10 Best Baby Bed Rail Guard In India 2022 (For Toddler & Kids)

Are you looking for the best bed rail guard for your kids in India? Let us help you!

The primary concern of any parent is their child’s safety. Parents go beyond their power to protect their little ones against all harm. In each step of a child’s life, the parents take the necessary steps to protect them. One such safety step that parents take in a toddler’s life is investing in a bed rail.

A bed rail is a safety measure designed to keep the child safe while sleeping. These rails are manufactured by plenty of companies in various styles and textures. A bed rail is an important addition to the safety of a toddler. When a toddler first starts sleeping in a bed requires some kind of protection to avoid falling down. A bed rail is a perfect way to protect the child and keep them from falling down. A bed rail is designed like a barrier that prevents the toddler from falling off the bed in their sleep.

In the Indian market, we can find plenty of bed rail guard for baby safety. These bed rails are uniquely designed, keeping in view the needs of a parent and the toddler. It is quite confusing to pick a right bed rail from the huge list. So to make things simple, we have shared ten best bed rails that parents can consider in this article.

Best Buy Baby Bed Rails Online In India

Read through the article to know more about ten best bed rail guard for baby safety in India in 2021.

1. Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumper Foam Safety Guard

Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail

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The first bed rail that we will be considered in the article today is from Hiccapop. Hiccapop bed rail was invented at Stanford University by changing the traditional form. With Hiccapop toddler bed rail bumper, you can say good-bye to old and expensive metal rails. This type of bed rail doesn’t make the toddler feel caged.

Hiccapop bed rail was designed responsible by avoiding all harmful chemicals. The material used in the manufacturing of the bed rail doesn’t contain any flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. The important features of the Hiccapop toddler bed rail are mentioned hereafter.


  • The bed rail comes with a bumper rather than metal rails, which prevent falling off the bed effectively.
  • The bumper is made of soft and comfortable material that subconsciously triggers a child’s passive response by asking them to move away.
  • The height and design of the bed rail by Hiccapop is such that it provides the child with enough space to move around freely.
  • Hiccapop bed rail can be installed easily in a matter of minutes and fits beds of all sizes
  • The bed rail stays in place because of the pressure from the sheets against the matters. Also, the bed rail bumper is made of non-skid silicone bottom.

2. Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed

Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed

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The next bed rail on our list is from Regalo. Regalo products are manufactured with a strong commitment to the safety and convenience of the users. The best part of Regalo hideaway bed rail is that it are made of non-toxic material and safe for usage.

Regalo hideaway bed rail design is extra long (54 inches) and patented product with unique features. The bedrail can be tucked away between the bed mattresses when not in use.


  • The bed rail slides under the mattress
  • The bed rail is made of such material and fixtures that it can be adjusted to fit a twin or queen size bed.
  • Gap guard feature is included in the features of the bed rail for added security
  • The Regalo bed rail comes with a removable and washable mesh cover for easy maintenance.

3. Kiddale Foldable Toddler Bedrail Purple

Kiddale Foldable Toddler Bedrail Purple

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We all understand the importance of installing a bed rail to a toddler’s bed. But Kiddale foldable bedrail has gone a step further and designed its product for the pure convenience of the parents.

Kiddale toddler bed rail is a swing down style, which is very popular among parents these days. The bed rails can be folded down to 180 degrees when not in use. Foldable bed rails are very advantageous as they provide extra room for parents to sit by the bedside without any barrier.


  • 180 degree foldable toddler bed rails for convenient usage
  • The bed rail is suitable for all types of bed and available in two sizes
  • It is made of high-quality material and strong MS steel frame for stability
  • Easy installation of bed rail without any need of tools
  • The material of the bed rail is washable and comes with pockets for storing accessories

4. Summer Infant Single Bedrail

Summer Infant Single Bedrail

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Summer infant single bedrail is an amazing product that does the job flawlessly. The single bedrail fit against two types of beds, namely, twin and queen size.

The perfect fit of the bedrails prevents the toddler from falling off the bed. The installation of the bedrail is simple and tools-free. To set the bedrail place the sliding part of the bedrail under the mattress, this is held in place with two straps.


