10 Best Baby Blankets In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

It’s the most amazing thing to watch your baby sleeping comfortably wrapped in a warm, soft, and snugly baby blanket. Baby blankets have been a baby’s need as it snuggles in comfort and warmth, simulating the mother’s womb-like effect. They can also be associated with their comfort zone or a security blanket. Such a blanket should be soft in material, good in size- not oversized as it can choke the baby and interfere with its breathing. These features are mandatory, and other additional features such as color, design, patterns, etc., are extra add-ons.

When considering a purchase for a baby blanket for winter season, one needs to understand that there are various types in baby blankets, different materials to choose from, crocheted and quilted kinds, different for different weather and different ages, important safety aspects, and other minor features to consider. They should be easy to carry, easy to fold, easy to care, and travel-friendly for it to last long and come in handy as needed for the baby.

When a baby is born, it shall take plenty of time sleeping in its initial few months. So the primary requirements to be in a baby blanket for newborn are essentially security and comfort. Select the material of the baby blanket carefully that is gentle, breathable, and suitable on the baby’s sensitive skin. Organic cotton is the best among the materials in the baby’s blanket. Avoid any kind of synthetic material. The material should be free of chemicals, and skin-friendly on the baby’s skin to avoid rashes and itchiness as these can, later on, pose hazardous for the baby. Ultra-soft fabric made of flannel, cotton, or fleece is considered best. The material should also be made sure to be easily cared for. They should be hand washed or washed in a machine following a tumble dry. It should be made sure that the baby blanket material should be able to sustain the regular wash cycle without losing its softness and durability. The material should last long, be soft, and yet be strong.

A baby blanket comes in different kinds from a receiving blanket to a swaddling blanket that is meant to envelop your baby in comfort and warmth. Choose according to the season to offer lightness in summer and warmth in winter. Avoid blankets that are heavy as it can result in SIDS and one with ribbons, tassels, and fringes for risk of tangling. The size should be a snugly fit yet with appropriate space to movement. A 45 to 60 inches blanket size is ideal for a baby blanket. Also, keep age recommendations in mind to get a suitable fit as babies are different in sizes and grow quickly as well. The baby blanket needs easy to fold and easy to clean features. The fabric should be sustaining its softness and sensitivity on the baby’s skin.

With so many types and features to select from in a baby blanket, one shall need a comprehensive guide to buy one. This is essential to get the best blanket for your baby without compromising on its comfort and safety. As new parents, it’s a well-known fact that all they want is to get the best for their baby in all aspects without safety and comfort being compromised. Hence a certain amount of guidance in this aspect is required for new parents.

Best Buy Baby Blankets For Kids In India

Below we have listed out 10 best selling baby blankets that are suitable for users in India and are current to the market trend based on their features, safety aspects, cleaning process, multi-functionality, size, and brands.

1. BRANDONN All Season Hooded Ultra Blanket

BRANDONN All Season Hooded Ultra Blanket

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The first in the list of baby blankets is this All Season Hooded Ultra Blanket for babies. These blankets come with awesome safety features in a wide range. This is a baby blanket that can be used multi-functionally for the baby as a baby wrapper, baby shawl, and a wrapping sheet for the baby as well. These come in 29×39 inch dimensions and are suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months old. The material used for making it is fleece, which is ultra-soft for the baby’s skin and is not very usually found in the market. The hooded baby blanket keeps your baby safe within the blanket.


  • The baby blanket is ultra-soft and made of fleece.
  • The blanket can be hand washed or machine washed in Lukewarm or cold water.
  • It has multiple functionalities of a shawl, blanket, and a wrapper.
  • Its hooded feature keeps the baby comfortable and safe over the head as well.
  • It is applicable for use for a baby of 0-6 months old.

