10 Best Baby Mattress Protectors in India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

Every baby in the world deserves to be pampered with the softest and coziest feeling fabric that will not irritate their sensitive baby skin, and most importantly, will not tamper with their long night’s peaceful sleep. Baby mattress protector sheets are made from organic cotton fabric that is 100 percent skin safe, to keep your little one free from urine’s wetness, moisture, rashes, and irritation during their precious sleep time.

Baby bed protectors have longer life spans than most rubber or rexine sheets that not only get damaged after a short while but also cause harm to the baby’s skin while in use. It is economical as well as more hygienic to use baby mattress protectors for growing infants as a feasible solution to ditch the diaper.

Best Buy Dry Sheets For Babies Online in India

This list contains the 10 best selling baby mattress protectors in India in 2021. Each of these mattresses has been made with special love and care, keeping your little one’s comfort in mind. So let’s take a look.

1. OYO BABY Waterproof Under Mat

OYO BABY Waterproof Under Mat

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At the top of our list, this under mat provides excellent protection against fluids like urine and sweat, or from dust mites, allergens, and bacteria. The material is 100 percent waterproof as well as comfortable, breathable, and noiseless. The mat is PVC free and safe for sensitive baby skin. It is soft to touch as the mat is silky smooth, made of a material called TPU which is a toxin-free, noise-free, completely breathable fabric made of high quality cotton fiber and highly absorbent bamboo fiber liner. What’s best- it retains the same smoothness and comfort even after several washes! This baby mattress protector is also extremely versatile, acting as whatever you need it to be at the moment! Be it inside the house or outside, this mattress protector has got you covered, making itself useful in bassinets, cribs or cradles, and even on changing tables!


  • Durable, breathable, hypoallergenic, and waterproof, this mattress dries super fast too!
  • Versatile and can be used as a baby mattress protector, cot/crib sheet, bassinet sheet, or simply bedding on the baby’s bed.
  • Friendly to your baby’s sensitive skin and soft, heat-free fabric.

2. Bey Bee Just Dry Waterproof Single Bed Protector

Bey Bee Just Dry Waterproof Single Bed Protector

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Bey Bee has an extra dry layer for the prevention of bedwetting. It also makes sure that the baby’s skin can breathe while enjoying the softness of the cotton and being moisturized against friction. The fabric promotes faster vaporization of water, so it dries up fluids fast, letting your baby sleep peacefully for long hours. It is an alternative to rexine, rubber, or PVC mattresses that cause discomfort and sweat.


  • The bed protector is easy-dry, very breathable, and hygienic.
  • Waterproof dry sheet with ultra absorbent abilities.
  • It can be used as a changing mat as well; it dries fast without any feeling of heat; it is reusable and anti-dust in nature.
  • Keeps the sheets dry and protects against fluids like urine, sweat, while also being breathable, comfortable, and noiseless.
  • Lightweight and economical, and can be sterilized up to 90°C.

3. Trance Home Linen Baby Dry Sheets

Trance Home Linen Baby Dry Sheets

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These mattress protectors are not only skin-friendly, breathable, heat-free, and hypoallergenic but also 100 percent waterproof and water absorbent, protecting your baby’s mattress. Moisture is quickly vaporized, leaving the sheet dry and comfortable for your baby’s soft skin. It has an advanced covering that protects the mattress further from stains and spills! And they’re available in a variety of colors! Does a parent need any more than this to keep their tiny tots pleased?


  • 100 percent waterproof with airflow technology that allows air circulation inside the protector, yet repels liquids
  • Prevention against allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and fluids like perspiration and urine.
  • Friendly to baby skin, comfortable, and soft, completely hygienic with zero scratchiness or plastic sound.
  • Lightweight, washable, highly absorbent, and can hold fluids more than its weight; dries super fast.
  • It has to be washed (by hand or machine) before use with mild detergent or soap. Cannot be ironed, dry-cleaned or bleached, or squeezed too hard.

4. Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector

Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector

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This is a multilayer product that contains a breathable, waterproof membrane joined to a super cozy top surface. This surface prevents water for further percolating while letting moisture pass through the whole fabric, soothing the baby’s skin. The underlying membrane promotes faster vaporization and dries water up fast. Although only a single color is available, this baby care sheet is larger than most others and comes with stain resistance and can hold up to 8 times more water than its weight.


  • Dries super fast and keeps the baby comfortable.
  • Hypoallergenic and very hygienic.
  • Light in weight and soft to touch for your tiny toddler’s ease.
  • Provides for long, diaper-free nights with uninterrupted sleep, and soft, rash-free baby skin!
  • Silky, smooth and cozy mattress that provides complete comfort.

5. Dolphers Waterproof Plastic Mattress Protection Sheet

Dolphers Waterproof Plastic Mattress Protection Sheet

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The Dolphers protector plastic sheets have come up with a revolutionary solution to problems of bed wetting, and as a result, it completely abolishes the need for frequent diaper changes or the use of uncomfortable and unhygienic products like rexine or rubber sheets. To protect the bed from getting wet, this sheet is placed on top of the mattress. It keeps the sheets and mattresses underneath it, dry and soft.


  • Waterproof protective sheets for protection of the mattress form all kinds of fluids like urine, perspiration, water spills, and such.
  • Its dimensions are such that the mattress is suitable for double and king-sized beds.
  • It is designed to provide comfort to babies and adults alike.
  • Easy to wash and take care of; to be hand washed in normal water.
  • Its reversibility makes it usable on both sides.

6. Quick Dry Bed Protector Sheet

Quick Dry Bed Protector Sheet

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This one comes in a pack of two, the colors being cute “orchid and salmon rose” that all babies (and their mothers) adore! Quick Dry mattress protectors help protect the baby from dust mites, germs and bacteria. The material is hypoallergenic and it is the best possible solution for non absorbent materials like rexine and rubber, that are also unhygienic and uncomfortable, causing perspiration and rashes on the baby’s soft skin.


  • Highly economical since this mattress protector can be washed and reused more than 70 times.
  • Quick absorbent and dries super fast.
  • It has a certification from Oeko Tex international certification, which assures that the mattress is free of harmful substances.
  • The mattress is very soft, cozy, and comfortable, making sure that the baby gets prolonged hours of soothing sleep with zero interruption.
  • The material is hygienic, preventing the chances of rashes.
  • Washing and usage instructions are included inside the package, making it easier to handle.

7. OYO BABY Waterproof Mattress Protector

OYO BABY Waterproof Mattress Protector

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This mattress protector is hypoallergenic and is made for double and king-sized beds. The color being a basic white (as preferred by many households), the advanced covering provides protection against stains and spills, and all kinds of fluids (moisture), including incontinence and sweat. The inside of the mattress is completely waterproof, while the outside is soft and comfortable fabric. The sheet spreads across the whole bed and stays in its position due to its fit, lending it a style quotient as well. Machine washable (use a front-loaded washer) using a mild detergent, and it is to be washed separately. Frequent washing ensures protection from dust mites and allergens.


  • The top surface is made of hypoallergenic cotton terry, a noiseless material that will not change the feel of your mattress and naturally absorbs moisture.
  • Cotton Lycra casing on all sides that are also elasticated, to hold the mattress firmly in position. The elasticity also makes it stretchable.
  • 100 percent waterproof with airflow technology that provides circulation of air through the mattress protector, but doesn’t allow fluids to pass through.
  • Protection against dust mites, bacteria and allergens, and liquids like urine and perspiration. Ideal for long hours of peaceful sleep without the tension of bedwetting.
  • The cover is machine washable and tumble dry for simplicity of maintenance.
  • Water resistant and dust proof.
  • TPU membrane used to waterproof is completely safe and contains no plastic or other toxic substance: 100 percent free of phthalate and vinyl.