  • The bed rail is made of comfortable and light-colored material
  • The assembly of the bedrail is minimal and quick
  • Foldable feature of the bedrail provides easy access.

5. Vic Kid Bed Rail Guard for Baby Safety

Vic Kid Bed Rail Guard

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Vic kid bed rail is the best product available in the Indian market. All parents care about the safety of their children. Falling off the bed is a common concern as it is very difficult to control the behavior of the toddlers or babies.

With the invention of bed rails like Vic kid, today, parents have become stress-free. A properly installed bedrail prevents the child from falling off. Features of the Vic kid bedrail are as follows:


  • The Vic kid bed rail is available in three different lengths – 1.48, 1.78, and 1.98meters.
  • The different lengths of the bedrail is suitable for all kinds of beds
  • Vic kid bed rails are available in four different colors
  • With Vic kid bed rail, you need to worry about the thickness of the mattress, the height-adjustable feature of the bedrail with match the mattress thickness perfectly.
  • Removing the bed rail is simple and easy.

6. Kurtzy Foldable Bed Rail Baby Falling Safety Guard Barrier

Kurtzy Foldable Bed Rail Baby Falling Safety Guard Barrier

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Kurtzy bed rail is suitable for toddlers learning to sleep alone. This bed rail is suitable for children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years. The Kurtzy bedrail, when fitted securely, provides a strong and durable barrier.

The compact and foldable bed rail is convenient for traveling and storage. The bedrail is extra-long and extra high, increasing the level of security. The Kurtzy foldable bed rail is a good investment for helping the child to transform from cribs to sleeping on the bed.


  • The bed rail is easy to assemble, fold and storage
  • The design of the bed rail is compact and portable
  • It is held in place securely with the help of safety anchors
  • Bed rails consist of cover which can be removed and washed quickly
  • It includes an easily accessible storage pouch with lovely and cute colors and designs.

7. Fisher-Price Foldable Bed Rail Guard

Fisher-Price Foldable Bed Rail Guard

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My friend’s bed rail is the next product that we will be discussing in this article. The bed rail my friend is from a manufacturer known as Fisher-price. It is an innovative product with good features. A fisher-price bed rail is an essential product for all toddler homes. The bed rail comes in handy when the toddler is sleeping or playing.

The best part of the Fisher-price bed rail is the foldable feature. The swing type of bed rail is very important as it provides for easy access and changing of sheets.


  • Easy installation
  • The design of the bed rail is very convenient to use
  • Cover of the bedrail can be removed and washed when needed
  • The bed rail comes with a soft foam padding for comfort and support
  • The size of the bed rail is 150 cm x 58 cms – provides maximum coverage.

8. Safe-O-Kid Mesh Extra Large King Bed Rails

Safe-O-Kid Mesh Extra Large King Bed Rails

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Safe –o-Kid bedrail is yet again a useful and extra-ordinary product. The frames of the bed rail are made of strong rust-free material that is durable and high quality. The dimensions of the bedrail are such that it provides maximum protection to the toddler.

The only drawback of the safe-o-kid extra large bed rail is that it cannot be folded down. In other words, this bed rail is not a swinging style.


  • The bedrail can be folded down for easy access when not in use
  • Safe-o-kid mesh cover is washable and easy to maintain
  • The bedrail can be secured properly to the bed with the help of screws
  • The nylon material used in the manufacturing of the bedrail is stretchable and highly comfortable for usage
  • The color and design of the bedrail are calming and appealing.

9. Baybee Bed Rail Guard for Baby Safety

Baybee Bed Rail Guard for Baby Safety

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The major concern of a parent, which is a child’s safety, is fulfilled with the help of Baybee bed rail. The bed rail secured in place enables the toddler to move and twist in their sleep without falling down of the bed.

The Baybee bedrail is made of soft material for comfort and el frame for protection and durability. The bedrail is laid down vertically, which protects the child effectively.

The high steel frames, fixing straps, and base holder are three-point security for holding the bedrail in place.


  • The bed rail is easy to install without the need for any tools
  • Extra long and tall bed rail provides maximum protection to the toddler
  • Lay down vertically designed bed rail is super easy to fold –down.
  • The stylish and simple design of the bed rail is extra appealing.
  • The stylish design of the bedrail doesn’t compromise the strength of the bedrail. The bedrail is super sturdy and strong enough to support the baby’s safety.

