style regulate the aesthetic value and reliability of the product.

Material – Different manufactures incline to use different types of fabric to make a perfect cushion seat. Some of the common material includes polyester, cotton, foam and many others. Go for a cushioned seat that ensures a better experience. The material should be breathable, softer and friendly to the baby’s skin.

Stability – Product stability depends upon the usage of customers. Apart from usage, stability ensures through durable stitching, construction and fabric.

Ease of Cleaning – Parents might face an issue when their kids are a little naughty or they have a habit of messing. In such a case, only a washable pillow is just like the cherry on the cake. The pillow’s washability is measured through the material. While buying a cushioned seat, make sure it offers a washable feature.

Range – Well, the range can help you measure the quality of a product. As per buying theory, expensive products are far better than cheaper ones. So, you should have to consider different offer prices while buying a baby seat.

Warranty and Return Policy – Always considered the warranty period before buying a baby seat. Go for a product that offers a return policy and flexible trial duration. In such a case, you will not have to worry about losing money.

Size – The size always matters especially when you have limited space in your home. Make sure the product size will suit your storage space and room area.


Indian market is full of branded bay seating chairs and sofa, which works as toys and have become part of growing for the babies. The wonderful sofas make the kids feel friendly and comfortable while playing games with nicely shaped, colorful animal-faced toys. Soft sofa not only entertains the small babies but it brings the feeling of love, care and concern among young minds. Most of the Indian parents find the toys wonderful because they teach work and play techniques to the kids.

The above given detailed information about various brands and their features will help the Indian mothers to buy suitable baby seating chairs and cushion sofa to keep their babies busy all day.

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