10 Best Musical Toys For Babies in India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your child? Do you want the birthday gift to be both fun and educational? If yes, then this article is written for you.

Music is considered to be one of the best ways of learning. Many toddlers and babies love listening to music. Well, there is no harm in that. The first senses that develop ultimately inside a human being hearing. Just like adults, small babies love listening to beats, songs, and rhythms. The child can reap the advantages of listening to music even inside the womb.

Music is known to help children with language development, emotional, memory, and creativity skills. For this reason, musical toys are very famous. Musical toys offer fun, along with the knowledge of the children. The Indian market is full of numerous brands and options of musical toys; in such a situation, choosing a single good toy could be difficult. To ease your difficulty, we have prepared a list of some of the best musical baby toys that are available in the Indian market. 

Best Buy Musical Toys Online In India

We have separately discussed all the products in detail and also provided the pros and cons of each product. Go ahead and check them out!

1. SahiBUY Drum Keyboard Musical Toys

SahiBUY Drum Keyboard Musical Toys

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Musical toys are a great way to introduce melodies to babies. This bright-colored toy from SahiBUY musical toys is amazing. It is a kind of Electronic Drum Keyboard that plays melodic songs. Babies are always attracted to colorful lights. The toy does not only plays the songs but also has to flashlights that will be loved by kids.

SahiBUY’s musical keyboard even plays animal sounds and other musical notes, which is a great way to teach your growing babies. The toy is specially made for babies; it has a pretty baby design.Plus, your baby gets full control over the toy, which is great for improving the child’s cognitive functions. Another good thing about the toy is that only three batteries are required to operate it.


  • The toy has got a top-notch quality.
  • The music in the toy is perfect for babies.
  • The toy is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • The color of the toy is lovely.


  • The default volume of the toy’s music is quite high, and there is no option to control the volume.
  • A few customers have complained about the pricing of the toy.

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2. And-Also Flash Musical Drum

And-Also Flash Musical Drum

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If you want your child to discover the world of music and also have fun at the same time, then this wooden drum(having a vibrant color) is best for your child. This drum by ‘And-Also’ is built very well. It comes along with a neck strap (that is adjustable) for your child’s performance.

The pair of drum sticks that comes with this drum is made out of hardwoods, these drumsticks weight just like the real ones, but they are sized-down so that they work nicely with the tiny hands of your toddler. The toy is up of made up of wood and is painted with non-toxic paint (food-grade paint).

You can even introduce your child with names of colors and numbers while having fun. This musical-flash drum is excellent for the child’s development.


  • The musical drum has three game modes.
  • It also has volume control options.


  • The toy does not come along with batteries.
  • Few customers have reported that the colors used in the product are cheap, and it comes off, which can be dangerous for children.

3. WISHKEY Colourful Set of 7 Musical Instruments

WISHKEY Colourful Set of 7 Musical Instruments

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The vibrantly colored rattle toy-set by WISHKEY is exclusively designed for infant’s amusement. The toy-set indulges the babies in playing, jiggling, and shaking while also experiencing various types of textures, sounds, and grips. This toy-set does not have any sharp edges; each toy in the set is sized optimally and is perfectly safe for the baby’s hands. Your child would love to grasp these toys in hand and would listen to the many sounds that come from each rattle.

The toy set’s contrasting shades and vivid patterns can keep any baby’s attention. Imaginary-play is very necessary for the development of children. It helps to build their creativity, confidence, and the social skills that with stay forever with them. Furthermore, these toys are completely safe to be used by kids, as the toys are free of Phthalate, Latex, and BPA.


  • The toy-set is colorful and musical. It is perfect for stimulating the baby’s sensory experiences.
  • Toy-set’s built quality is excellent.
  • The price of the product is reasonable.


  • The material of the toy is quite hard.
  • The toy cannot be used as a teether.

4. Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music Flashing Lights

Toyshine Dancing Dog

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This musical toy by Toyshine is one of a kind; the electronic toy does not only dances but can also play music. The toy has so many spinning colors of flashing lights that are made to draw the attention of toddlers. It is a kind of robotic dog that dances to the beats while creating a light show with the colorful flashing lights that would be loved by children. The toy can visually stimulate the baby, and the baby could learn about different colors funnily.

