10 Best Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

As the unknown viruses are getting spread around the world, the precautions have to be taken even in the case of newborn babies. Most of the mothers in India make use of baby bottle cleaning brushes. It works as effectively as Maa ki duwa and protects the children from unknown viruses, germs, and bacteria. The well-thought-of cleaning brushes are designed to wash the baby bottles and make it clean and sterile.

Below given is the list of high-quality bottle cleaning brushes in India with long and flexible bristles. It cleans the bottles well without any scratch or scuff.

In India, the parents find the soft and effective brushes as a paisa-vasool item that protects their families.

1. Brown’s Cleaning Brush

Browns Cleaning Brush

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Dr. Brown has designed a natural cleaning brush that cleans the baby bottles and makes them germ-free. The cleaning brush with additional accessories can be used to take care of the babies at home. It provides safety to young children during their growing ages. It is essential to have a clean and tidy atmosphere around your homes.

The non-toxic brush with nicely designed bristles made of high-quality nylon material can remain long durable. The bottles that get sticky and dusty need to wipe and clean from insides. The long handle of the brush easily moved in the bottles. The brushes are also useful for cleaning the smaller gaps, the sides of cupboards and furniture.  These bristles are made of pipes and don’t last long. Dr.Brown’s cleaning brushes are useful in removing the dust and making the surrounding clean. The baby bottle cleaning brushes follow the international standard for safety and cleanliness, which helps in protecting your babies against an unhealthy atmosphere.

2. SYGA Baby Cleaning Brush Cleaner Bottle

SYGA Baby Cleaning Brush Cleaner Bottle

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SYGA cleaning brush is available along with baby milk bottle, nipple straw at a reasonable price.  The brush with a specially designed long handle is most convenient to hold while using. The brush is handy and non-slippery and it helps to wash baby bottles clean and shiny. The bottle cleansing brush is medically tested and is available in four different styles but in bright yellow color. You can hold the brush firmly in hands and the powerful bristles help you in cleaning the bottle from inside and even at the bottom.

The bristles are made of nylon and are long durable. The plastic mold of the brush is flexible and it helps the bristles to move in any direction while wiping the bottle surface clean. The long-handled, the handy brush has brought a concept of cleanliness in many homes and people started getting aware of the hygienic surrounding for the baby to remain healthy and happy. The high-quality brushes are the best solution for baby bottles and never use the cheap quality brushes which perform poorly.

3. Pigeon Nylon Brush For Bottle And Nipple

Pigeon Nylon Brush

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Pigeon nylon brush for baby bottles and are used as a perfect bottle washing solution.  The brush made of superior quality plastic, which is long, easy to hold, and absolutely convenient to use. The brush can clean the bottle from inside clearly and creates a hygienic atmosphere at home. The threat of unknown viruses and seasonal diseases is always higher. You have to make sure that the newborn babies and tiny tots need to be taken care of.

The non-toxic brushes are manufactured using advanced techniques with the help of soft but long-lasting bristles. The soft but longer-sized bristles work efficiently while cleaning the baby bottles clearly from all directions. The nylon brush with high-density tips move over the dirty corners of the bottle and clears it in a short span. The brush works against the stubborn dust which has stuck inside the bottle and removes it by either rotating or by moving the brush straight-way inside the bottle. The brushes and the other accessories follow the international safety and hygienic standards that help in creating awareness about health among the people.

4. SYGA BPA Free PP Cleaning Brush

SYGA BPA Free PP Cleaning Brush

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SYGA offers 7 pieces such as baby milk bottle, nipple straw, brush sponge, BPA free PP cleaning brush as a part of the entire kit. The versatile pieces are simple to use and easy to assemble. The brush is designed with complete care and the ideal technique. It can work perfectly with all types of branded bottles. The brush is used with all types of regular-sized bottles.

The non-toxic brush is made of Eco-friendly imported material of food-grade polypropylene, which remains BPA free. The soft brush having high-density sponge can be used effectively. The brush can easily clean the bottles.  The spongy area of the brush is mainly designed to keep the internal area of the bottle clear of all the dirty particles. It can also reach to the corners of the bottling area easily. The nicely designed and useful brush can be presented as an ideal gift to the tiny tots on their birthdays. Most of the families will love it and start keeping a hygienic atmosphere around the home.

5. Little’s Bottle and Nipple Brush Set

Littles Bottle and Nipple Brush Set

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Little’s bottle and nipple brush set make the surrounding around the babies clean and clear. The brush is larger in size and can be used thoroughly while keeping the bottle clean and shiny. The small-sized brush is used to clean the nipples, and it makes the baby to be happy. The soft nylon bristles make the brush pointed and effective while moving it inside the bottle. The long and flexible handle is easy to hold while wiping the bottom of the bottle carefully.