2. Luvlap Newborn Baby Soft Swaddling Blanket

Luvlap Newborn Baby Soft Swaddling Blanket

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The second on the list is the Luvlap brand which is light in weight and soft on baby’s skin. It is designed for toddlers and newborns. This baby blanket can be used for both alike. This baby blanket can be used as a blanket and a wrapper for the baby. They are available in engaging designs, contrast colors, and patterns that attract and stimulate the senses. It comes in 81.3 x 1 x 101.6 cm dimensions. It is recommended not to make use of bleach on the fabric as it can cause damage to the fabric and its softness.


  • The baby blanket has a multipurpose use of a wrapper and a blanket.
  • The fabric is soft and shrinks resistant.
  • The blanket can be washed cold and tumble dried in a machine at a lower temperature or dry washed.
  • The fabric is comfortable and comes with attractive and cute prints.
  • It is light in weight, making it easy for the baby.

3. Luvlap Newborn Baby Super Ultra Soft Baby Blanket

Luvlap Newborn Baby Super Ultra Soft Baby Blanket

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 The same brand, Luvlap, offers another baby blanket that can be used for both newborns as well as toddlers alike. The designs and patterns are cute and engaging. The fabric is shrink resistant. The material used in making the baby blanket is ultra-soft that offers warmth, coziness, comfort, and relaxation to the baby during its sleep. It can be used as a multifunctional blanket, as a baby blanket and a baby wrapper as well.


  • The fabric should be tumble dried on a lower temperature, and cold washed in a washing machine. Avoid bleach used on the fabric.
  • It comes in 110cm x 130cm dimensions
  • This can be used as a blanket and a baby wrapper as well.
  • The fabric is comfortable and ultra soft.
  • The blanket’s weight is light and hence comfortable on the newborn.

4. Baby Bucket Double Layer Velvet Fleece Baby Blanket

Baby Bucket Double Layer Velvet Fleece Newborn Printed Baby Blanket

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This baby blanket from the baby bucket falls next in the line. It provides a snug comfort for the baby as if it’s in its familiar territory of being in its mother’s womb. This offers a comfortable duration of sleep that is very crucial for a baby’s growth. The fabric is soft and keeps the baby cozy and warm. The blanket is attractive and comes in fun prints and solid colors. It enhances the liveliness of the kid’s room by adding vigor, vibrance, and color to it.


  • The soft fabric material of this baby blanket is an anti-pilling coral fleece.
  • It comes in 102 X 76 cm dimensions offering a suitable fit to the baby and good coverage.
  • It is suitable for babies of 0-2 years.
  • The baby blanket can be either machine washed in Lukewarm or cold water or hand washed directly.
  • It comes with a multifunctional use of a baby wrapper, baby shawl, baby blanket, and a baby wrapping sheet.

5. Mee Mee Double Layer Reversible Soft Baby Blanket

Mee Mee Double Layer Reversible Soft Baby Blanket

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 The next on the list is Mee Mee’s reversible and multipurpose blanket for babies. As the name suggests, it can be used on both sides as a blanket offering variance of 2 in one in one baby blanket. This is made out of fine material, keeping the baby comfortable and with a soft touch on its sensitive skin. This can be used for the tiny tot for cuddling, sleeping, nursing cover, and a stroller cover. The product is of superior quality keeping your baby cozy and warm. The material used is soft and of polar fleece, which offers the right warmth to the baby.


  • The material is warm, soft, fluffy, and baby-safe.
  • They can be washed multiple times, and still, the material remains soft.
  • It is light in weight, comfortable, and travel-friendly.
  • These blankets are ideal for colder days for enhanced coverage.
  • They have multi-functionality.

6. My Newborn Baby Wrapper with Baby Blanket

My Newborn Baby Wrapper

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The subsequent in line is My Newborn brand baby blanket. This baby blanket is made of soft fleece material that is ultra-soft on baby skin. This is a multipurpose blanket that can be used as a blanket, sleeping bag, and a wrapper. The dimensions of this blanket are 36 x 27 inches for sufficient baby coverage, and it comes with a hood giving coverage to the head as well. It keeps your newborn in a wrap that is ideal for ease. It can be utilized in all seasons.