Moreover, the toy is interactive; it can move using its universal wheel and even changes the direction after meeting any barrier. The puppy toy has got the features of singing, dancing, and turning-around. This musical toy is designed to accompany your children. It is suitable for kids of between 1-3 years.The music of this toy is cheerful, and the dance creates a pleasant atmosphere for children to play.


  • The toy has an outstanding sound volume.
  • The toy is built using excellent quality material.


  • The toy only comes with a single song.
  • The toy can easily break on falling.

5. Ramakada Dancing Duck Toy

Ramakada Dancing Duck Toy

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What’s a better gift for your child other than this dancing duck toy? Ramakada presents a perfect gift for your child; it is a dancing duck that dances along with sparkling light and fascinating music. This duck becomes a center of attraction for children as soon as the switch is turned on. The toy is a perfect combination of music, lights, and dance.

The dancing duck toy is made using a plastic material; it has a perfect finish and attractive colors. The colors attract the children towards it, and the toy could even be used by the kids who are above three years in age.

The toy has got the following measurements-height=19 cm, length= 24 cm and width= 11.5 cm. Because of its dimensions, the toy can easily be carried by your child. The music in this dancing duck is played in a small speaker that is present at the back of duck’s head.


  • The quality of the product is worth its price.
  • The lightning of the toy is attractive and eye-catching.


  • The sound of this dancing duck is a bit annoying.
  • A few customers have received damaged products.

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6. Vibgyor Vibes™ Musical Hanging Rattle Toys

Vibgyor Vibes™ Musical Hanging Rattle Toys

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Are you someone who is searching for a perfect toy for babies under three years? If yes, then this Vibgy or Vibes musical hanging rattle toy is made for you. This rattle toy can be easily made to hang on the top of your child’s cot bed. The toy is designed in a simple yet elegant way. There are different color variants of this toy; the customers get random colors and designs according to the availability.

The hanging toy can make soothing and gentle music when the air hits the toy, and it also starts rotating after the music begins. The toy even has delightful colors and cartoon characters that are loved by every child.The pack of this toy comes along with a one-star music box, one set swan cross arms, and three colorful hanging characters, all of its parts are easy to combine and can be hanged above the bed.


  • The colors of the toy are bright and attractive.
  • The tune of the toy’s music is soothing.


  • There is a whistle present at the bottom of the toy, which could be dangerous for children as they can swallow it.
  • The toy is not ideal to be used during a child’s bath.

7. Smartcraft Educational Toddlers Musical Ball Toy

Smartcraft Educational Toddlers Musical Ball Toy

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Every parent wants such a toy for their child that not only lets the child to have fun but also serves their purpose of learning. This learning ball from Smart craft is just perfect. The ball comes with an auto-rotation feature that allows it to rotate on the floor without help, and the animal music that plays while the ball rotates is an excellent way of learning for your child.

The toy even has a remarkable static mode where it encourages the child to press-down different animal buttons so that they could hear the names of the animals, as well as the sounds animals make. This feature is full of fun. It is not only fun but also helps in the development of the child’s Hearing skills, Visual skills, and the Coordination of hand and eye. Furthermore, the learning toy ball teaches the baby to play, run, walk, and develop various agile movements.


  • The toy is superb in terms of a child’s development and learning.
  • The flashlight can stimulate the sensory organs of a child.
  • The toy does not have any sharp edges and is safe for toddlers.


  • The actual dimension of the toy is different from that given in description.
  • A few customers have reported that the toy does have sound/music.

8. Techhark Colorful Rattles Baby Fun Ball

Techhark Colorful Rattles Baby Fun Ball

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Another ideal product in the list of best musical toys is Tecchark Colourful rattle ball. This fun ball is built to attract little children with its music, bright lights, and funny sounds. Your children will want to play with this ball. The Techhark rattles rolling ball is a great way to keep your kid occupied while doing important office works or household works.