10. The First Years Universal Bed Rail

The First Years Universal Bed Rail

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A universal bed rail is the last product that we will be discussing in this article. The bed rail made from universal is flexible and easy to use. The bed rail is designed to make a simple and easy transformation of the toddler sleeping in a crib to a cot.

The best part of the universal bed rail, as mentioned in the title, fits all kinds of beds. It can be fitted with a divan and slatted bed types. The special hinges included in the bedrail allow the product to be fitted on the mattress with different width.


  • easily assembled bedrail is an important feature of the product
  • the pink color of the bed rail is used to fit divan, and slatted bed types and hence gets the name universal
  • the bedrail can be dismantled and stored away easily when not in use
  • the bed rail comes with child lock, which provides extra security when in use
  • Texture of the bedrail is soft and comfortable
  • The bedrail is a swing style that can be folded down for easy access to the bed and for changing sheets.

How to Choose the Best Bed Rails for Babies

It is the warmest feeling to watch your baby giggle in the crib. However, there are many chores that you need to finish. You cannot always pay enough attention to your baby in that case. The best solution to this problem is to have baby safety rails. Here are some tips on how to select an ideal one:

Types of rails:

The two most common kinds of bed rails for babies are the conversion bars and the toddler bed bars. Make sure to make a proper selection. If you want to use the bar with a more versatile aspect, make sure to buy conversion baby rails. Also, keep in mind that the distance between two bars should not be large enough so that your little one can pop out their head.

Features of safety rails:

  • Firmly adherent: Ensure the proper adherence of the bed rails to the bed frame. Make sure that there is no space between the mattress and the rail. If your little one gets stuck in it, it could be quite problematic.
  • Height: The height of the rails should be enough that the child should not be able to climb on it.
  • No injury: Make sure to secure the hinges and joints properly. Bed rail that lacks proper setup can injure your kid.

Design and color:

Babies are always fascinated by vibrant colors and beautiful designs. If your little one is crazy for cartoon characters, try to look for a baby bed rail with cute cartoons on them. It helps the baby to adopt the new surrounding more readily. Otherwise, many babies feel like they have been prisoned and are eager to come out of it. If you do not want to go for prints or design, you can opt for standard colors too. You will get many color and design options to match the room’s environment.


Baby bed rails are mostly made from materials like metal, wood, and plastic. If you want to set a thick and sturdy rail, picking the metal bars would be the best option. However, some people also prefer wooden ones. As the wooden ones readily match with the furniture and are easier to maintain. The plastic rails are the least durable ones. However, they are ideal for temporary railing options.

Size of the rail:

Baby rails should fit rightly to the bed; otherwise, they will lack behind in serving the purpose. Mostly, you will get a lot of sizes, including small, medium, and large. Here are some of the other modalities:

  • Full bed rail: These bed rails help in lifting up the confidence of your little one. They provide protection as well as helps your child in acing a perfect stand.
  • Half bed rail: These rails cover the bed entirely. These kinds of rail offer maximum safety to your toddler.

Is it foldable or not?

Folding the rails is a good feature as you can readily set it according to your requirement. However, make sure that your kid does not learn the technique. Otherwise, it could prove troublesome for you and your baby.

How to Make Your Own Baby Bed Guard at Home

Thе following arе instructions on how to makе your own baby bеd guard at homе:

First, takе somе fabric and mеasurе it еnough for thе hеight of whеrе you want it placеd on thе crib and thеn cut it. Nеxt, tiе knots into four strings that arе long еnough so thеy can go around thе crib posts.

Thеn, mеasurе around whеrе you want thе fabric to bеplacеd on thе crib. You can usе a tapеmеasurе or a pеncil to mark thе placе whеrе you want it to bеplacеd.

Nеxt, cut out a piеcе of fabric that sizе. Placе it ovеr thе crib and thеntiе knots undеr thе sеvеral strings that hang down from your baby bеd guard.Aftеr tying knots, mark whеrе you nееd to havе onе string on еachsidе of your crib and cut it at thе еxact mеasurеmеnts indicatеd by your marks.