  • Highly comfortable and warm while the baby is sleeping.
  • Covers the entire body of the baby and ideal for all seasons.
  • Trendy in style and cute in design, making it appropriate for use for a baby.
  • The material used to make the baby blanket is fleece, which is very soft on sensitive baby skin.
  • It comes in 5 magnificent colors to choose according to one’s liking and suitable to the kid’s room.

7. Cutieco Luxury Series Super Soft Baby Wrapper

Cutieco Luxury Series Super Soft Baby Wrapper

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Cutieco luxury series comes next in the list of best baby blankets that comes with an essential premium and super soft quality material baby blanket. It works as a wrapper, sleeping bag, and a blanket for the little one. The fabric employed in its making is very appropriate for the baby. It is ideally sized for the baby, and it is light in weight as well. Hence, it is travel-friendly and easy to carry anywhere with you. It is all-season friendly, i.e., winter and summer. It is designed and made of a material that ensures a mother’s love and warmth to its baby. It comes in 91.4 x 73.7 x 2.5 cm dimensions providing good coverage to the baby.


  • Skin-friendly and flannel material that is super soft on the baby’s skin.
  • The material is light in weight but yet very strong making it ideal for regular use for babies.
  • It can be machine washed, and hand washed.
  • Ideal for babies from 0-2 years.
  • Easy to fold, comes in suitable baby colors to choose and travel-friendly.

8. Luvlap Newborn Baby Super Soft Baby Blanket

Luvlap Newborn Baby Super Soft Baby Blanket

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This brand Luvlap Newborn has the best baby blankets with one more model in this list. This baby blanket comes in high contrasting colors for toddlers and newborns use. The patterns are very engaging that trigger all senses. They are hence functional and decorative as well. Avoid bleach usage on these baby blankets as it can damage the baby blanket’s softness and material.


  • The baby blanket can be washed cold and on lower temperature be tumble dried in a washing machine.
  • The fabric material, flannel, used to make this baby blanket is shrink resistant, ultra-soft, and comfortable.
  • It comes in 110cm x 130cm dimensions offering ample coverage to the baby.
  • It can be used both as a blanket and a baby wrapper.
  • The product is light in weight with a weight of 499 grams, making it ideal for baby use.

9. 35 Knitted Baby Blankets

35 Knitted Baby Blankets

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35-Knitted baby blankets fall next in line for newborns. These baby blankets simulate the mother’s love and warmth in its fabric. These baby blankets are hand-knit and very beautiful, providing a traditional way of making baby blankets. They are a symbol of care and personal touch. It can be accompanied wherever the baby travels and goes. This hand knitted travel blanket has a teddy bear design. It folds off to a hooded wrap to a pillow. It keeps the baby cozy when it is in a sling. It can be used as a softcover for a crib in a nursery to a dungaree style sack for sleeping. It’s a blanket for playtime and doubles up like a rug.


  • It is made of merino breathable yarn that offers the baby a relaxed rest during its sleep.
  • The blanket is cotton backed and can be used in a nursery, travel, and playtime.
  • It is a baby’s best companion as a comforter, blanket, and a wrapper.
  • The blanket comes in gorgeous designs and made with stunning yarn using simple techniques of knitting.
  • This is a hand-knit baby blanket and offers a personal touch, which is why it is so cherished for many years.

10. Daily Home Essentials Ultra Soft Plush Baby Blankets

Daily Home Essentials Ultra Soft Plush Baby Blankets

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These baby blankets are meant for use in a stroller, playtime, and nursery. These swaddle baby blankets are meant for daily home use. They are ultra-soft and plush for both girls and boys. They are super comfortable and light in weight. Its dimensions are 70 x 95 cm. The material used makes the baby feel nice on its skin. It is perfect for making the baby feel warm, comfortable, and easy to go to sleep. It keeps the temperature within suitable for the baby for autumn, spring, winter, and summer. It has multifunctional use and can be used as a stroller cover, burp cloth, nursing cover, muslin security blanket, car seat canopy, infant receiving blankets, toddler blanket, and pram cover.