This toy is not only ideal for girls, but even boys can play with it. The ball does not contain any toxic substances and is safe for children. There is a simple button for turning off, and on the music, it can be used by kids very quickly. Additionally, the ball has a child-friendly design, which makes it easy to be grasped and carried by the kids.The ball is best for the visual stimulation of kids.


  • The toy is suitable for kids for over two years.
  • The product has a good built quality.
  • The price of the toy is affordable.


  • The quality of the material that is used to make this toy is doubtful.

9. Toyshine Dream Princess Doll

Toyshine Dream Princess Doll

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You might be aware of the fact that baby girls have more interest in dolls. There is a reason why another product from the Toyshine brand is on the list of best toys.

The Toyshine dream princess doll has two different modes: 1. In the stand & sing mode, music is played while the lights rotate on the axis of the doll, 2. Bump & go mode; once you remove the cap lock at the bottom and activate the doll’s dancing mode, the doll will move on the floor while changing the direction on hitting any obstacle. Baby girls love to play with dolls, they do their makeup, make their hair and dress up the dolls, so if you are searching for a gift for baby girls, then this Toyshine Dream princess doll is best for you.


  • The doll has a very reasonable price.
  • It has excellent quality.
  • The sounds and lights are amazing.


  • The music of the doll is too loud and annoying.
  • The doll is quite delicate.

10. Kiddale 3-in-1 Baby Roller Learning Toy

Kiddale 3-in-1 Baby Roller Learning Toy

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The Kiddale 3-in-1 baby roller toy is great for the learning activities of kids. This toy has got amazing educational and interactive features. It assists in building the skills of children. It helps the children to learn the recognition of shapes and colors. The spinning and sliding blocks promote a child’s motor skill and interaction development. This toy features six playful songs along with six types of well-known music tracks; this will keep the toddlers entertained and engaged.Overall, the toy is a magnificent choice for every child.


  • The toy has a perfect finish.
  • It can even be played without batteries.


  • The sound of the toy’s music is of low quality.
  • The functionality of the toy is doubtful.

How to choose musical toys for babies

Toys are most important in the development of babies, but musical toys are well- effective and make the sharp brain of the child. It is important to choose the right musical toy for your baby, which entertain your baby as well as sharp their mind-

  1. Toy with relaxing and gentle music

A toy that gives gentle music to your baby is a good choice for you. Some toys give annoying music, which irritates you and your baby too, avoid from these products. People buy these types of sound toys only by seeing their looks and appearance. But always buy it after listening to its sounds quality.

  1. Age-appropriate toy

Some musical toys are made with a range of child age like it is listed on the toy that it is for 2-5 year child. Always buy a toy which comes in the criteria of your child’s age.  Because if you buy a toy that is useful for younger or older babies than your baby, in this situation your child will be bored or will not able to play the game respectively.

  1. Material made of

The material used in the manufacture of a toy is also important to consider before buying a child toy. Never buy an easily breakable toy, because it can injure your child. Always buy a toy made of high-quality plastic or metal.

4.Toy which works on commands

Babies are not interested in those products which work automatically without any command input. So always buy a toy that works on the commands given by your child. If the toy work automatically, the interest of the baby in the toy is ended only in a couple of seconds.

  1. Safe for your child

It is a must for parents to consider the safety of the baby before buying any toy. That musical toy should be thermally and electrically safe for your baby. Some poor-quality products are not safe because sometimes they give an electric shock. So, safety comes first.

  1. Type of instrument

This point is most important among others. That which musical instrument you want to give to your baby or in which instrument your baby is interested. There are many types of musical instruments are available in the market like small electric guitar toys, electric drums with lights, piano, and some other types of instruments are also available in the toy market.

Bottom line

The music may help calm a crying baby and lift any cranky baby’s mood. According to some researches, for toddlers, music is a part of therapy as it can aid in the baby’s weight gaining ability and development.

The best way of incorporating music in the baby’s routine is through toys. Babies just love learning through musical toys; they try to sing and rhyme along with the music. Although selecting a good product out of a vast market is tough, the information provided above in the article would help someone who is in search of the best musical toy for his/her children. We hope you select a safe and striking toy for your loving baby.

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