10 Best Baby Jumpers in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Jumping is the most favourite sport among infants. Infants, when they reach a certain age, about 9-10 months, they start gaining some energy in their legs. There are ways that can increase and support the growth of their leg muscles. Oil massage is the most common therapy that is done in the Indian upbringing for the infants. The oil massage is supposed to increase bone strength and also muscle strength. Exposing the infant to small exercises like making them walk, putting them on their tummy, giving them a ball to hold and play with,are all essential for their growth.

One way to provide such an exercise where the infant or the baby enjoys is, by the use of baby jumpers. Baby jumpers are a suspended harness where the baby can sit and the legs being stretched out. The legs are free to move and can touch the ground but not completely putting the weight on its legs. It is suspended by a stretchable thick rubber cable or by a long spring. As it is stretchable, the baby can use the feet to jump, but it will not completely fall as it is on the harness. It allows the baby’s feet to gain energy and muscle strength with the frequent jumping.

There are usually two types of such jumpers, one they are hung by the middle of the door panel and the other one with its frame where the baby can also push itself as it walks. This frame is provided with wheels so that it can move around. In this article, we will introduce you to the best available baby jumpers in India. I hope you like one of them for you to buy it.

Best Buy Jumpers For Babies Online in India

If you look online, there are various baby jumpers available that you can buy. But some of them are locally made and of low quality. This is the question of your infant’s safety. Hence we have made a list of the best ones which are reliable for you to buy.

Let us take a look at them and see which one of them you do like.

1. Graco Bumper Jumper Little Lounger 

Graco Bumper Jumper Little Lounger 

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Garco Bumper is a door frame jumper that is made sturdy for the safety of your baby. Garco is known to have committed themselves to the quality of their products as the users are the babies. They have been offering the safest and innovative products to the parent for the infant’s use. The doorway jumper can be moved from room to room, and it has no-mark clamp, which makes it even more reason to move around. The seat where the baby can be put into has a thick backrest that provides a good cushion to the baby.

The seat is attached to the cable by three strong straps that are in turn, connected to the cable that has a strong spring on the top. The straps are fitted with small toddler toys to keep the baby engaged. There is a plastic dome that ensures the straps are non-twisting. The seats are also washable so that you can keep it clean and tidy.


  • Washable seats to ensure cleanliness is maintained
  • Non-twist straps that provide added advantage
  • Toddler toys that keep the baby engaged
  • No-mark clamps encourage you to move rooms without any concern
  • Made of best quality straps to provide safety


  • Nothing that we can spot right now

2. EvenfloExersaucer Door Jumper 

EvenfloExersaucer Door Jumper 

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EvenfloExersaucer is the door jumper for the infants that is simple yet worth the buy. This is the American brand, which is since 1920. This is certified of the ASTM standards. The clamp is designed to fit the doorway with 3-6 inches of thickness. The frame of the seat fully covers the child hence keeping it safe. The straps are adjustable to ensure the height can be adjusted as required. The jumper is suitable for both boys and girls. The seat can be washed in a washing machine with a light detergent. All the other parts can be wiped off from a wet cloth and hence keeping it clean and hygiene.

The built of the hanger is strong, and the clamp ensures no mark can fall on the wall or the wooden panel. The spring is also strong to hold the baby’s weight and does not snap off. The seat is designed with adorable pictures to be attractive for the baby. It also gives a very pleasant look.


  • Washable seat – can be washed in the washing machine with light detergent
  • Seat covers the baby from all the sides making it safe for it
  • Hangs by 4 strong nylon straps
  • Certified product and design


  • Some customers complained that this product is not suitable for Indian environments
  • They were not suitable for the doors

3. Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Jumper 

Bright Starts Bounce N Spring Jumper 

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Bright Starts is the brand that has introduced Bounce ‘N Spring jumper for infants. The model works on the spring action, which is very stealthily hidden. It is hidden in a black covering that merges with the design and is unnoticeable. The built is sturdy, keeping in mind the safety of the baby. The clamp on the top is like two hooks gripping the door panel. The clamps are designed to ensure no marks fall on the panel or the wall. There is a clamp along the strap where the seat is connected to. This strap is adjustable to adjust the height of the jumper.