8. Huff Puff Washable Quick Dry Sheet

Huff Puff Washable Quick Dry Sheet

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The Huff Puff mattress protector is quick to dry and breathable and fabricated with a waterproof material that is designed for breathability and prevents urine as well as other fluids from seeping down, thus, keeping the sheet dry. The sheet keeps allergies at bay as it is anti-allergic and dust mite proof. Maintaining this mattress protector is super easy as it is lightweight, and you can simply toss it into a washing machine or wash it by hand. The Huff Puff bed protector for babies is economical, available in various colors and sizes, and protects bedwetting and bed sores.


  • Durable, breathable, ultra-absorbent, and waterproof bed protector that dries super fast.
  • Heat-free and skin-friendly, sift fabric for your baby’s comfort.
  • Lightweight, reusable, and economical.
  • 100 percent protection against all kinds of fluids, including urine, perspiration, spills, and stains.
  • Both machines as well as hand washable.

9. LuvLap Insta-dry Extra Absorbent Dry Sheet

LuvLap Insta-dry Extra Absorbent Dry Sheet

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Available in a beautiful Salmon Rose color, this mattress protector is skin-friendly, breathable, and heat-free, made of ultra-soft, hygienic, durable, and 100 percent waterproof material. It keeps your mattress protected. This mattress protector comes with an instant-dry technology that protects the sheet from stains, moisture, spills incontinence, and sweat. The shit is also lightweight and can be carried along wherever you and your little one go. It is available in many different colors and three sizes, namely, small, medium, and large.


  • Soft, breathable, and made of super premium material.
  • Extra absorbent.
  • 100 percent waterproof, reusable material.
  • Lightweight material that is easy to carry, and has no rubbery or plastic smell.
  • Multipurpose- can be used by babies as well as adults.
  • Machine washable.

10. Comfey Care Baby Dry Sheet Waterproof Bed Protector

Comfey Care Baby Dry Sheet

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This mattress protector sheet is 100% leak-proof and friendly to your baby’s skin. It provides long-lasting durability and ensures the best alternative for baby diapers, as they quickly absorb water and keep your little one dry and comfortable all night. This baby bed protector offers a cozy feel and touches even on rough bed surfaces with minimal to no crinkly noise. The sheet is water absorbent hygienic, while also being comfortable and providing protection against allergies and dust mites.


  • Comfortable and durable baby dry sheets that are made from 100 percent leak proof, skin friendly fabric for babies. Provide long lasting durability.
  • Ultra soft and lightweight under pads, crafted with premium quality fabric.
  • Absorbs and can hold up to 8 times moisture than its weight, and provides your baby a comfortable sleeping experience.
  • This mattress protector does not only protect your baby from bed wetting but also from 6 major problems caused by the use of diapers like damaged immunity, developmental delays, urinary infection, redness, rashes, and irritation of the skin.
  • Available in three different sizes fit for toddlers from 0 to 5 years of age; the Cotton dry sheets come in five distinct colors.

How To Choose The Best Baby Mattress Protectors 

Babies have a habit of nocturnal urination, and you cannot control it. The mattress bears all the spills. The best way to save it from getting damaged is having a mattress protector. Here are some amazing tips on how to select an appropriate baby mattress protector:

Size of the mattress protector

To attain the best possible level of protection, you need to make sure that the protector fits the mattress snuggly. Otherwise, it would not be able to complete its function. Make sure to measure the size of your bedding. After this, determine the size, for example- king, queen, etc. Look for a mattress of similar size. The gap between the mattress protector and mattress makes it lose and noisier.

Material and fabric used

A mattress protector comes in several kinds of fabrics. We are mentioning down a few of them. Make sure that only a water-resistant fabric could be called a baby mattress protector. Because the primary function remains to protect it from wetness.