  • Easy to care and easy to fold with 70 x 95 cm dimensions.
  • The fabric used is smooth, durable, soft, strong, breathable, colorfast, no color bleed, and without any harmful substances to the baby’s health or skin.
  • No snaps or zippers or Velcro attachments are making them safe for babies.
  • Easily machine washed, dry quickly, and can be washed often.

How to choose the best Baby Blanket for Your Baby

A baby blanket would be a perfect gift for a baby shower, birth announcement, or to your newborn. Using a baby blanket is one of the best blessings that you could offer your baby and if you do not select the baby blanket carefully then it could do more harm than good. Remember, during the first few months of birth, a baby is vulnerable to many things, this is why we have compiled a list of factors that you need to consider while purchasing a baby blanket.

Choose the material carefully 

Kids/infants have very sensitive skin and this is one of the main reasons why we recommend that you must choose the blanket material carefully. No matter what type of material you consider purchasing, you must keep in mind to select only a material that is breathable, cushioned, and comfortable. Remember, not to depend on the same blanket in summer and winter, consider purchasing a heavier blanket for winter and lighter blanket for summer.

So, what material do you think is the best? To our knowledge, it is best recommended that you consider purchasing a blanket made of organic material rather than synthetic material.

Safety should be your priority 

There are different types of baby blankets available on the market today, each of them designed to offer almost the same benefits offered by a baby blanket. However, some of them are designed with loos tassels, ribbons, threads, fringes, etc. which at some point might result in babies getting tangled in it. Therefore, if your baby is too young or too small, you should avoid such blankets and consider purchasing simpler blankets.

Say no to blankets with hoods attached 

It is a common trend these days to consider purchasing a blanket with hood attached. Do not consider purchasing a blanket with a hood, even if you are planning to avoid using it. Remember, there are higher chances that the baby would pull down the hood by themselves and as a result, suffocate. Therefore, consider avoiding baby blankets with hood attachment.

Slightly larger blanket size 

Most commonly, the advice while purchasing a blanket or a baby dress would be to select the right size. However, we recommend you not to do so. Yes, it is true, you should avoid purchasing baby blankets of the right size. Remember, babies grow very fast and if you purchase the right size blanket, as the baby grows, you will have to purchase a new blanket. Therefore, we would recommend that you consider purchasing a baby blanket with a slightly larger size than you require. This would help you wrap the baby a bit more comfortably and could avoid purchasing a new blanket soon.

Think outside the box 

There is no rule that your baby blanket has to be merely simple, it could be a sleeping bag that is designed to offer all the benefits offered by a blanket. This is why we recommend that you think outside the box, do not simply follow the trend and purchase a baby blanket, if you find a baby sleeping bag more efficient, then consider purchasing a baby sleeping bag instead of a simple baby blanket.

How to Wash Baby Blankets to Keep Them Soft

Washing your baby blanket by using an appropriate way must be very important. Parents who are not sure how to wash a baby’s blanket should read some cleaning steps according to the fabric. Without wasting any time let us discuss them:

How steps should follow to wash the baby’s blanket?

Steps to clean woollen blankets

  • Lay the woollen blanket on a flat & clean surface and brush (soft brush) along its length in a specific direction.
  • This material soaks liquid stain easily so always use warm water and detergent. Don’t scrub harshly, just dip the stain and blemish with a cloth.
  • You can wash it in a washing machine using chemical-free detergent and cold water. Soak it at least for 15 minutes.
  • Make sure, it can be run on a gentle cycle.
  • Rinse it with cold water. Avoid putting your blanket in a dryer.
  • Let them leave in a cool and dark place.