The seat is like a small, foldable basket. The baby fits into the seat, just fit and fine. The whole set is blue and also designed very well to attract the baby. There are bright to on pictures on the seat. Various toddler toys keep the baby busy. The whole set is foldable and can be carried in your vanity bag.


  • Sturdy and flexible to keep the baby safe and engaged
  • Colour is bright and attractive
  • Adjustable clamp provided to adjust the height of the jumper
  • Well-cushioned seat to keep the infant comfortable


  • The infants were not able to bounce on it properly
  • Needs a large door area

4. Jolly Jumper Kid’s Exerciser with Door Clamp

Jolly Jumper Kids Exerciser with Door Clamp

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A very simple design by Jolly Jumper brand to keeps the jumper safe and sturdy. When we say simple, it is because there are no complications to use it or set it. The clamp on the top holds the door panel tight to make sure it does not slip away. It also makes sure no marks are falling on the wall or the door panel. Following down the clamp is a thick chain made of steel and then very strong stainless steel, which makes the jumper bounce sturdy and consistently.

Following the spring is the hanger, like a plastic rod that takes the weight of the baby and the seat. The seat is as good as extended clothing. There is no additional cushion on the sides, but the seat or the place where the baby sits is strong and soft for the comfort of the baby. The simple design enables free movement and no many obstacles or hindrances. The jumper helps the baby build strength in its legs and things.


  • The simple design keeps the baby safe and happy
  • Scientifically designed to ensure it is safe and strong
  • Provides complete movement
  • Breathable design


  • Easily broke within a few hours
  • Few customers complained that it is a dangerous product and not safe

5. Jolly Jumper with Super Stand 

Jolly Jumper with Super Stand 

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Another one from Joly Jumper which is very different from the previous one, it is one of the best baby jumper with stand in India. They call it the original with the unique design. This jumper does not need a door to hand. It hangs on the individual frame designed just for it. The frame consists of 4 legs that spread wide enough for the baby to move around. The two frames join on top and from there hangs the jumper seat. The 4 legs have rubber stoppers fixed to ensure they do not slip. From the centre of the frame hangs the jumper, starting with a steel strong chain. It is then connected to the strong spring that is sturdy and does not snap. Along with the spring is the plastic rod that takes the weight of the jumper seat. The seat hangs on this and is made of breathable material and design. This is like extended clothing that is soft and lightly cushioned.

The seat which is like a saddle is designed to support the baby’s spine as it is still in the growth stage. It also provides an upright posture to the baby.


  • Unique design makes it independent of any door frame support
  • You can place it anywhere in the house and also outdoor in the garden
  • The seat is made of breathable material
  • The spring is sturdy and strong


  • Nothing that we could spot at this moment

6. Baby Einstein – Door Jumper 

Baby Einstein - Door Jumper 

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Baby Einstein is the brand that has designed the jumper for both baby boy and girl in a single design. This is a multi-coloured jumper that has a colourful part and attractive for the baby. The bright colours on it keep the baby happy and engaged. The jumper is compatible on the door frame and is easy to carry. The clamp on the top holds the door panel strong and sturdy, making sure it does not slip away. This clamp connects to a spring that is concealed in a colourful cloth covering. This extends down to a nylon strap that has an adjustable clamp which can be used to adjust the height of the whole jumper.

The strap connects to a strong plastic stick on which hangs the seat for the baby. The seat is made of soft and cushioned covering that is green and with eye-soothing design. It also has several toddler toys that keep the baby busy and happy. The whole set is foldable and collapses into a small pack which can easily be carried around. It is easy to assemble and also easy to disassemble.


  • Light-weight frame and sturdy design
  • Colourful hence keep the baby busy and happy
  • Very soft cushioned to provide comfort
  • No tool required to assemble


  • No cons to talk about

7. Disney Baby Door Jumper, Minnie Mouse

Disney Baby Door Jumper, Minnie Mouse

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Disney company has the Disney Minnie Mouse themed jumper that is so cute that the baby girl is surely falling for it. As it is Minnie Mouse theme can be used for girls. But no harm in using for boys also. The design is standard with the clamp on top, which is designed to hold tight the door panel to hang. The clamp is designed to ensure no marks fall on the door panel or the wall. Along the clamp runs a small chain accompanied with strong steel spring that bounces as much required for the baby. The spring is not concealed but exposed but does not spoil the looks of the jumper.

