10 Best Baby Bedding Sets In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Why would you need a baby bedding set? It is right for the baby to be kept in a baby bedding set to keep it safe and warm in its own space. A person sleeping beside the baby, which is usually in the Indian households, will not overlap or choke the baby slept beside it with their blanket or clothing or anything like that. The safety is defined with it not falling off to the sides or slip off a height. This is the reason there should be one fitted bed set that is best. For Indian train travel, these beds give softness on the hard train berths. Hence, they also need to be travel-friendly.

However, there are certain primary features to look for in a baby bedding set that shall make the baby sleep and rest in safety and comfort. The mattress ought to be soft and firm instead of being saggy and with holes. Since babies sleep at sixty percent of their initial year in sleeping, the breathing should not be affected, and so get chemical-free and natural fiber material made bed bedding sets. This will last longer, non-toxic, and also be eco-friendly. Try getting cotton material that is best on the baby’s skin.

Select a light material fabric for appropriate temperature regulation, particularly at night. The bedding set should be comfortable and cozy. The fiber material should be breathable, non-allergic, soft on the baby’s sensitive skin. Select an appropriate size bed set to accommodate the baby properly with ample movement.

Best Buy Bedding Sets for Babies Online in India

It should not be too large or small. The baby bedding set ought to be cleaned frequently and so select a set that is easy to clean and can often be cleaned, thereby retaining the softness and material quality being harmed or deteriorated. This is essential as with a baby; there can always be spills and leaks.

1. Amardeep and Co Toddler Mattress with Mosquito Net

Amardeep and Co Toddler Mattress

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The first and the foremost is the Amardeep and Co Toddler Mattress. This baby bedding comes with a mosquito net to keep the insects and mosquitoes at bay. This helps in uninterrupted baby sleep and, thereby, a healthy baby. The view mesh is breathable and clear to permit good airflow, and your view of the baby remains unobstructed. The mosquito net is fully secure with a zipper to keep them from entering inside. The mattress is fluffy and gives a simulation of a mother’s lap for the sleeping baby making it feel secure and comfortable.


  • The easy and all-round flow of air with a mesh well ventilated.
  • The mosquito net is loosely knit for airflow but strongly tight enough to prevent mosquitoes and give a secure sleep to the baby.
  • The plastic wire framework is of high quality and very strong. The wire has higher tensile strength and light in weight.
  • The bedding set is suitable for babies from 0-3 months with 10 x 10 x 5 cm dimensions.
  • The mattress of the bedding set is comfortable and cozy for comfortable sleep to the baby.

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2. DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Gym with Mosquito Net

DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Gym with Mosquito Net

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The next product is DearJoy brand’s baby bedding set that comes with a play gym and equips with mosquito nets meant for both girls and boys. This is appropriate for babies from 0-6 months. There are toys loaded on the play gym that are colorful and attractive for your baby to get some exercise and movement on its legs during play and laytime. They are safe and soft and assist the baby in recognizing objects and colors. They will encourage the baby to move and reach them when placed on the soft mat provided with the bedding set. This will help the child in the early development of the response system. This makes the baby a happy baby. The bedding set comes with cotton bedding of about 4 cm thickness, which is soft on the tummy for the newborn and for its sleep time. It comes with soft pillows to offer head and neck support during sleep.


  • Good quality and a thick base equipped with a zipper enabled mosquito net.
  • Pre-tested sturdy material that is kid tough.
  • Easy to store, fold, and wash. It comes in 78x63x58 cm dimensions.
  • Play gym loaded with tactile play with a repositionable panel and with colorful toys that are BPA free, of different colors and shapes, and to add in your toys with detachable rings.
  • These products are constructed of sturdy, pre-tested material, so they are “kid tough.”