  • Rayon: This material appears like cotton; but, it feels more slippery than the cotton material. It helps in keeping the surface cool. However, these kinds of fabric develop wrinkles readily.
  • Polyester: It is hassle-free to clean and maintain. However, it does not has moisture-wicking and cooling features.
  • Cotton: The best kind of fabric for baby mattress protectors is cotton. It is hypoallergic and keeps the temperature in check.

Types and variations

  • 5 sided mattress protector: It covers the top of the mattress including all the sides. The base of the mattress is spared.
  • 6 sided mattress protector: It covers the entire mattress, including all the sides, top, and bottom too. It provides additional protection from insects like bed bugs.
  • Strapped mattress protector: Here, you have to use elastic straps for fitting the sides of mattress protector. It has a more tighter fit than other types.

Breathability and comfort

Who does not like to watch their babies sleeping comfortably? The sound sleep helps the babies to wake up fresh the next morning and stay active all day long. Make sure to choose a breathable fabric to enhance comfort and allow the baby to relax completely.

Hypoallergic or not?

Babies frequently develop rashes to new things. One of such thing is the mattress protector. Some mattress protectors have a harsh fabric that does not suit the skin of your newborn. Therefore, it makes them prone to allergies. Make sure to avoid picking any such fabric. Bed bugs also enter many low-quality mattress protectors. These elements can harm your baby’s skin.

Washing techniques

Make sure that whichever mattress protector you are choosing is machine washable. It eliminates the manual washing need as it consumes more time and labor. Pick a mattress protector that is easy to wash and maintain.

Noisy or squeaky?

Many mattress protectors, which have a blend of synthetic plastic-like materials make squeaky noises when you roll up on the bed. It disturbs the sleep of your little one and also feels irritating. Make sure that your mattress protector is free from noise.

Baby Mattress Protectors Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are baby mattress protectors good for the baby’s health? Does it harm the baby in any way?

The answer to this question is not simple. The basic purpose of a baby mattress protector is to protect the baby mattress from any damages. Yes, it prevents the mattress from getting wet if the baby pee, dribble, or poop on the mattress. It offers no protection to the baby, however, protecting the mattress itself is a sort of protection as it prevents bacteria and mold build-up in the mattress. As far as we know, baby mattress protectors do not harm the baby in anyways.

  1. Are baby mattress protectors really necessary?

Yes, if you could spare some money to invest in purchasing a baby mattress protector, then, it is the best thing you could do. While the role of baby mattress protectors might seem to be negligible to most, the role of mattress protectors is not something that you should overlook. Preventing the baby mattress from getting wet could help prevent bacteria and mold growth, it increases the lifespan of the mattress, and also you could reuse the mattress in the future. Remember, if a baby lays on a wet mattress, it could result in skin rashes and other skin diseases.

  1. Is it important to wash the baby mattress protectors?

Yes, of course, just because baby mattress protectors are designed to protect the mattress, it does not mean that baby mattress protectors should be taken for granted. You need to clean and dry the baby mattress protector once every week. Even if you are not washing it efficiently, you need to just rinse the mattress protector and dry it once a week and an efficient cleaning could be done once in two weeks. To know how to clean the baby mattress protector efficiently, Google or YouTube it.

  1. A baby mattress protector would reduce the comfort of the baby mattress?

Yes and no, there are different types of baby mattress protectors available on the market. Some of them are thick and some of them are very thin. While the thick baby mattress protectors mess with the overall comfort offered by the baby mattress, a think baby mattress protector does not do such a thing. Therefore, you must consider purchasing a baby mattress protector that is very thin and avoid thick baby mattress protectors.

Bottom Line

These were the top 10 mattress protectors for your baby, in this year. If you have an infant in your house and are worried about their bed wetting, perspiration, food spills and stains ruining the comfort of your baby’s precious sleep, then you need to buy one of these mattress protectors today. Make your pick!

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