A strap from the spring connects to the seat along with the strong plastic stick. The seat hangs with the nylon strap. The seat is pink in colour and completely resembles the Minnie Mouses’s attire in the cartoon. There is a Minnie mouse face that is attractive for the baby. The set of the jumper does the job as expected and keeps the infant engaged.


  • Adjustable clamp to make enabling you to adjust the height of the jumper
  • Padded seat makes it comfortable for the baby
  • The light-weight frame makes it easy to carry around
  • Very well themed and attracts the infant


  • Some parents found it to be unsafe
  • The jumper broke with very few uses

8. Bright Starts Pondside Pals Door Jumper

Bright Starts Pondside Pals Door Jumper

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Bright Starts have come up with another model that is not very different than the one we discussed previously. The current one is themed as Pond-side pals; hence you can see the to on pics of the hippos, crocodiles and frogs. As mentioned, the design is similar to the previous one. The clamp is sturdy to grip around any door frames making sure not to cause any marks on the door nor the wall. The jumper bounces due to the strong steel spring that is exposed but adding to the theme of the jumper.

The seat is made of soft cushion, ensuring the baby is all comfortable when using the jumper. The infant will be overjoyed by the bright colours and the bouncy seat. The frame is light-weight hence easy carry around.


  • Sturdy clamp making it safe to use
  • Machine washable seats and well-cushioned
  • Bright colours and pictures keep the baby engaged


  • Some parents termed this to be a dangerous product

9. Jolly Jumper With Stand

Jolly Jumper With Stand

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This is another model from Jolly Jumper that is different from the one we discussed earlier. This once is not a door jumper but and individual frame jumper. The frame has 4 legs and joins together on the top from where the jumper seat hangs. The frame is wide enough for the baby to move around freely. The jumper hangs from the steel spring which is strong and bounces only as much required for the baby. Down the spring is the chain that connects the frame from which hangs the saddle where the baby is placed. The saddle is made of the breathable material and is simple in design. It is completely back in colour and no theme attached to it. You can place this frame in the garden or any place where you can find some good plain surfaces.


  • Strong spring makes it an easy and safe bounce for the infant
  • The portable stand which can be installed anywhere on the plain surface
  • Seat made of breathable material


  • Not suitable for babies older than 5-6 months old
  • Too expensive

10. Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper

Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper

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The last one in our list on the jumper is from the Baby Einstein company which is themed as sea and discovery. Bright and shiny look keeps the baby always engaged and happy. Other toddler’s toys keep the baby engaged. The design is similar to the previous ones we have discussed. The seat is attractive to the baby as it is bright and green. The seat is made of soft cushion keeping the baby comfortable and safe. The frame is a bit different as the seat hangs from 3 straps from the frame. The spring makes the seat bouncy and enjoyable for the baby. Overall it is a good model that is sturdy and safe for the kids.


  • Door grip design – can be easily moved around
  • Bright and attractive for the infant
  • Toddlers toys keep the baby engaged
  • The clamp on the strap makes it easy to adjust the height of the jumper


  • Not very easy to install

How To Choose The Right Baby Jumpers

Below are the points that you should consider while purchasing baby jumpers.

Type of Jumper – You must first start by looking at the jumper type that you are willing to buy for your child. Are you looking for a portable baby jumper, or are you looking for a doorway jumper? You can even purchase stationary jumpers or activity centre for the baby. It is better to evaluate your needs properly before you decide the type of jumper that you need.

Age & Weight – Always review the product specifications to understand the baby’s compatibility with the baby jumper. You just ensure that the baby jumper can hold the weight of the baby without breaking. You should also refer to the age chart as this will help you decide the size of the baby jumper you are buying.