3. Amardeep and Co Baby Sleeping Bag Cum Baby Carry Bag

Amardeep and Co Baby Sleeping Bag

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Put your baby to dream world with this baby sleeping bag of Amardeep brand that comes next in our list. This carry bag is pleasant and peaceful for your baby to sleep and be carried. The baby would feel a sense of safety, coziness, and comfort. It is light in weight and makes it easy to carry along anywhere you go.


  • It should be only hand-washed, and it is recommended not to machine wash.
  • This carry-on a sleeping bag is of 63×34×7cm dimensions.
  • It is appropriate for babies from 0-2 months.
  • It is a hand-carry bag, which is a two in one sleeping bag and a carry bag for the baby.
  • It is soft, skin-friendly, and soft in its material appropriate for baby’s sensitive skin.

4. Superminis Multicolor Digital Print Bedding Set

Superminis Multicolor Digital Print Bedding Set

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The next in line with our listing is Superminis Digital Print Baby Mattress, which is a sleeping solution that is free of mosquitoes and safe for the baby. The base is thick foam-cushioned that keeps the baby pampered and comfortable all the time. This baby bedding set is convenient to clean. It comes with a breathable clear mesh for a view that enables the convenient flow of air and a baby’s uninterrupted view. The baby bedding set is compact and is an ideal space for the baby to snooze comfortably. The bedding set mattress is firm as it is stuffed with cushion filling of good quality polyfill. This is extra comfortable and soft for the baby to a peaceful nap. It is suitable from 0- 9 or 12 months based on the baby’s size. It comes in 78 X 46 X 5 cm dimensions.


  • The fabric material is cotton of high quality. Hence, its surface of sleeping is very durable, soft, and smooth.
  • It is equipped with a mosquito net cover for protection from insects, and that is breathable, comes with a zip enclosure. It comes with frames that are flexible to sustain its shape.
  • The pillow provided with the set is soft, plush, gentle, and gives good support to the neck and head of the baby during sleep.
  • It comes in animal patterns that are cute and visually calming for the baby. The color combination is appealing.
  • It is easy to carry, as it is easy to fold. The bedding is compact and doesn’t occupy much space.

5. Superminis Multicolor Design Bedding Set

Superminis Multicolor Design Bedding Set

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The next that follows is the Superminis Multicolor dots Print Baby Mattress which is cushioned with polyfill foam-forming thick and firm base to keep the baby cozy and relaxed while sleeping. The bedding set is mosquito safe and secure with a breathable and clear mesh. It is simple to clean. The mesh makes the air circulate evenly and offers a baby view at all times. It comes in 72 X 40 X 5 cm dimensions.


  • Compact in size and comfortable to place and carry it anywhere on the go.
  • The fabric used is cotton, which is of premium quality and high durability.
  • The bedding set is provided with a breathable mosquito net with zipper closure. The framework is flexible.
  • It comes with a soft and plush pillow that is gentle on the baby’s head and neck, offering it support during sleep.
  • The prints available are cute and attractive for the baby. It is suitable for 0-3/5 months.

6. FARETO Baby Mattress with Mosquito Net 

FARETO Baby Mattress

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Fareto baby mattress falls next in line. This baby bedding set gives a sound and a secure surface for the baby to sleep in a bed cum sleeping bag combo. It is suitable for babies from 0-6 months. They are made for convenience and comfort to permit the baby to have a sound sleep at any time. This sleeping bag blends cotton cover with a filling of soft recron. It offers the baby a snug fit for maximum sleep and comfort. The bag comes with a zip enclosure that lets you access ease. The bedding set comes with a breathable soft material that permits the baby to sleep in comfort. The bedding set is easy to cold wash in mild detergent to hand dry in direct sunlight and reuse.


  • The bedding set is easy to fold and can be conveniently carried when traveling or for storage.
  • The mattress and sleeping bag come in baby-friendly design and print with a sober background. These prints, designs, and colors make the baby comfortable.
  • The mattress and sleeping bag are made to avoid a baby fall from a bed. It keeps the baby in place.
  • The sleeping bag offers appropriate support when carrying the baby with you.
  • The mosquito net is breathable for airflow and strong enough to block out mosquitoes and other insects.