Steps to clean mink blankets

  • Mink blankets become a little heavy with moisture and water, so it may increase the chance of clogging your home washing machine. The mink blankets cleaning usually requires a commercial washing machine.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents. The harsh detergents can minimize the durability and softness of your blanket. So always use a soft detergent.
  • The hot and warm water can leak out its colour. So use only cold water to wash your mink blanket.
  • Next, set your machine on a gentle cycle.
  • Rinse it with cold water and then dry it along with the cool air setting.
  • You can put your mink blanket in the dryer for quite a long as compared to the woollen blanket.

Steps to clean cotton blankets

  • Cleaning a cotton blanket is quite easy. Lay the blanket in the washing machine along with other cotton clothing materials.
  • Add a limited amount of water and mild detergent.
  • Set machine for a gentle cycle.
  • Next, rinse it with cold water.
  • Dry it in the dryer by setting it on a medium heat option.

Steps to clean fleece blankets

  • Add a drop of dishwashing liquid if your blanket is stained. Leave it for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • Put the fleece blankets in the washing machine and set the machine for a gentle cycle.
  • Add the mild detergent to clean it. Always use cold water to prevent the blanket from shrinking.
  • You can dry the fleece blanket in the dryer by setting it on low heat.
  • After drying, quickly fold them.

Baby Blankets Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to choose a perfect sized baby blanket?

Square baby blankets are in trend. Let us give you details about the sizing. For a premature baby, you will require a size of 20-25 square inches. A newborn might need a larger size of 30-25 square inches. If you particularly want a swaddling blanket, look for 45 square inches size.

  1. Which is better among baby sleeping bags and blankets?

It depends on the activity and tolerance of your little one. If your baby is moderately active, we recommend getting a blanket. Because, in a sleeping bag, baby is restricted inside it. Also, you cannot cover the baby’s face in a sleeping bag.

  1. What materials are ideal for a baby blanket?

For this purpose, you need to analyze the habit of your baby. If he/she slips liquid while having a meal, fleece blankets are ideal. All the credit goes to their nonabsorbent fabric. However, if you wish to get a more breathable fabric, we recommend getting a woolen blanket.

  1. Can a baby blanket irritate my baby’s skin?

To ensure the all-around safety of your child, it is necessary to choose the blanket wisely. Make sure you avoid synthetic chemicals, such as PFAS. These can make your baby prone to carcinomas and other diseases. Go for an organic blanket to counteract this problem.

  1. Does it cause any allergy and respiratory problems?

A weak immune system can invite various diseases inevitably. Therefore, avoid chemical ingredients used for fire and germ-resistant used in baby blankets. Yes, we can’t deny that these are necessary features for a baby blanket. But, choosing an organic and environment-friendly item will keep your baby safer.

  1. Why should I choose a baby blanket over other regular ones?

Baby blankets are designed according to the size and weight of your newborn. An adult size blanket is heavier in contrast to a baby blanket. It has more chances of overheating and asphyxiates your baby. Also, the fabric used in the baby blanket is delicate from that of regular ones.

  1. Can these blankets cause overheating? How would I know?

Yes, sometimes blankets can cause overheating. Look for signs of perspiration in your baby. Your little one can also signal by crying. One of the most significant ways to determine is to check the baby’s abdominal temperature. An overrise in the temperature suggests overheating. To avoid landing in such circumstances, make sure to keep a check on room temperature.

The Bottom line

These are the 10 best selling baby blankets in India, which have been sorted out based on their material, size, safety, and other aspects that a new parent and baby look for. These baby blankets are more than blankets and often come with multi-functionality use. They are ideal for young babies of 0-5 months to infants of 5-12 months. Keeping all the safety concerns in mind that are generally set in a new parent’s mind, these listings have been sorted out based on the reviews and aspects from trusted sources. The data provided is trustworthy and ideal for a newborn to toddlers and appropriate for Indian users.

They are meant to protect, provide warmth, made of good breathable material, easy to care, and wash and offer good baby sleep.

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