Adjustable Height – The next thing to note here is the height of the baby jumpers. The ones you will be attaching to the doorway should not have any such concerns as you can adjust the height, but it is still worth checking if there are any restrictions on the height. This factor will ensure that You can use the baby jumper as the baby grows up.

Washable Seat – Do not expect your seat to remain clean when the baby is using a baby jumper. It will get soiled, and it may even have food stains. Body fluids may even get leaked on the baby jumper if the baby is not wearing a diaper. In such a case, you must always choose the baby jumper, which comes with a washable seat. You should be able to wipe the other parts of the baby jumper without having to worry about damaging the material.

Portable – You will be using the baby jumper at home for most of the time. However, we still want you to check for the portability aspect of the baby jumper. This will help you in ensuring that you can store the baby jumper easily. When it is not in use, you should be able to tuck in the baby jumper in the storage room without any difficulty.

Bungee Cord – The next thing to check is for the bungee cord. The bungee cord should be sturdy, and it should not break with the weight of the baby. Always opt for the baby jumpers with a dual bungee cord. The baby jumper’s overall length should be small, and it should offer you the maximum amount of stability. This factor will minimize the risk of injury for the baby.

Safe & Sturdy– The last thing that you would want is the baby jumper getting damaged soon after it has been purchased. To ensure that such a thing doesn’t happen, ensure that the baby jumper is safe enough for the baby. It should have a proper harness to secure the baby, and it should also be sturdy enough to take the stress.

Price – You can also check the cost of the baby jumper available in the market. It is better to map it up with your budget. Ensure that you are not overspending on the baby jumper that you are purchasing for the baby. You can even check if the brand is offering any warranty on the baby jumper you are purchasing.

Baby Jumpers Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Baby Jumper’s seats washable?

If the baby jumper comes with a washable seat option, then you can clean it. Most of the baby Jumpers brands offer washable options. Because of food stains and leakages, the baby jumpers need proper cleaning procedures. Moreover, read manufacturer instructions before washing. The instructor card helps in knowing well. Besides, cleaning and washing have depended on the product material.

  1. How long should allow baby to work out in the baby Jumper?

You can use a Baby jumper until then when the baby can sit well and can hold head up with full neck support. Apart from this, babies should have a maximum weight of 13-14 kgs to sit in the baby jumper. After this age, your baby can feel irritation.

  1. Are baby jumpers harmful to the baby?

According to experts, young one’s requires natural learning to become independent whether it is related to sitting or walking. A baby jumper seat should not be the ideal option for all. Because of the fabric seat, the child seat in the wrong position and it can leave a negative impact on the development of the baby’s hips. It strains the hip joint and may cause harm like hip dysplasia. The reason for causing hip dysplasia is hip hollow which counts in abnormality.

  1. Is it a safe option to let the sleeping baby in the jumper?

Some babies have a habit to sleep with the help of vibrations and motions. Nowadays, most jumper brands ensure good quality and offer comforting and soothing feels. The combination of comfort, soft music and motions help in taking better sleep to the baby. Once your baby sleeps in the jumper, you can transfer it to a bed.

  1. Is it safe to feed a baby on a Baby Jumper?

Babies get injured by the feeding appliances or utensils while they are sitting on a baby jumper. Feeding on a baby jumper is a bad idea. Baby jumpers are designed to provide proper support to the back and head and designed for feeding.

  1. Arevarious options available in Baby Jumper?

There are various baby jumpers available in India Market. Some of them include:

  • EvenfloExersaucer Door Jumper
  • Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Jumper
  • Jolly Jumper Kid’s Exerciser with Door Clamp
  • Jolly Jumper with Super Stand
  • Baby Einstein – Door Jumper
  • Disney Baby Door Jumper, Minnie Mouse
  • Bright Starts Pondside Pals Door Jumper
  • Jolly Jumper With Stand
  • Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper

Bottom Line

The Jumper is a very useful product for babies. However, some doctors/physicians do not recommend the use of the jumper for babies as it might impact their growth of the spine and the bone in the legs. We have listed the best and safe ones we found online.

It is recommended you consult the pediatrician who knows your baby well and then make a decision to buy it. If you have made the decision, then this article would help you understand the requirement and the best product. Happy buying!

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