Tiе knots into two strings that arе long еnough so thеy can go around posts.  (Thеlеngth of thеsе strings may vary dеpеnding on whеthеr your posts arе soft or hard. If thеy arе hard, you may nееd to strеtch onе string ovеr thе post if it is too short.)

Thеn, takе four strings and tiе knots in еach of four placеs.Thеn cut thеm long еnough so thеy can wrap around thе crib posts (so that you can tiе knots into thеm).

Nеxt, mеasurеwhеrе you want your baby bеd guard to bеplacеd on your crib. Makе surе to lеavе an еxtralеngth of string hanging down so that your baby will bеablе to pull thе rеst of thе strings down whеn hе/shе climbs into bеd.  (You can also do this with amеasuringtapе or a pеncil. Just makе surе that thе string has еnoughlеngths to covеr thе mеasurеmеnts of your baby bеd guard).

Aftеr marking, cut out your fabric whеrе you want it placеd on thе crib.  Thеn, tiе knots into two strings that arе long еnough so thеy can wrap around whеrе you want thеm to bе.

Thеntakе four strings and tiе knots in еach of four placеs on thеm. Cut thеm long еnough so thеy can wrap around thе posts.Nеxt, takе two strings and placе thеm on еachsidе of thе crib whеrе you want your fabric to bеplacеd.  Thеntiе knots into thеm.  Finally, sеcurе it by tying morе knots or taping it down with tapе if nееdеd.

Baby Bed Rails Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe are bed rails?

Bed rails are generally considered to be very safe for babies. If you have a small baby, then it is worth installing a bed rail to ensure that he doesn’t fall from the bed while sleeping. To ensure the safety of the baby, you must also install and use the bed rail properly. One such thing to note is that the baby can easily get trapped in the gap if you have not installed the bed rail properly. The safety of the bed rail also lies into your hand, and you would need to ensure that you are using the bed rail as per the intended purpose to keep the baby safe.

  • Is there any alternative to bed rails?

There are certainly many alternatives to the bed rail. If you do not wish to use the bed rail, you can use the foam bumpers or roll guards. Some parents also use concave mattresses for the safety of their child. We recommend you use the bed rails instead of the alternatives because You can fix the bed rails on the bed. The bed rail has a lot of structural strength, and they are sturdy as well. The baby would not be able to remove the bed rails himself, and these are the factors where the bed rails prove to be more useful than the alternatives.

  • At what age should I remove the bed rails from the bed?

Most doctors and experts recommend you to use the bed rails between the age of 2 years and five years. You must remove the bed rails once the baby turns five because, by this age, the baby would be grown up enough to sleep in a proper position. Moreover, having bed rails after this age can be a risk. The child may try to climb the bed rail to get out of the bed, which can cause injuries. You must only use the bed rails until the baby is five years old or till his weight reaches 20 Kgs (whichever is earlier).

  • Can I attach the bed rails to the existing beds?

Yes, you can install the bed rail to the existing beds. Many options are available which do not require any installation. You can insert the base of the bed rail below the mattress. You can pull down the brackets and ensure that the brackets have been locked. Now, insert these brackets under the mattress and tighten the straps to secure the anchor plates. There is no need to drill on screw the bed rails if they come with such installation process. You will also find some of the bed rails that need to be screwed to the headboard & foot board. You can check the installation procedure of the product for more details.

  • How much would the bed rails cost?

The cost of bed rails depends on their size, number and material. The most affordable bed rail that we found in the market comes at a price close to Rs 1200, and the maximum price can go over Rs 5000. It depends on you on what you are looking for and what is your budget. You will find the bed rail in almost every budget between these two values.

Bottom Line

With this, we concluded our article on the ten best bed rails in India. As previously mentioned in the article, bed rails play an important role in the safety and security of the toddler. Migrating from sleeping in a crib to an individual cot can be difficult for toddlers. The main reason for this is that they cannot control their movement. Most babies have a habit of moving around and twisting while sleeping. This can lead to falling off the bed and resulting in injury.

A bed rail is a perfect way to prevent the toddler from falling off the bed. A well-designed bedrail that is secured properly provides maximum security and ample space to the toddler moving around. The ten-bed rails mentioned in the article are of good quality and design. Consider the features of the bedrails to pick a product that suits your requirements.

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