The milk bottles get sticky and it is hard to remove the dirt which gets stuck internally. Unless the bottle is clean from all sides, it will be harmful to the babies. The bristles of the brush are sturdy, and you can rub it on the surface of the bottle to make it totally clear. The brush is designed to have non-grip handles that are straight and easy to hold in hands.  The loop is made on the end of the brush and it can be used to hang the brush once the cleaning work is over.

6. Dimpu Bear Bottle and Nipple Cleaning Brush

Dimpu Bear Bottle and Nipple Cleaning Brush

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Dimpu bear bottle and a nipple cleaning brush is a nice combination that offers a useful bottle cleaning solution around the babies at home. The multicolor brush is helpful in creating a healthy and happy atmosphere that makes the mother and child to have a nice time. Once you have a baby at home, you have to make sure that you will keep the unknown viruses and deadly diseases away from your home. The bear-shaped bottle and the colorful long-handled brush to keep the bottle and nipple clean always get the attention.

The brushes to clean the bottle and the nipple are made according to the defined hygienic and safety international standards.  The brush is made of non-toxic nylon having premium soft bristles. The long durable and flexible brush ensures complete cleanliness. The brushes keep bottles and nipples dirt-free, dust-free and bacteria-free. The bristles are soft but pointed and can easily reach to the bottom of the bottle and also to the sides and corners. The long handle makes it easy to hold while moving on all sides of the bottle. The baby, too, enjoys the clean bottles and spotless nipple while enjoying the food.

7. Adore Kit for Cleaning Bottle Nipple and Straw

Adore Kit for Cleaning Bottle Nipple and Straw

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Adore cleaning kit has 5 sets of brushes in different sizes, pump parts and accessories. The versatile brushes are available in different colors and sizes and are used for different purposes. The long size brush is used to clean bottles, and other brushes are used for nipples and straw. The brush is made of imported food grade material polypropylene, which is eco-friendly and keeps the injuries away while handling it. The high-density sponge and the specially designed long handles are useful while cleaning the bottles internally and wiping every spot clean.

The need for the brush has become a necessity than a luxury. In order to keep the area around baby clean, you have to make sure that the bottles, nipples and straws that the baby uses should remain spotlessly clean and completely hygienic. The long durable brush with the spongy surface is ideal for keeping the surrounding sterile and protected from viruses.

8. Mee Mee Bottle & Nipple Cleaning Brush

Mee Mee Bottle & Nipple Cleaning Brush

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Mee Mee bottle & nipple cleaning brush has become part of life today to keep the environment disinfected at home and especially for the babies. The medically tested bottle and nipple cleaning brushes follow the international safety standards and remain strong and durable. The brush has long soft nylon bristles having pointed tips that help in cleaning the bottle surface by reaching to the bottom and every corner easily.   The long stainless steel handles are flexible, non-slippery, and easy to handle while using.

The baby bottles get sticky and dirty and needed to clean with complete attention and care. The non-toxic brushes when used on a regular basis while washing the bottles and nipples, help in protecting the baby from unwanted diseases. The use of brush while taking care of baby bottles and other accessories is part of precautions. It helps you in protecting the surrounding of your home and taking care of the family members.

9. Rikang Nipple Brush

Rikang Nipple Brush

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Rikang nipple brush is available in a pack 2 in different colors. The kit is manufactured by following the safety and hygienic international standards. It makes sure that the newly born babies and young children get complete protection from various diseases which are dangerously spreading all over the world. The medically tested non-toxic baby bottle and nipple cleaning brushes are available in nicely designed shapes with high-density sponge heads. The brushes keep the bottles stain-free and clean so babies enjoy the milk.

The Long handle of the brush and the flexible design help you to clean the bottle from inside also. The spongy heads easily reach every side of the bottle and wipe out the dirt from the bottom of the bottle and also from all corners. You can wash the brush clean and hang it to dry after the usage. It is one of the best gift items that you can think of giving to your friends who are having a baby. The sophisticated baby cleaning brush offers complete protection to the baby.

10. Namaskaram Bottle and Nipple Cleaning Brush

Namaskaram Bottle and Nipple Cleaning Brush

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Namaskaram ventures bottle and nipple cleaning brush have created awareness among the people about cleanliness while taking care of babies and young children. Most of the parents get worried when the baby gets unwell. Getting infected due to dirt or dust is a common reason for babies. But the high-quality brush that is designed under scientific observations and which follows all the safety standards is the most ideal to use at home for your babies.

 The non-toxic brush made of pure nylon bristles has a 360-degree rotary handle. The brush has a long sturdy handle and is available in many different attractive colors. The non-slippery handles offer complete support while cleaning the baby bottle or the nipples. The brush makes sure that the bottle gets germ-free and dirt-free, which makes the surrounding around the baby clean and hygienic. The superior quality material is used for the bottles, nipples, straws, and the various types of brushes. The entire kit is easy to use and to carry during travelling.