7. RBC RIYA R Baby Mattress with Mosquito Net 

RBC RIYA R Baby Mattress

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The next in the list is the RBC RIYA R brand baby mattress that operates both as a mattress and a sleeping bag. It comes with a strong mosquito net that is provided with a zipper closure that keeps the baby’s sleep zone free of mosquitoes. The mesh also offers an unobstructed and clear view of the baby that is sleeping inside. The baby bedding set gives a pampered feeling of mother’s lap. The sleeping bag offers appropriate support when carrying the baby around. The bag doubles up like a mattress as well.


  • The fiber material is cotton that comes with soft recron filling.
  • The bedding set is washable.
  • The material is comfortable, skin-friendly, and soft to offer sound sleep to the little one.
  • The mosquito net comes with a zip enclosure to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • The net is breathable with good airflow for the baby.

8. KiddosCare 2 in 1 Baby Bed Cum Bedding Set

KiddosCare 2 in 1 Baby Bed Cum Bedding Set

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This KiddosCare 2 in 1 Baby Bed Cum Bedding Set Baby Carrier is next in our listing with its comfortable, cozy, and safe bedding set that also is a baby carrier. The baby shall be drifted to its dream world to a pleasant, peaceful sleep in no time. It is convenient to carry and light in weight. The bedding cum carrier is suitable for babies from 0-5 months and can suit up to 12 months in its XL size, depending on the baby’s height and size.


  • The bedding set is hand-washable for it to last long.
  • The price is affordable and worth the money invested in the product.
  • The bedding has additional space for the baby to stretch, and it is travel-friendly.
  • The inner stuffing offers insulation when the baby is in cold temperature like in the AC room or during winter.
  • The material of the fiber is cotton, and so it is kid-friendly. It comes in 64x41x12cm dimensions.

9. CuteBabyLove Baby Bedding Set

CuteBabyLove Baby Bedding Set

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CuteBabyLove Baby Bedding Set is next in our list, which is suitable for babies from 0-6 months. This set is equipped with a play gym and a mosquito net that shields baby from mosquitoes, and the hanging toys aid in getting some movement to the baby. The toys are soft and of cotton fabric that is good on the baby’s skin.


  • This is washable, cozy and soft for the baby
  • Easy to fold and assemble.
  • It comes in 50 x 35 x 2 cm dimensions.
  • It is made of cotton material that is baby skin-friendly.
  • It comes with a soft pillow for baby neck and head support.

10. PINKS & BLUES New Born Baby Bedding Set

PINKS & BLUES New Born Baby bedding set

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The final pick of the list is PINKS & BLUES bedding set that is cost-effective and baby-friendly. It is all-season friendly and warm, light in weight, comfortable and soft. The material is of soft fur.


  • The bedding set includes 1 quilt, 1 small pillow, 1
  • bedding and 2 dog pillows.
  • It is easily washable.
  • It is skin-friendly for the baby.
  • It can be used for all seasons, summer or winter.
  • It is light in weight and so can be carried anywhere.

How to Choose the Best Baby Bedding Set?

For the healthy growth of the child, it is necessary to have a comfortable baby bedding set. It is very important to sleep properly for the child to get the body relaxed and better growth. However, choosing the wrong kind of bedding can affect growth. Due to this, you can understand the given points and buy baby beds in your budget. Let’s have a look –

Comfortable for Growth- All parents want to buy very comfortable things for their newborn baby. A comfortable and soft baby bed is very important for a child. Due to having an easy and soft mattress, there is no problem in the back, whereas, in the hard mattress, the child cannot sleep comfortably. A Newborn baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive, so we should buy a baby bed that has very soft fabric.