How to choose the bottle cleaning brush

Bottles cleaning brushes are used to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of bottles. However, they must choose as perthe baby’s bottle size. Some might face an issue if they do not use baby cleaning brushes before. That’s why we are listing some aspects that you should consider while you are thinking of buying a baby brush.

Types of Baby Brush

There are various types of baby brushes available in the Indian market. To buy a baby brush, first, you should be clear about the brush type. Let’s have a look:

  1. Sponge Bottle Brush – These brushes with made of foam offered in different designs and sizes. These brushes have been using to clean sediments from the bottle.
  2. Bristled Bottle Brush – Most baby brushes have both soft and hard bristles. For cleaning the sensitive part of the bottle, some brushes are specially designed only with soft bristles.
  3. Combine Bottle Brush – Certain bottle brushes have soft and hard bristles along with the sponge feature. This two in one brush has specially designed to clean the stubborn stain from the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Nipple Cleaners – Nipple cleaners is thoughtfully designed with a ring-like shape at the end of their handles. With the help of this ring, you can easily maintain the grip. It has soft bristles and is only used to clean nipples without damaging them.
  5. Baby Bottle Cleaner – The baby bottle soaps produces liquid in the form of soap to clean the baby’s bottle effectively without leaving harmful bacteria’s behind.

Things to consider choosing the cleaning brush

Some factors require while you are choosing a cleaning brush for your baby’s bottle.

  • Brush’s Length
  • Bristle’s type
  • Non-slip Handle

Brush’s Length – Brush’s length is the prominent factor to ensure proper cleaning. Bottom cleaning of the bottle must important. So, the size matter first. A long brush has enough to reach the bottom of the bottle. It also gives you enough space to hold to move it around. As per our opinion, around 11 or 12 inches long is an appropriate size for the brush.

Bristle’s Type – Some brushes come with soft and gentle bristles designed to clean harsh stains. In our opinion, nylon bristles are good in the term of cleaning and durability.

Non- slip Handle – Go for a bottle cleaning brush that offers a good grip. Non-slippery handles help effectively cleaning and move around in the entire bottle.

Bottle Cleaning Brush Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the right way to clean a baby bottle using a baby bottle cleaning brush?

While most people assume that there is no such thing as the right way to clean a baby bottle, it is not true. There is a standard way to clean the baby bottle. First, you need to fill a sink or basin with hot water and add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish detergent. Open the baby bottle and leave it and brush in the water for at least 15-minutes. Then pick up the bottle and insert the brush inside the bottle and start brushing it. While brushing, you need to rinse the bottle with warm water. Continue doing the same for at least 2-minutes and the bottle would be clean.

  1. How long does a baby bottle cleaning brush last? Are they expensive?

A baby bottle cleaning brush could last for at least a month. However, this lifespan could be enjoyed only if the brush is used in the right way. Some people use hot water to clean the bottle, this hot water could destroy the brush, if you are not such a person, then don’t worry your brush will last long.

  1. Is it necessary to purchase a baby bottle cleaning brush?

Yes, a baby bottle cleaning brush is necessary if you have a baby at home. Some experts do not recommend this cleaning accessory. However, I guess they don’t care about the hygiene of baby bottles. There is no way to remove hard stains and leftovers from the interior of the bottle. The only way to remove it efficiently is to use a baby bottle cleaning brush.

  1. Are silicone baby bottle cleaning brush efficient? Should I purchase one?

Standard baby bottle cleaning brushes are sturdy and they could scratch a bottle very easily. However, for those people who do not want the bottles to have such annoying scratches, then silicone baby bottle cleaning brushes are the best alternative to consider. Silicone baby bottles cleaning brushes are very flexible and they could allow you to clean baby bottles without destroying their smooth aesthetics.

  1. Is it possible to clean a baby bottle without using a baby bottle cleaning brush?

Yes, it is possible to clean a baby bottle without using a brush. However, this cleaning process could be time-consuming. If the baby bottle has leftovers or stains sticking on its interior, then the only way to remove it is to soak it in water for more than 1 or 2-hours and then rinse the bottle thoroughly. If you are not able to get rid of the stains easily, you need to soak the bottle in warm water again for 1 or 2-hours and rinse it.

  1. Is it okay to sterilize a baby bottle cleaning brush?

Yes, most of the best quality baby bottle cleaning brush could be sterilized with ease. However, as mentioned, the brush should be the best quality. Consider purchasing a baby bottle cleaning brush from a reputed brand.


Hygienic atmosphere and cleanliness are important factors while attending the babies. In order to take care of young children, it is necessary that you should make use of baby bottle cleaning brushes and other accessories that follow the internationally certified precautions for health. The brushes are nicely designed and most convenient to use for Indian mothers while worrying and caring about their babies.

The list of branded bottle cleaning brushes that are made to fit the Indian culture and environment is given above for your reference. You can find the best one according to your needs and budget.

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