Easy to Wash- We should take a baby bed of such a fabric which is easy to wash. If we keep the bed hygienic, then only the child will grow health and hygiene free. Both the fabric and the mattress of the baby bed should be of supreme quality. By chance, if the food falls on the bed while feeding the baby, we can wash the beds easily. If the bed is not washable, then it will not be hygiene free either.

Attached with Soft Net- If there is a net attached to a bed, then at bedtime, the child will be protected from mosquitoes. If the child avoids poisonous mosquitoes due to the net, then the baby will also avoid many diseases such as dengue and malaria. Not only mosquitoes, but the net protects the baby from the insects while sleeping. Beds of this type are very comfortable and good for children from 0 to 12 months. These types of beds are very thoughtfully made by looking at the needs of the newborn baby so that the baby can sleep very comfortably and grow healthy.

Foldable Design for less storage- Due to the bed’s softness, by keeping it folded in any way, we can save our storage by keeping it anywhere. Children are also attracted due to the nude bright shades of beds with hanging beautiful toys. Beautiful and toy beds are a perfect place for a baby. Whether the child is playing or sleeping, newborn babies are also happy to play with the toy to remain healthy.  

Look for Reviews – Having doubt regarding the product is quite a common thing, and if you don’t want to end up feeling confused, then look for reviews. Knowing about other customers’ opinions regarding a product will help you learn about build quality, comfort, value, and more aspects in a little time. You can figure out the durability of a baby bedding set from the reviews section, which will save you money and time.

Once you are done comparing all the aspects, you can grab the best deal before getting started, deciding a flexible budget will ensure a better deal for sure.

Baby Bedding Tips for New Parents

As we mentioned earlier, baby bedding has become essential these days especially when you have your first child. However, choosing to bed for a baby might be a challenging task. Therefore every parent must know the basic purpose of bedding. If you have the same dilemma and exact not know how to buy bedding for your baby then read the listed tips. After reading these tips you will be able to buy baby bedding with ease.

Tips to Remember:

Some tips that you should consider while buying bedding for newborns.

1. Start with a theme – The buying journey starts with a theme. It is one of the important aspects that every parent should consider at an early stage. Presenting textures and vibrant colours are not making sense when your walls have soft shades. So always trying to maintain coordination with wall colours and interiors. You can include theme like the zoo, flowers, cartoons, etc. that is appropriate for bedding and overall match with the theme. An alternate solution is that you can bring a picture of the room while buying material for the nursery.

2. Know your need and space – The size of the room always matter when you think to install bedding. Don’t buy too large or too small bedding. If you are considering space then it might be difficult to place a bed for long-duration. Take accurate measurements of the room with the help of an expert. It may help you to make the right decision.

3. Better to buy gender-neutral products – If you are unsure of the sex of the baby, it is a sensible idea to pick neutral products that are neither too girlish nor too boyish in the term of design and colours. Most parents choose a blue colour for boys and pink colour for girls. In such a case, choose neutral colours like grey, white, ivory, etc. Well, neutral shades and colours suits for both girl and boy. Many parents do the same mistake and buy bedding without knowing about the sex of their baby.

4. Safety and Standard – Following safety tips is much important to maintain the safety and comfort of the baby. A newborn is very sensitive and gentle. So don’t buy harsh material which may cause a rash on the baby’s body. Always pick cotton material, buy stuff toys and soft blankets. Buy always comfort bedsheet covers and 5 additional sets to maintain hygiene and comfort of the baby.

The bottom line

There are several bedding sets in the Indian market currently, and selecting the best for your infant becomes a tedious job. The above listing has been done keeping Indian users in mind in general based on the reviews and data gathered from most trusted sources and are the most recommended ones. When you have a newborn/infant at your home, it needs a space to relax to rest safely, securely, and comfortably. Sanity has to be maintained to maintain the baby’s health. Baby needs a good time to sleep in its growth years, and hence a good baby bedding set is the best gift for the newborn/infant.

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